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5 Ingredients That Should Have Never Been Approved By The FDA – Are You Eating Them?

The more I learn about the food system, the more passion grows inside me to change it. What I am about to share with you will have you gasping for air – it’s so downright appalling. There’s a sorry state of affairs regarding the approval of new food ingredients in this country, and there is a BIG misconception that the FDA diligently reviews and approves them all.

The media has reported some serious mistakes made by the FDA in the recent past, like approving a tea that contained cocaine to be sold in the U.S. and approving a new pain killer that their own advisory committee voted against. While these actions are very telling, I’m focusing here on what the media hasn’t been talking about. A glimpse into the last few decades of FDA oversight shows how little the FDA has done to improve the food system in this country, how they have allowed us to eat harmful food additives and fail to act (sometimes for years) after an ingredient has been found to be unsafe.  

There are several products that have been deemed “FDA Approved” or “Generally Recognized As Safe” which were yanked from market years after they were shown to be downright dangerous. What’s really scary about this is that history shows that something very serious needs to happen – like deaths – before the FDA takes action. Does someone really need to die before an ingredient is banned? In the eyes of the FDA, that may be the case. I thought I’d put together a few examples for you of ingredients that have been allowed into our food supply, despite ample research showing that they’re harmful. The fact that these are (or have been) allowed in our food is outrageous, as there are safer ingredients and practices that could be used by the industry.


1.  Sulfites on Fresh Vegetables 

REGULATORY STATUS: Approved in 1982 / Banned in 1986

The FDA approved sulfite preservatives on fresh produce in 1982, despite evidence that sulfites could trigger asthma attacks. Soon after, many people got sick and some even died after eating salads laced with sulfites in restaurants. The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) claimed to have documented over a dozen deaths, and petitioned the FDA to ban its use – yet the FDA failed to act for 4 long years. The FDA finally banned sulfites on fresh produce in 1986 and subsequently limited it in other foods.

2. Artificial Coloring Red No. 3 – Erythrosine 

REGULATORY STATUS: Banned from Cosmetics in 1990 / Still Approved in Food

After finding out that Red #3 causes cancer in animal studies the FDA banned it from cosmetics in 1990. Yet, the FDA still permits Red #3 in our food and you’ll find it in chewing gum, Nesquik Strawberry Milk, popsicles, yogurts, fruit cocktail, Duff’s cake mix, Betty Crocker icing and candy – but you won’t find it legally in lipstick. In 1989, the Washington Post reported that the fruit industry was “enraged” by the FDA’s proposal to ban Red #3 from food, because “Americans like their cherries red” in a can. So they lobbied the House Appropriations Committee to add language to “its report on the FDA’s funding for next year that instructed the FDA not to ban the dye-formally titled FD&C red No. 3-without further study.” This is in violation of the “Delaney Clause” that requires the FDA to ban carcinogenic food ingredients. When they banned it in cosmetics, the FDA said it would “take steps” to ban in it food too. Well, it’s been over 20 years, and we are still waiting for the FDA to take action on Red #3. There are six more artificial food colors that were approved for food and later banned by the FDA: Green 1, Green 2, Red 1, Red 2, Red 4, and Violet 1.


3. Partially Hydrogenated Oils / Artificial Trans Fat

REGULATORY STATUS: GRAS Tentatively Withdrawn 2013 / Still Permitted in Food

Partially hydrogenated oils are everywhere at the grocery store, especially in the bakery aisle (pies, crackers, cakes, cookies) and in fried foods at restaurants. When partially-hydrogenated oils are manufactured they create artificial trans fats. In the 1990s, research came out that showed trans fat raises the “bad” LDL cholesterol, and lowers the “good” HDL cholesterol, increasing the risk of heart disease. According to the CDC, up to 7,000 deaths and 20,000 heart attacks per year can be attributed to artificial trans fat in the diet – and it’s been shown to be the most harmful fat in our food – yet, the FDA still allows it. After decades of mounting research, the FDA finally made a tentative determination that partially hydrogenated oils are no longer considered GRAS in November 2013 – but that doesn’t mean it’s been taken out of our food. The FDA has still not made a final determination to ban it, despite pleas from the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology. Food manufacturers see the writing on the wall and many of them are voluntarily removing partially hydrogenated oils from their products. Beware that even if a product is labeled “0 grams of Trans Fat” it’s permitted to contain up to .5 grams of trans fat per serving, and this is why it’s still very important to check the ingredient list for partially hydrogenated oils to make sure it’s clean of artificial trans fat.   

4.  Caramel Coloring Level IV 

REGULATORY STATUS: Approved in Food / Currently Under Review & “Assessing Consumer Exposure”

Caramel coloring has been deemed “Generally Recognized As Safe” (GRAS) by the FDA and is the most widely used food coloring in the world. Although it sounds harmless, Level IV caramel color contains the cancer-causing byproduct 4-methylimidazole (4-Mel). In 2007, research was published that showed 4-Mel was carcinogenic. Consumer’s Reports tested the levels of 4-Mel in drinks and found it in excessive levels in several soft drinks that contain caramel color. They petitioned the FDA to limit and label its use, however the FDA has not taken this action. The FDA simply released a statement that they would review its safety and “determine what, if any, regulatory action needs to be taken”. Following their presentation at the American Chemical Society Annual Meeting in August 2014, the FDA said they have no reason to believe that current caramel coloring levels are a concern, so it looks like the FDA has no plans to limit, label or ban it. There are 4 levels (types) of caramel coloring and they are only listed on ingredient list as “caramel color” – the type (like Level IV) is not generally disclosed. Given that this coloring is in so many processed foods (sometimes in levels exceeding “safe” standards), it’s difficult to avoid. No one is assessing the cumulative consumption of caramel color from all of these sources. We are still waiting for Starbucks to remove caramel coloring from their drinks in the U.S., especially since they don’t use it in other countries (proving that it’s unnecessary!)

5.  Antibiotics in Animal Feed for Growth Promotion

REGULATORY STATUS: Approved in Animal Feed / Voluntary Guidance to Industry Issued in 2013

The meat industry uses significantly more antibiotics than the healthcare industry and it’s been reported that animals receive 80% of the antibiotics produced in this country (estimated at 29 million pounds per year). The real reason that industrial farms are systematically feeding their animals antibiotics is to produce bigger animals that grow faster on less food – thereby increasing their profits – and also to help the animals survive the poor conditions they are being raised in. Do you see anything wrong with this picture? The CDC does, and warns that this use is contributing to antibiotic-resistant infections in humans and harming public health. Recent reports indicate that antibiotic resistance can be blamed for at least 2 million illnesses and 23,000 deaths in the U.S. and Dr. Thomas R. Frieden, Director of the CDC is warning, “If we don’t act now, our medicine cabinet will be empty and we won’t have the antibiotics we need to save lives” – a scary prospect. In 2013, the FDA issued guidance for the industry (that goes into effect in December 2016), which recommends halting the use of antibiotics to fatten up animals, along with veterinary oversight of antibiotic use. The FDA’s guidance is voluntary and not legally enforceable:

FDA’s guidance documents, including this guidance, do not establish legally enforceable responsibilities. Instead, guidances describe the FDA’s current thinking on a topic and should be viewed only as recommendations, unless specific regulatory or statutory requirements are cited. The use of the word “should” in FDA’s guidances means that something is suggested or recommended, but not required.

According to Pew Charitable Trusts, there’s a huge loophole that will still permit antibiotics for “disease prevention” in “the absence of any threat from a specific bacterial disease”, which may allow veterinarians to rationalize a prescription for routine antibiotics. Reuters reported,

“by enlisting the help of veterinarians…the FDA will be empowering a profession that not only has allegiances to animals, farmers and public health, but also has pervasive and undisclosed financial ties to the makers of the drugs… No laws or regulations – including the new FDA directives – require veterinarians to reveal financial connections to drug companies. That means veterinarians can be wined and dined and given scholarships, awards, stipends, gifts and trips by pharmaceutical benefactors without the knowledge of the FDA or the public.”

The European Union took a stronger stand and banned antibiotics in animal feed for growth promotion in 2006 (nearly 10 years ago!) and “animal food production in these countries continues to thrive, with appropriate adjustments in practices to ensure continued animal health and safety”. Meanwhile in the U.S., the FDA is setting weak voluntary standards that don’t hold much weight.

What To Do With This Information:

Even if the FDA does nothing to rid our food supply of these dangerous ingredients, there is an easy way to protect yourself. Organic standards prohibit these ingredients mentioned here, so one of the best ways to avoid harmful ingredients is to choose 100% certified organic food and to prepare your own meals at home with minimally processed ingredients. Beware that organic standards still allow some ingredients with known health risks, like carrageenan. So, you still need to read those ingredient lists and make informed decisions about your food! I realize that this can be a challenge. That’s why I created an Eating Guide that makes meal planning, food shopping, and cooking as effortless as possible.

My my #1 best selling book, The Food Babe Way, will give you a 21-day plan to put you on the right path to navigating this screwed up food system! My 2nd book, Feeding You Lies, blows the lid off of the lies we’ve been fed about the food we eat – lies about its nutrient value, effects on our health, label information, and even the very science we base our food choices on. And, my first cookbook, Food Babe Kitchen, contains over 100 mouthwatering recipes to show you how delicious and simple it is to eat healthy, easy, real food. 

Please spread the word, the more people that know the truth, the faster this food system will change!




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214 responses to “5 Ingredients That Should Have Never Been Approved By The FDA – Are You Eating Them?

  1. Before cancer at age 38, I had no idea about America’s fake, highly processed, genetically modified, arsenic and antibiotic fed, growth hormone injected, artificially flavored, chemically died, high fructose corn syrup laden, banned in other countries food supply and I thought I WAS eating healthy.

    It’s so strange, America (and her children) have never been fatter or sicker and we’re told everything is fine with the “food” we are eating and feeding our children.

    Thank you Vani for all your work! I read those labels and nothing goes in the shopping cart that I can’t pronounce, is highly processed, GMO . . .

    Best health to you always,

    1. Couldn’t agree more, Supermom. I was diagnosed with cancer at 36, and thought for years that I was eating a relatively healthy diet….and I have a degree in nutrition for heaven’s sake! The state of our food supply is sad, sad, sad. All those lies hiding in plain sight. The general public is being duped daily by big corporations lining their pockets while literally poisoning people with heinous “food”. It is my hope that as collective knowledge grows, the system will change. Thanks for all your hard work Food Babe! I am almost finished with a book…part cancer memoir….part expose on the food and drug industry….if we are all sharing the truth, hopefully things will change.

      1. Dear Natalie,

        Thanks so much for your response. All so true! Hope we can connect since our journeys seem similar and would very much value a professional nutritionist’s perspective if you’re willing to share your story. We’ll be discussing Vani’s book on an upcoming episode of our local cable cooking show. (Maybe you’d be willing to Facetime?)

        Please feel free to reach out directly through the link.

        Best health to you,

      2. what do you think about all of the natural flavors (pomegranate, raspberry, cranberry, etc.) in Slender Sticks made by Now Foods. Is that a healthy choice? My husband like to drink juice, but most of them have so many carbs.

    2. Everybody…. We need to start calling the FDA and start raising Cain!!! Go to their Website and get all their #’s. Their address 10903 New Hampshire Ave. , Silver Spring, MD 20993-0002. I called and a woman also gave me the # for the Center For Veterinary Medicine. 204-276-9300. Their # isn’t listed, however, they are a division of the FDA responsible for approval for drugs used in animal production… all of which drugs have been sighted for horrible and adverse affects. HAMMER them with ALL of this information that we have and CALL THEM TO TASK! We’re sick of this! Also CALL THE COMPANIES who are the offenders and tell them you and your friends are NOT going to buy their products.
      I did that with NATURE MADE about the dyes in their MULTI Complete Vitamin and they responded with a $10.00 Coupon and the assurance that they would be removing the dyes. They have formulated new vitamins with out the artificial colors. Of course I purchase my supplements at Whole Foods or through a trusted website. WE SHOULDN’T HAVE TO BE MADE SICK BY THE FOOD WE EAT, AND NEITHER SHOULD THE ANIMALS!

      1. The very best source I have found for supplements, aside from professional grade purchased from Dr’s of Naturopathic Medicine, is Life Extension. As a member you will receive a mammoth text of all known health conditions and the therapies recommended., and a monthly magazine highlighting the cutting edge research. In return for the cost of membership the member receives a credit for the amount of the very reasonable membership towards the purchase of the best supplement formulations. For only pennies a day the member can receive the foundations for nutritional and cellular health. It is then my responsibility to cross reference selections with the essential Blood Type individuality information available at D’
        Food source supplementation is more assimilable. Like Dr. D’Adamo, Life Extension has removed harmful non medicinal ingredients as they are discovered. Most companies even when they do make changes first sell their old inventory. We wouldn’t knowingly buy spoiled food just so the grocer can minimize dollar losses. Why then would we let supplement manufacturers and retailers sell us substandard and even dangerous supplement ingredients like phosphates, magnesium stearate, made from hair, even human hair, and feathers or toxic cotton seed.

      2. Dave, I have heard of that before with the 4your type. I’ll check it out.

    3. Very well said and stated. Lets all get educated and put a stop to this assault on our bodies. Lets hold manufacturers accountable!

      1. My Mother was into Dr D’adamo Eat Right 4your type. And did her self a diservice by ovoiding cruciferus vegtables because in the book it said they were not for her type. Dr Shinya has the best proof of colon health and the best diet to care for your self. Dr D’adamo is mistaken.

    4. I could have written this. You said every single word I said when I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. I am appalled and disgusted that our children have been put at risk. I am appalled and disgusted that all of America is at risk because chemical companies sleep with politicians.


      1. I too ate several “so called HEALTHY” foods, both out and at home, full of MSG and all those unnecessary things the food industry IS ALLOWED to put in our food. I would get very sick 🙁 I am also a chronic migraine sufferer…I have migraines from a day long to three days long to a week STRAIGHT, and after doing a lot of research AND FINDING FOOD BABE…I subscribed to the Monthly Eating Guides and began the daily habits she suggests and eating healthier…AND…my migraines stopped! I HAVE HAD MIGRAINES FOR 30 YEARS and to live migraine free AND not get sick anymore because I AM FINALLY EATING “The Food Babe Way” IS THE GREATEST FEELING EVER!!! Wishing all of you the best of health! Food Babe IS THE WAY to good health and a great life!

      2. To “Real Food”: First of all I wanted you all to READ an excerpt from the link posted by “Real Food”.
        [ACS says, “M, “MSG can temporarily affect a select few when consumed in large quantities on an empty stomach, but it’s perfectly safe for the vast majority of people.” So a normal person may get temporary symptom’s if they eat huge quantities of the stuff without any other food. But no normal person would consume MSG in that way-it would make as much sense as eating tablespoons of salt, and cause the same reaction.”
        ARE YOU READING THIS??? It says, “MSG can temporarily affect a select few”… then it turns around and says, “So a normal person may get temporary symptom’s if they eat huge quantities of the stuff without” yada, yada, yada,…. “But no normal person would consume MSG in that way” yada, yada, yada, and presto chango it’s SAFE!!!! WOW what a conundrum of schizophrenic proportions!!!! This is the kind of oxymoronic garbage that’s in print out there ! :O
        Thank you Vani, and power to the people!!!

  3. And now my child has to take amoxicilian with the red dye – 2 times a day for 10 days?!!! First time we have had to take any kind of prescription (in 7 years of life) and I know it’s because they eat good food.
    I wish I knew more about alternatives to the conventional drugs.

    1. Stacy, there are natural solutions to conventional drugs! You might look into using pure therapeutic essential oils. They are VERY powerful and many times more effective then antibiotics. I’ve used them to treat colds, flu, digestive problems, boost immunity, and many other ailments. Many are anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory…
      But not all essential oils are the same – avoid the ones sold in stores. They are filled with synthetics and fillers. Do your research and find what works for you. I use DoTerra essential oils and LOVE them and have seen so much healing and benefits from so many people. God bless.

      1. DeeDee,
        I would like to see the evidence that essential oils are more effeçtive than antibiotics and can kill viruses. Can you post a link to a peer-reviewed journal article, please? Thanks.

      2. To Deedee
        I’m a great grandmother and a retired nurse. I’ve always been really curious about how things work and when and why they don’t work one of the things I learned is that antibiotics are not meant to cure a virus, including the flu. The best you can do is treat the symptoms.
        Antibiotics have been so over-prescribed in the last few decades that they have become almost ineffective in treating the bugs they were supposed to kill.
        So much for my two cents. God bless Ramona

      3. Essential Oils should NEVER be used on children. Lavender essential oil and Tea Tree essential oil mimic estrogen in the body and cause hormone disruption in children. Hormone disruption can cause: Early/precocious puberty in girls; delayed puberty or gynecomastia in boys; stunted growth in adolescents. See the 2007 endocrine report on 3 boys who developed gynecomastia after using products with essential oils tea tree and lavender.

      1. Yes you can!!! I have to get my daughter’s amoxicillin at the local hospital for dye-free. Its even less expensive.

    2. You can go to a compounding pharmacy and ask that they make your medication without the red dye. I work in a compound pharmacy and we customize medications for patients every day!

  4. Hi Vani:

    I’ve said this before to you, that I’m so proud of your courage to blast the FDA and come out with the truth of how they’re destroying us!

    When you have time, do you mind answering this question? If the FDA banned Green 1, Green 2, Red 1, Red 2, Red 4, and Violet 1, why is it so very difficult for them to ban #3?

    Also, just an FYI. I’ve given up dairy mostly (still have butter from time to time) but, my stomach is flat and not bloated like it used to be. Last year my nathopath told me to rid dairy and soy from my diet that it will only make my eczema worse. Had you done an article about soy? If so, can you send a link?

    Thank you and keep the reports coming! Your dedication and eagerness has me considering a career change in nutrition. Blessings to you!

    1. I can answer that 1 it’s called lobbyist money. The FDA receives a lot of money from these companies so they can keep selling this garbage with no impedence.

      1. To Frank,
        Thanks for answering my question. Your statement makes a lot of sense.

    2. I can also help with the other info as well. I don’t remember if Vani did and article, but there have been close to 100 articles posted about how soy is now 99% GMO, and one article from that documents that soy has no nutritional value anyways. As for the dairy, that’s partially tied into the article above. Makes sense that if livestock/poultry meat is littered with antibiotics and growth hormones, so would the milk. also just released an article about what farmers put into the milk after the pasteurization process, which nowadays can be called sterilization, since any probiotic healthy flora in milk is killed through the process. That’s why I mainly drink almond/coconut milk. I get my dairy from something far healthier than what traditional milk provides.

      1. Almond and coconut milk are not dairy. Milk is not advertised to contain cultures. Yogurt is made from adding live culture to milk. Almond and coconut milk do not have the same vitamins and protein as milk, which is fine as long as you are aware. Just make sure you users tandoori the nutritional difference.

  5. Thank you for more good info!!
    I have a meat question:
    I see more & more “no added antibiotics or hormones” on labels- this triggers a red flag for me & I’m not sure what the whole truth is?
    Thank you,

  6. I would like a free book from food babe I so want to eat right and know what I am looking for when I read the ingredients on labels. Thank you Shirley

  7. I have tried to subscribe to Food Babe at least 5 times and it always says to try agai n later !!! What am I doing wrong?

  8. Hi Vani,
    Thank-you for all of your important and valuable information. It should be a wake up call for all of us!
    I have had allergy testing and found out that sulphites and tartrazine dyes were high on the do not consume list! Label reading has become a must, and quite frankly there are a lot of scary ingredients that I have come across that humans are expected to ingest. Equally as disturbing to me is a pet food company called Claudia’s Canine Cuisine. The product in question is the “PREMIUM Gourmet Dog Cookies” (Reindeer Wonderland) “Fresh baked & Made in the U.S.A”
    The claim on the package states that “Your Dog Deserves the Best…EVERYDAY!”

    Ingredients: wheat flour, palm oil, corn syrup, honey, vanilla, yogurt, RED 40 LAKE, YELLOW 5 LAKE, BLUE 1 LAKE.

    They look like they would glow in the dark! One would imagine that these would NOT be healthy for pets! Are dyes in pet food/treats regulated differently than human grade foods?? I didn’t take a chance and threw them out.
    Vani, what is your expert opinion regarding such dyes being included in pet food?

    Thanks kindly and I will await your reply.

    ~ Have a great day! 🙂 K

    1. My cat used to throw up, constantly. No matter what we fed her. Now that she is 18 years old and our other cat has died, we can control her food better. We started feeding Wellnes brand to her about three years ago and early last year, they went Non-GMO. Now that does not mean that the animals that go into the food, were fed Non-GMO diets, nor does it mean that they use vegetables that are not sprayed with chemicals. They do not claim to be organic. However, she stopped eating canned wet food and that was usually what made her vomit. Now that she is eating only the dry Wellness food (She hated Wellness wet food) she rarely vomits. Usually if she does, it’s a hairball, and she doesn’t get those as often, either. There are no dyes in Wellness, which saves the carpeting, and there are some pro-biotics and cranberries, in it, which is good for digestion and urinary health. I have had two veterenarians tell me that cats that vomit regularly are just eating too much, but after experimenting with many different cat foods, that were supposedly healthy and balanced and all the blah, blah, blah, I find that the popular “exclusive” scientific foods, that are quite expensive, or from the vet, perform no better than any low quality, mass produced pet food from the grocery store. Wellness going Non-GMO, has seemed to help my cat, considerably, regardless of the possibility of pesticides or animal products from animals that may (or may not) have been fed a Gmo diet. It’s probably the cleanest pet food on the market that is not so expensive that it puts you in the poor house, like some of the organic foods. Some of the organics, also stain the carprt quite badly, too, if they come back up, so I avoid the ones that are dark in color. At any rate, the cat is doing quite well on Wellness, which tells me they are doing something right, in spite of my questions about the source of some of their ingredients.

  9. Sad to find so many of these ingredients turning up in “Health” brands. Most popular supplements are guilty as well.We need to vote in the market place by refusing to purchase dangerous crap.
    Thank you for the work you are doing.

    1. Dave. Have you by chance found any companies that have all natural ingredients for vitamins and supplements? Since I have started reading labels I also looked at ingredients in my supplements and had to throw most of them out. Thank you..

      1. I find the best source of supplements is from a graduate Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, or a Functionaal Medicine doc. Typically they have the best product and the lowest markup. Keep in mind that supplements like other food is Blood Type specific. Licorice has undesireable effects on me, BT A, while the deglycerized form is worthless therapeutically , for me.
        The only published nutrition and life style scientist I know of, is Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Professor of Clinical Studies, World respected expert in the Science of Epigenetics and Human Individuality, Connecticut researcher, practitioner and educator, Dr. Peter J D’Adamo. He hails from a family noteworthy in intelligent medicine. My time is spent researching information and the credentials, credibility, and any paid for biases of scientists and word contributors. This guy is clean and honest to science based information. He notoriously critiques and slavishly tries to disprove his own academically scientific findings. He is therefore reverred on several continents by the leaders in medicine and healing.
        His published findings on Human Individuality has put a target on his back as diet and supplement floggers are threatened by loss of income. The same happened to Dr. Hulda Clarke, a true humanitarian and healing genius when she came out not only on the risks of identified junk foods but of food processing in general, pharmaceuticals and supplement manufacturers. She found one company in North America producing non contaminated supplements. Even though clear that she was not declaring all companies to be deliberate in contaminating foods and supplements, everyone went after her. It’s a dangerous world out there for the truth tellers, and whistle blowers. Even within the established natural health community I find fear of loss of market share stimulates feeding frenzy.
        Recently a National Television Investigative Journalism program investigated current claims on the dangers of modern wheat reached the conclussion for us that wheat is safe and good for us. I recorded the names of all of their, ” experts,” including a University, and proceeded to research these folks. Lo, and behold, as one of my early mentors would explain, without exception, all of the journalist’s ,” experts,” are widely toted to be on the payroll of MONSANTO, including hacks for hire who specialize in defaming anyone perceived to be an industry threat. The Petrochemical lobby is fierce, ruthless, and has bottomless pockets.
        Former head of US Federal Health Dep’t, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, PhdSc; DPH; has so far escaped assassination attempts. Not likely that Bob the Builder is the type of guy threatened by Dr. Horowitz. Loeonard should likely be a bit more diplomatic, you know a spoon full of sugar makes the horrid truths easier to swallow, but he is competent and honest. Had he only kept his big mouth shut he probably could be comfortably living in the neighbourhood of the 1% of the 1%. The wages of offering oneself up as a true humanitarian.
        There, all charged up with 5 hours sleep, I’ve had my little rant.
        Wish I had been blessed with the station and the intellect of the
        giants like Horowitz. I could have been a real thorn in theside of Dr. Evil,…. hah. One should never take one’s self too seriously or self served up aplomb. My old Ma used to say, ” Self praise is poor recommendation.” At the same time the old cowboy movies of the ilk of Jimmy Stewart programmed me early against being one of the cowardly townfolk…

  10. Vani, I really appreciate all your hard work researching the foods that we should not be eating. Also appreciate all the other things you do for us.

  11. I was unable to sign your petition. It did not scroll downward so as to give me access to the rest of the application.

    Just thought to let you know. l

  12. Another thing that should be banned is Aspartame! They tell diabetics to consume it but it was found to CAUSE diabetes. Aspartame turns into formaldehyde within the body because the body can’t properly break it down. Yes, formaldehyde you know the preservatives they use in corpses and formaldehyde is also used in vaccines. Yes, each vaccine you and your kids get helps the mortician save a couple bucks on preserving you…. (I am a college student, majoring in the field of Mortuary Science)

    1. Thank you Christi, for this info. Shout it to the mountain tops! They’ve put in all the gum now. You can’t even get gum that doesn’t have it in it.
      BTW I just had my ESET security throw up a warning that a security threat from this site had come in… blocked and FIXED! I love my ESET security. The evil meanies are out there to infect.
      Dr. Oz is having a program on GMO’s and the new Enlist Duo pesticide which has been approved to spray all over our crops. Check out his website.

      1. Spry gum does not have aspartame i. It. You can generally find it at most health food stores or online. 🙂

    2. AGREED !! Aspartame patent is owned by MONSANTO. When Coca Cola first went to JAPAN, the Japanese arm intended to use STEVIA, the only safe non sugar sweetener, in all Japan sold Coke products. MONSANTO and the US Coke parent company quickly put that to rest threatening massive suits if GLUCOSE_FRUCTOSE and ASPARTAME were not used exclusively.

      An increasingly popular newer brand of “DIET,” Soda, natural non chemicalized deep welll water; naturally flavored, no sodium, no aspartic acid, no caffeine, no fumeric acid, no artificial colors, no caramel color, sweetened with a natural sweetener water extracted from domestic hard wood trees; and selling for 1/3rd of the big brands was crowded out of themarket place and killed after thwarting attempted takeovers.

  13. Thanks Vani. What is the food industry using to keep lettuce from wilting in those plastic bags? It makes me sick. I buy heads of organic and clean it myself when I eat at home but I can no longer eat salads in restaurants or salad bars for fear that the lettuce has been processed somewhere else and sprayed with the anti-wilt poison.

    1. Just noticed this when I hid a head of Romaine at the back of the fridge. The company says it’s the , “space age,” bag material. What a shame we cqan’t trust the buggers. Like the everlasting MacDoanalds burger… Xmas 2011, bought some non organic grapes because they were the variety I recalled with my Spidey smell sense. One bag got pushed to the back and I found them in May, HONEST !!!!
      Plump, still hydrated, fragrant. I tried one and it tasted vine fresh, so into the compost they went.
      Some years ago a friend and colleague, Dr. D Wolfe, found a bit of light wave technology out of Japan. Produce exposed to the light waves for 10 minutes
      defintely lasted much longer and a wilted green skinned apple, rinsed with water and set under the light plumped it’s wrinkled skin and tasted fine and juicy. Cheeses, and unsalted butter did not mold; meats and fishes did not taint within a week; Avocados had an extended life. All of a sudden it became not only unavailable but untraceable…..

      1. Wow, do you have any links about that? Interesting… I need to read more about it. Thank!

  14. Food Babe, I love what you are doing. My 3 daughters and I eat a paleo diet and in 4 months I lost 20lbs…without doing g anything but eating REAL food! I love all the articles you send out. Keep up the great work! God bless you and your team!

  15. Hey FoodBabe! I was wondering if you could do something on the new McDonalds Our Food. Your questions. campaign. I feel like MacDonalds is trying to convince a lot of people that their food is honest and safe to eat. But is it really? If you look on YouTube, they’ve done a series of videos where they answer consumer’s questions about what’s in their food and show how the food is made and processed, but I feel like they aren’t disclosing the hard cold truth about their products and it angers me that a lot of people will fall for it. I hope you see this, and maybe consider doing an article about it.

    1. How dare you, ye of little faith. MacDonalds Empire Kings and Queens have beeen ingesting secretly formulated air borne prauna to permit them, like Kim Jung-un, to have no need for sleep nor elimination, so they may devote themselves selflessly to the needs of hupersonkind. MacDonalds good orgaanic carrots bad…..

      (‘) (‘)

    1. Watched it. Don’t know what to say. I would guess it’s an orchestrated commercial not Joe down the street and a hand held home cam being greeted at Tyson’s. The chicken is still USDA # 1 chemically grown, hormonally and anti biotic, cage contained till electrocution, raised; GMO corn and wheat flour coating, earth salt, cooking oil unknown; rosemary oiul type unknown, some great, some toxic. Mac Donald’s food good, Honest Organic Farmer’s carrot bad…

      MacDonald’s history is one of ruthless money marketing. I’m not spending my time and health wondering if they have become a changed company. Slight of hand is the name of the game. I do know how to avoid victimizing myself, eat scratch meals at home.
      As an aside active treatment cancer patients are forbidden from eating restaurant food, period !!! It is that unsafe !!!

  16. …bottom line – if other countries ban it, it is because they want to keep their people safe. The US govt does not give a crap. We are all expendable….it’s about the money to them. Thanks for the research!

  17. Get recipe for pink icing made with beet root

  18. I have found a new poison in the grocery stores. Checked on Google, for a label with TBHQ in the ingredients It read ‘AVOID at all cost’. It contains Butane and our Gov’t allows 12% to be used in foods such as crackers, chips, and some canned foods. What else? BE AWARE. This is a new one that I have not seen before. CHECK IT OUT, please. TBHQ
    Also RED Dye is being added to meat products so they look fresher. When washed with pure Ivory Soap, the red comes off and the meat is beige/gray.

    1. Not only red dye but a former gov’t meat inspector says that animals on the slaughter ramp are deliberately excited prior to a jugular injection of sodium nitrate, a color fixative. Long falsely toted as the front line defence against botculism, it’s all about 2 appearances, 1 it keeps meat appearing undead, and 2 gov’t appears to be doing something for all the money they scalp from us.

    2. It has always amazed me that toxic gasses, butane, benzine are used as propellants in respiratory, ” puffers.” Treat COPD or Emphysema patients with toxins that can cause lung and endothelial damage all on their own ?? Similar to the early days in medicine when arsenic and mercury were given as cures. Merury and aluminum are still used in injectable medicines carriers. ???? No reason to fear we are reassured. MacDonalds good Organics bad……
      Evening Primrose Oil is traditionally extracted with Hexane.

    1. To find your answer, try washing your meat with either vinegar or Ivory soap and lukewarm water. See if it changes color. Salmon is naturally grey, but when you buy it, even ‘wild caught’, at the grocery store, it is orange red in color. Many red meats when you bend or break them open or scrape the top (like ground beef) will be grey inside. If ground beef is freshly ground it looks red throughout. I have found it both ways. Red outside, grey inside. Makes me wonder when they put it on sale if they cover older grey meat with fresh red meat and put new wraps on ‘Special Discount’, ‘Manager’s Special’ or ‘Buy one, Get one Free’. I guess we have been programmed to believe ‘red’ is fresh meat.
      I actually saw this happen in Safeway about 3 years ago. A return was re-wrapped, re-labeled and set out for sale at a discounted price.
      At Albertson’s last year, I bought ground beef special “Buy One, Get One Free” and the outside was nice and red and looked fresh but when I began to mix it for hamburger patties, the inside was grey. I haven’t been back to that store since. AWARENESS is the key.

    2. We buy our meat in a large, uncut piece – for example a whole rump, and slice it ourselves at home (then freeze). We avoid the big supermarkets and get it from a smaller butcher. The meat is usually top quality, deep red all the way through – you can tell the quality in the taste and how it makes you feel. There is a lot of crap in supermarket meats including injections of water to make them heavier and therefore more expensive.

  19. What is extremely bad is the fact that Red Dye is used in prescription medications and over-the-counter medications as well as vitamins (Disney vitamins are safe). Do yourselves a favor and get yourself registered for medications as “Dye Free” at the Drug Store that you use.

  20. I can’t believe aluminum did not make the list of 5 worst ingredients. Baking powders with aluminum in them are used in almost every baking mix in the grocery store. Aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s and the sad thing is, you don’t need the aluminum to make dough rise – the aluminum just makes the dough more convenient in that you can premix it and it will still rise later. Plaques in our brain tissue for a little convenience? I don’t think so. Who mixes up their muffin dough ahead of time anyway?

  21. If we are not fighting and collecting numbers to force the FDA into complete resignation and undergo an entire overhaul we’re fighting the wrong fight. They know better but they are greedy and will do whatever it takes to make money. They do not, have not and will not ever care about your health. Ejecting them should be our primary focus. We’re all educated enough to share our information and get organized to make this happen.

  22. I thoroughly enjoy your articles and all the information you have researched. it has cause my husband and I to totally change our eating habits. We shop now at Earthfare and buy the majority of organic. We have been doing this for almost a year and can totally tell the difference. It is a shame how the FDA allows these growers and food providers to continuously poison us, all for the sake of a dollar. Not only have I changed our food items, but our toiletries and my makeup as well. I would like to encourage you to keep up the good works, because before I buy anything I am reading all the labels. Sadly I have notice some organic products that has carrageen, and other undesirable product, hopefully this will change.

    1. We had trouble buying certain products with carrageenan so we started making our own milk (looked for months in all our stores’ organic sections and just could not find milk WITHOUT it). Toothpaste is another item with carrageenan!!! There are a few toothpastes out there; THE FOOD BABE TEAM IS FABULOUS AT HELPING US FIND THE RIGHT PRODUCTS, FOODS, HYGIENE ITEMS, ETC….So glad we subscribed to the Monthly Guides and Customer Support. Wishing you the best health!!!

  23. What about the chlorine that is being sprayed on our organic vegetables at big chain grocery stores? It is called Sterilox or some other names are Aqualox and Aquatine EC. It is salt added to water, then electrified to break the bond between the sodium and chloride. The result is hypochlorous acid or “free chlorine” to disinfect your produce. The machines are right there in the supermarkets them selves, so they can make the hypochlorous acid fresh. It is used in the process know as crisping (submersion of the produce in water to refresh and to reverse wilting) and misting in the produce case. It is even put on cut fruit for display. The floral stand and seafood department at your stores may also use it. It is also used in medical, dental offices and hospitals as well. My friend works in the produce department at Safeway. Until recently, she didn’t wear a mask or gloves when using Sterilox. She couldn’t get the smell of chlorine off her hands, even at the end of the day. She went to hook up a new bag of Sterilox to the machine and the smell was strong she gagged and her eyes were watering. A co worker from several yards away shouted “What is THAT?” because the chemical smell was so strong. She complained and Safeway basically told her you must use it or lose your job and they are now making the employees wear a mask and gloves. WHAT is safe anymore, other than grown in your own yard!

    1. Thank you for that info! I bought fresh wild salmon at Frasier Farms and it tasted like Chlorine; the butcher said no chlorine was in the mister, but you explained it well. It is likely the hypochlorous acid or “free chlorine”. Ugh! Next time I requested a frozen half-salmon that was never in the display case. No chlorine taste now!

      1. You are welcome! Out food has become what I cal Frankenfood. It is all so deceiving. It’s a crazy world and we have to be diligent when it comes to our health and what we put in our mouths!

  24. All of these and more, including pesticides have caused male testosterone levels to drop in men younger and younger since the 80’s FDA and many turn there heads because of the billions made by large pesticide companies. The Genetically altered seed being planted affects are just now showing up with more and more problems.

  25. It’s a shame it’s all about money and not our health. I do not trust the FDA because I feel they are paid off. The only way to get good veg and fruits is grow it yourself I found I’m highly allergic to red # 4 and milk because today’s cattle are given so many hormones, and if you want real eggs find a farmer who raises his chickens naturally.

  26. You are doing such great work Vani! People better get it when it comes to food! Our government is not protecting us! Read all ingredients and be selective what you put in your body!! We mostly eat at home and grow our own veggies. We try and take huge steps to stay healthy and live a long life. Thank you Vani for all that you do to keep us informed!! You are amazing, so keep up the good fight! We are with you! XO

  27. The FDA was created to protect the people. What has happened in the last 30 years is that so much of the government is being bought by the corporations. The FDA has been protecting the profits of the corporations instead of what it was intended to do. I appreciate what this website is doing but this information has been out for many years. It is time that people make sure that the FDA is working for us and our best protection is to elect officials that are concerned with the health of the people. Our best defense right now is to stop buying processed foods completely and make sure that GMOs stay out of our food supply.

  28. complete nonsense. The FDA does not always win the fight. If there wasn’t the FDA, then you would never see or know about all the bad things that are out there, especially those fraudulent health claims that are being thrown around by the supplement industry making the quick bucks off of the undereducated masses. The FDA is made up of common civil servants, and are consumer protection driven, not industry protection driven. Food additives and drugs that are previously “approved” is a misnomer. The correct term is “accepted” until it is proven to no longer be “acceptable”. Problem being is that you have not given the FDA the powers to do much of anything to prevent or remove products from the market that have been demonstrated to cause a health concern. You elect the representatives, who are receiving support from the Industry, and those representatives block the consumer protection agencies from having what they call “too much power”. Then you, moron undereducated consumers, want to point fingers at the servants that are trying to fight the good fight and looking out for you, your family and their own families. You “organic” toating conspiracy theory hippies would have perished long ago if it weren’t for the efforts made by these protection agencies. Keep in mind, we are living longer than any humans have ever lived previously in time, due to our advancements in health and nutrient availability, through conventional foods. Too much of anything will kill you.

    1. Sounds like a paid troll has visited your site Vani. The FDA is notoriously absent whenever industry says so. You might check, SCIENTIST, on what ex FDA scientists have proferred publicly as to why they could no longer remain in it’s employ in good conscience. Back under your rock, troll.

  29. Many years ago, when a friend invited me to dinner, I saw her using Ivory soap and luke warm water to wash the meat and of course rinse it in cold water. After questioning this procedure, she told me this is always done in her family to remove the red dye and any other germs from handlers of the product. “Ivory soap is 99.9% pure and kills all the bacteria, as well as removes coloring and the meat tastes so much better, ” she replied. I found that she was right and I have been doing that ever since, even with organic meats . It also takes away the “sticky substance” found on most all meats. As I am washing the meat, under running water, I ‘bend’ it in small increments to ‘open’ the pores which get washed out as well. Vinegar is also a good wash for everything, including veggies. Use a small veggie scrub brush on the veggies but not nylon ones because the nylon ‘strings’ come apart and small pieces can stick in your food.

    Thank you Vani and Staff !
    You are saving people’s health, wealth and lives.

  30. I’m “surprised” to see you have an answer to all the (alleged) failings of our regulatory agencies. What a total, fear mongering idiot you are. Totally stiffing your “followers.”

    1. Blessings and enlightment I wish for you, sooooo maybe you can wakeup and care for your self and our would. We are a true manifestation of what we think, eat and do. So do your best to feel good, do good, and be respectful of the rights of others so we can have peace and understanding.

  31. One thing I have to point out- most of the items talked about in the article are not really “food”… They are junk food… Look at the photo….Nesquick- does it even contain milk? Hello Kitty popsickles? What are Baconbits? If people just stop and actually look at what they are buying, stop buying pre-made crap for the sake of convenience, then they can avoid most of this stuff (& a lot of unnecessary sugar, salt and fat!) I’m horrified at the average American pantry- we’re not eating, we are slowly poisoning ourselves.

  32. We the people need to END THE FDA. This institution has been hijacked by corporate interest. It’s revolving doors and its corruption need to stop, please make a petition for all Food Babe worriers to sing and get rid of the FDA.

  33. I just submitted an inquiry to the FDA to ban red 3. Not sure it will do anything, but worth a shot if all of us submit inquiries.

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