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What It Means To Be One Of The 30 Most Influential People On The Internet

Time Magazine has named me as one of “The 30 Most Influential People On The Internet.” This honor is not just for me. It’s for all of us. Our movement is getting recognized in big ways. Congratulations to every one of you out there that has visited and shared information from the Food Babe website including the amazing Consumer Protection Agencies who have been fighting much longer than me for a safer and healthier food system. 

When I heard the news, I was frankly speechless…but it means a lot.

It means our voices are being heard.

It means our movement is growing faster than ever.

It means more people care about what’s in their food.

It means that the food industry is changing and will have to continue changing to adapt to us learning the truth.

It means affordable healthy food will eventually be available for all. 

Time Magazine Top 30 Internet

Read the full piece in Time Magazine here & please vote at the end for the #1 spot.

Thank you for standing with me.

Much love to you all, 


 “To change everything, we need everyone.” 

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196 responses to “What It Means To Be One Of The 30 Most Influential People On The Internet

  1. Congratulations on your succes! I’m currently reading your book and enjoying it. I agree there are many toxins in our food. But food is not the only threat to our health. I don’t believe that the FDA has my health at interest when making decisions and on that some note I don’t trust the CDC. Would love to know where you stand on vaccines?

  2. Congratulations on your new title from Time Magazine! I have been a part of the FoodBabe army for quite a while now, and I am teaching my 11 year-old son the importance of reading food labels and making healthy food choices. So I just have to share this with you… the other day Dylan came home with a strawberry milk label from one of his friend’s milk bottles that he got in the school cafeteria. He was mortified that the school would serve milk containing two red food dyes, blue food dye and carageenan (among other nasty ingredients). He proceeded in telling his whole lunch table about how bad this milk choice was, and listed the reasons why this was not a healthy product. He is totally appalled at how the school lunches can be so unhealthy, when the schools rave about how good their options are! We now call Dylan the FoodDude!

  3. You and your team are an inspiration! I think a lot of people do not realize all that goes into a website or blog. Obviously you do a ton of research to put out all the content that you do. I love your site and what you are fighting for. You deserve the recognition. Great job!

  4. Tell it like it is! You do the investigative work, check the facts and sound the alarm when something needs attention. Most of the world just sits on the couch and complains. We are behind you all the way!

  5. Being that you are so influential I was wondering if you think transparency is important? If transparency is important do you think you could share with us what your sources of funding are? I’d be particularly interested in your advertising funding so your readers can be assured that you don’t have any conflicts of interest.

  6. Your book is wonderful and you are an inspiration. Keep up the great work. Thanks you for all that you do.

  7. Congratulations Vani. It is about time the views of “experts” were challenged by someone as who just goes by gut feeling. You sing it from the mountain sister ” Just because I don’t understand the topic doesn’t mean my perspective isn’t just as valid”.
    “You might have your Phd but look at these cheeckbones”
    ” Ok so the consensus of the worlds experts is contrary to what I learnded on google but I accuse them of WITCH……I mean conspiracy theory”
    “You is a hater if you don’t respect my uninformed opinion”

  8. Vani, I love your book. A change to better eating doesn’t start out easy by any means, but you make easier and easier. I love your book and your philosophy so much, that I have made a commitment to buy and gift a book every month. Maybe even two. I gave one of my best friends, Michelle, the first book yesterday. She is so excited about reading it. Thank you. And congratulations for being one of the top 30!!!

  9. Just another reason why traditional print media is going the way of the dinosaurs.

    If this charlatan who claims that the acids in lemon juice somehow completely reverse their chemistry against every law in the discipline once they are ingested can be considered influential, it’s no wonder this stupid country is letting itself be dragged back to the Stone Age by science deniers who have as much education and credibility as our Australopithicine ancestors.

    My only hope is that bringing more attention to this wackaloon will lead to more actual scientists countering her impossible claims.

    Good on you, Time!

    As for the rest of you, read a book or take a class.

    You might learn something worthwhile.

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