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We Did It Again! Chick-fil-A To Go Antibiotic Free

On Monday evening, I received a message from Chick-fil-A executives. I have been in contact with them for over a year and a half, consulting with them on the top priorities of consumers and on healthy ingredient changes. They said they had some big news coming the next day and that I would be very interested. 

Not only was I interested, but when the news hit, I screamed so loud that every neighbor within a mile radius must have heard me. And then tears of joy started rolling down my face. This week has been intense, and to say I am running on fumes is an understatement. Between all of the press, TV, print and radio interviews regarding the Subway announcement, I have had little to no rest.

This news was even bigger than I ever imagined. Chick-fil-A publicly committed to become antibiotic-free within 5 years. A bold move for a major fast food company that serves only chicken and that told me this was nearly impossible when I met with them at their headquarters in 2012. 

My #1 Request: Chick-fil-A Go Antibiotic-Free 

During my meeting with them back in October 2012, we discussed a laundry list of concerns I had with their menu items – everything from MSG in their famous sandwich, to artificial food dyes, to TBHQ, and GMOs. During our discussion in their boardroom, they asked me to prioritize the list of requests. I told them eliminating artificial food dyes would be a quick change to implement, but my number one request on the list was to provide safer and more sustainable chicken that is raised without antibiotics and GMO feed. 

Even though they are not going fully organic or non-GMO, this commitment is significant. This will help to reduce the common practice of using antibiotics to quickly fatten chickens and keep them “healthy” in unsafe conditions. This is important because the more we use antibiotics in our environment, the less impact they will have on us when it comes to treating certain superbugs. The widespread use of antibiotics in animal feed is responsible for creating new strains of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, that could, frankly, wipe out the human race if we don’t start doing something about it now.

Chick-fil-A has indicated they will be working with their current suppliers to make the transition, rather than source antibiotic-free meat that might already be available. This strategy gives me some heart ache. I’d like to see them move faster than 5 years and hope they will be able to influence their suppliers (think Tyson, Perdue, etc.) to move faster or at least consider using other suppliers who are not using antibiotics in the meantime. Regardless, their decision to make this switch will have an enormous impact on the fast food industry and put pressure on other major chains to finally do the right thing. (Note – “Eat Fresh” Subway does not provide antibiotic free meat!)

ChickFilA antibiotic

This Does Not Mean Everyone Should Go Eat There

Let me be super clear on this. This announcement or any of the changes Chick-fil-A has already started making, does not mean this food is now healthy or I will begin to eat there. 

Next on my list of demands is the removal of Monosodium Glutamate (and various hidden MSG additives, like autolyzed yeast extract) from their chicken sandwiches. I think it would be absolutely amazing to be able to eat at a fast food restaurant with a drive through window again! But you won’t catch me at Chick-fil-A until they start providing clean, organic and sustainable food! Chick-fil-A would be surprised about how many people would choose an organic option if they offered it. We know you can do it Chick-fil-A!!! (And if you do, I promise to rent a chicken costume and run up and down the street on live TV).

Constant Pressure Over The Last Two Years Worked! 

After Chick-fil-A announced late last fall that they would be removing TBHQ, high fructose corn syrup, artificial food dyes, and switching to a cleaner bun (without yoga mat chemical azodicarbonamide, mind you), the media contacted me for my response. In every interview I made it clear that they still had not met my top requests to go antibiotic free and these major media outlets below helped keep up the constant pressure on Chick-fil-A to do the right thing. I want to thank them for covering that story and letting our voices be heard across the nation, which I believe influenced Chick-fil-A to finally make the shift.  

Also, here are some past links to the blog posts that made this possible – the ones you shared over and over again, that spread the truth about Chick-fil-A:

Thank you to all the media outlets that are covering this breaking news story – See the latest below:

And most importantly, thank you Food Babe Army. You did it again.

The Tipping Point Is Here.




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228 responses to “We Did It Again! Chick-fil-A To Go Antibiotic Free

  1. This is great! I really appreciate what you are doing. I would however like to encourage you to be more encouraging to the audience you are reaching out to. Chick-fil-A is listening to you to create healthier products. You definitely don’t have to tell people to go eat there, but you also don’t have to tell people not to. The truth is most people eat fast food. If they are going to be supporting anyone we should encourage them to support companies that are making changes to improve the healthfulness of their products so that they are able to continue to do so. Like Kara said above, chick-fil-A is doing something very difficult and costly. A little more public appreciation for the companies making changes and conveying less judgment on people who don’t eat as well as you do might go a long way, just a thought. I love the work you are doing, this is just a frustration that I have almost every time I read one of your blog posts. I hope you get some rest this week and thanks for working so hard!

    1. You said that perfectly! They may not be offer the perfect chicken sandwich yet but I for one definitely appreciate all their efforts. It is a bit unappreciative and rude to continue to knock down the very companies that are trying to support your efforts.

    2. if she is nice and only encouraging, vs. hard-pressed and pressuring, change will never happen! being nice and lax about this stuff doesn’t have quick results.

      1. I don’t think it has to be one vs the other… I’m just suggesting there could be a better balance. If a company responds to her pressuring (which you are right, that is probably what is necessary to obtain results), extending a public thank you instead of criticizing them further would seem appropriate and professional.

      2. Being appreciative and nice are two totally different things! I would hate to work for anyone that would not appreciate my efforts. And there is nothing lax about being grateful for someone’s efforts.

    3. There is a health food store that I go to on occasion here in Texas that also serves soups and salads that are organic and non-GMO(they sometimes contain non-GMO corn though).

      I think a more effective campaign would get customers to commit to making their own meals and/or not ever give one cent to companies that are destroying our health and economy. Rather than ecourage them we should let them go under.

      If you can find a place that serves hot organic food affordably, eat there and if not, try to make it yourself, because not only do small wholesome businesses need your support more than multi-nnational fast food chains, but because your life and the future of our fiood supply may actually depend on it.

      1. I agree. If she is a proponent of eating only completely organic healthy real foods then maybe she should be applying her efforts toward promoting these small wholesome places and even helping to create more of them.

      2. You’re talking about a very small subset of culture here in America of people who actually care about what is in their food and does the work to find that out and then make changes accordingly. The majority of people neither know or seem to care what’s in their food and also don’t want to take the time to make their own food, which is why it’s so important to go after the corporations and begin to show the mass majority of people the truth so that we might have change. Vani is certainly an ardent supporter of small brands and businesses and frequently posts about them, so I’m not sure why you guys think she doesn’t.

      3. I get that many don’t care or know the difference between junk these places push, and real food, and I’m not saying Vani doesn’t support local stores etc.

        What I’m getting at is this:

        Say we make these places sell non-GMO. Say we make Wal-Mart go all non-GMO TODAY. The problem with this is that we had to force them, because their main motivation is the dollar, rather than quality products and as soon as we turn around they will do it all over again.

        That is a temporary solution. People then think the BRAND is wholesome even when they begin again swapping the food for junk again and we’re back to square one trying to muscle aa corporation into doing the right thing.

        So what I’m saying is that while this might help people’s health, the problem continues and this only treats the symptom(junk in the food) of the problem($$$ taking priority over quality).

        This type of campaign is far less effective than a good ole’ fashioned boycott campaign that shows people they SHOULD care and motivates them to take their food supply back and support the businesses that actualy care enough to do the right thing. I think we should focus our energy on that more than the futile struggle to make a profit driven corporation care about people over profits.

    4. Jeni…I like they way you think. I am trying to live a mostly plant based diet. But, as a cheer traveling mom at some point I have to eat at a fast food restaurant. CONGRATS chik-file-A! a step in the right direction.

    5. You guys do realize what site you’re on, right? This entire website is about eating a certain way and NOT about rainbows and sunshine. You also don’t seem to realize that corporations run our lives and our governments and will do absolutely ANYTHING to make profit, even if that means hurting our citizens. They show absolutely no kindness or grace when it comes to running over anyone and everything to make profits, why on earth should they be given permission to do anything they want? Vani isn’t being arrogant, she’s acknowledging the progress, thanking people for their efforts, and putting the pressure on to continue that progress because she understands that given an inch they will take a mile and they are not in any way interested in actually making their products truly safe for consumption. The only way we can have change is to actively pursue it and stop allowing corporations to run over us. If you don’t want to know about these things, don’t visit this site!

      1. I think you may have misunderstood my comment, I apologize because I think I worded some of it badly. So just to clarify, I’m here because I do want to know about these things because I care about what’s in my food and, like I said in my original post, I really appreciate the work that Vani does – it’s really important! I definitely don’t want her to stop actively pursuing change. I did not mean to convey the opposite of any of that. I don’t think any of us said or implied that companies should be given permission to do whatever they want, I think I speak for all of us in that we don’t even think that 🙂 And I also think it is worth noting that Chick-fil-A did not have to make these changes and the fact that they did indicates to me that they care about making their products safer for consumption. Like you said above, it is a very small subset of Americans who actually care about what is in their food and if that is true, then Chick-fil-A’s profits were probably not going to suffer by ignoring our requests. It seems to me that they care at least a little, but no one can really know I guess. And lastly, to clarify about why arrogance was brought into this, we live in a world of convenience and it is very difficult for anyone to deny that convenience on a daily basis (even though I 100% agree that it would be for the best). As leader of this campaign, Vani is someone who does it every day, which is awesome and is what gives her credibility – no argument there. But what I take away from the undertones of her posts is that she thinks she is better than others because she does this, I don’t see much humility. I’m sure that she (and many of her supporters) think this approach is necessary which I can definitely understand. She is getting the job done, no one can argue with that! And you are absolutely right that she is a supporter of small brands/businesses, thanks for mentioning that above! What I meant to suggest was she somehow bring more positive public/media attention to those places (as well as continue bringing negative attention to these other foods/companies), but I did not mean to say that she isn’t already supporting them! Anyway, I hope that helped clear things up and I apologize if I mistook anything you said, communicating online is not the best! 🙂

    6. While it is great that Chic-fil-a is making an effort to make changes, it is still unsuitable for human consumption. The change clearly states within the next five years, so I agree with food babe not being pro Chic-fil-a all of a sudden. We mustn’t be silenced or satisfied by this small change when these corporations are capable of making bigger changes. I’m sure if they were losing money bc of the unhealthy practices they would make even bigger changes. We don’t eat food to support companies, we eat food for nourishment. And as far as I’m concerned, with all of the additives, chemicals, and gmos the food is still below standard. Do not be silenced by minuscule reparations. Thanks FoodBabe!

      1. I completely agree that she should not be silenced by small changes. You are right, there are many more big changes they can make and hopefully they will in the future!

    7. If you think that Vani thinks she’s better than others because she is doing this, then that is your reality. That hasn’t ever entered into my mind. I’m just glad she’s doing what she’s doing. Are you doing anything like this? But you feel free to nitpick. Who has time to worry about every little thing and if someone might think the tone of a post is ‘arrogant’ or whatever you are meaning (which it’s not at all in my reality). What specifically are you talking about anyway? Assume the the good in people. It’s just an announcement from Chick-fil-A and Vani was describing what happened. Geez. Maybe we need to see what happens before we start lavishing them with praise anyway.

      1. Oops, I left that “To Tom” thing on there by mistake from another comment. This is to Jeni.

      2. That “To Tom” thing was left on by mistake from another comment. This is to Jeni.

      3. I think you are exaggerating my comment, which is a perfect example of how people are going to take different things away from online posts and comments (so yes, our “realities” are different, but that’s okay). I don’t think we should lavish them with praise. I am also glad Vani is doing what she is doing.

    8. Well, when you flat out make a statement that “she thinks she’s better than others because she’s doing this.” How is that exaggerated? Yes, you acknowledged positive things but couched it with saying that Vani “thinks she’s better than others or has a lack of humility”. How else can one take that. You can’t always use the online interpretation thing to cover yourself. Best wishes….

      1. I said that is how it seems to me, not how it actually is. No one knows how it actually is but her. Best wishes to you too!

    9. She is sure of herself and doing an Amazing job to keep us all aware!! Thank her instead of saying she us arrogant! Get off your Duff and help!!!! Who do you think you are yo critisize ?? Get a grip

    10. Vani is doing a great job, please note that it took 2 years for Chik-fil-a to make the changes to their menu. So, yes thank you for removing some of the chemicals that are hazardous to our health. Vani is on the right track however, there are still other dangerous chemicals they need to get rid off. Until then, I will not eat their food and NO Vani should not give up just yet. I really don’t understand what makes her arrogant, is it the fact that she’s informing you about what you’re really eating, or the fact that she’s actually successful in getting these companies to remove these dangerous chemicals from their foods?
      Knowledge is power, but you can continue to eat the food from restaurants such as chik-fil-a and Subway if you like.

    11. To the person that said “Chick fillet is doing something very costly and good”
      Don’t kid yourself Chick fillet is making million of dollars marketing to our children to eat that “food”.
      They r doing the right thing, which they did not do till someone blew the whistle on them. Wake up and take responsibility for what u put in your body
      and don’t think for one sec the food industry is looking out for u.
      I just thank God companies like Whole Foods r thriving and leading the way.
      Message to all food companies — Offer healthy choices or fall by the way side as millions of consumers become educated and make better choices.

      Chick fillet did u no favor they r saving their own chicken skin as they see the way the market is moving.
      Whole Foods Stock is Up Up Up and will continue to thrive.
      Americans demand healthy choices.

    12. reality is that the chik filet food is still not good for you. removing one harmful ingredient is good, but still having many in the food is not. This is a place which is still TO be avoided by anyone who does not like to have GMOs etc in their food. if you want to eat, no one is stopping you, but for the rest of us this is great information. Prefer the directness here. the food industry is a master of lobbyists, lying, deceit and have no invcentive to do anything good unless they are publicly called out on it! always remember!

    1. I agree totally. Can’t believe they’re been given such credit for “improving” their product. This is just so it sells better. They obviously don’t care about animal rights.

  2. Good job Vani!!! I always follow your battles and support and appreciate all your hard work!
    The power of consumers saying NO to junk!
    THANK YOU for all your hard work and effort!!!!

  3. Great news – but it’s very important to me that the chickens have some quality of life before they are killed (ie, allowed to run around like normal chickens) and that they are humanely killed. I know this is not happening in the US so I don’t eat chicken of any kind. Thanks for making change happen – now lets broaden the scope,

    1. Thank you for saying what I was thinking while reading. I’m super happy that the chickens will not be injected with these horrible things, but yes, I wish they could have “normal” little chicken lives before they are HUMANELY slaughtered.

    2. Hey, Gabriella. Just though you should know that Whole Foods had Step 3 poultry. This means that they are pasture-raised in an enriched environment (stuff to climb on, dust bath, etc) and are humanely killed. All of their poultry is Step 3, and their beef is 3 to 4 (4 is basically like they were raised as pets before being processed).

  4. Great job Vani!!!! Thank you for all the GOOD work you are constantly doing to help make our food healthier & safe to eat!
    2014 is beginning to sound like….. “THE YEAR OF THE FOOD BABE”!!! ♪♪♪♪♥♪♪♪♥♪♪♪♪!!!!! And to the ARMY=★★★★★!!!

  5. Hey Vani you should try to investigate some of this stuff in Mexico and Latin America probably there is an enormous amout of people like me wondering about all kind of agro industrial food provided by big monopolies and brands that take advantage of the weak use of regulations.

    Thanks for you work its great to have some one so brave in our side leading with hart and mind for the best.

    Hugs from MX

  6. Way to go, Food Babe!! Love to see what a difference you are making for us. THANK YOU!! I love reading your blog and being educated on food matters. Keep on changing lives.

    1. Woah!! “Jenni” & “???” (If that’s even your real name), I didn’t know my positive comments were so incendiary. I comment on blogs when I think they’re good. I don’t waste my time cutting people down and saying negative things. It’s just not how I get my kicks. It’s disheartening that people use the annomimity of the Internet to say things to people that they would never say to their face. Not sure what provoked this attack, but if you have any real issues to discuss, other than your apparent distaste for pleasantness, I’m happy to engage. Please feel free to email me.

  7. Thanks , I’ve just been looking for information about this subject for ages and yours is the greatest I have discovered so far. However, what concerning the conclusion? Are you positive concerning the source?|What i don’t understood is in fact how you are now not actually much more well-appreciated than you might be right now. You’re very intelligent.

  8. I am in awe of your accomplishments! The information and therefore power you’ve given to the average individual is amazing. The things I’ve learned in the last 2 years I will NEVER unlearn – don’t stop – this is such a HUGE accomplishment and HUGE step forward for all of us! Thank you so much – it just takes one person to be strong (and have a voice) and people will follow! 🙂

  9. Sadly, 5 years is nothing more than saying “screw you, we are not making changes but for good PR we have to put up with you and say we are ‘in the process’ ”

    5 years my buns.

    1. Exactly what i thought, hello, can we say PR, in 5 years the corporations will be running the government the media and the internet, Vani will be bought out by monsanto, and all of the 7 FDA empoloyees that previously worked at monsanto will be in the cabinet of the president of the united states, I love what vani is doing, there is however a route cause of these things in our food. The FDA needs to answer some questions. And chemical companies need to stop interfering with our food.

  10. Here`s a wee recipe for you that kills bacteria.
    Take a couple of pounds of steak pieces, brown until all sides are browned.
    Tip approximately 1 pint of Guiness mixed with Bisto power into the mix with a chopped onion (if you like onions).
    Chuck about 4 pounds of potatoes, 1 pound of carrots and a parsnip in (measurements are not strict) and allow to boil for an hour or so.
    If your up to it then get some puff pastry and roll it out on a flour covered surface.
    Use whatever heat resistant bowls you have handy and pour the mix in than cover it with puff pastry taking care to wet the rim of the bowls to allow the pastry to hold properly. Cook at about 160 C for about half an hour and you have a Guiness pie! 🙂

  11. I think you should create a ranked list of the healthiest fast-food restaurants (overall-average based on menu items). Update this list every 3 months and start supporting or praising the top ones as well as the most-improved ones. Give your readers something to quickly look at and decide where the next fast-food meal will come from. Maybe also have a similar list for national dine-in chains.

  12. They say they will buy chicken that has not been given antibiotics BUT how do we know they will be antibiotic free? Chickens are raised in conditions where they are packed together so tightly there are many diseases so if they will not be given antibiotics then they can not be packed together so tightly which means the cost of them will be MUCH higher and I doubt Chick Filet will be able to raise their prices accordingly so I suspect they will just SAY they have no antibiotics but in fact will.

    We can not trust government inspectors because of pay offs so unless there is an independent source of inspection I doubt we can trust that the chicken will indeed be antibiotic fee

    1. Completely agree. In addition, they said they’ll continue to get their chicken from the same producers, which are growing antibiotics-filled chicken for other buyers. How exactly are those producers going to separate the “with antibiotics” from the “without” and how would consumers and even Chic Fill A ever going to know for sure what we are getting? Not likely.

      1. It’s easy to tell the difference. The “without antibiotics” chicken will be the ones that are really sick or dead. Now they’ll have a market for what was waste.

  13. Please investigate Trader Joe’s Green yogurt. It come in a couple of delicious flavors and is handy to grab & eat when on the run about town but they addsd corn starch to it and I on’t know if it comes from GMO corn.

  14. The company is disgusting for putting toxic chemicals there in the first place!! I wouldn’t be caught dead in any of these places..

  15. Food Babe
    Why was the yoga mat plastic in Subway breads and Chick fil a products???? What purpose did it serve in the foods????

  16. What is unfortunate is the ignorance surrounding the process involved in making this drastic of a change in just 5 years. She acts as if the supplies are just sitting out there waiting to be bought up immediately and served. We shal see how the increase in cost is handled also. It is all so simple to those who have never been there.

  17. Let’s not forget a very important social issue that should factor into whether one should eat at a place like this–their anti-gay position. It’s not just chickens they’re doing an injustice to.

    1. We agree! We haven’t eaten at Chick fil a for many years because they are known to be anti gay and homophobic! They are not open on Sundays, plus their food is not good for you!

  18. To Willom Samuel,
    Who decides what is right, good and just? God has done so since the creation.
    His judgement concerning homosexuality was made at Sodom and Gomorrah.
    So now you are taking the position that you know better than God and anyone who believes God on the matter is unjust.

  19. One hundred percent of the net revenue raised through the Girl Scout Cookie Program stays with the local council and troops. This does not preclude Girl Scouts from spending their proceeds on program-related activities, such as paying their own way to a community event or museum, or funding other programmatic outings. Girl Scouts may also choose to use proceeds to purchase materials for a Take Action project to benefit the community

  20. It is great to hear all these major food corps seem to be bowing to public pressure and making all these promises to change some of their products, but how do we know this isn’t all just lip service to a ‘hot button’ topic right now? How do we know that they aren’t just saying these things because it is what the public (i.e. us) wants to hear, and by making these promises they are putting a positive spin on their image, encouraging even more people to support them (which is great for their bottom line in the short term) but really they are counting on people moving on to some other cause later on (as people tend to do), thus forgetting all about these commitments they have made. Who will hold them accountable to the timelines and deliverables they are promising?

  21. Thanks for link Judith – I wondered if it would work in Canada and it did – I found grass-fed bison not too far away!

  22. What about McDonalds, Wendy’s and Burger King? Does this mean that they are ok tio eat? Or did you just single out Chik-Fil-A for some reason?

  23. I just don’t understand you, these people are trying to make a difference, but you continue to knock them. Life is surely not perfect but Chic, is at least trying, they still have to make a profit, so give them some credit. Tell people to eat there instead of knocking them for without them the industry will never change. You are a good writer but by far a great writer an dintil you are ger your head out of your ass.

    1. That’s the real key to making this work…..supporting those companies that try to clean up. I don’t see that happening based on what I’m reading here. CFA and others will figure out soon enough that they are being coerced by a crowd they will never meet regardless of what they do.

    2. This may or may not strengthen the point that ted is making:

      If Vani suggested that I (don’t want to try and speak for others) start eating at CFA – as George suggests – she would lose the respect of at least one reader and most likely lose a reader.
      I think it depends on where you are on a spectrum of how you choose to eat.
      I would sooooo love a drive through that I could feel good about getting food for my kids to eat! As a super busy mom (work, evening classes, and kids) – I choose to spend much of my early mornings and late nights in the kitchen preparing our meals to take with us. My choice, may not be others’.

      This is a huge corporate here – they are already making tons of $ and they could choose to be in industry leader and source clean chicken right now if they really wanted to. They could start with ONE store at a time and see how it worked out. They could offer ONE organic sandwich in a few select cities to try it out.
      THEN, Vani could suggest I go try it out. (I mean, personally, I don’t eat chicken anyway… but I could go and get a coffee to support their efforts).
      No, a five year MAYBE is definitely not enough to suggest to the majority of regular Food Babe blog readers to start eating fast food.

  24. You Go girl! We are all so proud of you and your go get em and change the world attitude! I am on the same page as you.. We can overcome!

  25. I love Chick-fil-A. It was my first job, an I’ve been eating there over 30 years. That being said, I find it interesting that Foodbabe targeted Subway about azodicarbonamide in their bread recipe, and not McDonald’s, Burger King, Arby’s, Wendy’s or even Chick-fil-A – each of whom use this as an ingredient in their bread. Why is CFA singled-out for their chicken (and not their bread) and not KFC, Church’s, Popeye’s, or any other? Not sure what criteria is used for to make these decisions, I believe there are alterior motives other than health-consciousness.

  26. I applaud you for what you do, I really do, but to say that Chick Fil A would be surprised by how many new customers would eat there if they went completely organic is a but naive.

    If they were to go completely organic, there food prices would sky rocket and they would more than likely go out of business. Their chicken sandwich cost $2.99, where as a sandwich an organic sandwich at O’Conners cost 7.49.

    There is a reason why chick fil a, will do certain things you request, and will not do others. Maybe you could focus on some of the changes that can be made without causing the company to go bankrupt.

    I do think them staying with their current suppliers is better then changing suppliers, maybe those suppliers will go 100% antibiotic free.

    1. An organic OPTION would be fantastic at Chick-Fil A. An OPTION, like she said in the article. There are people willing to pay more for clean, healthier food. I would. Of course it wouldn’t likely become all organic Chick- Fil-A (however you spell it).

  27. I too had written Chick-Fil-A and got a reply from that stating they were proud to be GMO feed and CAFO oriented. I haven’t eaten there since.

  28. This sounds great but what about the MSG??? Are they going to stop putting that stuff in??? It is worse than the chemical in the bread. YUCK!

  29. I understand the work Food Babe is doing and appreciate her efforts, although sometimes I don’t agree with her method. She did make one very valid comment in this blog which she should follow up on. It is time to pressure fast food outlets to provide one clean meal on their menu. Everyone needs fast food sometimes.

      1. Jenna I wasn’t critical of Vani but don’t have to agree with all her methods. I began reading her blog because I am interested in clean eating. Food production in the USA is appalling compared to European standards. As a family we rarely eat fast food preferring small restaurants.
        The point of having comments is to hear the voice of all and accept positive criticism. My post was positive, my disappointment is in food babe targeting one company when it is apparent from her blog that many are guilty of the same crime. As I was constructively pointing our one organic/ clean meal should be the aim of every company.
        Vani has made a job out of her passion but at times I have been disappointed at the targeting of companies rather than the promotion of the alternatives for which other readers are also searching.
        I will continue to read her blog but will never make a comment again in this format but continue on my families quest for clean food wherever I am living

      2. I didn’t want to make you feel bad, I was just seeing a number of comments where people were complaining but apparently not doing anything to make changes as Vani is. You should be able to voice your thoughts here (me too) and it’s nice that she allows everyone to speak their mind even when it can be quite negative (not referring to your comment). I also didn’t see anything specific in your comment about what you were referring to and that isn’t constructive. You should be able to post your thoughts, but in my opinion, it would be helpful to keep in mind all the hard work she has done. It’s great you are aware of what’s happening in our food system and you care. Best wishes!

  30. Vani, you’re doing great with all of this! Its too bad there are these negative voices that show up on your blog, but when you have the boldness to put yourself out there like you do, it can happen. They love to nitpick and complain, but aren’t actually doing anything like you are. You are supported and appreciated by many many people. Keep doing it! We love what you’re doing!

  31. Love this! I am inspired and just wrote an email to my FORMER favorite bread company. Here is what I wrote:

    We love your 100% whole wheat potato bread! Sadly, we are going to have to stop buying it because of some of the ingredients. We are choosing to stay away from Yellow # 5 & # 6 coloring. These are only an example of two of the ingredients we find alarming. We are joining many people in the world that are starting to pay closer attention to what we eat. I would love it if you could look at your list of ingredients and make changes to provided a product that doesn’t have a chemicals and is healthier. I do not feel that you have chosen these ingredients because of any malicious reason. I think it has just been standard operating procedure for everyone. I do think that is beginning to change. Just look at the and see that major companies are starting to change. I would love to see a company that is owned and operated by an American family step our and take the lead in this food revolution. You would have my support vocally and with my wallet. In the past I have converted many friend and family to be lovers of your bread. I would love to continue this knowing that I am recommending a wholesome product made with clean/natural ingredients.


    Britney Bouldin
    (Part of the FoodBabeArmy)

  32. Vani,

    This is huge. I am not sure than many of the comments here really appreciate the type of pressure needed to create this kind of a result. The Subway thing, while amazing, is something they already know how to do and actually are doing in other countries. Going antibiotic free with the volume that Chic will have to do it, is gigantic. I don’t know how to quantify it really. As you know, antibiotics are pervasive in our society and are literally killing us. If they aren’t the biggest threat right now, they are very close, along with GMO and modern “medicine.” We the people must continue to vote with our dollars by supporting the little guys, doing it right, but we also must recognize that even if we never step foot into a Chic fil A store, we pay the price for the antibiotics used in their chicken.

    As a fellow advocate of natural health, a health food store owner and radio host, I am thrilled with your efforts and intend to spread the word about your blog and your successes with my audience. Thank you from me and from the millions of Americans who have no idea who you are or what’s in the chicken nuggets.

  33. Go Food Babe!! I wasn’t aware of how many “dangers” there were at Chick-Fil-A. But I can’t wait to order an organic product…yay!

    Slowly but surely the awareness is growing. If we invest more in our diet and care we’d not have to invest so much in medical bills and medications in the future. That’s a win-win if you ask me!

    God Bless! 🙂

  34. You Go Food Babe!!!…using the power of the Web to educate those who understand personal responsibility and how profit (not your health) is driving our food industry! Sadly, many folks don’t care about about what’s in their food and choose to ignore this information and ingest the chemicals in our S.A.D. (standard American diet)….and then go to the Dr. to try to cure (instead of prevent) what their ignorance caused. We are what we eat; and there is no processed or fast food diet that will lead to your most valuable asset….your good health! Our ‘healthcare’ industry is truly ‘sick care’ where prescription drugs abound and cures for our bad diets and poor lifestyles are not found.

    1. Forgot to mention the one on the news all the time, Avian Flu, which is communicable to humans.

  35. The chicken supplied to Subway is antibiotic-free! McDonald’s chicken is also antibiotic-free, and while I’m at it, I’ll remind everyone that ALL chicken raised in the United States is hormone-free! The United States banned hormone use in poultry production more than 50 years ago.

  36. I’m all for local and sustainable food practices and don’t eat fast food as often as I used to…usually only in a pinch. Your post fails to assure the consumer that Chick-fil-a won’t pass along “antibiotic free” prices to their customers. The chicken they will be supplied with will be 2x more in cost (likely) and they most assuredly will recoup the cost on our end. It’s the same as buying “all natural” chicken at the Whole Foods versus a regular chicken at a typical store. The price is at least double. Have they said anything about that?

    1. They tend to avoid things like that Kristi. They don’t care what you pay for food. I am for local and sustainable also though the definiton of those terms is subjective. 47 million people in this country are on food stamps. 66% of our popluation pays 7% of federal income taxes collected which means a very large number of people don’t make much money. If these folks are successful in their efforts, you and I will most definitely be paying alot more for food. We will also be paying alot more in taxes as food stamp costs will double or more and the number of people on food stamps will almost assuredly go up because those 66% who don’t earn much money will probably sign up for food stamps rather than pay $15 for an antibiotic free, free range chicken. It isn’t necessary and a terrible waste of many things, including our money.

  37. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate all of your efforts!! I raised my kids on organics (they are now 30 and 35 years old). My daughter now has two little one’s and is raising them the same way. The information you supply is priceless!! Thank you so much and keep up the great work you do!

  38. Food Babe. No Victory to celebrate here.
    You let them off the hook with the 5 year pass.

    The only solution is to boycott their business till they comply and value their customers health before profits then you have achieved victory.

    A message for Chick-fil-a, I can wait 5 years before I ever step foot in one of your stores for a Chick-fil-a sandwich. Question is, can you stay in business long enough if the public stops eating at your restaurants?

    You readers. You should take corporate tactics personal as what they stuff in the foods, while we the consumers trust these company’s have made it personal with us. Once your ill, once your dead. Game over.

  39. Vani can you please write something about Buffalo Wild Wings- they fry all of their food in beef fat mixed with BHT and , Dimethylpolysiloxane (what the heck is that?) they also put soy and corn in everything they make and whats worse they don’t list soy as an “allergen” if the soybean oil is refined enough so its impossible to even tell whats really in the food there as they only publish an allergen list not an ingredients list. Who would even expect a place to use beef fat as a cooking oil?!

  40. It is very easy for our ‘wealthy’ culture to get excited about ‘feel-good-food-fads’. Visit one of the ‘not so fortunate’ countries and look around… they are not clammering for organic, cage-free, or antibiotic free… they simply hope and pray that they will get to eat something in the next day or so! The CFA decision to go ABF is HORRID!! Their suppliers have already told them that their costs will rise…. to produce ABF requires more protein and energy inputs – already in short supply, the poor and malnourished in the world will be in a much worse position now. This is simply not needed and is extremely short-sided. When producers adhere to FDA and USDA directives then we are already ensured that our foods are free from antibiotic residues! ABF goes directly against environmental sustainability, good animal welfare, optimal food safety practices and creates a much more damaging situation for the impoverished and malnourished of our world. THINK BEYOND YOUR LITTLE FENCED-IN NEIGHBORHOOD FOLKS! IT’S A BIG WORLD OUT THERE AND OUR PRECIOUS RESOURCES ARE IN VERY TIGHT SUPPLY! CFA – PLEASE REVERSE YOUR DECISION, IT GAINS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AND WILL ONLY HURT THE HURTING!

  41. This is great news, and I think it’s awesome that Chick-Fil-A is making these positive steps, but can you also post about other fast food restaurants? The entire Northeast is a Chick-Fil-A desert so it would be nice to hear reports on some relevant restaurants, i.e. McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Dunkin Donuts, pizzerias, etc. Obviously none of those are “good”, but it would be nice to hear the specifics and see you taking action against them, as well. Soooo many people eat at these places on a regular basis up here, so please bring them into the spotlight, too.

  42. Dear Vani,

    You are doing wonderful job. Keep up good work. You should look at the medication as well. There are toxic inactive ingredients on the medication.

    This will be next to attach on your agenda! God bless you!


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