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My New Love: Homemade Pistachio Milk

I have a new love… and it’s green. Yesterday I made my very first batch of Pistachio Milk. With it, I had the best cafe latte and the best Parfait Porridge I have EVER had. The milk has hints of my favorite Baskin Robbin’s Pistachio Ice Cream that I haven’t eaten in almost a decade.

IMG 4060

The milk is rich, creamy and slightly sweet all on it’s own – and doesn’t even need a single date to sweeten it up.

The best part of making this gorgeous looking and tasting nut milk is that pistachios do not require soaking. Talk about instant gratification!

Some variations I want to try are included in the recipe. It’s going to be hard to choose the next one.

Food Babe’s Homemade Organic Pistachio Milk
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 6-10
  • 1 cup of raw shelled pistachios rinsed
  • 4 cups of water
  • 1 tsp ground cardamon seed (optional variation #1)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract (optional variation #2)
  • 1 tsp almond extract (optional variation #3)
  1. Place pistachio nuts and 4 cups of water, in blender and blend on high for ~ 1 min
  2. Pour milk into a bowl using a fine mesh strainer or cheese cloth, separating the pulp from the milk
  3. Store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 4 days
***Please buy all organic ingredients***


IMG 4050

IMG 4051

IMG 4053

We used a Nespresso Aeroccino to make lattes – do you have one of these yet?  This is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets ever. We have had ours for about 7 years and it seriously makes the best homemade lattes ever – even with nut milk. Just look at the foamy dense pistachio milk in this latte….

IMG 4064

I honestly haven’t been this excited about a recipe in quite sometime. I can’t wait to hear what you think after you try it.


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170 responses to “My New Love: Homemade Pistachio Milk

  1. What blender do you use? I am contemplating a VitaMix because they are awesome however just can’t seem to bite the bullet on the price yet :-/

    1. I want a vitamix too… My blender works great, so it will definitely be a splurge to upgrade… but I really really want one! The last time I recommended the blender I currently have, someone accidentally bought the “cheaper” version which broke within a few weeks. I’ve had this one for about 4 years… longest in history of my blenders.

      Here’s the link:

      1. I’ve had my Vitamix for at least 4 years now and, although it’s pricey, it’s well worth it. Nothing compares. I’ve used it to make homemade organic baby food for both of my girls, make smoothies, homemade sauces, and just recently got the grain grinder so I can start buzzing dry ingredients for homemade pasta, etc. I would definitely splurge for this awesome machine!

      2. Food Babe I LOVE your stuff! This recipe sounds too good, was planning on going grocery shopping tomorrow and will def add pistachios to the list. About the Vitamix, I can’t say enough good things about it. I’ve been using mine for 10 yrs now, never a problem and I blend A LOT. I’ve turned so many friends and family onto it throughout the years so I just recently decided to become an affiliate so if you or anyone else is interested I can get you a discount by using this code: FREE SHIPPING CODE 06-007438. It was an engagement present to me and seriously the best investment/gift we’ve ever got.
        I found you through a comment you made on a Kim Snyder website a few years ago. Love both of your healthy ways! Keep up the great work 🙂

      3. Thank you for the recommendation for a blender!! I have been drooling over the Vitamix for some time, but there is no way I can afford the almost $500 price tag!

      4. You can buy a refurbished one for $329 on their website. Vitamix is worth every penny, you will use it all the time.

      5. My mom bought me a refurbished one about 5 years ago and you would never know (it’s still going strong!). It is amazing because you can make not only smoothies but homemade ice-cream, salsa, and it heats up to make soup. Definitely worth the money!!!

      6. QVC had a couple of models of the Vitamix on air this past weekend at a good price. They came in some pretty colors too.

    2. I wanted a Vitamix from the first time I saw one back in 1981. It took me almost 20 years to finally bite that bullet, and now, some un-named number of years later I’m a demonstrator for them! Between around 1985 and 2010 I probably talked about 15 of my friends and family into them, plus I talk about health and nutrition all the time anyway, so it’s a natural fit for me.
      I can tell you that they are actually worth the money, and, if you live near a Costco, it just might pay for you to become an Executive Member for at least that year since you get the extra cash back. The best ‘bang for the buck’ is at a Demo. Plus you learn a LOT, and you keep people like me from wandering the streets! You can get the refurbished ones, and you can even do trade-ins on old ones, but they hold enough of their value that you’d do better selling it on ebay or to a friend. Most people end up giving their old one to a friend, family member, or a charitable organization, or just take it to work!
      Anyway, my favorite machine is the 6300. That’s the name in Costco. It’s the same as the Professional Series 500 Model. That’s why I like to demo at Costco, ‘cuz that’s what we demo there. They go for $650 on the Vitamix website. They’re 499.99 at a demo. They run quieter and even a bit smoother than the 5200, though that is my second favorite model. Higher than that is just unnecessary for what you get IMO. It comes with a great cook book, and a nice half hour demo DVD so even if it’s a gift, they’ll know how to use it. It also has a full 7 year warranty on every part, AND it’s American Made.
      I’ve also used it right next to the only other blender even close to the same league. That’s the Blendtec. I like the Blendtec a lot, and I like the company even more, but in using my own machines side by side, my old 5000, and both of the Vitamixes mentioned above outperformed it on every test, and that margin only got bigger since Blendtec decided to go with their newer Wild Side container instead of their old faithful 4-sided jar.
      One other thing. With the Vitamix, I often don’t even bother with the making of the nut milk step. I just make it at the same time into whatever I’m making, especially with pistachios, hemp or cashews. If I need actual ‘milk’it to pour into or onto something, then yeah, but save yourself the price of a nut milk bag and get a paint straining bag from your local Lowe’s. Just don’t squeeze across the seam. 🙂

    3. FYI: You can get free shipping and occassional other deals on the site with promotion code: 06-008517.

    4. See Green Smoothie Girl for her comparison of Vitamix and Blendtec. She likes Blendtec better. Costco had them on sale for $299.

  2. I’ve been looking on amazon for a fine mesh sieve for nut milks but it’s really hard to tell how fine they are and if they’re finer than the one I already own. Any recommendations?

    1. I have tried a bunch of sieves and bags over the years, and now I just use 5 gallon paint straining bags from Lowe’s. I use the 5 gallon ones because it’s easier for me to have enough non-seamed bag to press my pulp through. the 2 gallon ones are the same size mesh, so may work for you. If they don’t suit your nut milk needs, they also work as a topper for your cultures to allow them to breath without allowing flies or debris in. I also use them for the sprouts I don’t grow in dirt.

  3. Looks amazing!! Do you have your almond milk recipe posted anyhwere? Not sure what to give my daughter who is 3 1/2. She loves her chocolate milk, but now I am afraid to buy regular organic milk after reading your article about the carcinogen. :-/

    1. You can sub almonds for pistachios in this recipe. Just remember to soak your almonds for at least 4 hours… Enjoy!

      1. Do you have to cut the almonds before you soak them? I thought I remembered seeing something about that, but I can’t find the recipe…this looks so easy! I’m definitely trying this!

  4. Do you have any great ideas for what to do with the leftover nut pulp? I hate to just throw it away.

      1. I was about to ask the same question about what to do with the pulp! I would love to make cookies, but as a food science nerd, I am apprehensive about heating up nuts to a high temperature. Wouldn’t the fat turn rancid? Any other gentle recipes to use the pulp in?

  5. Is there a way I can make this into a latte without the Nespresso Aeroccino? Thanks for all the recipes! We have tried many and they are all tasty and guilt free!! Keep it up! 😀

      1. The steam wand simultaneously heats and aerates the milk- if you don’t have one of these, try using a hand mixer in the pan while it’s heating. A whisk could work too, or if you have a Mason jar, fill half way and shake really hard for a bit. Your milk may cool down, and you won’t have the fine foam you get from a steam wand, but it will “fluff” the milk a bit so it’s nice and creamy tasting.

  6. Oh I am so excited to try this! I do remember my great grandmother making almond milk at Christmas. She would squeeze the nuts with cheese cloth. It was served cool with rice and cinnamon. It was also thick, not like the junk in the store. I know my kids are going love it too!

  7. Sounds delicious….All your receipes are amazing. Can’t wait to try this one, my husband will love it..even if he’s always so skeptical to try new things haha…I am eating mostly vegetarian myself and I am trying to determine him to eat less / no meat too, although all the meat we consume is from garss-fed or pasture raised animals and poultry…any advice?

      1. Yup,…sounds right…lately I have been creating these receipes – like raw cacao avocado mousse – without telling him what’s it made of….he devoured it :-). He’s very supportive, just doesn;t deal well with changes…like most men I believe

      2. Could you share? That sounds amazing, and I’ve been looking into using avocados for desserts

  8. You are absolutely an inspiration. 🙂 I will try this recipe this weekend. Ever since I read your article about carageenan I really don’t feel like I should continue buying my coconut and almond milk anymore from the store. However, can I use this same recipe to make almond milk by substituting the pistachios for almonds?

  9. This looks absolutely delicious. I’ve always been scared to attempt my own nut milk at home. I usually buy unsweetened almond milk, but I feel like it’s so much better for you when it made at home. You have inspired me and I’ll be making this tomorrow! You also turned me on the Nespresso Aeroccino. That will help us to make better lattes at home! Keep up the great work!

  10. Have you ever tried making your own yogurt from nut milk? I’ve tried with store bought and it doesn’t turn out. I’ve been making my own soy yogurt from store bought, but after reading your blog I’d like to have an alternative choice. Do you have any suggestions?
    Have you ever made soy milk? Do you stay away from soy?

    1. Not sure about your area, but my local grocery stores carry a few brands of both almond milk yogurt and coconut milk yogurt. I haven’t researched yet if they’re owned by companies that have contributed to defeating Prop 37 though.

  11. Just made some and it is delicious! Thanks for the recipe.

    BTW, as several others have said, the Vitamix is well worth the investment. Though we’ve wanted one for a long time, what sold us on it was the clean up. I have a Kitchen Aid blender that is very good but we just didn’t use it often (maybe once a quarter) because you have to take the whole thing apart to clean it each time (at least, I always did). But in the 3 months that we’ve had our Vitamix, it has been used on average at least 2x day. I can make fresh fruit sorbet with just adding a few cups of ice, soup, smoothies, nut milk, etc. And to clean it, you just fill it halfway with hot water and a few drops of dish soap and then turn it on high for a few minutes, then rinse. Occasionally I’ve had to use a sponge on the sides but for the most part the blending gets it nice and clean. I don’t even bother putting it away anymore – it has a permanent place on the counter. Anyway, it’s a good deal if you can get it at your local Costco. I think I paid $50-75 less than retail.

    1. I do the same method n our Oster blender…. It’s the only blender left that uses an all metal drive- I had a Kitchen Aid, but some of the plastic drive bits broke and the blender was useless! For regular blenders, nothing beats an Oster. I’m pretty sure all of the models use a glass carafe too.

    2. I LOVE MY VITAMIX, I had my last one since 98′ and donated it to a friend and I just bought the Pro 7500 A lot of people will have a problem justifying paying hundreds for a “Blender”, however because of its power as any Vitamix owner knows, it’s So Much More than a powerful blender. Although you can get a Vitamix at a discount at Costco, Vitamix themselves offers a 3 month payment plan, that’s what I did. I wish you all Great Health ~Kenton

  12. Sadly, pistachios are expensive up here so I’m going to try it with almonds first. Should be just as yummy.

  13. awesome recipes foodbabe! thank you! just made the pistachio milk in my ninja—it was so easy & quick! now making biscotti–can’t wait to try! thanks again

  14. I made this and the pistachio biscotti and it was delish!! I have been adding the pistachio milk to several things. I have seen you post about making your own coconut milk, do you have a recipe for it? I live in Central America and there are definitely a lot here, i’d love to try it!

  15. I have never made my own nut milk before but this looks delicious! I’m wondering if I will be able to make this in my super crappy blender? How hard does the blender have to work to grind up the nuts? I wish I could afford a better blender but I’m a college student so this is all I have for now! Thanks

  16. hi! i can’t wait to try this recipe… (; and i had a question, the nespresso, how does it work exactly? i’m assuming it’s just for frothing the milk? and how much will it froth at a time? thanks in advance!! (i use rice milk, i assume it will work with this since it works with nut milks…)

  17. Have been waiting to try this for MONTHS now. Finally did it last weekend (no optionals used). I used the milk to make pistachio custard (thinking of the old pistachio pudding from the JELLO brand, which is unavailable in my now home in Australia). I used this recipe, and just substituted the 1 cup of milk with my freshly extracted pistachio milk. I followed the recipe as is, using the fine (castor) sugar, just to know what the full version was meant to be like. I will try with a sugar substitute next time, but YUM! It IS rich however, and could not have too much at one time, but that’s a good thing, lol! I have saved my pistachio pulp, and plan to use your biscotti recipe with it. Yum! Thank you so much for the recipe and suggestion!

  18. That looks amazing! I just tried making almond milk for the first time and it turned out great. Without the soaking is even better. Can’t wait to try this, thanks for the recipe!

  19. Where do you get your raw pistachios? I’m in Charlotte and I have checked HHM, earthfare and berry brook. No luck so far.

  20. Hi Food Babe! I’ve been learning so much from your site (thank you for all the info!). I know you highly recommend arugula and kale, but to add some calcium to your nut milk recipes, do you recommend any calcium supplements?

  21. Food babe — I like the Pas. nut milk…………. Where can I buy pistachios in bulk – roasted and SALT Free. Its crazy — every store sells them salted. No one has heard of high blood pressure these days…. Thanks

  22. This looks good. Recently made almond milk using 1 cup almonds, 3 cups water and vanilla pod with no salt or sweetening. Works great for cereals and much better than store bought not tried it in tea yet though.

    Cannot wait to try this just bought organic cashews and brazil nuts too for some more nutty milk goodness.

    Also for those who find a cheesecloth a bit messy, there is a supplier of 100% totally organic cotton nut milk bags – search eco peaceful – this was the only non nylon based nut milk bag I could find – although I’ve yet to get these myself they look great.

    out of interest…..
    What’s the main reason for most of you on here choosing nut milk? Diary allergy? or variety? or?

    Mine is a choice of being an aspiring vegan due to the immense cruelty of the diary industry.

    1. Mae-Mae’s Daddy,
      Thank you for being an “aspiring vegan” and for recommending our “100% totally organic cotton nut milk bags” product over the popular toxic (to humans, animals and our environment) “nylon based nut milk bag”!
      Our organic cotton nut milk bag is also grown, manufactured (fabric) and sewn in the USA!

      If you want to better understand the TOXIC realities of plastic and why we chose to start a new business to manufacture 100% organic (fabric, threads and draw string) over promoting nylon (or polyester) nut milk bags I give and explanation and side-by-side comparison in this article “Nut Milk Bags – Deceptive and Destructive?”

  23. Hi there! Love following your blog and all your research! Was wondering about which machine you use for the espresso? Do you buy organic beans? Thank you!!

    1. Hi Kristina – Vani uses a french press for her coffee and a Nespresso Aeroccino to froth the milk and yes she always used organic coffee.

  24. Hey Food Babe, can you adopt me please? Just for the dinner time each day!!

  25. This looks and sounds delicious, but what about the high aflatoxin content of pistachios?

  26. I use the ninja blender and it works really well to chop or blend what i need. I cant wait to try this recipe because I tried to make hemp milk and it was way too strong for me. It was 5 cups water to 1 cup hemp seeds. No way. I had to add 8 cups of water and it was still too strong.

  27. I have a 3 1/2 HP Blendtech, and it is fantastic. I think they’re usually a bit less expensive than Vita Mix. I make almond milk, and no straining! Every bit is liquified, so you’re drinking all the fiber. This is true of anything you put in it. I could make a pine tree smoothie! But I will definitely try the pistachio milk.

  28. Was thinking seriously of buying Vitamix for better almond and/or sesame milk. Unhulled sesame seeds have tons of calcium I recently learned so that’s my new thing. Had an opportunity to compare my neighbor’s Vitamix with my cheap $30 blender. I soaked 1 cup of unhulled sesame seeds. Then blended 1/2 cup of seeds + 2 cups water in both our blenders. I was shocked to see that the Vitamix left the same amount of sesame mash as my cheap blender. That experiment saved me $400. Pistachio milk, will try it! I use a nut milk bag.

  29. Is there a particular reason you used a Mesh sieve, rather than a nut milk bag?

    Also, do you have any recommendations on what can be done with the pistachio pulp?

  30. Do you ever suggest that people might need to soak and dehydrate their nuts? It’s my understanding that those with a compromised gut should do this to eliminate some of the phytic acid.

  31. Thank you so much FoodBabe! This is amazing. My family has been dairy free for almost 6 years due to my kids and my intolerance of it. This is one milk I’ve never tried. We buy a lot of organic almond milk and make sure there is no carageenan in it but I still seem to feel making our own nut milks would benefit us. My only issue is for my families budget of $100-$150 a week I can never seem to afford to buy bulk nuts. Any recommendations? Thanks.


  32. We have an Nespresso as well, & I keep wondering if I can run nut milk through the milk frother. It is attached to the coffee maker, not a separate container like on yours. Does anyone know about this? I don’t want to ruin my nice espresso machine! Also about Vitamix- we got one from Craigslist 4 years ago & love it! Use it for smoothies almost every day 😉

  33. This might sound like a stupid question but when do you add the vanillas, and ground cardamon????

  34. Sounds so delicious! I am dairy/soy/gluten free and am always trying to experiment with milks for my coffee. The thing is, they don’t lighten them up enough without compromising the ratio of milk to coffee for me. I’ve tried full fat coconut milk, coconut butter, almond milk, and they just don’t have the same ability to lighten my coffee they way my So Delicious coffee creamer does. I know it has carrageenan in it, but I’ve been using it anyway. Which milk would be the richest and make my coffee the lightest?

  35. unbelievably good! I can’t believe how well pistachio milk goes with coffee. Blew my mind! I used coconut sugar, vanilla powder, a dash of cardamon and plain pistachio milk. De-lish!

  36. this sounds wonderful and I can’t wait to try it! just curious, as I’ve been struggling with my stance myself – what is your opinion about drinking coffee? What kind do you drink? 🙂 Thanks!

  37. So you dont soak the pistachios first like when making almond milk? Interesting.. Definitely I wan to try this.

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