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This Frito Lay Organic Product Sent Shockwaves Through Me – Help Get It Everywhere.

Everyone knows that chips aren’t exactly healthy and many of us eat them anyways. They are part of our culture whether we like it or not. Super Bowl Parties. Vending Machines. Side Items. School Lunches. They are everywhere and that’s why seeing a very popular chip change sent shockwaves through me and a burst of hope shot up my spine.

I was recently near San Francisco visiting a local Costco store and saw a huge display of Organic Ruffles in one of the aisles. I was really surprised to see this because I’d never seen Organic Ruffles, and in fact, I had never seen a certified organic Frito Lay product ever in my life. Turns out that these chips are an exclusive deal, and are only available to Costco members. Costco wanted to have more organic snacks available to their customers, so they asked Frito Lay and got them. I also came to find out that it’s not just Ruffles and that Costco also asked Frito Lay for an organic version of Stacy’s Pita Chips, and also limited-edition Supreme Cheddar Doritos without the MSG (that you find in regular Doritos). Go Costco! 

This is why grocery stores are our friends. It’s not just us activists that can get change at these mega-billion dollar food companies – there are hundreds of amazing people working within the system to drive change and it can happen fast. They are the unsung heroes you never hear about… 


You might not think this a big deal. But it is.

Finding Organic Ruffles was a huge sign that Frito Lay is capable of much more than I previously thought. Frito Lay is owned by Pepsi Co and considered one of the worst junk food companies in the world – their products are FULL OF ADDITIVES & GMOs – so much so, that they have spent over 8 million dollars fighting GMO labeling over the last 3 years. 

Take a moment and think about this.

Part of our work is to speak up about these little changes because they do matter. In this case, switching from regular potato chips to organic chips can make a big difference for average people. That’s why I want to draw attention to this.

Can you imagine what would happen if everyone had access to these Organic Ruffles? We would have have… 

Less Synthetic Pesticides:  Potatoes Can Contain 35 Different Pesticides (Many of them linked to health issues). 

Potatoes are known to be one of the most contaminated crops in the U.S. and you’ll find potatoes on the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Dirty Dozen List of conventional produce. According to the USDA’s Pesticide Data Program, up to 35 different pesticides have been found on conventional potatoes and several of these pesticides are known carcinogens, suspected hormone disruptors, neurotoxins, or reproductive toxins (see the list here). You may assume that because potatoes are grown in or just above the ground, they would be somewhat protected from pesticides – but this just isn’t the case. According to EWG“The average potato had more pesticides by weight than any other food”. Some of the pesticides used on potatoes can be absorbed into the flesh of the potato, so these pesticides don’t just wash off or come off when they are peeled.   

More Sustainable Farming 

Organic farming is beneficial to the environment – its methods improve the health of the soil and doesn’t pollute our water with the synthetic pesticides used in conventional (non-organic & GMO) farming. The more farmers we have growing organic produce the better it is for all of us, and will protect the integrity of the industry. Especially when it comes to potatoes.

Less Risky GMO Crops

Although there are not currently any genetically modified potatoes in our food, there will be soon – possibly hitting the market as early as Spring 2015. Simplot’s new GMO “Innate potato” just gained USDA approval and the FDA is expected to approve it shortly, clearing the road for food manufacturers to start putting it in our food. According to Doug Gurian-Sherman, a plant pathologist and senior scientist at the Center for Food Safety, “We think this is a really premature approval of a technology that is not being adequately regulated”. McDonald’s has already stated publicly that they don’t plan to use Simplot’s new GMO potato, and when we asked Frito Lay if they have plans to use this GMO potato they replied:

“We use our own varieties of “chipping” potatoes, which are specially grown for low moisture and shape. There’s no reason to believe that this will change in the future… I can only tell you what is happening now. I don’t see why we would have the need to use something else–especially since we’ve developed our own, perfect potatoes. This is what makes our chips better than all the others”

They declined to disclose whether Simplot was one of their suppliers. Even if Frito Lay ultimately decides to refuse GMO potatoes, the other main ingredient in potato chips could be GMO. Most conventional potato chips, including Ruffles, are fried in oils that are made from crops that are predominantly GMO like corn or canola. Frito Lay had this to say when we asked whether the oil used in Ruffles is GMO:

“we do not require nor exclude genetically modified ingredients, we are not able to answer this, however, we do have a variety of Reduced Fat Ruffles in our Simply line that is cooked in expeller-pressed sunflower oil. To our knowledge there is no GMO sunflower oil that is available for commercial purchase”.

Unless a chip is 100% certified organic or non-GMO project certified, it may be cooked in GMO oils. According to the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) GMOs are risky:

“animal studies indicate serious health risks associated with GM food consumption including infertility, immune dysregulation, accelerated aging, dysregulation of genes associated with cholesterol synthesis, insulin regulation, cell signaling, and protein formation, and changes in the liver, kidney, spleen and gastrointestinal system… Also, because of the mounting data, it is biologically plausible for Genetically Modified Foods to cause adverse health effects in humans”.

So, it’s not something I take lightly and this is why I avoid GMOs at all costs.

Less TOXIC “bud-nip” herbicides

A chemical that has been found on 80% of all conventional (non-organic) potatoes is chlorpropham (also called “bud nip”), a herbicide that is used to extend the shelf life by inhibiting potato sprouting. 

Chlorpropham has been shown to be “moderately toxic” by ingestion and chronic exposure in animal studies links it to retarded growth, increased liver, kidney and spleen weights, congestion of the spleen and death. Why would anyone want to eat that, even in small amounts?

This quote from Jeffrey Moyer, the chair of the National Organic Standards Board, says it all:

“I’ve talked with potato growers who say point-blank they would never eat the potatoes they sell. They have separate plots where they grow potatoes for themselves without all the chemicals.”  

If farmers won’t eat their own conventional potatoes, then why should we? I don’t believe anyone should, and that’s why I am asking Pepsi Co & Frito Lay to offer Organic Ruffles in all grocery stores.

Think about how HUGE it would be if Frito Lay sold organic potato chips to everyone and began sourcing organic potatoes and oils. Ruffles is a major potato chip brand and over 17% of American households reportedly eat at least one bag of Ruffles every 30 days. That’s nearly 20 million bags of Ruffles. Imagine how many potatoes it takes to produce that many bags of chips, all coming from conventionally grown potatoes likely sprayed with synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. This can change and Frito Lay should do the right thing!

With your help, we can make a huge difference.

About 14 years ago, consumers persuaded McDonalds to stop sourcing Monsanto’s GMO potatoes for their fries – and guess what? They stopped. That same year, Frito Lay asked its farmers to grow non-GMO corn and non-GMO potato crops due to consumer demand. A huge chunk of the potato market told Monsanto “NO” and stopped growing their product, and Monsanto’s GMO potato sales plummeted. Monsanto pulled their GMO potatoes from the market the following year.

If it worked then, it can work now. We now have so many knowledgeable voices behind this movement to get produce sprayed with toxic chemicals out of our food. If just enough of us request it, lasting change can happen. 

Join me by sending a Letter to PepsiCo & Frito Lay.

This morning I sent the following letter to the CEO of Pepsi, urging them to offer the same organic products that they sell exclusively at Costco to everyone, by making organic potato chips available to all of their distributors. I realize that they cannot make this change overnight, but they should make the commitment now. I hope that you join me by sending a letter too.

Dear Indra Nooyi, CEO of Pepsi Co. & Thomas Greco, CEO of Frito Lay, North America,

I’m pleased to see that you now produce organic versions of your Ruffles Potato Chips and Stacy’s Pita Chips, available in Costco stores. You also produce Doritos without the ingredient monosodium glutamate (MSG), also for Costco stores. As it is clearly possible for you to produce these safer and more sustainable products for Costco customers, I ask that you provide these same organic and MSG-free products to everyone by making them available to all of your distributors.

Organic farming is beneficial to our environment, as its methods improve the health of the soil and don’t pollute our water with the synthetic pesticides used in conventional farming. According to the Environmental Working Group, conventional potatoes contain more pesticides than any other produce, and these pesticides can end up in the food we eat. 

I believe American consumers would welcome having organic and MSG-free Frito Lay products available to them in every grocery store. I realize that you cannot make this change overnight, but I ask that you please make the commitment now. I’m eagerly awaiting your announcement.

Thank you kindly,

Vani Hari

Join me, and send this letter too – Sign below:

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Frito Lay Food Babe

What Can You Do:

  1. Sign and send letter to Pepsi Co & Frito Lay (see form above)
  2. Share this post on Facebook, Twitter, and Google + 
  3. Contact Frito Lay on social media to tell we all deserve access to organic products:

Changing one product can have a profound impact on the food system – Thank you for standing with me! 




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230 responses to “This Frito Lay Organic Product Sent Shockwaves Through Me – Help Get It Everywhere.

  1. Wow!!! Wow!! I was debating whether to renew my COSTCO membership but now I can’t get to the store fast enough! Thank you Food Babe for all of your hard work on behalf of our health!!

    1. Yes Donna; Costco is doing so well at offering more and more organic foods. They are really helping to supply products for those of us looking for healthy foods. Be aware that these new chips are probably going to be cooked in CANOLA OIL. This oil is toxic and should not be consumed. There are a few out there that are not, like most of the locally made chips mentioned on this thread. Also Trader Joe’s has “Long Board” organic corn chips, Ruffled potato chips and popcorn to name a few. It is really hard to find organic and no Canola! Best of luck!

      1. I look at oils like this, if it takes “Caustic Industrial Cleaner” to remove the residue from your cooking area/stove/pots & pans………what’s it going to take to get it through/out of the body? Any heated oil produces Carcinogens. It’s an unavoidable aspect of molecular breakdown. Any concentrate “high base” will be an automatic overload on the bodies “systems,” dealing with the abundance of unnecessary “toxic” compounds. Raw or Cold Pressed Fats from “live recognizable non-GMO foods” are the best choice IMO. There are so many to choose from, and you typically can’t eat enough to become toxic. Alkaloids prevent it in one way or another, including but not limited to death. Great Heads Up!

      2. You are so right! The brand called honest chips are made organically and with coconut oil! So happy!

  2. Stop feeding us CRAP in the name of greed. We want the healthiest, safest no doubt ingredients and deserve as such!

  3. Hi Food Babe:
    Do you know if UTZ chips are healthy? Although a smaller producer they
    are the ones that started the low salt chip and are very good!

    1. How could ANY deep fried food be “healthy”? Yes, it could be less hazardous to your health if they are not made with GMOs, chemical additives and pesticides, but it’s still deep fried food.

      And if the USDA is so quick to approve these GMOs without proper testing, then how can we trust them when they slap an “Organic” label on Frito-Lay products? I’m going to continue boycotting Frtio-Lay and all the big industrial food producers who peddle all their toxic crap and spend their millions fighting GMO right to know food labeling.

      1. I’m with you on that notion. NOW we’re supposed to trust the “PEOPLE” that made the decision to knowingly, “POISON” other PEOPLE for profit. I think NOT! They try to convince us that these oils they use are “less” toxic, ….than what? Burning Motor Oil? Hydrogen Gas Residual’s are not good to eat in any product, in any form. Now add heat?…POISON!

      2. Coconut oil does not change molecularly when heated for frying foods. Do not let oil smoke, yet higher temperatures can be used without harm. The short and medium chained saturated fats are protective against long chain fats, and raise metabolism. All the vegetable oils are toxic and release free radicals.

  4. I have not purchased a Frito Lay product in probably close to five years and this will not change a thing. I just refuse to give that company my money (organic or not). I love in Pennsylvania, and we are home to countless much better, yet family owned snack chip/pretzel companies. Support Local Small Businesses. That would be the same if McDs suddenly started offering organic. I still would never eat there. I steadfastly refuse to support large chain or multi-nationals if there is a local and/or mom/pop equivalent.

  5. ORGANIC ONLY FOR ME!! I’m sick of toxic crap being offered to satisfy the all mighty dollar. We have a right to have healthy food!

  6. I really am not fond of Frito Lay anymore. They used to have good non gmo chips, and then changed their tactics. I would rather support the companies the do care what they sell and make all of the time.
    If you want a good corn tortilla chip, Green Mountain Gringo Corn Strips are the way to go. Certified non gmo and they are located in North Carolina. They have yellow, blue and white strips. These can be found at most organic stores, but they can also be ordered on line. I went to bat, and got my grocery store right here in town to carry them also along with their excellent salsa, so now don’t have to chase around to get them. The grocery manager loves them, so don’t think I will have to worry about him not ordering.

    Then if I want potato chips, I choose the Kettle Brand (don’t convuse with Lays Kettle brand) Their potato chips are certified non gmo and they have some really good flavors. My Wal Mart sells them

  7. An even better potato chip alternative is Jackson’s Honest. They use organic potatoes and fry in organic coconut oil. So, no yucky vegetable oils!

    1. Good choice, Amanda, my family loves those too! Coconut oil, butter and olive oil, are healthful fats.

  8. I buy Kettle Brand & Saratoga potato chips they are GMO free I love them both they don’t cost too much.

  9. Frito Lay has given an outward appearance against GMO in their products. But in actuality, they are aware of their non PhD degreed seed potato producers having 100 or so different Simplot’s frankentators sitting on the propagation shelf within 2 feet from each other. Are we consumers getting a fat healthy dose of FL 2137 variety or are we getting a fat healthy dose of Simplot’s E12?

  10. These are still so bad because they continue to be fried in CANOLA OIL. Canola stands for Canadian oil; a cheap industrial use oil that is from the rape seed. It is not intended for human consumption. Similar to the timeline of introducing GMO’s into the American diet, once the fast food industry switched to using this cheap, toxic oil, the obesity and disease rate skyrocketed. (Cotton seed oil is also not for human consumption and is always full of pesticides as well.) It is hopeful that we will continue to learn to make healthy choices, spread the word (like Vani) and change the industry!

      1. Canola oil is rapeseed oil. The name “canola” was chosen by the board of the Rapeseed Association of Canada in the 1970s. The “Can” part stands for Canada and “ola” refers to oil.

  11. I see why this is good. However it’s upsetting that these companies CAN offer armored/organic alternative, and they don’t do it across the board. That’s why I choose not to support these companies’

  12. I think it’s great that Frito-Lay has demonstrated the ability and wherewithal to offer organic products. However, I wonder how much impact it will really have. I mean, the people that buy Ruffles and Fritos on a regular basis, are they interested in buying organic to begin with? And people who usually buy organic, do they generally buy this junk in the first place? Hopefully, enough demand will be created across the board that “organic” will become a standard, the way “conventional” is now.

  13. Hello Connie,

    Thanks for all you do to spread the word for healthy food options. I eas wondering if you knew if the Jackson brand chipsvare available in Columbus, Ohio?

  14. I had the Organic Ruffles Chips on my last vacation when I was in Kona/HI. They were AWESOME!!! Reading this post – reminded me of the chips, and I called Costco’s National Number asking to see if they have the chips anywhere near the LA Area. They told me the chips have been discontinued since December 27th, 2014. Hopefully anybody reading this post – that has any sort of clout/pull with Costco/Frito-Lays sees this message, and reconsiders in stocking up our Costco Stores with this product! My family is enjoying Costco more as their presence into the Organic Foods market has become stronger. Cheers!

  15. Wow! Thank you for your dedication and for sharing, Vani!
    You do such a great job and are obviously passionate about what you do.
    The information you provide is invaluable and helps me AND my clients! <3 <3 much love. Keep it up!

  16. Well, I’m not going to eat FritoLay chips anytime soon, they’re still not healthy! But organic is step in the right direction, you know? They are acknowledging that they CAN do better and I’m behind that!

    1. Varieties of Cinnamon, not grown in Ceylon, (referred to as “True Cinnamon) can actually contain more of the beneficial cinnamon oil than the, so-called, “true Cinnamon”.
      Fancy Vietnamese cinnamon, contains 7% beneficial, oils. Ceylon Cinnamon, only 5%. It also has a more coplex aroma and flavor than Ceylon Cinnamon, and I personally know people that have had just as good, if not better glucose management with Vietnames Cinnamon, as opposed to other varieties. So, don’t let yourself be fooled by this “True Cinnamon” baloney. using different varieties of cinnamon for different baked goods can make people rave about your baking skills and have them begging you for your secret ingredient.
      I use four types of cinnamon in my home. I always make sure it’s organically grown and I always buy from places that list the oil content.
      My husband likes to use Korinjte Cassia Cinnamon in his baked goods, but if he runs out, he is rummaging through the house, looking for my well-hidden, Veitnames cinnamon, which he will NOT find. I keep a small bottle of it on the spice shelf and refill it, when he’s asleep, from the larger, one pound jar that is hidden away. If I didn’t do this, and force him to buy his own cinnamon, There would just never be any cinnamon in the house.
      Anyway, this “True Cinnamon” baloney, is just a way to grab market share away from the competition. It’s a gimmick. Don’t get suckered in. If you are using it fore glucose management, any cinnamon with 5% beneficial oils or more, will do.

  17. Its better then the alternative, It may not be perfect but it is an improvement i am glad to know about it…Thanxz

  18. I “signed” the letter, but I will not buy these products as I boycott companies that are fighting the GMO labeling laws.

  19. How dare these companies messing with our health. Anyway we can move them to do the right thing, Thank you!!!

  20. I have shopped at Costco, off and on for the past 8 years and I am pleased with the selection of Organic Products that they offer. I went to Sam’s, with my mom last winter and was stunned at the utter lack of organic products, now offered by Sam’s Club. There was nearly ZERO organic products there.
    Costco offers many organics. At our Costco, all of their canned tomato products, offered in small cans are Organic. The Bulk buy, #10 cans of tomato products are mainstream brand, non-organic. Nature’s Path also has exclusive cereals made only for Costco, as well.
    It is unfortunate, that these specialty items are only at Costco, as it is difficult to go there without a large wad of cash. It is impractical and out of reach for many shoppers, on a limited budget. Face it, Costo is a “Stock-up” store. You just go there a couple times a year, if you can afford to, and it’s not the kind of place that most people, in this economy, can afford. The prices on Organics are also competitive with conventional products and Costco does not gouge it’s organic consumers. Many times, if you look at the price per ounce of their organics, they are on par and sometimes even cheaper, per ounce, than conventional products.
    You’re right, Vana, thes products should be everywhere and the prices will come down if they are seen and purchased more often by consumers.
    I try and try to explain to people, that organic products are ounce per ounce, more nutritious and you eat less of them, because your body gets satisfied more quickly, than conventional, low nutrition, products can satisfy, but it falls on deaf ears. People want to buy cheap junk, rather than nourish themselves but most people tell me that if they could buy organic products at competitive prices, they would.

  21. Sell better and healthier products. It will sell more and you can have a clear conscience.

  22. All strawberries are a GMO food. They were created by man by crossing 2 plants. Just some food for thought. It’s not just corn, potatoes that are modified to be fit our needs or to thrive. If you are truly nonGMO you need to go to the core. Sorry no strawberries even though they have health benefits they are a true example of GMO.

    1. I don’t know where you got your incorrect information. I disagree. Strawberries may have been CREATED as the hybrid of two plants but they are not GMO. GMOs are not the act of hybridization. GMOs are the genetic enhancement in some foods that have been altered by chemicals and laboratory drugs to make them larger, sweeter, or more appealing. That’s how GMOs started out. GMOs are genetically modified organisms. They are created by deliberately changing the genetic makeup of a plant or animal in ways that could NEVER occur in nature. The majority of GMO crops currently on the market have been genetically engineered to produce their own pesticides and/or withstand herbicides that normally would kill them. Farmers use the herbicides to control weeds.

      1. Brianna, I’m so glad your corrected Ellen. It’s imperative that we understand and are accurate in our statements about GMO’S or GE’s. It is very different than hybridization.

  23. We need have more power than we think. Let’s get the junk-ingredients out of our food supply one shopping trip at a time!!! Organic chips are a once-in-a-while treat. By being organic they are much better for the environment and human health than synthetic pesticide laden potatoes.

  24. I am 19 years old. I am extremely health conscious and do what I can to live a healthy lifestyle. Mind, Body, and Spirit. Anyways, I have known for awhile now how badly the problem of GMO’s have spread into the public market. With that being said, I am absolutely appalled and disgusted with the way greedy corporations have manufactured and marketed products to American Citizens. It is a shame that we are set up to fail, even when we are trying to eat healthier. So many things wrong with the food industry today that I don’t even know where to begin. The ONLY way to change the system is to REFUSE to buy these products and protest them to the public. Spread news sources such as this one like wild fire and hope people catch on before our world is entirely sick, obese, and deformed. SAVE THE FUTURE GENERATION!

  25. I don’t know if you are aware but Wise chips also has Organic products only offered in the state of Texas. I found this out by chatting with the delivery men at work for the different chip companies.All the delivery men agreed that the organic products would sell well but companies won’t offer it to main stream markets only as test if the companies request it.

  26. Under “less risky” you say there are NO gmo potatoes as of yet then when you talk about McDonalds you say they stopped using Monsanto gmo potatoes 14 yrs ago?? Confused…..

    1. Hi Christie, thanks for the comment! That is because about 14 years ago there were GMO potatoes in the market, and McDonald’s stopped using them. Monsanto pulled their GMO potatoes from the market the following year. There are not currently any GMO potatoes in our food, but a new variety of GMO potato is set to hit the market this year.

      1. Monsanto may not be doing the frankentator right now for McDonalds, but they have other resources to pull from like Simplot. Simplot frankentators have been and still are propagated under the same hoods as Frito Lay varieties,Wendy’s french fries. Double whammy!! Simplot wants to rule the potato world in this generation. They have been propagating at least 300 different varieties of frankentators over the past 4 years.

  27. I still would not buy their products. Don’t trust companies who don’t go all the way with Organics. It’s all about greed !

  28. Potato chips, no matter if they are Organic or not, are not healthy. It’s the high temperature cooking oils that are the problem. I suggest not eating potato chips. Never has been health or from nature.

  29. Here is how Corporate America works, first they poison you and your families with poison GMO crap, then when you get sick you buy poison drugs that your brain washed doctor prescribes, then you get cancer and then they move you through the poison cancer treatments that send you and your loved one to an early grave. It’s a fantastic money making scam. Wake up sheepal you are being scammed into an early grave by design. These predators are the people who control the world. They do not care about you or your families. Change will only happen when good people stop buying Corporate crap. Organic was conventional a hundred years ago. When did poison food become acceptable ?

  30. Actually, one of the reasons why all fried foods are so bad for ones health, regardless of organic or not, is the Maillard Reaction that occurs.

    It’s actually an oxidation and dehydration of the foods and a modification in the chemical reactions called advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs). It’s worth reading about.

    The glycation-modified molecules are responsible for inflammatory reactions in the body and related to degenerative diseases of the eyes (well documented) and perhaps other diseases such as diabetic complications (of which is blindness).

    Above all, the starchier the food, the hotter the frying, the greater the reaction – so imagine the potatoes chips.

    I love the flavor of chips but limit the consumption to minimal. Bakes organic vegetables in the oven are far more better !!

    The bottom line, we should eat as little as possible fried foods

  31. What is your opinion on the Boulder Canyon potato chips sold at Whole Foods and the bigger 21 Oz bags sold at Sams Club. They say that certified Non GMO

  32. Boulder Canyon has a NON GMO certified 60% less Sodium Kettle Cooked Potato Chips with sunflower and/or safflower oil, sea salt, potassium Chloride. They are in the Health food section. They are at Kroger. I’m calling Frito Lay and tell them thank you, but I’m also asking them to STOP fighting the GMO labeling process. Nudge them to get off the fence! 😉

  33. I have several bottles of Newcastle Beer and I am wondering just how I could trade them in for some healthier bottles as based on your information about carmel coloring being added to the beer. There are no ingredients listed on the bottle, so one would not know this.
    Bogus….for sure.

  34. Organic or not, all of the foods in this article are horrible for you. They all contained processed grains and loads of fat. I mean, sure, congratulations on them being labeled “organic” according to FDA guidelines. Their still going to make you fat.

  35. Our local Costco stores here in PA are really lacking with organic/non-GMO goods. Forget fresh fruit, zero organic ! They need to improve drastically. We do some of our shopping at WF or TJs, but most of it is done at Kimberton Whole Foods (not to be confused with Whole Foods Market). The majority of the store is organic and they have pledged to be all non-GMO. It’s a great place to shop. If you are ever in PA, you should check it out. They have several locations, but our fave is the original in Kimberton Village, PA. There’s even an organic/non-GMO bistro called Stations right up the road from them that serves their products. Delicious food! Also, the location is beautiful countryside. It’s a win, win.

  36. Hi Vani,

    I’m not sure if you know this already, so I apologize if this is redundant. I read this article when you originally posted it and used your form to send a letter to Frito-Lay. I wanted to let you know that this week at my Ralph’s store (Kroger Company, Los Angeles area), I saw bags of organic Tostito’s. Now, I did not have a chance to check the aisles for Ruffles or Stacy’s, but I got very excited when I saw that and immediately thought of you! Let’s hope this is a sign of Frito-Lay listening to its customers and making changes. Go Food Babe! Thanks for all you do!

  37. Well, talk about “bait and switch”. I loved the ORGANIC Ruffles — went back to Costco and in the same store bin I bought more. Just today when I went back for a third time did I see it’s NOT organic anymore — it’s “Original” — looked and I’d bought Original last time too. How deceptive!! I’m contacting both Costco and Frito-Lay to express my dismay.

  38. I have found over and over again “organic” canola oil and “organic” soy oil being used in products which claim to be non-GMO, how can that be?? Soy is not good for people, it messes with our hormones – Over 90% of soy produced in the U.S. is genetically modified and the crops are sprayed with the herbicide Roundup. Even those crops which they claim are not GMO, the bottom line is that soy is NOT good for people to consume. As for Canola oil – this totally amazes me that a weed which is toxic to human and even bugs will not eat it can be transformed and processed to the point of it being safe for human consumption. GMO foods are dangerous enough, yet, many people do not truly pay attention to the fact that are being sprayed with Roundup. Next time you go to Home Depot or Lowes pick up a bottle of Roundup to see what is written on the back of the bottle under safety warnings. Here is a site you can read, which comes from Monsantos yet they still use this. When you have to alter our food source so it becomes resistant to a chemical and then they use this weed killer on our food source, how can that be healthy for those consuming this product? I continue to shake my head at the thought that regardless of where you go out to eat, 99.9% of places will use GMO foods, they will cook in soy oil and or Canola oil and other oils which are know to be unhealthy for human consumption. It makes me furious to know that I have been paying companies to kill me from the inside out!!! Damn Big Business, double Damn to Big Pharms and a big TRIPLE DAMN to our Government for allowing this to happen –,d.eXY&cad=rjt

  39. I am a bit confused as to how can a product be certified “organic” and healthy at the same time when our food crops are be fertilized with “chicken litter”??? I have read not to buy nor eat farm raised salmon, shrimp, or what ever sort of food which is raised in water/farm raised due to the dirty water, the waste build up, etc. I have also read not to buy products which come from China such as Mandarin Oranges, US chickens which have been shipped to China to be processed, frozen and shipped back to the US and especially fish as they put the chicken cages over the farm raised tanks which in turn means when chicken eliminates their waste it goes into where the fish are and they eat the chicken poop. I only buy non-food products from Costco as I can not trust them to be honest. Maybe my definition and that of most dictionaries of “organic and non-gmo” is completely different from those used by the USDA Government. Organic Canola and Organic Soy oil are not safe regardless of how it is labeled, processed or called. I hate to say this but, in my opinion, supporting PesipCo and all of the products they sell is supporting their policies of non-labeling our foods with hidden and harmful products. As of Jan. 13, 2015 PepsiCo, who owns Frito-Lay spent over $4 million dollars fighting labeling of their food products. Please read the ENTIRE article – it will make you sick to your stomach:

  40. Just went to my local costco- no organic ruffles. So I guess it’s only select costcos?? Disappointed!

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