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The Holy Kale Salad – So Light & Refreshing!

If you know me, you know I love kale. I will eat it any way you give it to me! Raw, in a smoothie, cooked, in pizza, in pasta, in a chip – you name it – I will eat it! That’s why when I saw this kale recipe in the Skinny Confidential, I had to make it! Lauryn Evarts, the author recently interviewed me for my new book The Food Babe Way and she sent me her book to check out. 

I love how refreshing and light this kale salad is! The combination of tangerine and avocado is insane! It’s great as a meal or makes the perfect side dish for brunch. I’m going to make it again this weekend. 


The Holy Kale
Serves: 2
  • 2½ heaping handfuls of kale
  • 1 handful of baby arugula
  • 1 tangerine, peeled and sectioned
  • 1 tomato, sliced
  • 1 cup purple or white cauliflower, diced
  • ⅓ cup scallions, chopped
  • ½ avocado, diced
  • 2 tablespoons dijon mustard
  • 1-2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • ½ lemon, juiced
  • sea salt and black pepper, to taste
  • rosemary or basil, chopped for garnish
  1. For the salad, combine the kale, arugula, tangerine, tomato, cauliflower, scallions and avocado in a large bowl.
  2. For the dressing, mix all of the ingredients together.
  3. Toss the salad with the dressing, and garnish with rosemary or basil.
***Please choose all organic ingredients if possible***


If you know someone who loves kale, or needs to, please share this recipe with them!



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30 responses to “The Holy Kale Salad – So Light & Refreshing!

    1. I will be very close in Naperville on the 23rd at Anderson Books – I hope you come out and see me on Monday! Would love to meet you.

      1. So happy you are coming to Chicago… Looking forward to purchasing your book.

        We eat Kale weekly and would love new recipes for it. Been baking my own kale chips weekly and adding new seasonings to freshen them up..

        See you Monday.


  1. Im thinking about starting the P90X program. They try and get you to buy Shakeology , witch is a Beachbody product. Im just wondering if you have ever researched this and if its worth the cost. Please reply, Thank you and have a great day. I know this has nothing to do with the recipe but i dont know how else to message you .

    1. I’d rather eat real ingredients – kale, cucumber, hemp protein and berries make a perfect shake without being processed into a powder!

    2. To Sherman Brinkley I’m with Vani — only real food for me although some days I do make a grass fed whey smoothie (with no additives in it) with raw, unpasteurized milk because a friend makes the whey.

  2. I’m in Seattle – do you think you’ll make it here for the book tour? Would love to meet you – your book is life changing!

  3. I was wondering what your take on the recommendation of not eating raw kale due to thyroid dysfunction? Thanks

  4. This sounds wonderful! Plan to make it this weekend when my daughter & granddaughter come for my birthday. Just got your book & it’s fantastic! Have recently gone gluten free & making a lot of healthy changes. Thanks for all you do!

  5. Looks delicious! I’ll try to make it next week, probably I will include in it my diet. By the way, congrats for the book, I’m reading it right now and love it!


  6. Vani…

    This isn’t about kale, but it was the only way for me to message you.

    This morning I was making breakfast. I was slicing up w hat was labeled as “organic Gala” apples to saute. My dogs love apples, so I always set aside some slices for them. As I prepared my breakfast, I noticed the set aside slices weren’t turning brown. And now, an hour later, still not brown. This makes me very suspicious. I will be returning the “organic” apples to the store, and tell them they need to challenge or change suppliers. Clearly, these are GMO, mascarading as organic.

    Any other advice?

    Thanks, Sam

    p.s. You can find me on facebook under “Central Minnesota for Clean Eating”. I share many of your posts there.

    1. WOW, thanks Sam!!!! I just heard maybe 3 weeks ago they were working on a gmo apple and I believe potato. I told my husband that we still have a bit of time before we need to be on the look out for these as they will still need time to go – SURPRISE!!!! I just read yesterday that they have now developed these apples and potatoes and of course, how healthy they will be for us….oh for sure!!! Now you are saying that you already have purchased them from your store???? Are you telling me once again our Government has lied to us???? Say it isn’t so!! I am interested in knowing if the sticker on the apples which you bought had a #9 on it? I found this article which may help you although, I too, will be awaiting for the answer for the higher power, Vani or those who work for/with her!! LOL!! Thanks for asking this question as you saved me some time!!!

    2. Sam, the Arctic Apple is the only one to be available on the market. Gala is still what it has always been, genetically modified from cultivars some95 years ago and has 1,000 s of genes disrupted randomly since. But yeah live in fear that somewhere a single gene has been switched off, they should get a good laugh at your expense at your purveyor when you return their suspicious apples.

      1. Ummm…genetic modification was not existent 95 years, sweetheart… We didn’t even have the atomic bomb 95 years ago…
        The existence of the codons that makeup our genes wasn’t even confirmed until the 50’s. Please brush up on your scientific history.

  7. Your recipe sounds delish!!!!! I have a question regarding your recipes in general. My main question being, are we always to understand or assume that the ingredients you use in your recipes are Organic and Non-GMO?? My reason for asking is mainly due to this recipe. I just recently read that Kale is another one of those crops which has slowly crept into our stores which are not GMO free.

    I am new to your site and to receiving your emails and, I do want to thank you in advance for all of the wonderful information you have provided me. Because of you I am now on my way to changing my diet to eating non-gmo, organic and soy-free. I was living and eating as a (gmo) mushroom and believed that our government would NEVER do or allow anything to cause harm to our food sources…..silly me. You helped me understand and realize that the GOVERNMENT is the one doing the most harm to our food sources. My husband has claimed that his life was much easier before I had access to a computer and even easier before I read my first article which you had written. Let him live a long and hard life if he wishes but at least it will be a healthier one, lol!!!

  8. I just stumbled onto your blog, and I LOVED the pizza article you just posted on FB. I had a similar reaction/response from Little Caesar’s, when I asked if they use Potassium Sorbate. It was like pulling teeth to try to get an answer, that I never actually got. And yes, they also told me not to eat it, to be safe. Since Potassium Sorbate could be in any item on any food menu, it is kinda difficult to avoid all the foods, just so the staff does not have to go read an ingredients label. I developed an “allergy” to PS in particular, but my health is so poor that my body “does not like” any preservatives or chemicals in general anymore. I have spent the last year trying to research, find safe products, transition, etc. Like you, face blemishes and allergen-induced cough-variant asthma are my two big “direct” symptoms. I am currently working on a Wineries Scorecard for my FB Page “Breaking Out of Preservative Prison” – similar to what you do by looking at specific brands. Sadly, because they are not required to disclose ingredients, and many use PS, it is a big chore to find and call each one directly – fight through the “standard” system and get an answer from the winemaker directly, in most cases. Just today, I got the “standard” script from the Constellation Brands “Customer Care” Rep, when asking about Woodbridge wines. Ultimately, Woodbridge gave me an answer – well, mostly. I know I can drink the Cabernet & Merlot but they would not give more specific info than that. I appreciate your efforts, and understand your frustrations. I would love to connect – maybe you will be local to me soon? in Baltimore, Maryland

  9. In my country kale is a staple winter food. It should be harvested after the first frost days (alas few and far between in the last years). Let me tell you how it’s done: cook potatoes, halfway put the kale with it, let that cook. Mash it. Serve with smoked sausage and gravy. You can put cubes of fried bacon in it.
    I grew up with that dish. Anything else is nonsense because it’s not how you eat kale properly. Stop the heresy.

  10. Food Babe, this comment is not related to this blog about Kale, but you have GOT to investigate the company that makes Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce! Specifically the “natural butter type flavor” listed on the back of it. I have an allergy to gluten and soy and when I contacted the company to find out what it was, they would only say it was gluten free and it was “proprietary” and that if I needed additional information, (like about the soy) that I would need to send in a letter from my doctor on his official letterhead stating the information I need about their product. Completely ridiculous! Feel free to contact me if you would like to see the emails they sent, but please, call this company out!
    P.S. I will try the recipe though. 🙂

  11. I love the Skinny Confidential- she’s hilarious and has good tips on a lot of different topics. I don’t have her book, though, so thanks for the recipe! Looks great- we’ve been looking for some new salad recipes esp. now that the weather’s warming up!

  12. Foodbabe, I have really been enjoying your posts, and have been referring hundreds to them. But your blatant BLASPHEMOUS use of the word “Holy” in this article, and the sarcastic mockery of what is considered “the Holy Grail” is just wrong. Anti-christs can mock this all they want, but what I’m saying is the truth, and it’s a truth that is agreed upon by many, even if they don’t comment. Please reconsider this post and be more aware of your readers who are sensitive to those who mock the Lord God.

    1. Stop reading it if it offends you…no one is forcing you to be here, just like no one is forcing you to read the Quran…get over yourself.

  13. I don’t always watch Dr Oz – but am doing so right now. There is a man on there talking about GMO foods. He said that 70% of all foods are GMO – as preservatives in Breads, & GMO canola oils, various other GMOs in cereal (I personally can’t even imagine all the GMOs that restaurants use- ugh!)

    The man did show that by using your iPhone you can scan the code when you are shopping & the ingredients will show what all is in the product including whether there are any GMO products in it. I can’t ck this out ’cause I don’t have an iphone – but you or someone could ck this out.

    The man did say to avoid GMO to look for the USDA Certification label & another label (sorry forgot to write it down – so I need to re-watch online –

    I wrote this because I’m even more depressed about all those GMO products. Thankfully I am doing my best to only buy Organic – USDA certified and buy very little produce that isn’t. I do buy some can or jarred foods but only if Organic and I check to see what is in it. (It’s just really hard to get organic where I live so I order the majority of my produce & other canned/jarred foods & grass-fed, grass-finished beef – yes, costs much more but I feel will keep me healthier.)

    So Thank you for fighting against GMO products for all of us.

  14. Does an GMO free, organic, non dairy (whey) protein powder exist without all the additional chemicals added. Just protein powder…

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