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What’s In Boar’s Head Meat? (See the revealing pictures now!)

Last week I published my first investigation of the year, and exposed the ingredients that are in some Boar’s Head meats that you might be buying at the deli counter, like:

  • Caramel color (class III or class IV) made from ammonia linked to cancer
  • Sugars (dextrose, maltodextrin, corn syrup, fructose) which are likely GMO
  • Canola oil (likely GMO)
  • Sodium Phosphate
  • Natural Flavors
  • Nitrates 

Many of you were surprised by this because you have never seen the ingredients in their deli counter meats and naturally assumed they used higher quality ingredients due to their marketing.

I also discussed how helpful it would be for consumers if Boar’s Head listed their ingredients online.

That’s because most packages of meat from the deli counter don’t have ingredients listed, which forces the customer to ask a busy deli worker for ingredients or call the company.

The feedback on this investigation has been intense.

So many of you have reached out to me personally and thanked me for this information. Likewise, many of you voiced your opinion on Boar’s Head facebook page and let them know that you were disappointed in their ingredients and that you hope they improve their products.

This simple act unleashed a bloodbath by Pro-Industry trolls on Boar’s Head facebook page. 

While I am on the front lines, willing to take one for the team and let my name be dragged through the mud (including experiencing some threatening situations) – many of you also have been insulted, called horrible names, and personally attacked for simply asking Boar’s Head to be more transparent about their ingredients and remove additives from their deli meats that have been linked to health issues. 

I filmed a video on Facebook Live to give you my take of what’s going on with specific real life examples, which I encourage you to watch here

I don’t think it is acceptable for any business to allow the despicable and horrendous abuse and bullying that has continued to take place on their facebook page. 

1/13/2016 Update: After posting this new information last night, Boar’s Head decided to start moderating their Facebook page and deleted most of the abusive posts (thank you!), but also deleted all legitimate customer concerns and feedback about their meat. You can now see only praise for the company that is coming from an astroturf Facebook page that is run by an anonymous profile. If you’ve left a comment about their ingredients and don’t see it on their page – try calling them at 1-800-352-6277 to get your voice heard. 

I continue to be appalled at the people trying to stop this transparency and removal of unnecessary ingredients in our food. All you have to do is ask yourself – who would want their meat colored with artificial caramel color linked to cancer? The answer to that question, is exactly who you think it is. 

Don’t let this PR spin machine stop you from sharing the truth. We all deserve to know what we are putting in our bodies. And with that – new ingredient information about Boar’s Head is finally being revealed thanks to a courageous reader!


This weekend, I received an awesome email from a reader that manages a supermarket deli and she told me:

I am excited about this investigation. I have been frustrated about boars head in particular for a long time. All the other deli meats you know are bad for you. But boars head fools everyone into thinking they are eating healthy.”

She also sent over a ton of ingredient pictures! 

When I buy meat, I usually buy one ingredient organic meat that isn’t full of additives. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think higher quality meat should have ingredients like these…

The ingredients speak for themselves…

20160109_132619_resized (1)

All American Oven Roasted Chicken Breast


Black Forest Ham


Maple Glazed Honey Coat Ham


Jerk Turkey Breast


Branded Deluxe Ham


Lower Sodium Ham


Everroast Chicken Breast


Golden Classic Chicken Breast


Blazing Buffalo Chicken Breast


Italian Style Oven Roasted Seasoned Beef


Oven Roasted Beef


Cracked Pepper Mill Smoked Turkey Breast




Beef Bologna


Pepper Brand Ham


Hot Cooked Capocollo


Tavern Ham


Corned Beef Brisket


Rosemary & Sundried Tomato Ham



Another reader sent me this picture of ingredients obtained from a Publix grocery store, which clearly shows MSG (monosodium glutamate) in Boar’s Head Virginia Ham:

12509609_1105584692809574_5336724271391866538_n (1)

If you are looking for other alternatives to Boar’s Head, check out this post at the bottom for my recommendations. 

Remember, don’t be afraid to keep sharing this information and spreading the word, especially if you know someone you love to eat Boar’s Head Meat. 





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158 responses to “What’s In Boar’s Head Meat? (See the revealing pictures now!)

  1. Vani,
    There are so many very unnecessary ingredients added to Boar’s Head meats, as many other companies do, but there is the issue of them using “Cottonseed Oil” to brown their turkey breast in. Cottonseed Oil is not fit for human or animal consumption. Every since the industrial revolution started, bringing with it so many toxins to our environment, the balance of nature has been going off kilter, completely changing, albeit slowly, in some instances, the results that would normally occur in nature. Thus resulting in more unwanted pests in the crops, then toxic chemicals on the crops, more pests, and so on, to the point that nature has been interfered with so much, you begin to wonder how to make things right again. One of the biggest offenders of this situation are the corporations that are in charge of the cotton crops. There is very little notice taken of this matter, though we are all highly affected, (or should I say infected by it?) They grow the cotton crops and spray them with an untold amount of chemicals, getting by without much notice to the general public, because after all, isn’t the cotton used mostly for textiles? Why is that a problem? Let me tell you that this a big issue. There are so many chemicals used on those crops, that after every third cotton crop they must plant peanuts, (because the grow underground), to clean up the chemicals enough to be able to plant cotton there again. The worst part of the scenario is they are then able to sell (Those Same Peanuts) as Organic, to organic Peanut Butter companies, and food grade oil companies because, (after all, they didn’t spray the peanut crop with chemicals). At that point I consider peanuts as poison pellets, unfit for consumption. Does anyone really want to consume “Cottonseed Oil” that is grown under these conditions? I think Not! They have been allowed to get away with this dangerous charade for the last half a century, that I’m aware of
    Thank You for helping make this transparent, Vani.
    Much Love to You, Vani

    1. Nancy,

      You are mistaken that the peanuts can be sold as organic. For a crop to be certified organic, it must be grown on land that has been chemical free for three years minimum.

      1. I hope that’s true, Eric, but that’s not what I’ve been told. A man selling produce at the local farmer’s market told me that “organic” simply means that the grower has waited at least a specific amount of time (three weeks, according to him) between spraying pesticides. Turned my stomach when he said that. I am growing more and more of our food and am looking at possibly buying full-spectrum lighting for indoors growing. So much deception! It’s scary.

      2. I agree with Eric. And while I abhor the use of so many chemicals in growing cotton, I believe the primary reason peanuts are grown is nothing to do with that. Peanuts, like all legumes, fix nitrogen in the soil with their roots. This is called crop rotation, and it’s a very good thing for the soil. Practicing crop rotation can actually reduce the amount of chemical fertilizers and pesticides used. I’m an organic grower and never use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or fungicides. But I’m more concerned about monoculture crops – cotton, soy, corn, etc. – that are grown year after year, exhausting the soil and requiring heavier doses of chemical fertilizers each year.

      3. Janice what he is doing is not organic as he claims as land must be pesticides free for a min 3 years but often it takes 10 year or more

    2. I would like to correct Nancy. Not all cotton farmers have to grow peanuts to “clean up”. The people in my area grow cotton and only cotton, year after year. I know, because my family grows cotton. I don’t know of anyone that has to do that in my area. But I’m all for safer food. Connye

    3. My wife, son and I are one of the “corporations” you mention that grow cotton. We are proud of the product we produce. Cottonseed oil has to meet the same standards as any other vegetable oil on the market. Therefore it is as safe for human and animal consumption as any other oil you can buy.

      Cotton acres being rotated to peanuts is just a good agronomic practice and very common where peanuts are grown. It is not done because of contaminated soil at all. It actually helps to reduce the amounts of pesticides used to grow either crop as it is a method used to control disease pressure in peanut production more than anything else.

      1. Reading the comments about cotton and peanuts make me laugh. I live in North Florida surrounded by cotton and peanut fields. The fields here are rotated but are sprayed so heavily with chemicals and “roundup” type chemicals that I will never eat another peanut again. There is no responsible growing that I can see and I do worry about my well water from the heavy use of chemicals. The cover crops are planted and sprayed as well before being turned over. The farmers spray a green field and during the next couple days they are brown and brittle. I have taken pictures during my daily walks during the process – there is no responsible care of the land anymore. Then to boot they bale up the peanut plants after harvest to feed cattle…….

    4. Sounds like you need to stop eating everything unless you grow it yourself. Let me know how that works out for you.

      1. Actually, it works out quite well. It’s a way of life. But then again, I’m a Vermonter.

  2. Vani,
    I’m just making a correction on my comment about Boar’s Head browning their turkey in cottonseed oil. My mistake, they brown their “chicken breast” in cottonseed oil. Oops! My apologies.

  3. Oh my!!!!! I’ve worked in the deli at Publix and was told to tell my customers that Boars Head was all natural and “Good for You”, unlike the other brands. Boy was I telling a fib This is a wake-up call for me not to believe anything I’m told without researching it first!!! Thank you Vani!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the FANTASTIC work!!!!!

  4. I have been giving my children boars head low sodium turkey and cracked pepper turkey with Boars head jalpeno jack cheeses in their lunches daily for about a year in a half so disappointed to be deceived to be paying more for deli meat I thought was healthy.

    1. Same here, I thought I was doing good for my kids by buying boars head deli meat. Thank you Vani for making us aware

    1. I second the praise for Vani…we’re with you! Thanks for all you do! More positive changes are happening everyday. Vote with your dollars, everyone. Money talks!!

    1. Not sure if you have ever looked in to Mercy for Animals but that is a HUGE eye opener….I’m very picky about which meats I buy and will only buy local or from clean, humane sources! Needless to say – my meat intake is minimal!

  5. I want to take a moment and thank you for posting the above information. I suffer from a great deal from food allergies and frankly I am pretty furious with this company. I have researched and asked for information regarding the ingredients in their meats. I will no longer purchase any of their products as of this reply. I am finding out that the only way to know what exactly is in our food, is to grow it and/or raise it our selves. I tired of being mislead and lied too about what is in the foods I consume.


    A grateful reader!!!!!

  6. As I learn more about our food industry, I find myself upset and stressed. Our country, our neighbors, have put a price on our health. It’s a shame that the industry from the farm to the store will willingly harm the health of our nation’s people. They I’ve to know the dangers and health risks of their processes and ingredients, especially after consumers give their feedback. They need to grow up and steep up to the plate, admit they are wrong and fix the problem. Unfortunately, money is too important to them.

    I work at Publix deli and had to take an 8 hour course to learn about Boar’s Head meat and how to sell it. They teach us that it is as natural as it’s gonna get without being organic. I push it to customers everyday. I feel like I’ve cheated them since I started working there. I am close with the owner of a Boar’s Head distribution center, and I plan on having a little chat with him.

    Us consumers need to be careful with what we buy. We can’t trust companies that make our food. Even if a company has good intentions. How was the crop or animal raised? Has the animal been injected with hormones? Or fed GMO food? Or kept in the dark and not let outside to roam the land? Was the plant in an environment that has not had pesticides for a safe amount of time. (I was told organic farming was only valud if the land was pesticide free for 7 years) These are all things that the average consumer does not think of.

    We should grow as much food as we can and eat locally grown organic food. Another important thing is to educate ourselves, our children and our community of the dangers that come out of the major food industries. With knowledge, we can make a huge difference.

    1. You know working at Publix as well but in the meat department, We are told that Publix strives to give people an organic option. We see that with the green wise line and the price tags. But like that scale tag pictured above it shows the ingredients of that ham. I called that Nutrition line, which is the number Food Babe listed, about the msg and she said that was a mistake of the store since their website faq’s say they don’t. Working in Publix that’s not a store problem we can’t enter information. we can add ingredient lists like for example in Seafood when we steam something we can add the ingredients of the seasoning to the price label, but we can’t manually input information. That’s above the stores every week the scales are updated for the new sale prices but it’s done by internet, that’s right the scales are hooked up to the internet 24/7. I then asked about about the coloring, she said it was a natural sugar mixture and that the amount is so minute you couldn’t get cancer. In my opinion the fact they even use it, or use the nitrates or nitrites is enough for me to not buy it.

  7. I have not had any of their meat products for years solely based on the fact that the meat used is tortured. Great info in this article none the less. More reason to stay away from Boars Head!

  8. Thank you for all your efforts to make what we’re eating transparent and healthy. I will not buy Boars Head brand again.

  9. You are the Donald Trump of nutrition. I like that. Your articles are spot on. Thanks for everything you do for America and the rest of the world.

  10. Easy solution. Eat a plant-based diet and ditch the meat. It’s terrible for your health anyway.

  11. I can’t believe all the uproar I’m reading here. How naive can all these readers be to think that any kind of packaged deli meat would be completely preservative free. How else would you make an item to have some kind of shelf life. I read all the comments about switching to Applegate. Now there’s a great marketing machine. Ever read the ingredients on those packages? Most of their items are processed (hams, turkey’s and chicken). Their use of carrageenan not only proves that, but also makes it a sub-par product. For those of you not familiar with both processed and what carrageenan is, look that up. At least Boar’s Head uses all whole muscle product. Having worked in deli for over 25 years, I can assure you that nothing comes close to the quality found in Boars Head items. It’s evident just from slicing the product. I’ve been a both a Boars Head fan and consumer for many years and I’ll continue to take my chances with them vs their competition.

    1. Joan, you are 100% correct and I too am baffled by some of the uneducated comments. Thanks for sharing!

  12. The Associated Press just recently released an article on January 4 ,2016. Our meat in the united states will no longer label the meat. Now we will not know where it was raised, slaughtered ,and origin. The World Trade Organization pushed our government for this, they won. now we can only guess whats in the meat.

    1. I’m very lucky to know a farmer nearby who raises his livestock in an open field, feeds them organic and takes them to the certified organic processing locker. I pay a little more but find that it’s worth it….
      I will not purchase meat products from any store, due to the CAFO industry.
      I appreciate the information that Foodbabe sends out.

  13. Good thing people are becoming more aware…but really why does it take someone to post it on the internet for people to read it???

    1. Because people are inherently lazy. Also, people want the impossible. Deli meat doesn’t grow in the garden outback. To widely distribute meat,,, some unrealistic expectations will have to be sacrificed. Lazy plus unrealistic expectations equal people that want what can’t be had and the propensity of being a lemming.

  14. Foods should never contain ingredients that are hazardous to human (or pet) health. What should be on the label is where the source of the food (in this case, meat) was raised, where it was slaughtered, and its origin.

  15. I am a University of Arizona Master Gardener (2004) and Eric is correct; to be considered “organic” the land must be chemical free for 3 years NOT 3 weeks between pesticide spraying. I am SO tired of all the food and growing decdeption.

    Thanks, Vani for the Boar’s Head investigation. I was eating their Sweet Slice Ham thinking it is healthy…you have opened my eyes.

    Can you do a white vinegar investigation soon? Many of the “name” brands are made from corn which is most likely GMO! When you look at the number of “pickled” products on the market I am REALLY concerned.

  16. I feel completely bamboozled by Boar’s Head! I’m not a huge deli meat fan but when I do buy these products I purchase Boar’s Head, and have for many years, thinking they were healthier than the rest of the crap out there. Well, shame on me for not doing my research. To think I gladly paid the premium price for what I thought was a superior product… doh!
    Vani, thanks for being an ingredient super-trooper. I found your blog less than a year ago and it has inspired me to make many food changes in my life. I spend an inordinate amount of time reading labels in the supermarket and have given up a TON of things I really liked to eat. (Guess what? I lost 20 lbs in the process!!!)
    I recommend your blog to virtually everyone I come in contact with, I sign petitions, I spend my food dollars wisely with companies who are doing the right thing and, managing a dental office, I tell ALL of my patients about the importance of proper nutrition in their lives. It has a MAJOR impact on overall health but dental health as well.
    Bye-bye, Boar’s Head. I can live without deli meat. I can roast an organic, free-range chicken or turkey and make my own.
    Your efforts are truly appreciated by MANY thousands of us who are sick and tired of all of our family members dying of cancer and other diseases that could (and should) be prevented by eliminating all of the awful chemicals used in our food, cosmetics, fabrics, paint, furniture, automobiles, etc. We stand behind you every single day and our voices, collectively, ARE BEING HEARD!
    Keep fighting, Vani. We’re all with you.

  17. Thank you Vani for your tireless work in bringing us the news on the food – any food that you research. I am one that is very appreciative. We can each make our own choices with the information. I desire to be as healthy as possible. We only get one body. Treat it well.

  18. Don’t get why anyone could possibly have ever thought this company sold natural or organic meats ?? no where do they ever state this ? It’s classic grocery store deli meat … Don’t ever touch it ! pure poisen !

  19. this saddens me to no end. i love boars head and purchase it probably twice weekly. i’ll be behind this fight for you. their marketing is pretty clever i thought i was doing good by not purchasing all those “other” horrible meats. they are getting huge popping up everywhere so i think you can get them to clean up their act. this road to clean food is such a long one, it feels like it never ends. some times you just want to throw in the towel…especially when you find out something like this. so i thank you food babe. you’re a strong dedicated woman and i appreciate that immensely!!!

  20. So happy that you are doing this great work. You deserve a medal. You are very brave. I would have like to see the video you were talking about concerning Boar’s meat but, it didn’t come up, only your voice was heard. Keep up the good works!!

  21. I didn’t see information on the uncured natural ham or their uncured pepper natural turkey. We don’t eat it as much as we used to-but we did switch to the nitrate/nitrite free versions.

  22. I tried to post a query about their ingredients on their Facebook page and I was attacked unmercifully! I am an American, though not currently living in the U.S. and the first thing they attacked was my current place of residence as if the fact that I am not living in America negated my concerns. A few people tried to engage me with reasonable discourse, but the majority of the comments were so virulent and abusive that I ended up deleting the entire thread I was so appalled.

  23. I’m not for Boar’s Head in any way, shape, form, or fashion. I don’t buy anything processed in such a manner, whether the ingredients are good or not, aside from the occasional artisanal sausages that are produced locally to me, and use no preservatives of any kind. They source their meats from a local pastured pig farm that has been raising pigs the old, traditional way for generations.

    Instead of complaining about the company doing things the wrong way and asking them to change their business model because you WANT to buy their products, don’t you think it would be more effective to JUST STOP BUYING THEIR PRODUCTS, and find and support an alternative that meets your standards?

    You people are blowing a lot of smoke, wasting a lot of emotion and energy, and giving a lot of unnecessary publicity to a company that has no intention of changing for you. They do not cater to the *whole-foods* market. They are a cheap, deli-style cold-cuts company — what did you expect? You aren’t going to get a good, organic product made with ethically and naturally grown meats and organic, healthy ingredients for the price you are paying for Boar’s Head.

    I think “Food Babe” needs to focus on what IS a good, organic, naturally-raised alternative to Boar’s Head, and stop stirring up a lot of commotion about a situation that she foolishly expected to live up to her standards. Boar’s Head never hid anything about their ingredients. They aren’t deceptive. They simply don’t cater to a market that demands a high-quality product.

    I, for one, would appreciate a focus now on what the *good* alternatives to Boar’s Head are. You’ve made your audience needlessly angry, now stop wasting their time and tell them how and where to get a better product!

    1. Most people should know, yes. Boars Head is sold at Sprouts Farmers market however and many people who don’t really know any better probably purchase it thinking it is better than it is. It’s nice to have light shed on the subject but yes…if you are not buying organic or you don’t know the exact ingredients you should assume it’s crap.

    2. She did list a better alternative for better lunch meat at the end of her story about Boar’s Head meats. I read information on the Organic Prairie Meats website and they are promising. I am a label reader of everything for food and steer clear of chemicals and artificial ingredients and dyes. We can only take the advice and it is up to anyone to follow and do research about it further to be inform and have knowledge about everything about food and where it comes from and what is “actually” in it. Vani, Food Babe, is looking out for all of us.

  24. All Boars Head does is trick people into buying their product by stuffing commercial after commercial down our throats!!! They should spend some of that $$ on better ingredients! However, the deli meat industry is not all bad…I challenge EVERYONE to try Thumann’s and compare taste, quality and ingredients! I PROMISE u will not be disappointed!! Thumann’s has always used the finest ingredients from day 1…even before it was popular to do. 1 word–THUMANNS!!!!

    1. Sorry, that’s just YOUR opinion. Everyone has different tastes. People hate a company like BH because they are a popular company which has been in business a very long time. Food babe is blowing everything out of proportion.

  25. You should compare Boars Head with the other deli meats brands. Now those are bad for you!
    The American Heart Association endorses Boars Head products which is clearly stated on their packaging.
    They also have their All Natural line out as well.

  26. i would have been more interested if the production plant numbers were included with each photo since its more interesting to see where the product was produced from – you can look up the plant numbers, find out the plant name and then google it to discover any violation histories with the production plant – that would be more important to me than the ingredients.

  27. i should also note that careful and extensive research using google provides lots of pertinent information about their products – many of which is actually imported from other countries and most being produced by contracted companies, boars head actually produces far less of their product themselves – i am neutral to this company and any company in particular but i do have interest in knowing exactly where from and what plant the food i consume is produced and processed at – for example, the boars head soppressata is actually produced by “daniele foods” (by plant number) and that is a company i trust, but its all but impossible to find out where and what origin the supply of meat comes from for these production companies – how do i know whether the meant is sourced or not from a different country other than the USA and canada ? different countries have different standards when it comes to raising their animals for human consumption – i wouldnt particularly be very thrilled knowing the delicatessen chicken i purchased had its origins from china or russia.

  28. Hello, Food Babe,

    I am a huge fan of your investigations and blogs for a year now. I have made huge changes with foods, but still not 100% perfect due to situations keep blocking goals. Your commitment to protecting human rights to foods we put into our bodies and battles to get healthy foods from food industries completely amazes me. Thank you a thousand times over:)

    I wanted to take the time to comment on this Boars Head meats blog because I have been buying their meats for a year now. Believing that I am buying high quality and healthy lunch meats alternative to nasty packaged ones. I am deeply disappointed and lost for words considering Boars Head meats cost are doubled or tripled the cost of the nasty packaged ones because of supposedly better/all natural ingredients.

    I just don’t know what to believe or trust in foods anymore.

  29. Many of the products showed in the photos are not as harmful as food babe is implying. For example sodium phosphate is a commonly found table salt. Other ingredients mentioned are cottonseed oil, which is simply a natural oil found in cotton. Dextrose, which is glucose, or sugar. Cottonseed oil, is not any more harmful than vegetable oil. The ingredients that is is coated in are also not harmful, paprika, brown sugar, salt, and even garlic. Most of the people on this website cook with those items. You should not blindly believe what she is saying just because you read it. Do some research of your own and you will see what I am saying is right.!

  30. i went on the boars head website to see the ingredients for no salt added turkey breast. I highlighted the word INGREDIENTS. It took me to a page that had the food label that they consider was the ingredients. THE FOOD LABEL IS NOT AN INGREDIENTS LIST. WHERE IS IT? Case closed!

  31. Hey maybe you all shouldn’t be eating any deli meat at all? These types of processed cured meat is what’s killing people. If you think you’re eating healthy because you’ve got sliced chicken breast from the deli then you need to re-evaluate. Turn around and head to produce, it’s likely directly behind you.

  32. It’s funny how so many people make themselves sick from constant worry.
    Humans have a liver and 2 kidneys, if they are working properly, they can easily handle most of the toxins in your food. What you really need to understand is that your mind can make you much more ill than a little extra salt or whether your food is organic. So may people get completely wrapped up in and believe total BS and spend most of their time in a state of constant fear and worry about there own imminent and unstoppable death that they forget to live in the little time we do have.

  33. What are the ingredients in the Boar’s Head no-salt turkey breast? I didn’t see that one pictured.

    Thank you for posting the ingredients; I’m shocked.

  34. The funny part of all this is that you are acting like it is some vast conspiracy. Or that they are hiding something. There is an ingredients label for a reason.

    Also, do you think there would be grocery stores in existence without ingredients that make food stay fresh and last longer?

    How much imported food do you think you would see?

    This is all hysterically funny.

  35. Thank you for this article. I have been eating Boars Head products for years thinking it was the healthier choice. Deli sandwiches are the easiest lunch to make on the go. What do you suggest as an alternative fast lunch to grab and go? That’s the issue.

  36. Love to see someone posting lies, that is to say I hate it. I have see people doing this sort of thing for a very long time and I am always appalled at the flagrant disinformation they serve up.
    Boar’s Head Virginia Ham
    Pork , Cured with Salt , Sugar , Dextrose , Less Than 2% Of : Sodium Phosphate , Sodium Erythorbate , Sodium Nitrite , Coated with A Glaze Consisting Of : Sugar , Gelatin , Cornstarch , Dextrose , Natural Flavor , Salt , Sherry Wine Flavor ( Maltodextrin , Sherry Wine Solids , Citric Acid ) , Paprika .

    This is not edited either accidentally by Publix or intentionally by the poster. Monosodium glutamate. Monosodium glutamate (MSG), also known as sodium glutamate, is the sodium salt of glutamic acid. MSG is found naturally in some foods including tomatoes and cheese in this glutamic acid form.
    C5 H8 NO4 Na (One sodium) This is not bad for you except in the absence of food with 3 grams or more. 1000 Miligrams equals 1 gram, this would be like taking fifteen 200mg tablets of Naproxen sodium C14 H13 Na O3. Take those 15 tablets without food…. let us see how well you are doing, but take them with food, you would need 125 tablets to overdose.
    The ingredients are on the label, this is not any monosodium glutamate, aka
    • Autolyzed yeast
    • Autolyzed yeast protein
    • Calcium glutamate
    • Carrageenan
    • Glutamate
    • Glutamic acid
    • Hydrolyzed corn
    • Ingredients listed as hydrolyzed, protein fortified, ultra-pasteurized, fermented, or enzyme modified
    • Magnesium glutamate
    • Monoammonium glutamate
    • Monopotassium glutamate
    • Natural flavors (ask manufacturers their sources, to be safe)
    • Pectin
    • Sodium caseinate
    • Soy isolate
    • Soy sauce
    • Textured protein
    • Vegetable extract
    • Yeast extract
    • Yeast food
    DID YOU SEE YEAST EXTRACT? DID YOU SEE SOY SAUCE? PECTIN? or any of the others on the Boar’s head label?
    No, not under any of the other names of monosodium glutamate.
    Guess what, a vegan gets more MSG from vegetables (NATURALLY) than you get from Boar’s head meats unless the label states the above mentioned names.
    PECTIN? recognize the name from many candies and most other foods? That is MSG baby!

    If you want to boycott something, boycott it but do not spread lies, do not create lies and post them as the truth. If you want to be vegan you will have MSG in your diet no matter what. How about you just eat fruits… this way you wont be a salad shooter when you have diarrhea, instead you will be a juicy fruit. A very natural source any salt water fish including salmon. Of all the studies done, only those that had a bias to begin with have shown MSG as anything but non toxic. Independent testing that was biased to begin with is not independent truism, it is agenda based.

    Thinking you are avoiding MSG in your diet is lying to yourself….. so suck on this, Glutamic acid is naturally present in our bodies. YOU ARE MSG.

    Boars head, Less than 2% of other ingredients which are posted clearly, you are more MSG than than a Boar’s head ham…. but even the pig is naturally less 10mg MSG pound for pound which is less than you pound for pound. It’s a big part of protein-rich foods like meat, eggs and cheese, but is also found in fruits and vegetables. Foods that are typically thought of as high in free glutamate include meat, fish, seafood, fermented sauces, aged cheeses, and some fruits, vegetables, and nuts.
    Good luck surviving on the less than 1% of the sources of food available. Any fruit that can ferment as it rots has MSG. Tree bark, grass, MSG MSG. Here are some of the worst offenders per 100 grams.
    Dried shiitake mushrooms (1060mg per 100 grams, aka 1%)
    Walnuts (658)
    Dried tomatoes (650-1140)
    Grape juice (258)
    Tomatoes (246)
    Kimchi (240)
    Mushrooms (180)
    Broccoli (176)
    Green peas (106)
    Corn (106)
    Potatoes (102)
    Chinese (Napa) cabbage (100)
    Go ahead, enjoy that banana, all natural…. and whoops, MSG. Glutamic Acid 19% You can eat 10 lbs (337 mg msg per lb, or 3.37 grams per 10 lbs, or ) of cured pork or 1/4 a banana and get same amount of MSG. One 7″ Banana weighs in at 118 grams, let us round down to be nice, 100 grams, so 19 grams MSG, but 1/4 is just under 4 grams…. cured pork is healthier? Yes… but no…. the fat…. plus the banana is radioactive so yes, the pork is healthier but again no, not 10 lbs in 1 sitting, you should share that healthy pork with your family and friends knowing that you avoided giving them 10 times the amount of MSG by giving them a banana each.

    Now that you are freaking out, that last bit was a joke on you, less than 1% of the remainder of the ingredients naturally in a banana, so that is 19% of less than 1%is MSG. That is how people like the poster lie to you, by giving some truth but then twisting it while withholding the rest of the facts. Publix Boar’s head ham shows MSG only because it is naturally part of the source animal, not because it was added afterwards.

  37. I just found your post. I went to the market craving roast beef and saw the Boar Head’s label stating it contains maltodextrin. This filler raises my blood sugar to 350 levels – I have normal blood sugar levels! Many products now contain this filler, even organic and vegan foods. Buyer/consumer beware!

  38. Hello. I haven’t read through all of the comments so not sure if you know this or not but maltodextrin is a form of msg. I am allergic to msg and that’s why I know that. It’s in almost everything but is considered a hidden form of msg and in my mind nothing with it in it is “clean”. I get the same reaction and other that are allergic do as well.

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