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Healthy Holiday Sweet Potato Casserole

There’s just nothing like a homemade sweet potato casserole during the holidays… it’s almost like dessert (but healthy!) I always use fresh sweet potatoes or yams to make this casserole, and NEVER the canned versions. Those cans are packed with tons of added refined sugar and especially after you’ve had the real thing you realize they taste awful too. 

Instead of refined sugar, I add only three tablespoons of organic maple syrup to the entire casserole. It comes out sweet, savory, and incredibly delicious. This sweet potato casserole is one of my all-time favorite holiday recipes.

To get started, preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Scrub eight medium-size sweet potatoes and poke each one all over with a fork. Place them on a parchment-lined baking sheet and bake until tender – about for 60 to 70 minutes, depending on the size of your potatoes…

After allowing them to cool for a little bit, scoop out the insides of the sweet potatoes and place in a bowl…

Add in a teaspoon each of cinnamon and vanilla extract, a pinch of nutmeg, half a stick of softened butter, two eggs, two tablespoons maple syrup and a pinch of salt and pepper. You can omit the eggs by subbing in two tablespoons ground flaxseed mixed with six tablespoons of water. Blend with a hand mixer until well combined…

Scoop the sweet potato mix into a casserole dish and bake for 30 minutes…

Now, it’s time for the fun part! You can top it with a streusel made with pecans and maple syrup (my favorite!) and/or natural marshmallows. It’s even delicious without any topping if you prefer a healthier version.

If you want to make the pecan streusel, make it while the casserole is baking. In a small bowl, mix together one cup of pecans, one tablespoon of maple syrup, two tablespoons butter, and ¼ teaspoon salt. Set aside until ready to use.

When the casserole is done baking, remove it from the oven and set the oven to its broil setting. Top the casserole with the pecans and/or marshmallows and place under the broiler for a couple minutes to toast. Enjoy!

Food Babe's Sweet Potato Casserole
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 6-8 servings
  • 8 sweet potatoes
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • pinch nutmeg
  • ¾ teaspoon sea salt, divided
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • ½ stick + 2 tablespoons butter
  • 2 eggs (alternative: use 2 tablespoons flaxseed mixed with 6 tablespoons of water)
  • 3 tablespoons maple syrup, divided
  • 1 cup pecans
  • Optional topping: Natural marshmallows
  1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Poke each sweet potato with a fork and place on a baking sheet. Bake for about 60-70 minutes or until tender.
  2. Scoop out the insides of the sweet potatoes and place in a pot. Add 2 tablespoons maple syrup, cinnamon, nutmeg, ½ teaspoon salt, vanilla, ½ stick butter and eggs.
  3. Blend with a hand mixer until well combined.
  4. Place the sweet potato mix in a casserole dish and bake for 30 minutes.
  5. While the sweet potatoes are baking, in a small bowl, mix together the pecans, remaining tablespoon of maple syrup, ¼ teaspoon salt and remaining 2 tablespoons of butter. Set aside.
  6. When done, take the casserole dish out of the oven and turn the oven to broil. Top the casserole with the pecans and place back in the oven for 2-3 minutes to toast. Enjoy!
**Please choose all organic ingredients if possible**

If you know anyone who would love some healthy holiday recipes, please share this post with them. Here’s to having healthier holiday celebrations! 



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  1. I have made this recipe for Thanksgiving a couple of times now and everyone loved it. My family isn’t even particularly fond of sweet potatoes so they were pleasantly surprised by this – & I loved telling them it was a clean recipe!

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