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Day 1 – The Juice Fast … (or is it Feast)!

Day 1 on the Juice Fast was pretty incredible. I don’t know why they call it “fasting” – because it is truly a JUICE FEAST! We are drinking so much juice – it’s surprising we haven’t turned into vegetables and starting growing kale out of our ears.

This fast has been much easier than I ever imagined with little to no major issues physically or mentally.  I can see myself doing one day juice fasts all the time.  You feel so light and energetic – this could be really addictive.

6am – When I got up in the morning, I had abundant energy.  I had hot water with lemon and cayenne and also some herbal green tea. I originally planned to do just a walk and some light yoga – but my energy was through the roof!  I said the hell with it and went for a run on the treadmill….

And then some stair monster for another 30 mins…


I ended up working out for 50 mins – definitely more than I planned and burning approximately 427 calories…

IMG 0137

Then I made our first batch of juice.  I call it Ravishing Red! This early morning energizer consisted of beets, carrots, apple, celery, cucumber ginger, and kale – The juicer made about 25 ounces which I split with my husband and we diluted it with water to have about 20 ounces each to drink through the morning.

8:30am –  I arrived at work and immediately started sipping….It took me about 45 mins to finish this breakfast.

Red Juice

9:45am – The office was FREEZING, I sit next to the vents, so this doesn’t help.  I needed to warm up – so I went for a cup of this new tea I bought this week.  It was delicious and the cinnamon definitely had a warming effect on my body.

Herbal Tea

10:30 – I noticed a funny texture on my teeth and taste….Not sure the reason, but a different feeling I wasn’t used to. I drank about 16 ounces of tea and another 8 ounces of water before lunch.

Noon – I had about 50 mins to make juice and head back to work.  It was super easy – because my husband was home for the day and had the juicer all cleaned and ready to juice!  I first made a batch of cranberry juice to store separately in the fridge.  This was going to be our go to drink if we felt low on energy. Mixing a couple of tablespoons with a big cup of water is amazing for reducing hunger pains. The cranberry juice also aids in detoxification!
Cranberry Juice

Bottle of about 10 ounces to use over the next day and a half.  I will make more on Sunday.

Cranberry Juice Done

Then I quickly washed up all the ingredients for the Kickin’ Kale Juice

Kickin Kale Juice

The juicer made about 15 ounces for each of us – I diluted this with water again and enjoyed sitting outside while reading a book drinking it in the sun!  I finished about half of it before it was time to get back to work.

Happy in the Sun

A lovely trombone player was near by.  It was an amazing lunch listening to his music while getting a glow from the sun and the green juice.

Trumbone Player

The afternoon went well at work – I was able to focus just fine.  It was weird not having a snack in the afternoon – I didn’t crave it either.

Someone even had doughnuts on their desk – it didn’t in the slightest bit tempt me.  I really believe the nutrition in the juice was giving my body what it truly needed to prevent any sort of craving. I didn’t feel the need to “chew” anything either.  I had abundant energy.

Drinking a huge water canteen filled with a few tablespoons of cranberry juice to occupy me, I didn’t need anymore tea – I think sitting in the sun earlier warmed me up pretty darn good!

When I left work at the end of the day, though, I forgot my purse!  Was this a symptom of the juice – memory loss? My energy was great, so walking back to work was no problem. I even came home and did a Power Pilates workout.


6pm – It was back to the juicer for more juice – It was time for some Rainbow Bite Juice!  I enjoyed it on the couch, again diluting it with water and sipped it slowly for an hour.

Happy on the couch

The rainbow chard, which is a member of the beet family has several colors in their stems – check out the juice separating into three layers….
Colors seperating

At night, my husband and I put on a movie – We were absolutely freezing on the couch. And the thermostat was up to 75! and we were still cold!  We immediately warmed up some tea.  This is one of my favorite new finds – Turmeric Ginger with hints of orange.

Rishi Tea

It’s loose leaf tea – you can see the quality in the big pieces of turmeric and ginger! Absolutely delicious and exactly what we needed.  However, we were still a bit cold.  I became quite delirious about 10:30 and had to stop the movie and immediately go bed.

On a side note, Shalini my sweet cousin sent me this article here today on how anti-inflammatory foods can help prevent cancer. Even though I understand these research findings already – it’s energizing to read an article like this – it strengthens my resolve and pumps me up about the way I feed my body. Thank you Shalini!

Inside Tea

Overall day 1 was quite unexpected!  So happy to have 24 hours behind me with ease!  If you have other questions about my day or juicing in general feel free to ask away here or on my FB Wall – Please remember to Like my Fan Page if you like my blog!

Here’s to Juicing Joyfully!


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30 responses to “Day 1 – The Juice Fast … (or is it Feast)!

  1. Hey there Carrie! Later today in my Day 2 post – I’ll give my recommendations! Stay tuned! But just so you know – we use a Breville Juicer. Very fast to juice and easy to clean!

    1. Pretty much…the ravishing red in the morning, and then green juice (Kickin Kale, Cabbage Patch Kid, or Super Detox) through the day with less and less fruit or carrot. If you leave the sugar (fruit, carrot, beets) out of your green juice, your body will regulate blood sugar better and you won’t feel as hungry.

  2. Could you tell me more about the watch you are wearing? Is it strictly calorie counter, what brand, and will it track multi sports?

  3. I just started juicing thanks for reading your blog….and I absolutely love it! You mentioned above that you dilute your juice. Can you explain this a little more i.e. how much and why? And btw – your blog is fantastic. I look forward to reading it everyday!

    1. I only dilute it when I am on a juice fast…and that’s only twice a year. I just add filtered water to make it last longer. Regularly I drink it straight up! Good Luck.

  4. So … to clarify … the cranberry juice is 2T dried cranberries blended into a big cup of water? Also, I don’t have a juicer … but I do have a vitamix … do you recommend these recipes (rainbow bite and the green one and so on) if one only has a vitamix? Thanks 🙂

    1. Hey – I’m using my slow juicer right not (Huron) but it’s a pain to clean so I bought a Blendtec. I was wondering the same…did you ever hear back from Food Babe?

  5. P.S. I also saw your mention of most lipsticks containing lead. Can you recommend any brands that are safe? Thanks!

  6. I really enjoy your site! Thank you so much for all of the helpful tips! Do you think I could follow your juice cleanse using the our Vitamix? Unfortunately, we don’t have a juicer.

    1. I have the Montel Williams Juicer, is that ok..and btw I also love your blog..dang girl why didnt I see this earlier…love it..

      1. Any juicer that works for you and that you will use is great!

    2. A vitamix is great but it really isn’t the same as a juicer and for the cleanse, we really recommend juicing.

      1. I’ve read to drink fresh juice immediately after juicing to obtain all of the nutrients. I’ve also read not to store juice in containers? Is this true? I would love to be able to juice and save for at least the day! Also, I recently discovered vitalicious food products. Would you recommend these foods as being GMO free? They only tout ” all natural”. Thank you!!! Love all of your tips!

      2. Hi Kristin – for fresh juice, it is best to drink immediately because they quickly begin to lose nutrients. For green smoothies, it is ok to store in airtight container in fridge for up to 48 hrs. We really encourage our readers to look at ingredient lists and decide for yourself.
        These are not organic, have soy (most likely GMO), natural flavors…we say NO! “all natural” really means nothing. Hope that helps!

  7. Great Blog, do the cranberries have the seeds in them when you juice them? How many Juices are you drinking through the day?

  8. Hey there,

    I pre-planned to follow your juice plan one day a week out of three weeks of mini-juicing (juicing until noon). Today is day one, in which I planned to juice all day in accordance to your first day. And honestly- I don’t know how you do it! I was starving by 10am, and I had actually slept past my workout alarm (first time in a long time I’ve done that, oi). By 10:30, I had already drank my Kickin’ Kale juice (which was very yummy). I don’t think juice fasts should starve you, but I just felt like there’s not enough nourishment to go off of with those three drinks alone. I’m going to continue doing an all day juice fast- but it probably will require more juice!

    Thank you for spurring the idea though. And happy juicing 🙂

    1. Hi Emma – just checking to see how the rest of your juice fast went?

  9. I REALLY needed this!!!! A juice cleanse!!! But is it safe??! I don’t want something to happen to me during the cleanse!!nfeeling scared!!! Any cons? Do I need to tell my doctor first??

  10. Hi , is the juicer your using food babe and brevile juicer ? It looks like mine 🙂 I would really love a reply to my questions below so I can start another juice fast . I did one 5 days ago for 7 days and felt amazing but have allowed a few processed food including coffee back in my life and I feel the need to detox again .
    I found my juicer did not go to well with so knack and kale and neither were listed in the manual , however your juicer seemed to do the job ?
    How much dark greens did you use and what speed did you nice it at ?

    Also I buy dandeloin tea bags is this ok ?



  11. I’m on day one of my juice fast and so far so good. I definitely feel like my body is detoxing as I have mild headaches and other symptoms. Drinking tea helps. It’s 4 pm and I’m not hungry yet! Can’t wait to see how I feel after the 3 days.

  12. I just bought a juicer and I love it. I want to do a cleanse. When you do a cleanse do you eat in between or is it strictly juice all day?

    I looked up the Suja 3 day Cleanse (from Costco) and they have small meals in between. Do you think this is a good cleanse?

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