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We Did It Again! Chick-fil-A To Go Antibiotic Free

UPDATE: On March 22, 2024 Chick-fil-A reversed their “No Antibiotics Ever” policy and now allows for the use of antibiotics in their chicken.

On Monday evening, I received a message from Chick-fil-A executives. I have been in contact with them for over a year and a half, consulting with them on the top priorities of consumers and on healthy ingredient changes. They said they had some big news coming the next day and that I would be very interested. 

Not only was I interested, but when the news hit, I screamed so loud that every neighbor within a mile radius must have heard me. And then tears of joy started rolling down my face. This week has been intense, and to say I am running on fumes is an understatement. Between all of the press, TV, print and radio interviews regarding the Subway announcement, I have had little to no rest.

This news was even bigger than I ever imagined. Chick-fil-A publicly committed to become antibiotic-free within 5 years. A bold move for a major fast food company that serves only chicken and that told me this was nearly impossible when I met with them at their headquarters in 2012. 

My #1 Request: Chick-fil-A Go Antibiotic-Free 

During my meeting with them back in October 2012, we discussed a laundry list of concerns I had with their menu items – everything from MSG in their famous sandwich, to artificial food dyes, to TBHQ, and GMOs. During our discussion in their boardroom, they asked me to prioritize the list of requests. I told them eliminating artificial food dyes would be a quick change to implement, but my number one request on the list was to provide safer and more sustainable chicken that is raised without antibiotics and GMO feed. 

Even though they are not going fully organic or non-GMO, this commitment is significant. This will help to reduce the common practice of using antibiotics to quickly fatten chickens and keep them “healthy” in unsafe conditions. This is important because the more we use antibiotics in our environment, the less impact they will have on us when it comes to treating certain superbugs. The widespread use of antibiotics in animal feed is responsible for creating new strains of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, that could, frankly, wipe out the human race if we don’t start doing something about it now.

Chick-fil-A has indicated they will be working with their current suppliers to make the transition, rather than source antibiotic-free meat that might already be available. This strategy gives me some heart ache. I’d like to see them move faster than 5 years and hope they will be able to influence their suppliers (think Tyson, Perdue, etc.) to move faster or at least consider using other suppliers who are not using antibiotics in the meantime. Regardless, their decision to make this switch will have an enormous impact on the fast food industry and put pressure on other major chains to finally do the right thing. (Note – “Eat Fresh” Subway does not provide antibiotic free meat!)

ChickFilA antibiotic

This Does Not Mean Everyone Should Go Eat There

Let me be super clear on this. This announcement or any of the changes Chick-fil-A has already started making, does not mean this food is now healthy or I will begin to eat there. 

Next on my list of demands is the removal of Monosodium Glutamate (and various hidden MSG additives, like autolyzed yeast extract) from their chicken sandwiches. I think it would be absolutely amazing to be able to eat at a fast food restaurant with a drive through window again! But you won’t catch me at Chick-fil-A until they start providing clean, organic and sustainable food! Chick-fil-A would be surprised about how many people would choose an organic option if they offered it. We know you can do it Chick-fil-A!!! (And if you do, I promise to rent a chicken costume and run up and down the street on live TV).

Constant Pressure Over The Last Two Years Worked! 

After Chick-fil-A announced late last fall that they would be removing TBHQ, high fructose corn syrup, artificial food dyes, and switching to a cleaner bun (without yoga mat chemical azodicarbonamide, mind you), the media contacted me for my response. In every interview I made it clear that they still had not met my top requests to go antibiotic free and these major media outlets below helped keep up the constant pressure on Chick-fil-A to do the right thing. I want to thank them for covering that story and letting our voices be heard across the nation, which I believe influenced Chick-fil-A to finally make the shift.  

Also, here are some past links to the blog posts that made this possible – the ones you shared over and over again, that spread the truth about Chick-fil-A:

Thank you to all the media outlets that are covering this breaking news story – See the latest below:

And most importantly, thank you Food Babe Army. You did it again.

The Tipping Point Is Here.




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228 responses to “We Did It Again! Chick-fil-A To Go Antibiotic Free

  1. Yea!! Affordable and tasty food with shelf life will be a thing of the past when you get done. Its about time.

    1. Ted, everyone has the choice to eat what they want. However, not everyone is completely aware of what is actually in the foods they consume. That is the problem here. Once people (like I did) start to get informed about the unnecessary ingredients that are being used in everyday foods, chances are they will not be very happy. Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance causes cancer. If you want to eat poison, kudos to you. Not everyone does. Maybe you should go leave your comments on Mcdonalds website who is doing a superb job of creating “tasty food with shelf life.”

      1. Uhm, I took his comment as a positive. It sounded to me like he was saying that the food we buy will start having fewer of those poisons as REAL food doesn’t have the shelf life he was referring too.

      2. You are right. Everyone has a choice in what they eat. And people do have the right to be informed. That’s the tricky part. Misinformed is far more dangerous in the long run. I, like you and everybody on this website, want to eat a healthy diet and feed my family healthy foods as I do all the cooking in my house. If you stay away from processed food as much as possible, eat a variety of food in moderation, regardless of organic/non-organic, GMO or not, you are eating a healthy diet. If it’s cancer you are worried about then you should read this…… There are other websites out there saying GMO is a cause, I know, but I think if you read through those websites you will see their info is promoting an agenda. I understand you don’t agree with that but we are living longer and cancer rates are trending lower in this country. Farmers, who handle pesticides and GMO products, have lower rates of cancer than most other occupations. We get alot more exercise during the course of a work day than most. Lack of exercise and obesity are major causes of cancer. We do get more skin cancer but the reason for that should be obvious.

    2. Ted, everyone has the choice to eat what they want. However, not everyone is completely aware of what is actually in the foods they consume. That is the problem here. Once people (like I did) start to get informed about the unnecessary ingredients that are being used in everyday foods, chances are they will not be very happy. Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance causes cancer. If you want to eat poison, kudos to you. Not everyone does. Maybe you should go leave your comments on McDonald’s website who is doing a superb job of creating “tasty food with shelf life.”

      1. I am extremely offended by your statement “Ignorance causes cancer.” I have a very dear friend who was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer at age 52 in 2009. “A” had no risk factors. At her last physical before she was diagnosed, her physician commented that he had never seen anyone in as good of physical condition outside an Olympic athlete. “A” is a dance instructor and excercises every day. She is very educated about healthful eating and environmental hazards. I remember her teaching me about the danger of food dyes when we were in grade school. If ignorance causes cancer you’d better get to a doctor quickly because you must be afflicted.

    3. Ted. in one comment you said that this no G M O with wheat. i beg to differ. back in the day there use to by only 8 genes that make a kernel of wheat and now there are 48 genes that make a kernel of wheat. I suggest you read the book “Wheat Belly”. After i read it I gave up on eating bread along with a few other things that contained wheat products and I lost almost 40 lbs. Not only that but now if I or my wife have bread our stomach does not feel very good.. We choose all gluten free products and we feel much better with more energy. thanks

      1. Thanks John, I read “Wheat Belly” also. I said on another thread on this website that almost all plants we eat are genetically modified. It seems that the most troublesome GMO traits to those here are those that make a plant resistant to certain pests and wheat has not been developed for that, just for higher yields, tolerance to diseases, etc. through hybrid breeding. I’m sure there has been some testing on GMO wheat but it hasn’t been released and as far as I know it isn’t going to happen.

        I too gave up eating gluten for a while after reading Wheat Belly and still don’t eat much of it, choosing gluten free flour for cooking/frying when possible most of the time, gluten free bread and pasta more than not. I thought it really made a huge difference but I also did some other health conscience things, like no sugar or processed food whatsoever and got alot more disciplined with my exercise program. I think the no sugar policy is what made me feel so much better though. The bread/gluten doesn’t seem to make that much difference as I am not intolerant to it. However whatever works for you works and I respect it. Usually though when people make changes in their diets, they also make lifestyle changes that help alot too. The book was very interesting for sure. Thanks again.

    4. Thank you thank you food babe for exposing the dirty secrets of these huge companies. You are totally awesome. You are working for the little guy to give him a voice and I really appreciate it…. Good JOb…

    5. Hi Ted,
      Don’t tell me you’re confusing plant breeding and hybridizing techniques with genetic modification as it’s being used today? Hybridization is not genetic modification. You know that, right? Wheat is not GMO though it’s been hybridized like crazy. I’m familiar with Wheat Belly (eat pretty much gluten free myself) and what Dr. Davis has to say. It’s not the same thing, and just because most plants have had some hybridization, it doesn’t quite equate to genetic modification… Or correct me if I’m wrong. And while it’s not GMO, still lots problems with this excessive hybridization with modern wheat. I don’t want to eat much of it myself.

      And I’d really like to see all the research based on this: “Farmers, who handle pesticides and GMO products, have lower rates of cancer than most other occupations.” And current stuff that would be relevant to the herbicides used with GMOs etc.

      1. I posted earlier but it didn’t make it for some reason. Maybe I am banned as one person suggested yesterday.

        Hybridization is a form of genetic modification but it is done with breeding and not injecting a new gene as is done with the GMO you all know and hate so much. There are several different ways to genetically modify. You will find one day soon that Monsanto is modifying some organic foods and you are probably eating them now. If not now, soon. Enjoy!!

        As far as farmers getting cancer goes, just do a google search on the occupations with the highest cancer rates. I posted 3 links for you to peruse earlier but you can look it up yourself now if interested. Farmers are not mentioned in the studies I looked at except for one done over a long period of time in the Nordic countries. That study said that farmers had a lower incidence of cancer than most. Lip cancer was higher because of the sun. I’ve been there, on their farms. They use pesticides.

    6. Looks like Ted has the cause of cancer figured out! Just obesity and lack of exercise. No concern with numerous environmental toxins, including what we put into our bodies daily (i.e. eating). Really? Why not just drink some Roundup if you’re thirsty when you’re out there ‘working in the fields’. Won’t hurt you if you’ve run a couple miles that day? Yeah, that would be extreme, but so is the idea that herbicides and pesticides and just beneficial and could have no effect on our health. That article from Livestrong is pretty lame, and where does lack of exercise and obesity come in anyway? Sure we all need to exercise and stay fit, but it does that mean thin people don’t get cancer.

      And I did a little googling as you recommended and found this:

      “Women who worked in agriculture experienced 34% greater odds of developing breast cancer compared with those not in farming, which the authors believe reflects the longer time that women may be exposed to potentially cancer-causing compounds in those settings, since most farmers start working at an early age. Previous studies provide some hints as to why workers in these jobs may be particularly prone to higher cancer rates: exposure to pesticide residues during food-canning processes might be responsible for triggering breast tumors among workers…”

      I think you’ll agree it’s not an “agenda-based” source:

      Please read it. And think.

    7. Ted, I’ll have to look into those claims you’re making and questions you’re asking. But first, we’re getting better and better at disease management. That’s a big part of increases in life expectancy, though I would like to see how much life expectancy actually has increased in the last 60 years. Also I’m recalling something I read that when we were actually living more naturally, a hundred or so years ago, cancer was not common (will check into that a little more, but I know I’ve read it). I’d have to look into your claims that cancer rates are trending lower in the last 20 years. But a couple things. First, GMOs came onto the scene about 15-20 years ago, but it took time for it to become so prevalent as it is now. It wasn’t 90% of corn, soy, canola all of a sudden all became GMO crops. It’s still pretty new and we have to see what the effects will be. Also there have been increases in many diseases in the last 20 years. I’m not going to list them all right now. This isn’t just about cancer, though it’s still a concern. I have family friends, a husband and wife, one just died of cancer and the other is terminal right now. It’s still very common. And we can’t see immediate effects, so we’ll see what the effects are on farmers, but that one recent study says something, and it makes sense. Also farmers in Argentina – a big GMO country – are showing higher rates of cancer and other illnesses. This is just one article:

      “In Santa Fe, cancer rates are two times to four times higher than the national average. In Chaco, birth defects quadrupled in the decade after biotechnology dramatically expanded farming in Argentina.”

      The GMO thing is a gamble, like the documentary Genetic Roulette – the Gamble of Our Lives. (I’m sure you’ll say this isn’t objective or has an agenda, so it has to be dismissed). It’s the increases in herbicides and pesticides, and also somewhere I saw something where it was talking about the actual genetic manipulation that can cause our cells to go haywire (will have to look for this). So it could be a double whammy. The reality is there hasn’t been extensive or long term testing done on these GMO foods. Actually, the Seralini study was one and it showed serious concerns (did you ever look at the information and link I provided?). How can you make a blanket statement “science proves that if you eat healthy foods in moderation regardless of production method, your diet will not be a cause for you to be unhealthy.” How does science prove this? You mocked me when I talked about the Precautionary Principle, but we should to be cautious. Many other nations are more (much more) cautious about this stuff than we are. And there is reason to be.

      1. It appears cancer was discovered in 1500 BC in Egypt. Been around for a long time. I think that was before pesticides and GMO.

    8. I never implied that cancer is a new disease, just that is wasn’t nearly as common as it is today. Another quick point, Argentina is a huge Roundup Ready soybean producer. Read the article, since you keep talking about how farmers have some of the lowest rates of cancer and disease.

      1. I was only clearing up what I asked about having the ability 100 years ago to detect cancer. I am well aware that Argentina grows mostly GMO crops. Obviously they would be using Roundup. There are other pesticides used on GMO crops. I have no idea what is approved for use down there nor do I know how regulated they are compared to us. I suspect not nearly as much. They may be using some pretty potent pesticides that we can’t use here. Don’t be so quick to link Roundup with their cancer rates. Cancer death rates are down in this country according to one study I posted. It said the incidence of some forms has cancer have gone up. I looked up the possible causes and smoking, age, race, gender, family genetics, diets (high in meat, fried foods, nitrosamines), etc. I wonder if obesity is because of people sitting on their butts all day on the internet, eating fast and processed food because that’s whats handy. I normally don’t sit here. Weather has been very cold, icy, wet and just not suitable for working. I am ready to go back. I know most of you here are ready for that too!!

    9. Okay, so that little sheet provides all we need to know about glyphosate/Roundup? It’s just safe and beneficial, end of story? I don’t think so…and this isn’t just about glyphosate and cancer (though there are concerns about cancer and glyphosate ). There are numerous studies that show potential health concerns. Here’s one article with links to studies that show concerns with this chemical that you seem to think is simply benign and beneficial. Europe and other countries actually pay attention to these studies:

      I can post other links about research, but I believe I can only post one link at a time here and as I’ve tried to post a few links at a time and my comment didn’t show up. I understand you’re saying that this chemical is safer than other herbicides and chemicals, but I’m not quite buying that and I’m concerned about the increases in chemicals like Roundup and others even though biotech companies claim chemical and herbicide use has decreased with GMOs. IT HASN’T. I’m also concerned about the genetic manipulation that goes along with use of glyphosate – you have to alter the genes in order to use it the way you do. Also as I’ve said before “objective science” doesn’t really exist right now.

      Two words for you: Precautionary Principle.

      Consider opening your mind beyond what you want to believe. And have a good weekend!

      1. Thanks. I did have a good weekend with a brand new grandson. Amazing how healthy looking these little worm free, non-organic kids are. The precautionary principle again? That’s kind of a subjective term don’t you think? It’s up to the individual as far as I’m concerned, not a group of individuals who haven’t considered all the ramifications of their agenda. Since you keep bringing it up, what is your definition of the term and how would you want it used in the case of GMO foods? What about the newest GMO traits coming out real soon, like drought tolerance and increased fertilizer efficiency? These two will have very positive environmental benefits with no increased pesticide usage and less fertilizer usage. They will help farmers immensely in trying to meet Clean Water Act standards. As far as your link goes, I read somewhere in the last week that the EU had voted to approve GMO crops officially. I’ve done no follow up to see if that’s really the case but it was also a Huffington Post article. I’ll reply to one of your other links with this post. The one about Dr. Huber from Purdue. I thought it was a very provocative article. I had never heard of Dr. Huber and decided to google him. What popped up was about 10 straight links to his “research” by sites such as mercola, natural food, organic, etc….sites that promote organics and non-GMO. The last link on the page said that his own university had discredited his work. It was from a site called “pesticide truth” which you will say has an agenda and I would agree. Believe what you choose. All I’ve been saying is that there is another side to the food story out there and the sky is not falling.

      1. They only tried to correlate these increasing diseases to GMO coming on the scene. Alot of the cancers listed all have one thing in common, that being that obesity is one of the major causes. I do know that thin people get cancer and illness too. Google searches on causes for the types of cancer and diseases listed on your link do say that obesity is a factor. The internet really took off starting around 1996. I wonder if the rise in people sitting in front of a computer screen when they used to be out and about could be contributing to the rise in obesity and these diseases.

    10. More information for Ted and others. Really interesting and informative interview with Dr. Don Huber. It’s a long interview, but well worth listening to.

      “Don Huber is an award-winning, internationally recognized scientist, and professor of plant pathology at Purdue University for the past 35 years.

      His agriculture research is focused on the epidemiology and control of soil-borne plant pathogens, with specific emphasis on microbial ecology, cultural and biological controls, and the physiology of host-parasite relationships.”

      I wonder if Dr. Huber has an agenda?

    11. A quick note about Dr. Huber. What I read is that some of his associates at Purdue University have DISTANCED themselves from him and this controversial topic, which is to be expected these days. You know how things get twisted on the internet! Gotta love Googly-Goo. I doubt he has been discredited because he has a long and respected career. And yes, I’m sure all those “agenda-ish” sites like him because he IS anti-GMO and he has science and experience to back it up. Great, more rhetoric about drought resistance & blah blah blah so the GMOs can help the sky from falling. You keep buying into the GMO propaganda it seems.

      Awww, a new grandson…congrats.

  2. Hi, Could Food Babe do some research and articles and press about GMO products being used in Girl Scout Cookies please?
    I think the Girl Scouts are great but I have a real problem with them being made with GMO products. Doesn’t at all go with what they stand for and millions and millions of boxes are sold and consumed each year!! Please help!!
    Thank you!

    1. Thanks Nancy for pointing the BIG issue of the Girls Scout cookies, I too, would appreciate if Food Babe would use her powers to get some changes done with those cookies that many ppl especially children consume.
      Best of luck Food Babe!!!

      1. Zahraa,
        I would say that the BIG issue with any box of cookies is that it is a box of cookies, i.e., processed food, that most people on this site wouldn’t eat regardless of GMO status.

      2. And I forgot to mention that wheat is not GMO so the amount of GMO material in a box of Girl Scout cookies would be incidental at best.

      3. The thing with girl Scout Cookies, healthy or not, is that a portion of the profits go to planed Parenthood that promotes Abortion. i am not concerned about your stand about abortion but do you think this is right using little girls to fund this activity?

      4. Thanks for posting that. It is from what I would call a reputable source and I do vaguely remember that story. I will stand by what I said though…..the amount of GMO products in a box of Girl Scout cookies would be incidental at best.

      5. I will correct myself. I forgot about the oils used in Girl Scout cookies which probably do come from some GMO crops. This from their own website: At the current time, there are genetically modified agricultural crops (GMOs) in Girl Scout Cookies. Our bakers determine whether to use GMOs in Girl Scout Cookies based on a range of market-related factors and depending on the specific cookie recipe.

        Girl Scouts recognizes that many people have concerns regarding GMO ingredients, and we monitor member and consumer opinion on this matter. It is important to note that there is worldwide scientific support for the safety of currently commercialized ingredients derived from genetically modified agricultural crops. The World Health Organization, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, and the American Medical Association all share this assessment. In addition, in the future, GMOs may offer a way to help feed an ever-increasing world population.

        However I do stand by my statement that the biggest problem with this box of cookies is that it is a box of cookies.

  3. Hi foodbabe! I was wondering if you investigate other controversies outside food discrepancies? Reason I ask is because their are planes flying over our heads literally spraying cancer causing pollutants into the air we breath, which has been linked to the high rise in dementia and Alzheimer’s. The people are calling them Chemtrails, and they conveniently come out during “flue season”. Can you look into it, EXPOSE it and work your magic foodbabe??? What exactly is the the government spraying in our air that is making us so sick??

      1. Thank you Suzy! I’m really concerned about this because I keep seeing chemtrails all over our sky here in orange county area. I heard about one of these planes crashing into the a lake up in ventura and what they found in the water was toxic..God help us all

    1. Chemtrails are a conspiracy theory – sorry you fell for it.

      There is no way any human being could/will keep their mouth shut about a secret planetary poisoning project of the entire population on a global scale. No one could keep that a secret!
      Any honest investigation will uncover that fact. Please don’t waste Food Babe’s time or keep her from her true crusade against the food companies passing off poison as food. Please, one thing at a time.

      You might as well ask her to find out the truth about UFO’s, alien from outer space, Big Foot, Loch Ness Monster, Santa Claus, crop circles, religion for control of the masses, other bible conspiracies, plus all the countless other conspiracy theories brought forward by crackpots with nothing better to do.
      Although I am a skeptic, I am also not gullible or stupid enough to believe every outlandish accusation against any government, scientific authority or everyone else. I prefer to see concrete proof, AKA facts, either for or against these theories. Only then will you get my support. Until then, you are just another crackpot supporting pseudo-science & getting laughed out of the building….

      1. Do you work for the government?? Sure sounds like it. I wouldn’t doubt if they hired people like you to silence those who question anything and everything the government is doing. Nowadays people will do anything for money smh.

      2. Not a chance. I am a consumer advocate and will keep fighting till the day I die. Sometimes you have to celebrate the small wins, in this overly processed screwed up food world.

      3. Well it looks like your cover has been blown by Rosy. It’s a good thing she’s on your side. Makes my job easier.

      4. This subject of being poisoned by the food companies is far too serious and important to start grouping it in with conspiracy theories. Stick to reality; don’t put down the good work and accomplishments made in fighting against these companies.

  4. Congrats. You are helping one step at a time to break down our food system by removing more production tools. Pretty soon we can proudly say we have banned all medicines for animals, fertilizers, crop protection products, biotech traits (GMO’s), big tractors, and other new technologies so we are left with only all natural organic foods. Then we can all fight for our food since organic production only provides 2/3 of the current yields and food shortages will abound. Only the rich will be able to afford to eat and the poor/hungry ones will suffer. But at least their crumbs will be organic.

  5. Thanks for leading in the way in cleaning up our food. So many young families rely on “fast food” to keep up their busy schedules and it does my heart good whenever I read that you are helping to remove more poisons from their children’s diets.

  6. You wrote: “The widespread use of antibiotics in animal feed is responsible for creating new strains of antibiotic-resistant bacteria”. That’s a fairly broad and sweeping statement. Did you not consider the effects of non-compliance by people who are subscribed antibiotics but stop taking them once they begin to feel better? Did you consider societies (like Mexico – with who the US has an active population exchange) in which antibiotics are sold over the counter and taken for anything from a skin rash to a headache?

    I don’t deny that antibiotic laden food has an effect in our food chain in creating superbugs. However, it the not the only cause. I applaud your good work and encourage you to be diligent with your science.

    1. context context context…in this context whether people stop taking their antibiotics before the course is run is, well moot.

      1. you have right Food Babe. A good friend of mine went to become a vet and she told me that the injections they give livestock is right on the threshold of poisoning a human to the point of death. It’s all very scary and it all comes down to the almighty dollar.. Here in southern Ontario we are having a big problem with bees dying off by the thousands. A bee keeper i know proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was the chemicals farmers were using to spray their wheat fields with. When he presented the toxicology reports to the minster of health she just denyed the reports flat out. The chemical that is being used was banned in Europe and many other countries. Pretty sad.

      2. FB,
        With all the talk about organic food being the answer to all that is bad for us, I would suggest that you explore the facts behind organic production. All of your followers believe that organic means that no pesticides are applied. The only problem with that belief is that the bugs, weeds, and plant diseases don’t know the difference between an organic and conventional field. So, what do organic producers use on their organic veggies to control bugs, diseases, and weeds. You’d be surprised what is acceptable as an “organic approved” pesticide or fertilizer. It’s stuff developed around WWII timeframe. How does the taste of cow manure or copper sulfate sound in your salad? Its a little know secret. Pete

    2. You are misinformed, antibiotics are no longer OTC in Mexico. I live here and am required to not only have a prescription for antibiotics, but the cedula of the Dr. who prescribed them.

  7. Way to go, Food Babe!! Thank you for your hard work. Together, we can clean up this hot mess called ‘food’ in the west. You rock!! xoxo

  8. Great uncovering…and getting to a yes! I have a point or maybe question that I have been sitting on regarding parents and snack foods (so kind off topic here) please understand I am curious and maybe concerned and hope this is taken in that light. I commend parents wanting healthier snack/junk food (girl scout cookies as mentioned here…and I heard a parent on NPR discussing wanting the removal of food dyes from Skittles). Processed snacky foods are loaded in chemicals, manufactured sugars, dyes and much more. Are parents expecting these foods to be healthy? Jelly beans, Starbursts, M&M’s etc I imagine all have dyes and other unwanted stuff. Are we expecting candy and processed cookies to be healthy? I guess eat them knowing what they are or don’t give your kids these kinds of processed treats. Maybe my frustration lies in the fact that I used to work in nutrition and see how frustrating food decisions are for folks and understanding what’s ok or not but candy or cookies are not health foods . If you want healthy treats for kids make them, go to a health food store to get them or choose the best option but do we want to spend our time making Skittles healthier ? I just don’t understand. Please enlighten me…in all due respect. 🙂

    1. What a brilliant comment.

      I guess, in a nutshell, why take the time and energy to get a product produced that is SUPER unhealthy to a state of VERY unhealthy?

      1. Dennis,

        Thanks for your response and comment. Fighting Subway, Chipotle or Chick-Fill-A makes sense to me….upgrading a Skittles, not so much. Applaud all efforts, this one just soured (pun intended) 🙂 me! 🙂

    2. Jill I completely get what you are saying and agree. Unless my kids are eating skittles for every meal, I go into those treats with the knowledge that these are treats not a supplement of a meal. Once or twice a week is a treat and the sugar nor the other stuff in a skittles will kill them. I do beg all concerned parents and health conscious people to focus their energy on the big matters, like the antibiotics in food or how about the tons and tons of sugar that is unnecessarily added to our kids breakfast cereals, and just about everything else we eat. I am not a food expert but I do support understaning what is in our foods so that we can make our own decisions.

  9. Have you heard of the chain Burgerville here in Oregon? Local, sustainable practices . If they can do it, others can too! It would be great for you to talk with them about how they make it work. They might be a good role model for other restaurants!

  10. I’m trying to reach the FoodBabe people or anyone who can answer:

    What can Food Babe say about Foster Farms chicken in California? Below is their statement on their product:

    Foster Farms® Fresh Chicken – American Humane® Certified
    We want you to feel good about the choices you make when it comes to feeding your family. And we want you to know we share your values, especially when it comes to the humane treatment of animals in our care. That’s why we are proud that Foster Farms® fresh chicken is certified by The American Humane Association – one of the nation’s leading animal welfare organizations that has been at the forefront in protecting farm animals since 1877. If you would like to learn more about the certification program, visit our American Humane Association FAQs page or Please join us in a commitment to the humane treatment of all animals by taking The Humane Pledge.

    thank you
    [email protected]

  11. First, hearty congratulations! However, I’m intrigued that you desire “a fast food restaurant with a drive through window”. It strikes me as odd that someone so concerned with our food supply (and its impact on the environment) would care for or want a drive through window.

    1. Or worse why even care about a company that thinks people like them are superior to people not living the way they think you should.
      It shows me that the “food babe” has low moral standards herself and goes for the easy “victories” that really don’t mean anything I mean please! 5 years to switch over? again totally lame! and then people are saying anything about McDonald’s? they at least act swift and fast when it comes to animal welfare they went so far as to have Temple Grandin audit the companies that supplies the beef for their hamburgers and dropped a egg supplier when it was found that that company mistreated their Chickens. those companies should be supported and asked to make changes once they do everyone has to follow who cares about that junk chickfilla sells!? Let the big guys know that there is a market for Organic fast food.

      1. I would love to be able to get take out and come home to eat and not have to cook…Life gets busy, it would be AWESOME in a pinch. Too bad, that is no where in the near future. Organic food to go would be AMAZING!

  12. Wow thank you food babe! Like you said, it would be nice for them to do it in less than 5 years buy changing suppliers.

  13. Thank you for the on going crusade to better the lives for all.
    You are a giant and a force for good. Be proud!

    Barry Laub

  14. I applaud your efforts to clean up our food supply, especially in regard to the companies that sell the same product minus the crap in Europe. However, as a chicken farmer, cut Chik-Fil-A a little slack. I seriously doubt that there is an antibiotic free chicken grower that’s equipped to take on a restaurant of that size. It takes time to grow the chickens and build new facilities to house them. I also hope that you’ll encourage people to continue to eat there when they have to raise their prices to cover the higher cost of gmo free feed and dead loss from not medicating their flocks. Yes, I vehemently disagree with feeding antibiotics to chickens to fatten them up, but there are times when your flock gets sick and you can let them all die or give them antibiotics to save them. When you crusade for 100% antibiotic free, that’s extremely to do with a large flock in an economical manner. Go to your local grocery and price regular chicken vs gmo-free/antibiotic-free. Can CFA afford that, it is fast food after all. Should we expect them to become a high-end drive through. Again, I truly appreciate you standing up to protect our food supply, but there is so much more behind it that I’m not sure you understand

      1. It is possible, but that is why it’s not possible right this minute. I don’t think 5 years is an unreasonable time frame when you look at the amount of volume we’re talking about to supply a national chain. And the fact that there are probably contracts in place with their current growers

    1. Kara, Chick-fil-A isn’t going GMO-free with their feed. Yes, that could raise costs, but at this point it’s not happening. Also the I believe this is about removing the antibiotics put in feed to fatten up the chickens, I don’t think they will be stopping farmers from using it entirely if needed for a health concern (yes, that would be a gray area). I can find antibiotic-free chicken easily and cheaply, but I can almost never find chicken without GMO feed – even from some farmers’ markets. Apparently it’s getting more and more difficult (and costly) for farmers to find GMO-free feeds. Sadly.

  15. Vani, you rock!
    Keep fighting the good fight!
    More people need to wake up and finally realize, as all of your followers and fans already do, that businesses definititly pay attention when either negative publicity or declining sales force them to do what they know they should already be doing!
    People, we need to keep “voting” with our social media options and most importantly, our wallets!!!

  16. While I agree with you that there is still a long way to go, I’d like to say a tremendous thank you to you, Vani, for making this possible!

  17. Am I the only one that wants to see THE FoodBabe running up and down the street in a chicken costume?!? LOL! Thanks for everything, Vani! Let’s keep the pressure on!

  18. I heard about this! It’s fantastic. I’ve already written them telling them that it’s great that they’re doing this and I encouraged them to switch to free range and organic raised chickens and to remove the azodicarbonamide from their buns if they use it. Once a year I indulge in their spicy chicken biscuit.

  19. Hi,

    I understand that Starbuck also has the same bad chemical that Subway uses in their breads? Does anyone know what Starbucks products contain this chemical?

  20. Congratulations, and thank you so much for showing us it is possible for one person to stand up to the industry that matters so much to us.

  21. Chick-a-fil should be boycotted for their homophobic views,
    I’d rather eat chicken with antibiotics than eat at Chick-a-fil

      1. Just don’t want to lose sight of the bigger picture, discrimination in anyway shape or form has no place in society.

  22. Vani, why don’t you cut to the chase and open a chain of drive thru fast food for healthy organic no gmo food with healthiest bread? Seriously I am the drive thru generation (40-55 yrolds) and often ate entirely drive thru/3 meals a day for years, from late high school until college graduation! We are a huge market for drive thru and cheap is no longer our top priority. Even now 3 nights a week I wish I could drive thru for salmon salad, veggie soup or healthy roast beef sandwhich for $12 or less! HELP my generation of drive thru junkies, (many now restling with pre-cancer issues) and get us some real drive thru organic no gmo options!!! Imagine how this would help support the organic farmers provide more product for better price!!!!

    1. How is it supporting the local farmers by wanting them to provide more product at a better price? Growing food is hard work and costly, especially if you’re doing it “right” I.e. Pastured, organic, non-gmo etc.

      1. Food production is a business. Basic business principles still apply. Volume production and volume sales WITHOUT resorting to pesticidides, genetically modified crops and antibiotic meat is the goal. But the’ healthy’ food needs to be available to everyone/the masses in order to get the bad stuff out of the national food supply. And the farmers need to turn a profit to stay in business. Whole Foods does a nice job with volume sales and reasonable prices. I am hoping a fast food drive thru could do the same.
        Just like Food Babe needs volume/large numbers of signatures to pressure Chik Filet into cleaning up there ingredients. Basic business principles still apply.

  23. Wow Food Babe, congratulations! You’re changing the food we eat. I came here because The Health Ranger just mentioned you in his latest video and I had seen your site before. Consumer science-based research is what we need to change what we eat. I’m glad you’re not backing down on Subway, because it’s true, what will they replace that substance with? Same with Chik-Fil-A, after they change something doesn’t mean they are off the hook, you need to keep scrutinizing until you test their stuff and it is free of harmful substances.

    1. Josh – have you ever looked the Health Ranger up on Google? The man is considered one of the biggest liars & crackpots EVER. I think Hitler is the only other crackpot who beats him for the title.

      Adams supports pseudo-science over real science. He makes up everything in his argument to support his theories instead of using the proper steps of argument to prove his statements. Oh sure, he gives you source links, but none of them support what he is claiming. The man is so full of hate I will not be surprised when he comes down with cancer or commits suicide from his own form of insanity.

      Adams does not belong in the same league as Food Babe. Unlike him, she is NOT a crackpot!

  24. In a relatively short period of time while visiting your site, it is apparent that you, the Food babe, have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. But, you have been able to generate a great deal of publicity, probably because of your looks, which you use as leverage against companies in order to get them to give into your demands, which, again, are ideals and philisophies that you know absolutely nothing about within the realm of the food industry. Again, these things are apparent from the comments, propoganda, etc. on this site. Thanks!

  25. I love what your doing. Thanks
    Truth is CFA sees the writing on the wall, the FDA is going to take a stand against antibiotics, probably within the next 5 years. Quite honestly If they didn’t see the FDA’s charge coming I don’t think they would have promised to change. We need to be focusing our energies on the FDA and making them OUR consumer advocate instead of a corporate stepping stone for industry professionals.

  26. Vani, you are a force, and I am personally grateful for your incredible passion and drive to bring awareness to what’s actually in our food. I learned 3 years ago that I had numerous food allergies. Once I removed these foods and chemicals from my diet, I lost weight quickly. I no longer swelled with inflammation, or had headaches after every meal. The most incredible change that happened was my state of mind. I use to have terrible mood swings. I’m a very loving person, but with the wrong foods, I would almost go into a rage at times, for no apparent reason. After removing these foods and chemicals, my moods leveled out completely. I could actually maintain a state of joy, and no longer reacted badly to every day situations. It is a challenge to eat this way, but I feel better than I’ve ever felt, so the alternative isn’t ever an option for me. I am so thankful for the work you do every day. When I read that you’ve hardly rested recently, I just wanted to remind you that without you, all of these triumphs wouldn’t have happened. Please take good care, and allow yourself everything you need. Love and care for yourself most, so you can continue to be the amazing force you are.
    With HUGE Love and Gratitude!!

  27. FB –

    I read this and my immediate thought was, why not introduce the chicken farms to colloidal silver water for their livestock? It’s a known killer of more than 300 bacteria AND viruses, and I am sure wouldn’t contribute anything toxic to anyone. I use colloidal silver myself, regularly, and stay bug-free. There’s a good reason it’s been used for centuries – it works!!

    May be something you may want to pass on to Chick-fil-A exec’s. It’s simple and very cheap to make and takes very little to be effective…

    Something to think about…

  28. MY God, Vani, you are just great!!! You are the best thing for us. So glad you are trying so hard, you made me cry too. Thanks for all you do for us.

  29. I wish you could convince them to add a temporary “feature” sandwich or something to their menu that would enable people like us to buy there so we can reward them for moving in the right direction. I think they appreciate their suppliers and probably feel obligated to give their suppliers time to get educated so they at least have a chance to figure out how to make this work too. This is such a shaky economy and these people seem to understand that every choice made without fully considering all the ramifications could have very negative unintended consequences. I think that is the real reason they want to take their time. The commitment is there and if there is anyway to make this win win it will take thinking about all angles which unfortunately does take time. This is a victory. Let’s see if we can help them continue to move in our direction and show other companies that there is a way to transition without throwing the baby out with the bath.

  30. Thank you sooooooo much for your efforts. I am so glad that you are there to help express our voice and concerns. I will do anything to help. So glad I found you.
    Thanks again.
    Latrobe, PA, USA

  31. Many people who rely on these foods cannot afford much else, so it is encouraging that the Food Babe Army is getting up in their face and making changes. As shown in a many of Michael Moore’s films, it is not easy to rock the agenda of a major corporation to it’s knees enough to do anything the public wishes over them making masses of profits. So I tip my hat to all of you who have helped move the wheels of progress forward, for not just us who are more privileged and can eat mainly organic but for those who don’t have a voice to protest or even knowledge that what they are eating is slowly poisoning them.

    I would love to see Weight Watcher products investigated. I don’t eat them personally, but I am on the program, and they sell a lot of garbage to women who want to cut calories-shakes, bars and frozen meals. They did say on FB when I asked about their new Oatmeal to Go meals that they are very careful when selecting items that go into their food to make sure they have no GMO’s in them. They promote a ” Simple Start ” program that is based on whole foods and nothing processed which is a great boon to their otherwise commercial outfit. But still I have seen lots of people at work on WW’s and they eat those Smart meals, which can’t really be.

  32. Is there a way that you can block Ted? I mean he’s obviously not an advocate of FoodBabe and I’m tired of seeing all of his negative feedback. If he is a parent and has a family then he should understand all the Positive things that you are trying to do/Accomplish for our human race.

    I am entirely happy to see someone stepping up and applying this imperative pressure to the food industry. We the people have got to stop just allowing things to happen… and then we freak out when it’s too late. I am a young adult and I have only recently discovered that chemicals and bad things are being put in our foods. It’s scary to know how hidden these things are and how the government and the FDA has allowed this to happen! I am hoping that more and more people find out about these truths, pull off the blinders and start doing something about it. Have you guys ever thought about doing some kind of “not going to ANY fast food restaurants day”? Promote it for a couple of months, let people make this thing go viral and then pick a day Or Days/Weeks/Months To make it happen!

    1. I am,
      Nothing like freedom of speech or analyzing another point of view. I bet you also have a “coexistence” bumper sticker on your car.

    2. I am,
      Sorry you feel the way you do about my posts. I am not trying to be negative but it is hard sometimes here. I am only trying to challenge people to think for themselves. If you look at both sides of these food issues, and I mean really look at them, and still choose to believe what you believe then so be it. The food babe is trying to do positive things but she gets alot of things flat out wrong too and as a farmer I am going to point that out.

      As a young person it is good to know you are thinking about things like this but I would caution you to make sure you look at things through an objective eye and don’t just assume whatever you read is correct. There is usually another side to the story. I served on a school board for a long time and there were many times that, as a board member, I had a vote in the future of a young person who found trouble. Most of the time there was a very vocal bunch who wanted the kid kicked out of school. Most of the time there was a completely different side to the story that nobody wanted to listen to. I learned very quickly that to make the best decision that you have to decide what is noise and what is fact. There’s alot of noise here.

      1. Nice article. Thanks for posting it. In different parts of the country, where the bang for the buck with GMO is not there, there has been some switching back to conventional seed. There is one thing in that article that isn’t true. This quote from the farmer…….”Huegerich said he used herbicides on GMO corn and conventional corn, even though theoretically he shouldn’t have to use it on his genetically modified crop.” That is most likely a misquote by the reporter. That happens alot and it has happened to me several times. We use herbicides on both GMO and conventional. GMO crops were never meant to be herbicide free, just tolerant to Roundup. In the end though, is it going to make a difference with people of the organic/non-GMO mindset if a switch back to conventional over GMO evolves? I’ve been told several times on this site that it’s not really the GMO but the pesticides used. And there will be pesticides used on those crops switched back to conventional.

  33. With all the toxins in corporate fast food, I do not understand why people won’t just stop buying this type of nutritionally deficient food. Let’s boycott corporate fast food. I have not purchased fast food for over 10 years and I am healthier. No Subway, Chick Fil A or any of these mega corp nutrient food. Say NO to corporate fast food. Can you?? I can.

  34. You are such an inspiration, so brave of you to take on all these companies on behalf of all of us wanting more natural foods, keep up all your amazing work.

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