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Bojangles’ Chicken ‘n Biscuits Whistleblower Sends Us Never Before Released Ingredients.

It’s absolutely appalling to me that we have been asking the restaurant chain Bojangles’ Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits for their ingredients for over a year, and they refuse to provide any information to us. They have over 600 restaurants and no one has a clue what they are eating. Bojangles’ serves food in some of our schools and won’t even tell the parents or administrators what is in their food, which is just unacceptable.

Thousands of you signed this petition asking Bojangles’ to be transparent about their ingredients and to stop using chicken raised on routine antibiotics. Last week, I joined arms with consumer advocacy group U.S. PIRG to deliver our combined petition signatures totaling more that 12,000 to Bojangles’ headquarters in Charlotte. Although we gave Bojangles’ notice that we would be arriving and requested to set up a meeting, Bojangles’ refused to open the door when we arrived, and refused to make any communication with us in person. The following day, they sent us an email and told the press that “conversations with our protein suppliers leave us confident that tremendous progress is being made toward eliminating their use of antibiotics important to human medicine by 2020.”

This is not a strong commitment. Bojangles needs to publish a strong policy on their website to show that they intend to take action.

Bojangles’ also continues to ignore our requests to publish ingredients online for the public.

Yet, our voices have not gone unnoticed! A whistleblower saw our petition and reached out to me wanting to help.

They anonymously sent me complete ingredient lists for many of Bojangles’ most popular menu items…. their cajun chicken, their fries, their mac n’ cheese… and when you see what’s in their “made from scratch” biscuits you’ll be mad. I don’t know anyone using the very controversial additive TBHQ in their homemade biscuits!

I contacted Bojangles’ corporate by email immediately after receiving this list of ingredients and asked them to confirm its authenticity. This is how they replied…

“Unfortunately, I am unable to verify the accuracy of the ingredient information I was sent yesterday. Like most restaurant companies, Bojangles’ does not disclose its ingredients for competitive reasons, but complies fully with all related laws and regulations.”

“Any alleged disclosure of the ingredients in our food by unauthorized third parties should be viewed with tremendous skepticism, and may be in violation of the law.” 

~ Brian Little, Bojangles’ Corporate Communications Director, February 21, 2017

The public deserves to know Bojangles’ ingredients so they can make informed decisions about their food.

Most fast food chains do publish their ingredients online for the public and there is no reason for Bojangles’ to not do the same. KFC, McDonald’s, Chick-Fil-A, Burger King, Wendy’s, Jack In The Box, Taco Bell, Subway, Starbucks, Panera Bread, Chipotle, Dunkin Donuts, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Domino’s, Carl’s Jr. and Arby’s all publish their ingredients online for the public. Why does Bojangles’ think they are any different? This is the kind of transparency that consumers expect.

There are a growing number of consumers who seek out ingredient information because we are concerned about food additives and their relation to health, or have other allergies and food sensitivities that are not provided on their allergen statement.

Without full ingredient disclosure, consumers are left in the dark. 

All of Bojangles’ competitors release ingredients when asked – and it surely seems bizarre that Bojangles’ refuses to release even basic details about what is in their food – and won’t confirm or deny whether the whistleblower’s ingredient list is accurate.

I really appreciate this whistleblower’s incredible courage to reach out. Bojangles’ gives the impression they use better and more authentic ingredients than other chicken restaurants like KFC, but when you see what this whistleblower says they are putting into their food, I think you’ll be surprised. 

Will Bojangles’ confirm whether or not the ingredients sent to us from a whistleblower are accurate? If they’re not, why won’t they set the record straight?

And what about those Bo-Berry Biscuits?

The whistleblower let us know that those aren’t even made with real blueberries! They are artificially colored pellets! 

Does Bojangles’ REALLY use these ingredients? Here are some of the WORST ones listed…

Partially Hydrogenated Oils (Artificial Trans Fat): The FDA finally banned “partially hydrogenated oils” from our food and companies have until June 2018 to comply. This is a VERY long time coming – because the consumption of artificial trans fat has been strongly correlated an increased risk of heart disease for quite some time and hundreds of processed foods contain this ingredient. The Institute of Medicine says that trans fats have “no known health benefit” and there is no safe level to eat. No safe level! It’s sad that some companies continue to use this harmful ingredient. Listed in: Grilled Chicken Breast, Biscuits, Dirty Rice, Brown Gravy, Mac n’ Cheese, Pork Chop

Cottonseed Oil: This oil is made from a byproduct of the industrial waste from the cotton farming industry, which isn’t a food crop. Despite being one of the most prevalent GMO crops (designed to produce an insecticide), cotton crops still require an intense application of agricultural chemicals and that’s why cotton has been called the “World’s Dirtiest Crop”. Residues from these pesticides can remain in cottonseed oil according to data collected by the FAO/WHO Joint Meetings on Pesticides Residues in Food. If that isn’t bad enough, to extract the oil the cottonseeds are subjected to intensive chemical refining with toxic hexane, bleach, and deodorizers. Listed in: Fries, Grilled Chicken Breast, Biscuits, Brown Gravy, Pork Chop, Fries, Dirty Rice, Cinnamon Pecan Twist, Sweet Potato Fried Pie, Liquid Margarine

TBHQ: This synthetic preservative has been linked to vision disturbances, liver enlargement, childhood behavioral problems, stomach cancer, and most recently, to the rise in food allergies. It’s also banned for use in food in other countries including Japan, and is on the Center For Science in The Public Interest’s list as one of the worst food additives to be avoided. Listed in: Biscuits, Mac n’ Cheese

MSG & Hidden MSG: Besides the additive monosodium glutamate (MSG), the food industry sneaks in other additives – yeast extract and hydrolyzed proteins – that contain free glutamic acid, which is the main component of MSG. These “hidden MSG” additives are purely used to make you crave their food and eat more than you should, and are excitotoxins that are associated with neurodegenerative diseases. Listed in: Fries, Dirty Rice, Brown Gravy, White Gravy, Ranch Dressing, Southern Style Chicken Filet, Homestyle Tenders

Caramel Color: There are 4 different types of caramel color used by the food industry and this Bojangles’ ingredient list does not specify which one they may use. Class IV caramel color is the one most commonly used by the food industry. Class IV caramel color is made from ammonia and contains the byproduct 4-MEI, a known cancer riskListed in: Fries, Southern Style Chicken Filet, Dirty Rice, Brown Gravy, White Gravy, Honey Mustard Sauce

BHA: This preservative is on EWG’s Dirty Dozen List of Food Additives to avoid and is also banned in other countries. BHA has been shown to be an endocrine disruptor which is also believed to be a carcinogen, causing tumors in animal studies. Listed in: Sausage Patty, Brown Gravy

Monoglycerides and Diglycerides: This emulsifier is a byproduct of oil processing – including partially hydrogenated canola and soybean oils – which contain the same artificial trans fat that is detrimental to our heart health. Listed in: Flour Tortilla (Wraps), Pork Chop, Liquid Margarine, Mac n’ Cheese, Cinnamon Pecan Twist

Artificial Color: The “processed cheese” listed in Bojangles’ Mac n’ Cheese says it contains “artificial color”, but doesn’t specify which specific color is used. At this point I can only presume it is the same artificial yellow dyes that Kraft used to use in their Mac n’ Cheese which is linked to behavioral problems in children and requires a warning label in Europe. Listed in: Mac n’ Cheese

Soybean Oil: One of the most unhealthy oils out there which increases the risk of obesityinflammation, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and autoimmune diseases. It’s almost always made from GMO soybeans. When researchers tested GMO soybeans they found that they contain high levels of residues from the herbicide glyphosate (Monsanto’s Roundup) compared to non-GMO soybeans. This is a huge issue, as glyphosate has been linked to cancer and other diseases in many studies – so this is not something I want to be eating and why I avoid GMOs like the plague. Listed in: Biscuits, Fries, Brown Gravy, Grilled Chicken Breast, Pork Chop, Fries, Flour Tortilla (Wraps), Mac n’ Cheese, Liquid Margarine, Cinnamon Pecan Twist, Sweet Potato Fried Pie, Ranch Dressing

Sodium Phosphate: This preservative is so commonly used that if you eat processed food, you likely eat it daily. That doesn’t mean it’s safe. When you eat phosphate additives often, it can lead to excessive levels of phosphate in the blood and puts you at risk of chronic kidney disease, increased mortality, heart disease, and accelerated aging. The EWG also warns that sodium phosphate is an additive to avoid. Listed in: Grilled Chicken Breast, Mac n’ Cheese, Pork Chop

Natural or Artificial FlavorsAny time you see flavors on an ingredient list be aware that you don’t really know what you are eating. According to the EWG, every flavor has their own secret list of up to 100 ingredients, including “synthetic chemicals such as the solvent propylene glycol or the preservative BHA” as well as GMO-derived ingredients. Flavors can also include excitotoxins like MSG that cause your taste buds to experience irresistibility when it comes to food. Listed in: Brown Gravy, White Gravy, Southern Style Chicken Filet, Grilled Chicken Breast, Homestyle Tenders, Mac n’ Cheese, Pork Chop, Liquid Margarine, Cinnamon Pecan Twist, Scrambled Egg, Ranch Dressing, Honey Mustard Sauce

Cellulose:  Ground breaking research links this additive to weight gain, inflammation and digestive problems. Listed in: Flour Tortillas (Wraps)

Dextrose or Corn Syrup: These heavily processed forms of sugar are typically made from GMO corn that produces its own insecticideListed in: Brown Gravy, Southern Style Chicken Filet, Grilled Chicken Breast, Chicken Supremes, Pork Chop, Fries, Cinnamon Pecan Twist, Sweet Potato Fried Pie, Honey Mustard Sauce

Methyl and Propyl Parabens: These preservatives are endocrine-disrupting chemicals linked to breast cancer and reproductive problems. EWG also includes propyl paraben on their Dirty Dozen Guide to Food Additives to avoid. Listed in: Sweet Potato Fried Pie

Plus… Superbugs?

Bojangles’ continues to source their chicken from farms who routinely feed their animals antibiotics. Low-level doses of antibiotics are routinely fed to farm animals who are not sick to promote growth and prevent disease. When animals are constantly fed low levels of antibiotics, they become a breeding ground for superbugs (aka antibiotic-resistant bacteria) which are spreading to humans. Antibiotics are becoming far less effective, and some infections that were previously treated easily are now difficult or impossible to treat.

This issue hits home for me personally as my dad was once infected with bacteria that was resistant to antibiotics and very hard to treat. I don’t want my daughter to grow up in a world where antibiotics are no longer effective at treating simple infections, and that prospect is quickly becoming a reality. I’m sure many of you can relate to these fears. 

What will Bojangles’ do now? Will they continue to ignore the thousands of us who are asking them to be transparent about their ingredients? Will they publish their complete ingredient list online?

Until Bojangles’ changes their ways, the most effective thing we can do is vote with our dollars by not eating there and choosing to spend our money elsewhere. When we vote with our dollars we not only help strengthen the companies that are doing the right thing by supplying healthy products and sustainably grown food, but we also send a clear message of disapproval to those companies who are putting harmful products into the marketplace. By sending a clear message of what we want, we are actively shaping the world around us.

In the meantime, please share this post and petition with all of your Bojangles’-loving friends! 



Consider further action:

  1. Submit a Bojangles’ customer service contact form. Ask them to publish ingredients and also a firm policy to stop sourcing chicken raised on routine antibiotics.
  2. Call Bojangles’ corporate office: 1-800-366-9921
  3. Post a note on the Bojangles’ facebook page
  4. Tweet to Bojangles

February 21, 2017 – Petition Delivery At Bojangles’ With U.S. PIRG


Bojangles’ may not want to change right now, but if they receive enough consumer pressure to change – I know they will like so many other companies have! When we work together, we are very powerful.



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47 responses to “Bojangles’ Chicken ‘n Biscuits Whistleblower Sends Us Never Before Released Ingredients.

  1. I will never eat in your restaurant until you remove all the chemicals and hamrful additives!

      1. Me and my family will also never eat at your restaurants again until all of the bad ingredients are gone! I am not going to poison my children with these harmful chemicals just so you can make an extra buck.

        I second this coment below also: The lists of ingredients are absolutely appalling and it’s so unfortunate that many folks haven’t a clue and/or don’t care what they’re eating as long as it’s ‘tasty’.

        Thank you Vani and the rest of the food babe army!!

    1. Everything is a chemical. Water is a chemical. Water is a harmful chemical if used incorrectly.

      1. That’s definitely true, but at the bare minimum, the trans fat they seem to still be using in their recipes is definitely bad for people. Fortunately, the end to the extension of the FDA ban date (not even sure if Bojangles was one of the petitioners for that) is January 1st, 2021, so it’d be interesting to see if they’re breaking the law after that.

  2. We have no BoJangles anywhere near us, but we haven’t eaten in any restaurants (especially fast food) for several yrs. except on a couple occasions with other people and had no choice. Otherwise, I fix all our foods and are fortunate to have a wonderful farmers’ mkt. where we can purchase good, organic items, along with a great grocery store who has a huge organic fruit/veggie section, and another area in the store with lots of healthy choices.

    The lists of ingredients are absolutely appalling and it’s so unfortunate that many folks haven’t a clue and/or don’t care what they’re eating as long as it’s ‘tasty’. I have a few friends like that, and they all have health problems.

    Thank you again, Vani, for your efforts to keep us all informed and try to help those horrible restaurants from poisoning people unknowingly.

  3. The only way to MAKE THEM CHANGE is to boycott their products and keep the pressure up with petitions. These fast food chains got used to pulling the wool over our eyes using fake ingredients and making tons of profit. Now is the time for change! If they don’t want to lose their asses!

    Check this out. Subway’s ‘oven roasted chicken’ is only 50% chicken… The rest is GMO SOY which is a known endocrine disrupter!

  4. Unfortunately individuals who choose to eat in places like this are not interested in ingredients, but taste. And they are addicted to the chemicals in this food. Take away the chemicals and they won’t want it. This is truly a cancer, coronary and neurotoxic bomb in fast food. What can one say to this? I would fight and put my energy into companies that are supposed to be healthy and are not…and let the people who are eating in fast food joints to their own devices.

    1. Unfortunately, you are absolutely correct! You would think with all of the coverage on this stuff that people would wake up! Very sad because they are not only killing themselves, they are killing their children!!!

      1. Why doesn’t anyone look into the garbage they feed the kids at school,you want to talk about chemical ‘s!!!!!!!!

    2. I disagree with the statement that people who go for the taste will stop buying the food once the chemicals are removed, and feel like this kind of thinking is why companies don’t want to change. The only chemical that might make a difference in taste is the MSG, but the other nasty stuff like TBHQ, cottonseed oil, parabens, propylene glycol, and BHA literally have no taste (unless you’re used to eating real food, and then it possibly tastes like chemicals but would still be hard to determine how dangerous it is just by taste alone). It’s usually the msg, excess sugar, corn syrup, salt, etc that people are tasting and addicted to.

      I say this not to start an argument, but to undo the myths and brainwashing that these chemical companies have done to us so that companies who want to change can do so without being afraid of losing customers. I’m aware that there are people in the US who once they hear the word “healthy” automatically assume it doesn’t taste as good before they even try it (thanks to the brainwashing), but honestly if Bojangles just took out the petrochemicals without saying anything I bet NO ONE WOULD NOTICE. The only reason those chemicals are there are to act as cheap fillers and preservatives, so it would have absolutely no impact on taste.

  5. Please clean up these items. I know cheaper production is good for your bottom line, but it is GOOD for your customers?
    Thank you,

  6. I filled out contact form but it never got to comment section so I just tweeted the same comment to their Twitter account. There are several items listed in above list that I avoid already trying to eat clean.

  7. Never heard of them, and gee, is this what they’re talking about when they say that vegans are ‘missing out’ ? Wow, I really am depriving myself! ?

    1. You are not deprived. No allergies, cancers, diseases like diabetes and arthritis— You may be healthier and will live older than most!

  8. This is absolutely appalling! I haven’t heard of this fast food chain before, and I’m glad because I certainly don’t want to ingest any of these ingredients. It disgusts me when I see things like this because all of this added stuff is so unnecessary and just make the world a more unhealthier place, and cause obesity to rise.

  9. Hi,

    Just a comment on the Cellulose Gum used in the tortillas.

    This ingredient is called Carboxy-Methyl-Cellulose and it is a very different ingredient than plain Cellulose that is used in other food ingredients.

    Cellulose is a natural fiber present in most plant ingredients, whereas CMC (Carboxymethilcellulose or Cellulose gum) is not.




  10. Not sure if this chain is even in my area, but sure
    is nice to see what crap is in their products. Might
    taste good, but not healthy. Thanks to the Food Babe,
    we all know the truth now. You are amazing Vani

  11. I don’t trust any of these places., including most restaurants. Best advice is don’t eat out unless you know the people who own it and where they get their ingredients from.

  12. I am glad they are not in my area. Will surely keep an eye to avoid them on my travels.
    Homemade biscuits are so easy and delicious, but look at their ingredients. Seems like they are making a stomach bomb to kill us all!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I have in my casualty claims career handled numerous food poisoning claims involving both producers and restaurant chains alike. To this day I am unaware if ANY party HAS to disclose their products or food dishes exact and COMPLETE ingredients short of a legal subpoena. Any restaurant who voluntarily prints their ingredients list is most likely NOT disclosing their entire list. We collectively best champion our friend Vari in her quest to force greedy vendors from harming our children for their own profits!!!

  14. This is typical processed ingredients designed for long shelf life so you can have a short life.

    I know, ironic.

    Some survival food are also processed like this.

    I know, ironic too.

  15. FoodBabe…Great work on keeping the spotlight on the toxic commercialized foods that are so prevalent in this country at the expense of the public. Nutrition and eating right knowledge has been around for decades. There are more nutrition books, good healthy living life style magazines and books coming out every year. People say how expensive it is to eat organic. I know that for every issue or concern, there are always extenuating circumstances for some folks who truly can not acquire or purchase organics. I do know that the market is expanding and the demand is rising every year. I am writing a cook book and I have compared prices to eating a organic meal and non-organic. There is no real difference. YOU ARE GOING TO GET OUT OF EATING RIGHT WHAT YOU PUT INTO IT. iT TAKES EFFORT, IT IS A SKILL , IT’S AN ART AND IT DOES TAKE TIME. There are so many connections within the community to work within a group to grow foods. You have to start somewhere and start some time. Same Day Visits to the ER (hospital ) are somewhere between $4ooo.oo to $5ooo.oo . Blood/urine analysis and CT expenses amounted ::: $6200.00. Patient had some high blood pressure and all other tests were negative. No findings with CT. Patient was released approx. 1.5 hrs. $6200.00 can buy a lot of organic food. Imagine if you had to spend 3 days in the hospital?/!!! I read through the so-called ingredients of said foods at the Bogangles. Why would anyone eat such foods in the first place. Talk about setting yourself up for a major fall. Another option is to buy bulk foods (organic) with a group of people. Go rent a space of dirt and start growing. Barter!!! Get a group of like minded folks to work together or get some buckets, dirt and small plants… Who knows where you would be in a year. Perhaps even develop a small business. Go out and find a need and become the supply. Blessings!!!

  16. “Spice” (which is in ingredients for Bojangles foods – and many others) – also is usually referring to MSG. Because, MSG is considered a “spice” by the FDA.
    Spices USED to be ID’d specifically in years past. Before companies realized they had to Hide MSG.
    When a spice is not specifically identified – just assume it’s MSG.

  17. Thank You Vani for your hard work in educating the public. I encourage everyone to eat as much organic food as possible. By eating organic foods and cutting out soft drinks ( they are really not soft on you ) my health numbers have improved tremendously. Eating organic foods is one of the best investments you can make in your future. Keep up the great work Food Babe

  18. Thank you! Avoid toxic GMO’s which are in majority of conventional food product especially fast foods. Eat the real food grown by you or a source you know is nontoxic clean food. Eat wild caught seafood avoid farmed. Get back to the Garden of Eden farming where all was good. Avoid bio-tech giant Roundup ready GMO farm seeds and Roundup ready crops where glyphosate residues are in the crops and food supply. Glyphosate is a Neurotoxin which causes death to neurons yes brain cells….. Glyphosate causes tumors and many health ailments in pigs and mice so why allow it to be fed to children or any person or animal. Grow food plant edible trees whenever possible. No thank you to poisons for profits….

  19. We used to eat there, until I got a chicken leg with hard purple meat. It was totally inedible, physically as well as esthetically. I filled out a form on their website, and don’t remember if they even contacted me. Most companies will send you coupons or free product cards to retain you as a customer, but not them. Apparently they don’t care about retaining customers. We’re better off without them anyway.

  20. Yuck to all of it! I mean, really, YUUUUUUCK!!!
    You are on fire as usual, Vani! God Speed and God Bless!

    1. They ate killing our school children every day with the food the slop up!!!!
      The worst every day!!!!!!!!

  21. Awesome work, Vani.

    I am starting a Movie about communities and the interface between living/work spaces and the food supply. I would love to have the opportunity some day to interview you.

  22. Titanium dioxide is to be avoided. Wheat, unless it’s organic, is loaded with glyphosate. Even organic wheat has been found to have some glyphosate, up to half what’s found in non-organic wheat. It really is not good to eat at most restaurants these days. There seems to be a war on our health from all sides. The FDA, EPA, USDA, and CDC are totally in bed with the mega-corporations they’re supposed to be regulating so as to protect our vital interests.

  23. Where is the response from the FDA regarding the poisons in disguise that people are being fed every day by these “Fast Foods on the Cheap” businesses who only care about their “Bottom Line” ??
    Why pay taxes to fund an organization that sits on their collective hands ,ignoring the Genetically Modified Food that is poisoning the population ?
    The Ingredients in these foods that are almost impossible to pronounce by the people that are consuming them , from Children to Adults should be banned in America as they are banned by concerned people in other Countries…………
    Maybe the FDA should be investigated to see why this continues to plague the Food Industry since Food is the Essence of LIFE , not just another source to get rich !!

  24. Simply stated. Thank you for all you do each day helping to uncover these bad food practices. Our families need to know these things. I for one am grateful. Carry on!

  25. Yes, the list of ingredients is bad, but Food Babe missed. Bleached flour is bleached with bromine that will preferentially replace iodine on all the key sites in your cells. Furthermore, all the wheat and oat ingredients will generally have been pre-harvest sprayed with glyphosate as Food Babe has talked about like the 1125 ppb of glyphosate in Cherrios. And glyphosate is patented as a chelator of minerals meaning they are all tied up so that your body cannot use them. And glyphosate is patented as an antibiotic so it attacks the good bacteria in your gut which is 80% of your immune system. Plus there are a lot more farm chemicals and processing chemicals that we do not as yet know the effects of . I am not interested in what is in their foods, until they stick an organic label on it: and even then, we need to figure out if they are cheating on the organic rules, which appears to be quite common. Best is to grow your own or get your food from local farmers who you trust to be organic.

  26. Most know fast food is toxic.

    They don’t care.

    They like the way it tastes and that’s all that matters.

  27. I live in Missouri and have never ever heard of Bojangles before. Is it a nationwide fast food chain or is it only in some parts of the country?

  28. Never heard of the place, but like I have said before and I will say until the day I die, if you have any concern for your health, you should NEVER, EVER under any circumstances, eat at a chain restaurant (Chipotle still seems ok). Subway comes to mind. All the work you put in getting them to drop the yoga mat junk and antibiotics from their products, and it comes out recently that their chicken breast is only 50% chicken. I don’t know what’s worse, 100% chicken with a side of antibiotics or 50% chicken and 50% other (saw dust, sewer rat, who knows). Moral of the story, let these corporate poison pushers collapse under the weight of their corruption, greed and outright evil behavior, and focus your energy elsewhere (just my opinion). If I do go out to eat (HUGE if), it is a locally owned Mom/Pop/Family owned restaurant where I can actually speak to the owners and find out exactly what I’m consuming.

  29. OMG…most fast food conglomerates are not real food. Now you know why people who frequent conglomerates fast foods are diabetic and overweight. They may not be eating large portions at all, but the hormones, etc is pumping up their body with hormones. look at all the chemicals and artificial ingredients to make the fake food resemble real food! terrible. I eat at Panera(only if I have to) which has stated their food is clean.

  30. I can see how Bojangles’ can actually be used as a swear word or something similar. Bojangles! Poppycock!

  31. I like my food fresh, and I don’t like a lot of fake additives. I do prefer to cook my own food at home, when possible. I do applaud you for this effort–consumers should and must have the information at hand to make their own decisions! I don’t particularly like, for instance, the fact that Bojangles’ is using TBHQ!

    But the obsession many “natural” people have with MSG is just bizarre. MSG is perfectly healthy and is responsible for the “umame” flavor, which is the fifth flavor profile (salty, sweet, sour, bitter, umame [savory]). Umame cannot be experienced in the palette except for MSG…it is NOT a type of salt! Pure MSG is not even a GMO product! It’s derived from soybeans, and has been since over 100 years ago, before they had GMO…c.f. Aji-no-moto brand, the original and best refined MSG brand. It’s just like extracting sugar from sugarcane; you extract MSG from soybeans. It also naturally occurs in Parmesan cheese and tomatoes, among other things.

    For the 2% of people who are allergic to MSG (I feel sorry for them, truly!), then of course, it causes headaches and other maladies and has to be avoided. But for the rest of us? Pile it on! I have a salt shaker, a pepper shaker, and an MSG shaker on my table!!

    And to preclude the “herr de durr it’s a neurotoxin” crowd…yes…it absolutely does kill a few cells up there. That’s how it produces a pleasant feeling!!! BUT, those cells REGROW, unlike the cells that alcohol kills, which never regrow! And unlike salt, MSG does not give you a heart attack with overuse!

    Long live the amazing and wonderful MSG! The foundation of savory umame flavor!!!

  32. I’ll eat at Bojangles every chance I get. Food ingredients are proprietary, and I don’t blame them a whit for not releasing. And the last thing we need is a Mike Bloomberg wannabe trying to nanny up our fast food. 🙂

  33. Oh my goodness, I was wondering cz someone that worked there said they use real lard.. not so! They use horrible ingredients that are still trans fat.. how do they get away with using ingredients that were suppose to be “against regulations” to be in our food. Heart attacks! Auto immune disease etc etc. i can’t believe our food system. No wonder I don’t eat there!

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