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What I Used To Look Like Before The Food Babe Way

A couple of months ago, My mom came by and dropped off a lot of stuff from my old room. She’s been waiting years for me to clean it out and finally she just did it herself (sorry and thank you Mom!). While I was putting up some of the boxes in my storage closet, I came across my old debate trophies, lots of fun notes I used to pass in class with my girlfriends and old pictures. When I was looking through the pictures, my jaw dropped open. I have changed so much from that time and tears started rolling down my face. Memories of the way I used to feel flooded over me. When I showed these pictures to my husband, he couldn’t believe it either – he’s never seen me that way. I didn’t meet him until after I started looking and feeling better. I know many of you wonder where I get my intense passion from, so today I’m going to share those pictures with you in my new The Food Babe Way book trailer video.

My hope is that these pictures inspire you to make the health change you’ve been wanting to make for yourself. For most of my life I lived in what felt like a foreign body – the food and chemicals I was eating were not serving my health, my weight, or my beauty. I suffered a myriad of health issues that kept me on several prescription drugs just to cope – now I’m on zero. I truly look older in these pictures, while I was over a decade younger! 

 I never thought sharing old pictures would bring up so much emotion. This video is serious and intense but explains the reality we live in. There’s only one person you can trust.

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P.S. Your love and support gives me so much courage to keep moving forward – I can’t thank you enough for being part of the Food Babe Army!






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157 responses to “What I Used To Look Like Before The Food Babe Way

  1. Vani,
    You are my hero!!! Stay passionate and keep up the good fight because it is a worthy cause. You are not alone. Thank you for leading the way. God Bless you in your efforts!

    1. Hello, I have listened to Vani and other participants of The Food Revolution these past few days. I would just like to inform those of you in the USA, that European use of pesticides and herbicides is not that exemplary. I live in France. Apples here are treated with 26 different chemicals throughout the year before they get to your table. Anti-herbicide groups etc. exist here too, but don’t seem to be heard. I read that in Europe, France uses the most of that garbage on our foods.

      Most organic fresh foods I find at the supermarket look old, and therefore have lost a lot of their nutritious elements, and the selection is rather small.

      The need for Revolution is great here, too.

  2. I recently heard about the hoop houses. I’m interested to learn your views and thoughts regarding them. I’ve read that they are a good way for farmers to maintain profits during the winter months.
    Thank you !
    V. A. Evans

  3. I also meant to say that I think that you are very brave, courageous and bold. Thank you for all the things that you’ve shared and taught us through your web site . Thank you for your diligence and research. I’m so excited to learn more from this new book. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!

  4. Do you have a current picture of yourself in a baggy shirt, without any make-up on, without posing and withoug smiling from ear to ear? There was nothing wrong with you when you were younger. We parents of young girls try to teach them that there are more important things than being skinny and looking like a super model. What message do you send to our regular-looking girls?

    1. The message is look after your self, take care of your self and your health. Super model has nothing to do with this.being fat and a slabby that what you referring to that what your girls has to look like. wow America time to wake up.

      1. I would not neither call the younger Food Babe “fat” nor “slabby”. She looks like a regular girl from next door. The extreme focus on the shape of our body and our looks is IMHO more dangerous to our young girls than a few pounds beyond the cultural ideal.

      2. I’d say about 90% of the female population and about 80% of the male population is overweight in this country. Being overweight also lowers your IQ. And there’s nothing wrong with looking good.

      3. America is awake, its denial.

        Its the ultimate power, everyone is invincible and the government is there to the rescue… lol!

      4. she may look perfectly “normal” on the outside, but a complete mess on the inside. Skinny/average weight people aren’t always healthy on the inside even though they may look that way on the outside. It should be more about taking care of your self and being the healthiest YOU you can be.

    2. Dear concerned parent,
      Are you serious!? You’re asking to see pictures of her with a baggy shirt, no make-up and not smiling? Good grief! Limit your curiosity, please! If you read more blogs the FoodBabe has written, you wouldnt be asking such ridiculous questions. FoodBabe’s message is not only for women, but for men also.. everyone in general! There’s nobody trying to look like a super model here. It’s all about a healthy lifestyle and feeling “LIKE” a rock star in your body.

      1. Right on Julia, I’m a 70 year old guy and I’m all in with the Food Babe and her message. The older I get the healthier I try to eat. When I was young I would eat anything and not care. Over the years my weight has fluctuated between 175 and 235 lbs, and for “concerned parent”, “I certainly didn’t look or feel better at 235”. Anyone who thinks fat, slobby, overweight, obese people are truly happy inside is a fool. They may present a happy jovial outward appearance and mood, they “tell you” they are happy and content, but trust me, they would rather not be fat…….they just don’t have the will power and self control/discipline to change.

        That happy fat kid in the 6th grade……would rather not be fat….but his Mom and/or Dad is buying the wrong foods and allowing him to be fat and “unhappy”.

      2. I am so happy for you John no matter what age you are, a healthy lifestyle is always the best way to live. I also growing up I would eat whatever the heck I wanted up until 3yrs ago. I’m 30yrs old and am very petite (have always been) weighing 100-103Ibs.. I got engaged 3yrs ago and within that first year, I gained 20 pounds! I felt so crappy and didn’t know why. I didn’t look over weight and everyone (friends & family) were so happy to see that I was not so skinny and finally had meat on my body, but what they didn’t know was that I felt weak, fatigue, always sick and feeling unmotivated. I was no longer the bright & giddy, fun girl my fiancé first met.. It was just so depressing! Then the FoodBabe came into my life! Right in the middle of this whole mess. Bam! I ran across one of her articles a friend of mine posted on FB and I was so impressed! It was her blog about Subway and the yoga mat ingredient. I immediately followed FoodBabe on FB, subscribed to her emails. Now I cook all her recipes, stay away from processed foods and Wow I even started picking up yoga and now I’m in the best shape ever! Im weighing 110, feeling strong and healthy as if I could take over the world! I feel like if I just started living my life

      3. Right on Julia! I think “concerned parent” is more like “bored parent” with nothing better to do. Well said, Julia.

    3. I was already aware of the sickening food supply. I have taught my beautiful seven year old daughter about the chemicals in the food and what is good and what is not. I have also taught her the importants of staying fit and healthy . We will not be settling for ordinary we strive for extrodinary . Because she is all that and more. Good luck with the ordinary.

    4. Weight is not the issue in and of itself. Health is a serious issue, and the before pictures of Vani do not reflect a healthy person. This is coming from someone with an excess pound or two to lose. I see the improvements in my skin as I improve what healthful foods I put into my body. I too do not agree with fat shaming, and that is not what Vani is about. Your best possible health is what it’s about. Strive for that and your daughter’s body image issues will fall by the wayside.

    5. I was also a concerned parent of teenagers,and still a concerned parent and grandparen, no different to you, (I have no doubt) but unlike you, I’m not looking for a answers any more.

      I was in exactly the same mind frame as yourself, 1980s & 90s, when my girls were teenagers. I also was worried about their health and frowning on the ways of super slim models, and frowning at their ridiculous fads they would be advertising. No mention about eating for health, only interested in their looks and size.

      Not one of them were giving the health message, not like Food Babe anyway.

      If you’re not going to look into the message that Food Babe is presenting, like me you’ll remain a concerned parent of your next generation and the one after that.

      I spent my entire life searching for answers, and rejecting the true reason why my girls were not as healthy as they could be, and why I remained fat and the weight WOULD NOT come off. When I eventually copped on almost too late, I started practicing better eating habits, the type Food Babe is teaching, the weight started to drop off, where as before it wouldn’t budge.

      Don’t make the same mistake as me, read the material Food.Babe is putting out. Wish I knew these things when my girls were growing up. I would have been a proud parent, if any one my girls did what Food Babe is bravely doing.

      I was 60+ when I saw this, and I love it – if I can accept what Food Babe is teaching and put it into practice at my age, anyone can.

    6. Seriously concerned !!!!!!
      The message is clear! don’t feed your kids CRAP! and they will be healthy in every way possible and you get to look good at the same time and there is nothing wrong with that.
      But go ahead and keep feeding your kids sodas and sugary cereals.

    7. She is teaching you, if you will listen, that if you CARE about your daughter and yourself so you can be around for a long time with your daughter, you will choose the correct foods that do not have toxins that store bad petroleum products.

      It is NOT about being skinny, it is about eating non tainted foods with out poisons. Teach her how to respect herself and that starts with what she puts in her body. teach her how to dress like a lady and not half dressed so she is not objectified by me, teach her how to think on her own, its called critical thinking, they are NOT teaching this in the new world order common core in school, they want kids dumb, to ask no questions. When I grew up we had a garden, used no pesticides, and got our milk straight from the dairy, it had cream on the top in the morning. I grew up outside of DC, plenty of farmland. Our beef was bought by the side with no hormones or antibiotics, I plucked my own chicken. In am 50 yrs old with a metabolism of an 18 years old, I am 5’4 and weight 115, hour glass figure. It is is all because I have chosen in my life to eat foods that God gave us, he did not plan for GMO’s and Monsanto to come in and NOT have our health a priority. Genocide is the direction this country is going in, it is documented, wake up people, the govt doesn’t care about you, if they did then we would not have a privately owned bank they call the FED, (December 23, 1913) nor would Monsanto be trying to kill us with cancers. Lets not get into vaccines, read the inside label of a vaccine and NEVER GET ONE. Death

      In this world money seems to be people’s motivation, they feel it makes them powerful. Remember, always follow the money, go behind a company to find out who is really behind it, you will find your answers. Selfishness, greed and the want to control the world, world domination. Knowledge and truth are power, and truth may try to be kept hidden but once the secret it out the truth will open your eyes and you just might Thank her for opening your eyes.

      ANYONE that says negative things about some one has an agenda, they are jealous or they are trying to protect their own pocket book, or even their life. When someone like Vani Hari is being attacked, YOU KNOW YOU’VE WON AND YOU KNOW SHE IS RIGHT.. All media attention is good, negative attention brings it to the surface and people say, “wait a minute, she is saying some pretty credible stuff here and my child does have these issues when he eats such & such. This will make huge corporations just give us the foods they already distribute in the UK, Australia and most of European countries, they DO NOT ALLOW chemical additives or genetcally modified foods GMO???? Doesn’t that make you wonder, critically think, use your common sense, pull your reasoning factor from your frontal lobe, this is common sense, if it is poisin then it’s poisin, have some round up with your apples, the most heavily sprayed fruit.

      Why is it that other countries care about their peoples health and out country is out to lower the population.? Think about it, come on, I know you have some common sense in there some where. Keep eating this crap and you will not live a full happy healthy life.

      Come one, tell me it makes you feel good to be overweight, take blood pressure medication, you now have ED And need to take another pill for… Wouldn’t you like for your body to work and perform correctly. Do you feel good when you hand over attention deficit medication that is methamphetamine, oh this is good, start your kid on his drug addiction beginnings in school. Do you know your school gets a kick back from big pharma every time a new child goes on crack cocaine, that’s what it is folks, scientifically broken down adderol and Ritalin are severely addictive drugs, is this how you want your child’s life to start off, because this is the gateway drug to all drugs. The ones Dr.s hand out.

      This is common sense and some basic critical thinking, oh but we have common core now in our school to make kids stupid and the inability to think for themselves, they no longer teach critical thinking, it is passive, do what we say, follow, we love sheeple that comply.. When you eat your Doritos with BHT (and whatever hydrogenated oils and chemical stabilizers), a petroleum product, this stores it self in your fat cells and wha la, you gain weight, need high blood pressure medication, you acquire diabetes and these two things should be enough to SCARE A MAN TO DEATH, high blood pressure is bad for your circulation, you need circulation during romanic times and if you get diabetes, its dead, hang it up, circulation for intimacy DIED. Watching sports and ignoring new laws that get inacted when the public’s attention is diverted. INFOWARS.COM. WAKE UP PEOPLE. WAKE UP.

      Good luck to those that don’t care about themselves. And get your cell phone off the side of your head, brain rumors are severely on the rise, use your speaker. Blue tooth still radiates radiation into your head. Cover of People magazine, a woman put herself to sleep in Oregon at the age of 29. Brain tumors are severely on the rise, wake up, get your cell phone off of your head. Your head in this book, and remember “An Apple a day will keep the Dr away”, unfortunately we now have to make sure the apple is organic. I never get sick, NEVER. Just goes to show,mi am loving proof. Why don’t you be living proof and set an example for your children and the next generation. God Bless

    8. it’s not about getting skinny it’s about fighting for food get all the poisons out fighting for our children’s future the benefits of eating healthy food is that you’re going to be healthier but her main messages stop poisoning yourselves fight for our food for our rights

    9. What in Gods nane are you bringing up ‘looks’ and supermodel bodies?? Do you not get what her fight is about??? Its about the food companies literally poisoning us and our children. No one is forcing anyone to change. But when you eat healthier i hate to tell you that the extra pounds come off. Blood pressures get normal. Your skin looks better. Have you trued it?? Understand what Vani is doing for Anerica before you make stupid senseless comments. Again the book and all her hard witk is not about make-up baggy clothes and a hot body. Her concern IS for your child and all our children. Eating all these proessed foods and chemicals causes us to gain weight and have lots of other issues with our bodies and health. Its truly sad someone woukd make such an ignorant comment after all shes done to get these money driven corporations to stop feeding us harmful ingredients. So its ok other countries ban these ingredients but this country could care less! Ps the most obese people reside in America!! Sickening.

    10. You’re a MORON. Just because you think it is okay for you and your daughter to be obese does not mean it is healthy. If you listened to anything Food Babe said you would know that SHE herself has said that she was UNHEALTHY when she was younger. Who are YOU to say that there was nothing wrong with her when she was younger? I hate stupid people. You deserve to be fat and unhealthy. Keep eating that fast food and sitting on your rump getting fatter and fatter:)

    11. Are you for real? She would look good in a paper bag!
      Glowing with health and vitality and passionate about her cause.

    12. I agree with the jist of your message (despite the backlash)!! Not that there was much to go off of, just a few pictures for a a couple seconds.. Everyone goes through phases of health amd weight for a variety of reasons. There is so much emphasis on outer appearance, and it is getting more extreme. ‘Health’ fads have always been used as an excuse for women to lose excessive weight, etc. I am a firm believer in organic/non-gmo simple foods. But there is another side of ‘diet’ and image that shouldn’t be ignored. And I agree, the blogger sends an understandable (she likes looking healthier) but self deprecating (I’m ashamed of being a little overweight as a teen) message at the same time. Appearance itself may definitely play a role in the popularity of this blog and others like it. Just like it does for people selling cosmetics, weird protein shakes, etc, Almighty dollar, baby!!! 🙂

    13. I just want to say, I’m appalled by the anger of people posting on this website. If you’re truly interested in people chamging you will have a light and open heart to the questions and issues people raise on this site. I believe some of the responders here treat this blogger with some kind of fan mentality, like a rock n roll star. I heard of the blog, looked it up, bc it’s something I’ve been interested in for years. Habent read too much, yet, but the claims arent something that I havent heard before elsewhere a thousand times. What appears great about thris blog is that it challenges companies that alot of people (who arent that practised in health matters) use on a regular basis. Personally, I haben’t ised those brands since.. I can’t remember. I did see she analyzes gluten free prisucts. That is very helpful, since currently testing this diet. ‘Seriously, people’….have compassion. Don’t attack. The site you claim to love will be even more attractive that way. ! Peace

    14. Healthy vs not healthy; a change you can see and feel. Vanis msg has been transparent, which has transformed herself as well as transforming the world for the best… including myself! You don’t have to be stuck; that’s a choice! She is an inspiration for individuals to take control and have knowledge of the food products consumed. We should thank her for bringing light on the food industry, we do not want chemicals in our bodys, it’s not healthy nor intelligent to allow these corporations to manipulate to deepen their pockets; your health is not their concern.

  5. Dear Vani ~
    I don’t know you from Adam,
    yet I am sooo proud of you
    and grateful for all you’re doing.
    Blessed to be honoring & supporting your cause,
    Dave: )

  6. Thank you Vani for all your hard work. I am a leader in the Daniel Plan by Rick Warren and it echo’s exactly what you are preaching! I make sure that everyone in my group knows about you and your website. Can’t wait to get your book!
    Keep those Food companies squirming!


  7. Vani, thank you for your commitment to the cause, and for speaking up against the unjust nutritional conditions in which Americans are kept, and which would be considered worse than subpar in most other Western countries.

    Full disclosure: I come from a family with people who suffered from obesity. Some of the people I love the most in my life deal with the consequences of excess weight: diabetes, joint problems, apnea, et cetera.

    I think some commentators misunderstand the point of your before and after pictures, and instead of fighting fat shaming they uphold the fake-Puritanical “don’t take care of yourself” as an ideal. Why? Because it’s easier.

    Those commentators miss the point: Vani’s point is not about beauty, but about functionality.

    I have lady friends who are big girls, but who are glowing, healthy, strong, and eat real food. Telling them to lose weight when they are clearly functional and honestly quite attractive as they are, although quite as honestly overweight by the charts – *that* is fat shaming.

    But saying that someone whose skin reflected lack of proper nutrition, who appears fatigued in spite of her very young age, and who is dependent on medications to just cope with the effects of her diet (not of a disease), is “just fine” because, *gasp* otherwise you’d have to address the weight issue – that’s just using political correctness to remain complicit with the industrial food system. Which makes me wonder why are they even here.

    Should overweight people be shamed or attacked for being so? No. Especially because for the most part they are the victims of the food industry. But is telling someone who is sickly, tired, and barely functional because of their weight that they are fine the way they are going to help them? No.

    What PC people like that achieve is not body love, but it’s just a smug feeling of “I’m better than you because I didn’t look at her weight.” THAT is exactly what fat hate is.

    Because telling someone whose functionality is impaired by excess weight is:

    a) hypocritical and insulting, because it assumes that bigger people should be treated as if they had no body to speak of. This suggests that PC speakers are the ones who really hate fat people, because they think of them as carrying an unspeakable, horrible taboo (fat) in their bodies;


    b) disingenuous, because it does not empower those who are suffering from ill health because of bad nutrition to seek change and to own their body state, and it rather tells them to stay as they are – tired, fatigued, dependent on medications.

    TL; DR
    Politically correct folks: stop your hypocritical hating on fat people.

  8. Vani, you are an inspiration. You saw something that needs to be changed and you are doing just that. And you continue to fight for what you believe in. I share the same passion. I want a place in that. How do I get there? Where do I start?

  9. Hi, I have a cousin who really needs to learn from you. She is very sick. Can you please email me photos of yourself when you were unwell so I can show her? And you story on how you got better? If she can see and read about your recovery she may sit up and take note. Thank you in advance.

    1. Maybe your cousin should go see a medical doctor or a licensed nutritionist? Someone with a science or health education? Someone licensed to give medical or health advice or diagnose illnesses….

  10. Hi Vani!

    I have been on your e-mail list and reading your articles for six months. I will buy your book…preferably an autographed copy. All of your articles and information have helped me tremendously. But, I am always happy and open to learn something new…EVEN AT 58! Keep the updates and articles coming!

    To concerned parent:

    You must re-watch the video and note that Vani was concerned MORE ABOUT HER HEALTH than her looks. Being over weight is neither fun or healthy. Everybody be encouraged to become and live HEALTHIER LIFESTYLES! : )

  11. After JUST NOW watching the video included here on how Vani used to look, I tried to view it again but it had changed!!! To a 3rd Rock episode from YouTube!! Someone is sabotaging here!!!

    1. Same thing happened again! First video was Vani’s, then it was replaced with a chimp head shot & a bearded guy head shot with the title: Epic Fail! “Bad guys” are interfering with Foodbabe’s site!!

  12. I clicked on the video again and something about Mars came on, BUT, when I clicked on the link ABOVE the You Tube video screen (click on) “Watch The Food Babe Way book trailer here”, it came on just fine. Might give that a try. Go Vani!

  13. Dont miss out her interview with RichRoll, find his podcast in itunes or visit RR site.

    Lots of good info.

    Only wish it did not have the foodbabe name, kind of cheesy and possibly people may not take you seriously.

    Besides the “babe” name, good job!

  14. Thank you Food Babe for trying so hard to help us get healthier, feel better and have more energy and stamina. You Rock! God bless you!

  15. You seem to be very anti-chemicals. I’m wondering how you get your teeth so white ? Please let us know your secret.

  16. I think some people are not understanding that the Food Babe Way is NOT about becoming gorgeous and having the body of a Super model. Eating with out all the additives makes your body so healthy that those are just extra perks. I’ve written this before but I was killing myself eating things I thought were healthy BUT totally unaware of the additives. When my January blood tests shot RED FLAGS all over the place showing among others things, that my liver had all of a sudden quit working properly. I panicked. Then i saw Vani on tv, bought the book and 2 months later, last week, my doctor could NOT BELIEVE the improvement. Best blood tests in 10 years. My cholesterol went from 215 to 145 in 6 weeks. No meds were taken for it. All the haters and doubters out there should try this for a few months. What’s the worst that can happen? You might get healthy.

      1. Pam, I am such a believer right now. I really thought when I went back to the Dr he was gonna tell me I was heading for a liver transplant …. or worse. I just don’t understand people fighting this when it ALL makes common sense. I carry my book with me like a bible and I have it in my kindle too. I haven’t felt this good in 10 years. Please thank Vani for me.

  17. Keep up the great work and never let the backlash of nay sayers bring you down!!! Americans have the right to know what’s in our food and sadly most just don’t have the time or education to figure it out for themselves. Our very lives and families are at risk. You’re my hero! 🙂

  18. Vani, Thank you so much for your important work. I have heard you speak two times now, once at Heirloom Seed Expo Santa Rosa 2014, and today on the radio as part of the Food Summit. Loved hearing what you’re up to, and helping to protect us.

    I wanted to ask you to investigate Chipote’s in-depth investigation with any prepared sauces they might use. What kind of salt do they use, table salt or Himalayan pink salt. You probably know table salt is really bad for us. I interviewed with the company back a couple of years ago, the regional manager interviewed me, I got to go back to the inventory area, to see the products, I asked about the tortillas being organic, but didn’t see the organic on the box. Needless to say I didn’t get the job, I knew more about their marketing concept than the employees. I’d be interested to see if in fact they are GMO free.

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