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Chick-fil-A or Chemical-Fil-A?

Are you getting hungry just looking at this?

This week I posted a picture of the ingredients in a Chick-Fil-A sandwich on my personal and Food Babe Facebook Page– I was curious to see the reaction from my family, friends and Food Babe readers. I found that some people were shocked and some people downright didn’t care and even celebrated the deliciousness in Chick-fil-A’s signature sandwich. You see – The number (close to 100) and type of ingredients are typical for fast food and for many chain restaurants. If you eat out and eat at these type of places, you are feeling the effects of these ingredients, whether you realize it or not. Ever wonder why you have to dose yourself with caffeine after lunch to stay awake? Or have uncontrollable cravings? Or why no matter how hard you work in the gym, you still carry around 10 extra pounds? Or experience depressed moods? Or have joint pain? Or headaches? Or can’t clear up your skin? Or have asthma and/or allergies?

There are close to 100 ingredients in a typical Chick-fil-A sandwhich, majority of them with serious health consequences

I’ve already talked about some of the ingredients found in a Chick-fil-A sandwich – food coloring, refined grains, MSG, GMO Corn in past posts. I want to talk about some of the other preservatives here today. I honestly can’t believe that there are 18 (if I counted right and didn’t miss one) added chemical preservatives to this sandwich. The FDA allows food companies to add these preservatives in limited quantities, however, they do not prohibit companies from adding different preservatives all together by letting them combine different food items that make one big whopping dose. For example, let’s take TBHQ which stands for “Tertiary Butylhydroquinone” – an ingredient that is listed twice, once in the chicken and once in the bun. TBHQ is a chemical made from butane (a very toxic gas) and can only be used at a rate of 0.02 percent of the total oil in a product. Why is there a limit to this? Maybe because eating only 1 gram of this toxic preservative has been shown to cause all sorts of issues, from ADHD in children, to asthma, allergies and dermatitis to dizziness and even has caused stomach cancer in laboratory animals. Limiting TBHQ to a certain percentage, is the same logic the FDA made when allowing a product to still contain 0.5 grams of transfat and be labeled “transfat free.” If you are consuming processed foods, eating at fast food restaurants or chains that use processed foods you are consuming an overload of preservatives and other chemicals. The high dosage is a huge factor contributing to increased auto immune disorders, rising health care and cancer in America. I don’t eat out very often, it’s been about 11 days since I ate out. The reason for this is because when you make your own food, you see what goes in it, making me enjoy it ten times more. I want to feel the best I possibly can in life, with abundant energy and radiating vibrancy. I don’t want to feel sick, always with some aliment or some health issue to complain about. God forbid, if I ever got sick, I want to know I did everything I could to prevent it. When I grow old, I don’t want to burden my family to take care of me because I didn’t care of myself. I didn’t write this post because I was angry or mad at the people that celebrated eating Chick-fil-A after seeing how many ingredients there are. It’s the opposite. It saddens me that people choose to continue to harm themselves and their families by ingesting these chemicals after acquiring this knowledge. IMO, they are walking around half dead. I am, however, hopeful that my blog and leading by example, will turn the lights on in someone new and they won’t ever look at a Chick-Fil-A sandwich ever again.

Wishing you a healthy, long and joyful life!

UPDATES: If you really like Chick-fil-A and loathed me for writing this – Check out my organic homemade version. You have no excuses now. Click Here for the Recipe – Chick-fil-A Now Open on Sunday For a even more comprehensive look into this controversial fast food chain – check out my investigation called “Why Chick-fil-A?”.

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324 responses to “Chick-fil-A or Chemical-Fil-A?

  1. Thanks Food Babe! I appreciate all the research you do & great information you post! I can’t wait to make your version of the Chic-fil-a chicken sandwich! : )

    1. This isn’t a comment to Marissa, but can’t find anyway to say what I think. I just love people that tell me what to eat and how to live. For some reason this site is down on Chick-fil-a. If you were to work in about any kitchen you probably wouldn’t eat there. I eat what I want if I want, be it fast food or a restaurant. Eat lots of salt, sugar and enjoy alcohol. I am almost 72, worked a hard job till the day before my 71st birthday and only quit because my new boss was a horses ass. I do to the Doctor about every 2 years if I have a cold I can’t get rid of. Also don’t take any medicine other than Nyquil or Anacin for a cold. I do enjoy Chic-fil-a and eat them when I want to. Some smarter than I person is going to try and tell me it will make me sick. Lots of luck. Does anyone know the allowable percentage of bug parts that is allowed in flour, cornmeal, etc.

      1. You may be old and healthy but that’s probably because you were alive when food was real. Growing up on fast food today is different from your situation. You did not grow up on fast food. Food Babe isn’t telling you what to eat just what ingredients are in these processes foods.

      2. Ur awesome lol. Everybody always goes after chick fil a as if they are the only fast food place. And even if u cook ur own meals there are STILL all kinds of crap in that food ur unaware of, unless u go kill all ur own meat n grow ur own veggies n fruit. Ppl just need something to whine about these days.

      3. So Earl, if you want to GORGE on a sandwich filled with CRAP and harmful ingredients than by all means GO AHEAD! The food babe is ONLY bringing to light of the ingredients of the chic fila sandwich. When the doctor tells you to not smoke and you choose to smoke, then don’t get angry at the doctor for telling you the truth and looking for YOUR best interest.

        Moreover, I never ate at a chic fila and do not plan to, but from my understanding they boast to be a christian business. Wouldn’t you think that a “Christian” business that is based on the bibles teachings of “Love your neighbor as you love yourself” would at the very least produce a sandwich that is good for their consumers? Instead, chic fila CHOOSES to add all kinds of harmful and unnatural ingredients into their foods such as MSG.

        So back off Earl the Pearl Monroe and let the food babe preach the truth. Remember even JESUS was persecuted when he told the truth to people’s face.

  2. Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work researching these things and sharing your knowledge with us. I for one will never look at the sandwich the same way. Honestly, I loved there food only to get sick with a belly ache within 15 minutes 🙁 Cant imagine why 😉

  3. Can you tell us if there are any restaurants out there that we can enjoy that don’t load their products with chemicals? I love the social aspect of eating out.

    1. Yes – I enjoy eating out when it’s a social thing – I just make sure to choose a restaurant I know I can eat something clean. Check out some articles I wrote about eating out here – – I think you will find them helpful!

      1. I’m interested in eating during an everyday life, not vacation. I won’t be in Spain anytime soon. Do you have a list of U.S. restaurants that are good? Organic/Vegetarian restaurants are not easy to find. What would really be helpful is a list of chain restaurants and good options to choose from those restaurants.

        Everyone knows how to eat better by selecting dressing on the side, holding butter ect. it’s the hidden ingredients that you warn us about, that we don’t know. I think a more comprehensible guide to eating out would be extremely helpful. Especially, when you are eating out with a group. Usually, the group is varied and no everyone wants a vegan/vegetarian restaurant.

  4. Your response to this article about the product was great. With that being said, why are you assuming people that are sick are eating crapy food. I have RA and was HIGHLY offended by your rant. I did take very good care of myself prior to becoming ill. I was also raised on whole good foods. Maybe you should research environmental poision and illness. Ie: cancer autoimmune diseases. You made the comment about being a burden to your family. I try not to be one to mine. I work and have a 2.5 year old to raise. She’s had the same organic whole diet I was raised on. Illness isn’t always preventable. So, I will official stop following your blog. Just for the record I try not to complain about my ailment. Peace

    1. I was brought down to the comment section for the very same reason!

      Author, you REALLY need to shut up about auto immune diseases. I never eat fast food, I’m pretty disgusted by it, and have been since I was a kid. I was diagnosed with RA at 21 and learned two very important things you need to listen to.

      1) As long as there have been people, there have been people with autoimmune diseases. They have been around since before the supermarket, let alone fast food places. If people who killed all of their own food got autoimmune diseases I sincerely doubt they’re caused by food additives.

      2) NO ONE knows what causes RA(an autoimmune disease). It could be environmental factors, it could be GENETIC, it could be a combo of the two. My doctors believe(but aren’t even remotely sure) mine was caused by genetics(my grandma had it) and triggered by stress. Because it has been around as long as it has and we still don’t understand it, everybody thinks they’ve got their own cause and “cure” figured out. Don’t eat salt, don’t eat gluten, don’t eat preservatives, raw food diets, yoga, use such and such snakeoil remedy I bought on TV, drink such and such tea, take this magic supplement etcetcetc. Some of these remedies help some people, but none of them cure RA and none of them work for everybody.

      You really need to stop talking about autoimmune diseases in such a disparaging way and you need to do your research. You seem to be pretty good at researching food, now apply it to the consequences you like talking about.

      1. I got rid of my RA when I switched to 100% raw vegan. I used to think I ate good – white meat / chicken, low fat foods, but after education myself I realized it was not healthy and I was tricked by the mass media. Within two weeks of going 100% raw vegan I cut my meds by 80% and 6 months later am 100% free and this has plagued me for over a decade. Sadly what we think is healthy in reality is not!

      2. She did not say these ingredients cause RA. She said they contribute to auto immune disease. Every auto-immune disease is different. Bad food choices absolutely contribute to disease. It might not be what caused yours but don’t take it so personal, geez. My family is the reason I do what is required of me to control my RA naturally which includes eating clean/nutrient dense foods which i did not before my diagnosis. I do what I do because I want to be a vibrant, strong mother, a present daughter, a loving partner, a helpful sister a fun friend. Although I look at it as doing things to be better and not to not be a burden the idea is the same. Food Babe is trying to help people. Being open to an idea and not taking it personally might help you out in this game we call life with hurdles like RA. I believe poor eating habits are partly responsible for my disease becoming active. Genetics could be a factor in auto-immune disease but many people live with those genes and they are never turned on. You are right, no one knows the cause and no one knows the cure. I’m convinced that it is something different for everyone, this could be a big part of someones puzzle. Just because it isn’t one of your pieces please don’t act like you know for sure it isn’t going to help someone else. We are all in this together. Thank you Foodbabe for posting this and for caring enough about people to share many of the things you share!

  5. Just found your website today after a friend posted this on Facebook. I think I will be spending a ton of time here! It is frustrating trying to feed my family healthy food but with help like the info on your site I feel more confident in making the right choices.

  6. Great work Vani, glad someone points out without holding back the dire results of eating such garbage. Keep it up,..I am appalled at how I watch day after day the long line of parents that cruise through the drive-thru next to my office, cars loaded with kids and they heave bags full of this stuff into their vehicles and the kids happily consume this crap with undeniable glee. It so very sad.

    And to Robyn,..who was “HIGHLY” offended by your article,..please Robyn,..I’m sorry you have RA. But to profess to being HIGHLY offended is rather pathetic on your part. Millions of people fall ill and even die each and every year due to exposure to environmental toxins that they digest in poor diets. So Food Babe doesn’t have to assume people are getting sick because of what they eat,…THEY ARE. It’s an indisputable FACT. Obesity, Diabetes, Colon Cancer, and numerous other potentially deadly diseases are indeed caused by bad diets. Are you really going say that is not the case? Because that is exactly what you implied. You have an autoimmune disorder and you likely have a genetic predisposition for it. That has very little, if anything, to do with your diet,…so Food Babe was not referring to you. That kind of arrogance is just silly. Open your mind and you might get some benefit instead of woryring about how OFFENDED you are by something. That all being said,.. I do wish you all the best in your battle with RA.

    1. .Nicely put, Lee! Thank you.

      And thank you Vani for all you do to make people aware of the toxins we are faced with almost everywhere we turn.

    2. But it is absolutely NOT a fact that autoimmune disorders are caused by food additives. To suggest that I GAVE myself RA by eating crap food and now am a burden on my family because of it is rude, incorrect, and HIGHLY OFFENSIVE.

    3. But it is NOT a fact that autoimmune diseases are caused by food additives. To suggest that I gave myself RA by eating crap food and am now a burden to my family is rude, false, and HIGHLY OFFENSIVE.

      1. Alyssa,
        Your reaction to this is inappropriate. She has only suggested here that eating this junk can “contribute” to increased auto immune disorders. No where does she state that it ’causes” AID as you so vociferously suggest and that is a big difference. Perhaps you might benefit from educating yourself more on the bad reactions, dangers and health consequences of eating this and other crap kinds of foods that the FDA allows to be marketed. You are more focused on being offended rather than realizing she is trying to help people. Your claim that she is suggesting you “gave yourself RA” is just silly and overblown. You are attacking the messenger here and not researching the message. is some information you might find helpful and I truly wish you the best in health!

  7. I LOVE your blog and this year the SOLUTION to my life has been to eat less chemicals (as well as use less with beauty products, etc…) and cook more at home.

    the paragraph where you say:
    “I don’t eat out very often, it’s been about 11 days since I ate out. The reason for this is because when you make your own food, you see what goes in it, making me enjoy it ten times more. I want to feel the best I possibly can in life, with abundant energy and radiating vibrancy. I don’t want to feel sick, always with some aliment or some health issue to complain about. God forbid, if I ever got sick, I want to know I did everything I could to prevent it. When I grow old, I don’t want to burden my family to take care of me because I didn’t care of myself.”

    I love everything about this paragraph. I’ve never been a fan of cooking, but now I’m loving it – knowing what I’m putting in my food and obviously body is SO important to me now! And that last line is my fave “I don’t want to burden my family to take care of me because I didn’t take care of myself.”

  8. Meh. We soak thin cut chicken breasts in dill pickle juice we acquire from our local deli for free for about 6 hours and then drag it through some Egg Beaters + whole grain flour seasoned with fresh paprika, garlic and onion powder and a little salt and pepper. Serve on a whole grain bun. The chicken tastes exactly the same.

  9. Good information !! thank you , but I will also would like to see the good option to eat out =)

    My boss used to tell me “whenever you are going to complain about something, do it, but next to a better suggestion “

  10. I prefer to eat my own food, as I know what is in it. Even eating as healthily as possible, we are exposed to so many toxins, air, water, soil, foods, that it is impossible to eat a perfectly pure diet, because everything is exposed to contaminents. Now when we bow our heads to thank God for the food, we also ask Him to protect us from whatever is harmful in it. Our world is a toxic place to live, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, culturally, I don’t know how anyone lives without a vital, and living faith in God. Thanks for your good advice.

  11. Interesting article. I’m not going to say that it’s wrong, or that it’s entirely correct either. If you don’t want to eat at Chick-fil-a then you certainly don’t have to, but blaming those problems simply on someone’s diet in the foods they eat is a bit narrow. I eat out frequently, at least once a week if not more, and I do eat fast food once every two or three weeks, some of that including Chick-fil-a.

    I went to my doctor last month for a physical, and I’m in great shape. I’m a 33 year old male, but I stay active and work out. Ill health can come from a number of factors, or none at all. We aren’t even sure what causes some of the cancers that exist. I know people that have contracted lung cancer that didn’t smoke a day in their lives. Some problems can be blamed on diet, but there are many other mitigating factors. Waking up each day, driving to work, or going to the store is a hazard to your health. There are trace amounts of chemicals in our water system, but you aren’t going to stop drinking water. You aren’t going to stop getting on an airplane to fly somewhere simply because you are exposed to a minute amount of celestial radiation. You are going to continue to live your life the best you can, and enjoy it. Some things we have no control over.

    1. But we do have some control over the types of foods we eat.
      If you have the access and the money to eat better, you have control over what you eat. I think our diet has a bigger impact on our health than people realize. It’s great you work out and you’re in great health but over time the food we eat adds up. Exercise and a very healthy diet is better than exercise and a crappy diet.

  12. Thank the Lord for someone who has done the research and has the courage to share with others. I too have been trying to share what God allowed me to discover after much searching. I was so excited at the thought of being able to share this with others . . . the thing I had to realize is, some people aren’t going to make adjustments in their lives or the lives of their children because “convenience” is the focus! While it is true . . . illness can come from many factors. However, if the research has been done regarding our food supply, why wouldn’t you eliminate the health risk in that one area? I would also have to say it is not just fast food, it can be food from some of the most pricey restaurants you can name. . . if the food is processed, it contains one or many toxins. The choice is ours but I believe it is time for all of us to take responsibility for our lives and the lives of our children and do everything in our power to make sure “known” toxins are not part of their diet. Consequently, we don’t eat out a lot . . . our lives have changed immensely, BUT for the better. Want to view something shocking . . pick up a loaf of bread, any brand, any type and read the ingredients ( 20 or more, most of which you cannot pronounce) . . . I started baking my own bread (bread machine – amazing) and to make a loaf of rye, I use 8 ingredients (I can pronounce them and know what they are). That is just an example . . . think about it, how much bread do we consume? Again, thank you for sharing this information with all and hopefully, many of us will reflect on our lifestyles and implement a plan to make it the best it can be!

    1. Well put Bonnie! You are absolutely correct when you say that yes,..we do have control over what we do and do not willingly put into our bodies, and that it is most definitely a matter of convenience for so many people who don’t make the time in their schedules to prepare a healthy meal for themselves or their families. And that is one of the reasons for sad state of our health in the US. Trusting that because the FDA approved something so therefore is must be ok,…is just blind ignorance,..and it could cost your life! Does anyone think that the sweet deal Monsanto just got from the government is good for us? I’m glad you take the time to educate yourself and it is a shame with the internet now and all the FREE information that is out there, that people still consume these harmful chemicals with such little regard for the potential outcome. Take Care!

  13. I just want to point out that the statement that TBHQ may be harmful because it’s made from “butane (a very toxic gas)” is a little misleading since by that token, the important asthma medicine salbutamol (Ventolin) is also made from butane (both contain the chemical structure of butane in their own structure). But both salbutamol and TBHQ do not share the properties of butane (neither of them is a toxic gas). One of the fundamental facts of chemistry is that the properties of a product made from a certain raw material are usually very different from those of the raw material itself.

    1. Yes, but CW how could uninformed people over react if they didn’t make such assumptions. Haven’t you heard of all the people dying from eating whole grain, grass fed, cage free food while camping?

      Hmm a chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-a isn’t good for you, oh it must be the chemicals in it and not all the natural fat and grease.

  14. This is nothing compared to the other food chains. Actually chick-fil-A is one of the least concerns of all the food chains. Don’t understand Why no research was done on the other food chains than chick-fil-A. It would a  lot more shocking then chick-fil- A!!!!!! If you would have done your real research you would have a better article of shocking most shocking ingredients in fast chain foods.
    If you was to see all the ingredients in deli meat, you would never eat deli meat again or at least not give it to your children. (I have done years of research after having a child with health issues. And he is on a strict diet)
    But the most shocking of all would be the GMF/GMO (Genetically Modified Food) that almost all our tomatoes, apples, grapes, squash, zucchini, corn and potatoes sold in the grocery store all around the United States. (England is the only country that has band GMF/GMO Foods)
    Here’s a great website on harmful ingredients in our foods. It will really shock you!!!!!…1ac.1.yb2_mXRPTqI

  15. So I did a quick ingredient count and got around 80. And this was including those that said one or more of the following may be used ( indicating perhaps less). This 80 also includes the fact that many ingredients are listed more than once. For instance paprika is both on the chicken breast and in the coater. Flour is in the coater and the bun. If you count all those listed multiple times only once it cuts the number back even more. I could address your description of tbhq, but someone else has already done so in another comment. I will add this though using the word “chemical” seems to be a bit of a scare tactic. By scientific definition, water is a chemical. Table salt is a chemical. Both are good things, to an extent necessary in our diet. However drink too much water and you can die, eat to much salt and you will have health problems. Most anything eaten needs to be taken in moderation. You would never eat the volume of salt equal to the volume of water you take in. The same applies for something like tbhq. Just beacuse the amount a person can safely conaume is limited does not mean it is not safe within parameters. And just because it is a “chemical” doesn’t make it toxic. You mention that 1 gram of tbhq can cause harmful results. You also righly state that less than .02% is allowed in the oil of a particular product. This amount of tbhq in a particular sandwich is going so minuscule – exponentially lower than the gram you mentioned. You could not physically eat enough food to add up to anywhere near a gram of it. I think overall Chick-fil-A food is better quality than other fast food resaurants. And they do try to offer healthier options. Should you have it evey day? Probably not, but on the occasion we are out for a quick bite, I’ll pick them and not worry myself to death about it.

  16. Vani it was great meeting you today. Thanks for the insight, you learn something new every day and the Chick-Fil-A story is a great eye opener. I will be reading more and be more aware of what I take into my body; I will also pass the word along to others. Again thanks

  17. You claim to be an expert, but have you taken any kind of chemistry class above a general chemistry? My guess is “no.” Anyone with any knowledge of organic chemistry would not claim that something is harmful because it is “made from butane (a very toxic gas).” That is illogical from a chemistry sense.

    It would be nice if you used references from peer-reviewed scientific literature, instead of using fear-based tactics.

  18. I find your website somewhat disturbing since it lacks any real evidence just vague references to “possible” effects certain ingredients may have. I also find you to be a hypocrite since it is obvious that you have a fake bake tan (if you try and tell me otherwise you’re a liar) and you have also undergone dangerous plastic surgery to have your cheek bones enhanced. Both are far more dangerous than a sandwich at a fast food restaurant. You will eventually be exposed as the fraud you truly are.

    1. Bwahahaha. this woman is a food fear monger.
      “When I grow old, I don’t want to burden my family to take care of me because I didn’t care of myself”
      what a heartless, rude, uncouth comment. as though to imply that people who get sick do it intentionally to burden their families. i read this because a friend posted it to facebook. i won’t be reading this crap again. best wishes to those who follow this nonsense. when you get sick after all your healthy eating and become a burden to YOUR families, you can thank this woman for making you feel responsible for things that may be beyond your control. i am all for healthier eating, but belittling others because of their choices or their circumstances is reprehensible. shame on you, blogger, for resorting to fear mongering. maybe try something a little more uplifting instead of pissing people off with thoughtless comments and poor research. next time, ask a real chemist instead of assuming you know everything

  19. People with ADD/ADHD have *physically different brains*. It is not a sickness caused by a chemical – it’s something they’re born with. Genetic inheritance is the ONLY scientifically proven cause of ADD/ADHD. Yes there are other conditions/illnesses that can mimic the traits, but that’s not the same thing.

    It saddens me that people choose to continue to harm themselves and their families by spreading misinformation after acquiring this knowledge.

    (Was that condescending enough for you? It should be, since I quoted you directly.)

    Btw, spray tans are toxic 😀

    1. Yup, I agree. I have ADHD, and eating organic definitely helps me, but it is in no way a “cure.”

  20. Your “holier-than-thou” attitude is not getting the message across. (Nor, I don’t think, is referring to yourself as a “babe.”)

    I get that food these days is made in some disturbing ways, and with some disturbing ingredients. But you appear to lack an understanding of basic chemistry when you cherry-pick certain chemicals within a compound to point out their deadly qualities.

    You do realize that EVERYTHING is made of a chemical, right?

    Just tired of people treating chemistry like it’s a dirty word.

  21. Academic difficulties are also frequent. The symptoms are especially difficult to define because it is hard to draw a line at where normal levels of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity end and clinically significant levels requiring intervention begin. To be diagnosed with ADHD, symptoms must be observed in two different settings for six months or more and to a degree that is greater than other children of the same age.

  22. Great work on putting the ingredient list out there. I just found your website and have plans to make YOUR breast filets on fresh buns a lunch treat. Thanks !

  23. Some of these comments are just unreal. I guess people will always find a reason to attack someone else. FB, you are awesome and I love that you take the time to share all this information with the public! I do not eat at any fast food places anymore nor will I. Keep up the awesome work! There are many of us who sincerely appreciate what you are doing!!!!!!! Those who choose to still eat Chick-fil-a should just go on and eat it instead of taking time to type comments here! Best wishes to you!!

  24. Thank you!! Thank you Thank you!!
    I really appreciate all the information you share with so many of us that would, otherwise, still be in the “dark”

  25. So many of these comments are attacking her use of the word “chemical”. Makes me wonder if the aforementioned company has put some of it’s employees up to the attack.

    1. By the same token, your responses seem to indicate you are on the payroll of an organization looking to stir up negative public perception of Chik-fil-a or perhaps any chain when the opportunity presents itself in order to get your employers business interest out of the public light for some negative incident/business practice or what not.
      In response to the question you are going to ask me after you read this; No. I do not now, nor have I ever, worked for Chik-fil-a or a supplier of theirs.

  26. And there’s so many people out there that act like eating Chick-Fil-A is better than mcDonald’s….In reality, Chick-Fil-A is equally bad. Equally tasty and toxic. Equally “ugh” and equally “yuck”. I’m so confused as to why we can’t have the organic foods be more affordable. Doesn’t it take more money to mass produce all these enhanced foods and pay those scientists/chemists who are creating these GMO’s and such, than it does to just grow it from the earth like all of our ancestors used to do all over the world? Like why is it backwards, why are “they” doing this to us?

    1. The reason for the genetic alterations is to make them cheaper to produce at all levels in the production cycle. Altering an item so that the insects that normally eat the food don’t want to eat it saves money on pesticides plus the upkeep of the soil it’s grown in is cheaper since the pesticides not being used aren’t leaching the nutrients out of the soil. Making the rhine or outer skin softer makes it cheaper to prepare for packaging plus cheaper to maintain the machines used to prepare the food and so on. I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to figure out a way to grow a potato that is already “shoelace” or curly” fry shaped in either a skinless or a one sided skinned version (Well, O.K., I would be surprised. Just not as much as you would think.). IMO, these are all terrific ideas on paper. But, at a minimum, there is no where even close to the amount of research completed as to what the results of these changes (good, bad or otherwise) will be. But with the fragility of our ecosystem and what we know about how even the slightest of changes has led to numerous extinction events in the Earth’s history, this type of recklessness in a secured lab is a frightening prospect. But to have them in the open environment without controls is just asking to add humanity to that list that includes dinosaurs, the dodo bird and so on..

  27. Good on you! I wrote several emails to Chick-fil-A about these same issues, and they ignored me. (Though it is always possible that because I told them Christians shouldn’t poison customers, that they were more receptive to you.) I hope they will take all GMOs out of their food. Do you get a sense that they will? Thank you, thank you, thank you!

      1. Documentation, please. If they are, even Jeffrey Smith doesn’t know about it. I find that hard to believe.

  28. Wow…. You do know everything is made of chemicals? this is the worst post in the history of Internet

  29. Thank you so much for posting this. I went there yesterday to just grab a quick bite to eat, which turned into me feeling very sick. I believe it was some of the preservatives used.

  30. Appreciate all the info on the chemicals in the food we consume, just curious why you pinpoint on chick fil a only.

  31. I went to CFA yesterday and was shocked to see that their granola includes natural flavors, corn syrup and soy oil and other sugars. Granola can be so good if it’s made simply! Where can I contact CFA about this?

    1. Make it yourself – it is very easy to make. Tastes better and you know what is in it. I see a lot of granola that is made with soy oil.

  32. All fast food is poison and should not be allowed to be served to humans or animals. FDA approval is a joke. Whether it is motivated by profit or a more sinister motives is not clear. It is a crime against humanity. It actually makes people stupid – the fluoride effect. It is especially a crime for Chick fil a, who claims to be a Christian. The food they serve does not reflect the love of Christ. I enjoy reading the comments from the morons claiming that chemistry explains it all. What it explains is that it is bad for you.

  33. Where did she ever mention Autoimmune or RA? Where did she say that unhealthy eating is the ONLY reason for poor health? Where did she say that the ONLY cause of illness is eating unhealthy foods?

    I think you need to spend some time developing your critical thinking and reading skills instead of attacking someone for something they didn’t even say. Ok, now go ahead and attack me for something that I didn’t say.

  34. Hey, Food Babe…While I agree with most of your opinions here and I avoid eating out for the same reasons that you do, I have to mention that you make some misleading statements in this post. For instance, in discussing TBHQ you state that it is made from Butane, a “Toxic gas”. While this is true, the toxicity of butane and the toxicity of a chemical compound that includes butane as a substituent group are COMPLETELY UNRELATED. Table salt is sodium chloride. It is a chemical that is made from sodium, which is an explosive metal and chlorine, which is also a toxic gas. Does that mean we should all stop eating salt? Remember that the dose makes the poison. Oxygen is toxic at high concentrations, and ingesting too much water can be fatal. Please be more careful with what you write in the future. Cheers!

  35. I appreciate what you are trying to communicate. I too am committed to eating a healthy and responsible diet. I would encourage you to consider that the way you are communicating your message could be so much better received by a broader audience if you would simply stick to your main message- healthy eating and living, and focus on the positive side of that. When I read this article as a neutral third party, I could not help but start to feel guilty for ever eating at a fast food restaurant. Speaking for myself, and many others I imagine, a much more effective message is one that positively encourages others to change, rather than berate. You can continue in the way that you are now, but I would challenge you- what is your main goal in your blog? Is it not to help as many people as possible change their lives for the better? I can tell you that I was turned off by the tone in your article and I was SEEKING information about healthy eating. People are most apt to listen if they feel you are writing for them instead of running over them.

    Just food for thought.

    I also would appreciate references for your information as well so that I can verify it for myself.

    Thank you.

  36. Thank you. I have an addiction to fast food, but I have definately cut down, and this makes it easier to say no and remember the facts. Have you put together a list of all fast food resturaunts in wich their foods are containing these chemicals? If so please share.

  37. If somme one wishes to be updated ith most up-to-date technologies after thst he must
    bbe visit this web site and bee up to date daily.

  38. Do you think that just because you make your own food at home that you’re being cleaner and safer than the people eating at chick-fil-a? Wrong! You know that most of the food you buy at the grocery store has some of the same preservatives? You will never get away from the chemicals or ingredients unless you hunt your own wild game or grown your own vegetables from your own garden.

    1. [firstly, thank u foodbabe for the excellent info and articles– I’ve been tracking food quality for 2-3 decades and you do know of what u speak]
      Wow. Incredible that even as of ’14, now five years ago, ppl were still unclear that processed foods are seriously toxic for health. Very simple concept. Yet y’all resist grasping it— interesting that.
      It is no wonder that CFA uses ingredients in a way that creates the best taste for the lowest price–they want to make money–that is all.
      And as a former ‘christian-boy-award’ recipient in 8th grade, and head alter-server, I can easily say that CFA is a christian org in name only! They are very very far from being a co that holds actual christian ethics, as seen in its support for measures to fight against gay marriage. The CFA owner is the only person of high profile in the US business world who pushes his intolerant views, as a propaganda device, which itself is something absolutely repugnant to do, when its to push intolerant view and beliefs and is an abuse of a profoundly great religion.
      Fwiw, I am not only not a christian at this point, but am an atheist.
      CFA uses it’s christian label as just another way to make money. Again, it’s ethics are reprehensible and absolutely false.

  39. Stop picking CFA, go look at ALL of the ingredients in all the breads, cereals and cake mixes. CFA is FAR better then all of the other fast food places. I would rather take my kids and grand kids to CFA then any other places to eat. Take a look at the ingredients in store and chain pizza.

  40. Here’s a novel idea …. vote with your feet. If you don’t like Chic fil a then don’t buy their products. If you do, as I do, then buy them. This is still a free country for the time being. Thank you for the warnings. It’s amazing that everyone that eats at
    C-F-A hasn’t died off from all those dastardly chemicals they’ve been using since the 30’s.

  41. Thank you Vani for all the hard work. Thanks to you my husband had lost about 20 lbs and is healthier than ever. My kids ( 3 and 5) are now learning about non gmo food and healthy habits. Also I’m able to manage my IBS so much better and have lost 8 lbs myself…. I have to also say Lee R. I love the way you replied to the non sense, narrow minded people that claim they are so personally offended by an article they obviously can’t comprehend. I enjoyed reading your comments and replies =)

  42. FYI… I have been eating pretty clean for awhile now, then against my better judgement I ate a chickfila sandwich. Came down with a horrific headache shortly afterwards after not having one in years. Won’t make that mistake again.

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