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Valentines Kisses

Since it is Valentine’s Day…I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than to share one of my favorite sweets! No one should have to eat sweets filled with garbage.  Life is just not complete without a little chocolate and candy now and then!

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These Valentine’s Kisses are full of superfoods, easy to make and taste delicious right out of the freezer! 

Food Babe's Valentines Kisses
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 10
  1. Cream almond butter, coconut oil, maple syrup, and salt together in a bowl
  2. Pour mixture into a parchment paper lined small baking dish (8×6)
  3. Top with raw cacao nibs and goji berries and freeze for at least 2 hours
  4. Remove from freezer, carefully remove almond fudge by lifting ends of parchment paper
  5. Use a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut fudge (or cut into 1 inch squares) and store in freezer separated by parchment paper
***Please buy all organic ingredients if possible***


If you know someone who needs a little sweetness in their life – share this recipe with them. I’m sure they would be very appreciative, especially if they win. And who knows… they may make you some kisses!

Wishing you lots of love today and always.


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Edit 2/7/2017: Previous post had a giveaway contest and it is not closed. 

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1,586 responses to “Valentines Kisses

  1. Thank you for all of your healthy recipes!
    I “liked” and subscribed to all of the above too.
    I would REALLY like to win the chocolate:)

  2. I LOVE your blog, and have been a subscriber for a while!! 🙂
    Also, I “liked” Yummy Earth, JJ’s Sweets, Nimbor, and Gnosis Chocolate!!

  3. Every time I hear/see you talk about goji berries they sound more and more delicious! I have never seen them but this recipe looks amazing and they seem worth the search. Thanks for all your posts 🙂

  4. TYSM!! I just found you today, been reading lots of good stuff & sharing with friends/family. TYTYTY for your hard work, info & recipes. Awesome!

  5. Recipe looks great 🙂 can’t wait to try it. I have shared this giveaway on Facebook, and like all the pages 🙂 it would be great to win something and get to try it!

  6. Every time I go to eat something bad, I hear your words in my head. Parts of your blog have become my internal voice. Thanks for helping keep us healthy!

  7. I really enjoy reading your posts and trying your recipes. Thanks so much for all that you do and share 🙂

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