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Day 2 – My Juicer Recommendations & Juice Fast Recap

Before I get started on the Day 2 Recap of my juice fast – Let’s talk juicers.

We have a Breville Juicer ($299) that looks like this (12/2011 Update – gave this juicer to my parents):

We have had this for approximately one year with absolutely no issues. The machine works perfectly – This is a centrifuge juicer – it spins vegetables until they separate into juice and pulp. I don’t want to hurt my juicers feelings – because it provides so much green love to me and my husband, however, I have noticed vegetable pulp in the waste bin is a tiny bit wet after juicing – you can solve this issue by using a cheese cloth or nut milk bag and squeezing the excess juice from the pulp. Other than that – This juicer has been perfect for us. It’s easy to clean and is mostly stainless steel and can be put occasionally in the dishwasher on the top shelf. I mostly hand wash it because I use it so often. We want to upgrade soon – but juicers are crazy expensive. I plan to give it to my parents when we do (shhh – don’t tell them)…

Other than the Breville – There are some other very good options.

Hurom Juicer ($358) (This is a link to buy it on Amazon)

This juicer grinds the vegetables against a filter vs. spinning them fast – it’s quiet, easy to clean and is a slow juicer, preserving nutrients and enzymes much longer than centrifuge juicers. This juicer takes a little longer to juice than the breville, but is just as easy to clean. The pulp comes out almost completely dry and will save you money down the road in produce cost making this juicer worth every penny of the investment.

Please note – Breville recently came out with its own version of this slow juicing design (I love this one too!) – you can check it out here – Breville ($299)


Jack LaLanne Juicer ($79) (This is a link to buy it on Amazon)

This juicer is very popular with folks that want to get started juicing but shy of the investment. It is a centrifuge juicer just like the breville mentioned above. The downside, is that the white plastic can stain and can be harder to clean.

Green Star Juicer ($482) (This is a link to buy it on Amazon)

I have read a lot about this juicer and asked around for advice – It’s my buddy Max’s favorite from Living Maxwell. It’s a masticating juicer (like the Hurom) which basically means it squeezes the juice from the pulp instead of spinning it like the centrifuge juicer. Masticating juicers have been proven to give out more quality juice and said to have less potential for oxidation during juicing because there is no air flow. The only draw back – This is even more expensive – ranging from $450 – $600 dollars depending on which model you get.

The next option, which I have dreams about at night, and is on my Christmas list this year is the Norwalk Juicer (12/2011 update – my husband got it for me, I was scared of it for a couple of months (because it is loud!) – but now it is in regular use!). This thing is a seriously powerful machine which presses so much juice out of your vegetables it turns your pulp into almost pure powder. AMAZING – you get ALL the juice from your vegetables – nothing is wasted. Also you can store the juice made from these machines for up to 72 hours depending on what kind of vegetables or fruits you are juicing. Again, AMAZING. This is incredible considering, juicing is at least a 20 min time commitment each day you can eliminate. If we ever get one of these machines – I plan to throw a huge juicing party and make juice for all my friends and family.

If you don’t have a juicer, get a juicer now and join the JUICE REVOLUTION!  Start spreading the green love to your friends and family.  They will thank you – I promise!

Ok on to Day 2 of the Juice Feast!

8am – Slept a full 10 hours. Much needed rest accomplished.  After walking I turned on the hot water and enjoyed a huge cup of lemon water with cayenne.

Lemon Water and Cayenne

And then on to some delicious green tea –

Green Tea

As I was enjoying my green tea – I prepped the juicer by using a plastic vegetable bag in the waste bin – This saves big time on clean up!  I learned this from watching “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” – Have you seen it?  It’s a hilarious movie about a guy from Australia that drinks nothing but juice for 60 days!  It’s available on Netflix instantly – watch it tonight!

Preparing the Juicer

After enjoying a half portion of my Ravishing Red Juice – I headed to Yoga One for some Hot Yoga with Daniel. I handled the heat and flow amazingly well.  Daniel is a seriously gifted teacher – I love how he fills the room with his words about each pose and how to go deeper. With Daniel’s skilled techniques, class goes by in a FLASH!

Yoga One

After Yoga One – I finished the rest of my Ravishing Red Juice and headed home. I dry brushed my body and took a nice warm shower and got into comfy clothes.  Shortly after I made more juice from these veggies – I call this juice the Cabbage Patch Kid. (Recipe coming soon)
Cabbage Patch Kid Juice

I drank half of my portion outside on the patio with my husband soaking up some rays!

Then I got a little sleepy – so I took about an hour and half long nap. I woke up with a screaming headache!  I immediately texted my pal Rian – a raw vegan chef who leads juice cleanses about what I should do.  I had a feeling all that sweating in yoga earlier wasn’t so good from my electrolyte count.  He OKed some coconut water, celery and apple juice. I was pretty desperate so I immediately went to this coconut water.

The coconut water I had WAS.SO.GOOD.  I felt like I was cheating.  But nonetheless – it was still pure “juice” and I knew my sweat session was the cause of my pain – because my husband who doesn’t do hot yoga felt just dandy!

At about 4:30pm – I had the rest of my Cabbage Patch Juice for a snack with my husband on the couch.


I still had a slight headache about 5:30pm , however, it cleared right up with a little bit of fresh air and circulation, when we went on a walk through Uptown Charlotte. Before the walk I had some a few tablespoons of fresh cranberry juice in water for a little energy boost.


Our walk was kinda hilarious – because we kept passing bars like this one – and could smell what was coming out of those friers in the back.  Nachos and beer came to our minds many times during our walk.  Normally – I would never have nachos or beer given the choice – so weird. We were both definitely craving salt!

IMG 0189

We had entertainment on every corner – like this strange old man playing an instrument I have never heard or seen.

Playing Instrument

Back at the ranch – After about a 40 min walk, I made some Kickin’ Kale Juice. I enjoyed a huge glass of it – this time not watered down.

IMG 0193

Which brings me to an interesting question posed by a Food Babe Fan – Claire.  She asked two questions:

Screen Shot 2011 10 23 at 9 54 00 AM

To further explain – I decided to dilute some of our juices during the juice fast to allow us to have more juice to sip longer during the day. Since we aren’t eating anything for 72 hours – This has been nice because sipping the juice is keeping our mouths busy and consistently providing nutrition to our bodies. Also – when I save fresh juice to drink later – I always make sure I fill the air tight jar to the top with juice – if I am ever short, I fill it up with water and then close the container. This eliminates the effects of oxidation when storing the juice. When I juice on a normal basis – I never dilute.

Thank you Claire for submitting your question!  I love interacting with my followers on my Facebook Fan Page – Stop by if you haven’t already and say hi my wall!   I love answering questions and hearing your comments!


Late at night – I enjoyed a huge cup of Rishi Turmeric Ginger Tea. Yes I am kissing my mug. Drinking tea has been my absolute savior in keeping the late night chills down to a minimum!

Overall Day 2 was cake! (I wish it tasted like cake – hahahaha)… The only hiccup was the 2 hour long headache in the afternoon… For this reason, I wouldn’t recommend Hot Yoga during a fast. The only other foreign side effect my husband and I both have had is a slight film in my mouth and teeth.  And this is a completely normal side effect of detoxing!

BTW – here’s a little preview for Day 3 – WE ARE AS HIGH AS A KITE right now. 🙂

Hope are enjoying the juicing ride!


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56 responses to “Day 2 – My Juicer Recommendations & Juice Fast Recap

    1. I have been juicing for 3 years. I take the pulp and the foam and blend it with raw almond meal, hemp seeds and chia. I then spread this thinly over teflex and dehydrate it at 105 overnight. These crackers are amazing. I occasionally add ground chilis to spice them up and sea salt. Super easy and lets you use up the pulp.

      1. That is a BRILLIANT tip. Do you use a special appliance/dehydrator for that. I would like to try, but dont have the fancy equipment. Any ideas for how i could try using kitchen basics?

  1. On to juice day 2 for us, and it’s going well. I wouldn’t say I’m fantastically not craving food, but with 2 little kids in the house (and a holiday weekend…whoops) there’s no chance to get away from food. Having a Cabbage Patch juice for lunch, which is ok. I really like the Ravishing Red breakfast juice and the Rainbow Bite so far. The cranberry juice has also been amazing and definitely curbs the appetite. I find from 11-3 or 4 in the afternoon the hardest for me. Once the evening gets going I seem to lose my appetite all together and have bounds of energy…couldn’t fall asleep last night. Well, thanks for sharing your experience and the info on your blog. I am glad I’m giving this a try.

  2. I used to have a Breville juicer, but age really wore it down. Now i blend my veggies up in the vitamix and strain through a nutmilk bag. do you think this is seriously damaging the quality of the juice?? i usually refrigerate it for 10 hrs (i make it at night) before drinking.

  3. My hubs has the same mug that you are kissing in your pic…that is his ‘go to’ tea mug…just thought it was a funny coincidence…

  4. Food Babe, the Norwalk, SERIOUSLY? I……had…….no…….idea, that something like this existed. I’m soooooooo sold on this. I bet it will even start my making my juice in the morning, without me. LOL.

  5. The Dash juicer -$99 at Target is VERY similar to Breville 750 for nearly half the cost. I have the Breville, bought boyfriend the Dash. Almost identical design and nearly equal waste. Dash is almost better in not getting clogged up after juicing a full pitcher. Check it out. I also loved Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead… great documentary!

    1. There are three juicers by Dash at Target. Is it the Dash Electric Juicer that’s on sale for 70.99 or the Dash Slow Juicer at $165?

  6. I see on your juicer review, there is no comment about Vitamix. I know Vitamix is more on a blender category. My question is, would making the juice recipe with the Vitamix has the same properties as juicing plus you get the fiber?.

    1. Hi Marina, a Vitamix is great too but yes you are right, it is a blender and completely different than juicing. Both are very beneficial but for different reasons. For a juice fast, it is better to use a juicer.

  7. When you feel the film in your mouth, you should try Oil pulling. I do it in the morning after brushing my teeth, before lunch and right before bed. Your mouth is where your body detoxes the most. I take 2 tbsp. of Organic Coconut Oil and swish for 20 min. each time. DO NOT SWALLOW! Make sure to spit it out in the trash can as it will clog the pipes! It has been clearing my skin and helps with any sinus issues, that I do not have now after doing this for 3 weeks. I hope to keep it up! Check out Bruce Fife’s “Oil Pulling” book for tons of testimonials and scientific information.

    1. I think Bruce Fife says that you should oil pull before you brush your teeth. This is what I do.

  8. Hey Food Babe, do you still love your Norwalk juicer? I saw you got it over a year ago and I’m wondering how it’s holding up? That thing looks awesome!!!

  9. We got our Hurom VRT at Bed, Bath and Beyond and they let us use the 20% off coupon on it!! Its super easy clean up and very quiet (we tried the centrifugal one and it was loud and got juice everywhere). We absolutely love it! My “guilty” pleasure just is Bruchetta Juice; tomatoes, garlic and fresh basil. Delish!

    Depending on the type of pulp, we will use it to make dog treats for our beagles.

  10. What is your opinion on the Omega Fruit and Vegetable Juicer? I bought the 8006 model recently and am curious about your opinion since it wasn’t mentioned as a recommendation on your website.
    Thanks for your great juice recipes and tips!! The Norwalk Juicer looks fantastic —- lucky you!!

    Also, have you tried oil pulling? I find it difficult to do for 20 min at a time, let alone doing it three times a day, as it is recommended to do.
    Thanks for your time,

  11. We use the nutiblaster for making our juices it has done well and my wife and I can tell the difference in stamina. Your different articles are an eye opener to what the government is allowing to be placed in our food supply . i glad to see you and others fighting for our healthy food rights.
    Thank you

    1. I never see much about the Nutri Bullet, but for me it is the only one!!! Easy clean up easy to use, leaves the fruit or veggie pulp in tact! I don’t completely pulverize my fruit or veggie juice for best results, and of course add protien powder!! I love hemp seeds and raw nuts in my fruit juice and protien powder in veggie juice. As a side note I have been juicing daily for just over a month and have lost 9 lbs, of course I am watching what I eat too, but juice is so filling that I want for nothing!! Oh adding Ice to the mix makes the drink nice and consistant and far more drinkable!!

  12. Hi Food Babe,
    I follow you regularly, and have made a lot of changes to my life thanks to you. I also greatly appreciate your efforts to hold food manufacturers accountable! Keep up the great work!

    The one thing I’ve noticed is your efforts seem not to include being kind to the environment–in particular, use of plastic bags. I’d love to see you not only encourage kindness to body, but to the environment as well.


  13. I have a Norwalk juicer and have rarely used in in 5 years because it makes such a mess. Do you have any suggestions for using it with less mess?

  14. I make shakes every day for my parents and me ! I use blueberries and mango wit goji berries and yogurt ! Blended with premium orange juice and ground flax seed ! It is easy and filling ! Oh ya I put pgx powdered or whey powder in as well. ! Delish and nutritious !

  15. I bought a Hurom last Dec 2013. Love it. The clean up is not bad and it is very quiet. No real problem with the various vegetables. The juice has a bit of pulp when doing green leafy vegetables and since I dislike all pulp, I strain the juice before drinking.

    The problem I do deal with is that my herbs and some vegetables spoil before I can use it all. It was suggested that I freeze them. Would that take away the benefits of juicing? Plus is it possible to juice a frozen fruit or vegetable?

    1. Hey Maryse, I just received a friend’s barely used Hurom HC 100. I am new to juicing and made some for the first time today. Noticed there was quite a bit of pulp in the juice and that whole food was still in the strainer after juicing. Seems like this machine may produce pulp in the juice based on your comment. Have you had whole food left in the strainer? Just wondering if you could provide some tips. Thanks.

  16. hi, i’m using vitamix & we just drink it as is like a smoothie. can u pls let me know if we’re not getting the benefits of raw juicing? should i ditch our vitamix & get omega juicer? it’s just hard to clean. and dont u waste the fiber when juicing unlike with vitamix? help pls i’m confused!

    1. aj d Don’t ditch your vitamix. I love mine as I just got it a few months ago. Two separate things. I read the omega Juicer is awesome. I have a Cuisinart and don’t hear much about it. Though it cost me a few bucks. Juicer to juice and it instantly goes into your bloodstream. Vitamix is awesome for smoothies. Love both of mine.

      1. I have the omega juicer and love it and vitamix …. I blend one day and juice the next . love them both!!

  17. Hi Food Babe I also have the same question about the Vitamix. Am I not getting the benefits as I would with my Green Juicer. The Vitamix is so much quicker to use. My Green Juicer wastes a lot of pulp. Thanks for your help and great recipes. Love the Quinoa burgers.

  18. I have the same question as above. Why remove the pulp from the juice? Isn’t the pulp beneficial and nutritious? I have constipation and the pulp I understand is like a broom. However, if I’m not getting the most nutrition by using my Vitamix and should switch to a juicer, I’d like to understand why.

  19. Day two of my last detox gifted me with a major headache too, without doing the Yoga :/
    I think it might have been Carb cravings – or like you say maybe the Salt?
    I’ll try another one next week, so we’ll see if that one goes better with my now more adjusted body 🙂

  20. you need to get on with the times and the latest technology is the KUVINGS WHOLE JUICER, I love mine, it is seriously the easiest juicer to use and the easiest to clean.
    Just looking at the norwalk and seeing how it works scares me, are those cloth bags/sheets healthy to use, doesn’t bacteria grow in them after a while..

  21. A Vitamix does not produce juice. It is a blender that liquifies. You need real juice to get the best benefit from the veggy nutrients. Use a blender for smoothies, a juicer to make juice. Make crackers out of the remaining fibre. Or put the fibre in your soup.

  22. I need to hear more about your life with the Norwalk. It looks seriously amazing, but also like a pain in the butt to really deal with daily…seems like a lot of steps, but obviously worth it if you’re serious about juicing. Me, i use jack lalane +nutribullet. I hate the waste from the lalane, but for 70 bucks, it is very reasonable and easy to mow through 25lb or more in a quick juicing session. I wonder if the time commitment is much greater with norwalk. Obviously the results look waaay superior, and the scientific comparisons on nutrient quality are amazing. Tell me everything! I want to know!!!

  23. I am new to juicing. A friend gave me her barely used Hurom HC 100 juicer which I used today for the first time. I made Vani’s Holiday juice from the December food guide. I loved the taste but the juice had a lot of pulp in it. Is this normal? I was expecting all the pulp to go into the pulp chute. I cut the food into 2 inch pieces as recommended in the instructions. Also when cleaning the juicer I noticed some chunk of apple left whole in the strainer. So, do I have a bad machine or am I doing something wrong? Any help is appreciated for this new juicer! Thanks.

  24. I’ve done a 3 day juice fast before and started another one this week. I don’t think the headaches are due to yoga or exercise. Because my husband and I both got them this time ( and I did last time) whilst doing these types of fasts. I think it might be the toxins releasing quickly. Your post was from 3 years ago have you heard any new research on this?

  25. Cayenne Pepper Help!
    I didn’t notice any cayenne pepper floating around in your early morning drink, yet when I mix cayenne in with my hot water and lemon juice it never seems to mix with the water….it just floats. Please help.
    Thank you.

  26. Hi there,

    I just bought a Vitamix. Can I throw everything in the vitamix instead of using a juicer?

    Love your site!!

  27. Does someone have a juice fast they can suggest? a friend of mine suggested this. The idea is not only to clean by to decrease the acidity in your system. I look forward to your replies.
    1. Phood
    2. Vitamineral Green
    3. greener grasses alkalizer
    4. Cell Powder

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