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Banana Bread Hemp Smoothie

Smoothie weather is upon us, which has got me taking out my blender more and more. It’s the ultimate fast food, which I love when things get busy around here. There’s no excuse to hit the drive thru, when you can have a real food smoothie whipped up in 5 mins or less! 

This smoothie is super satisfying and will curb those cravings for high sugary treats and junk food. One of the secrets is using hemp seeds that are full of fiber and one of my favorite sources of protein!

Hemp seeds also have an amazing ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids. Americans consume way too much corn and soy oils which make our omega-3 to omega-6 ratio totally out of whack – which can lead to a whole slew of issues like skin issues, inflammation and depression. No thanks! A better way to get your fix is to eat foods like hemp seeds that naturally have the perfect balance. 

Try out this smoothie and let me know what you think. This is a great one for kids, since they should not be able to detect the greens at all!

banana smoothie-2

Banana Bread Hemp Smoothie
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 2
  • 2 bananas, peeled and frozen
  • 3 tablespoons hemp seeds
  • 1 tablespoon almond butter
  • 1 cup of spinach, kale or romaine
  • 1⁄2-1 cup nut milk or water, more or less as needed
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1⁄2 teaspoon cinnamon pinch nutmeg
  1. Place all of the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Enjoy!
***Please choose all organic ingredients if possible.***


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56 responses to “Banana Bread Hemp Smoothie

  1. I made something very similar this morning and it was delicious. I added a tbsp. of chia seeds and a tsp of match green tea.

    I have a question regarding almond milk. I was at Whole Foods yesterday and was so confused by the many different brands on the shelf. Can you please suggest one that meets your standards?

    Thank you 🙂

    1. I am not a big fan of the shelf stable kind. I look for the one in the fridge with just a couple of ingredients and always organic. Please avoid carrageenan too!

      1. I have always trusted the organic “Pacific” brand and ordered a case of Pacific Almond Milk. After reading the label, I realized it contains carrageenan. Ugh! 🙁

      2. Hello foodbabe, love you and all your work. I’m very proud of you and also myself for being part of your army. Question. I’m concerned with bananas. I heard that all bananas are genetically modified. My nephew show me some pictures in the internet on how the original bananas supposed to look like. The original bananas supposed to have this big seeds in them, so i bought some that said organic but thay didn’t have the big seeds in them. Is it true are all bananas GMO?

    1. I like avocado! I would maybe toss in a teaspoon of pure vanilla extract to mimic the sweetness lost from the bananas!

    2. Darcy Valenti,
      That is a great question and better yet there are several possibilities that may shed the light you may need to figure out what you have to do or not to do. My name is Dr. Pat and I’m a Chiropractor who has promoted nutrition since the 70’s. There are a few books you may choose to read that may shed some interesting light on your question and better yet your quest for better health. . . I refer patients and people I meet at the Farmer’s Markets, the clinic or in the vegetable section of Organic based retail groceries. #1). Buy, used, the book, ‘Eat Right 4 Your Type,’ written by Dr. Peter D’Adamo. Basically, it teaches you foods/drinks to utilize in your daily diet that maximize your nutritional benefit based upon your genetic pre-disposition to digest certain foods because of the specificity of your digestive enzymes. The Bottom Line is your enzymes can only digest certain foods based upon your ancestory. If you eat outside of that food line, it leads to chronic inflammation and chronic disease(s). Check out if you are supposed to eat bananas in the first place. I lost twenty pounds in 30 plus days and never missed a meal. My energy went up and I have never looked back. #2 Another great avenue//possibility is ‘Say Good-Bye To Illness,’ written by Devi S. Nambudripad, MD, DC, L.Ac, Ph.D, I recommend you look into what she has utilized to maximize one’s health and what can be done to regain one’s health. It never ceases to amaze me what the body can do to heal itself if given the chance. .These books truly reflect what changes are really taking off amidst the awareness’s emerging in the massive paradigm shift that is expanding across this country and the world. Several other books that have so much to give/inform are :: #3. ‘Food Combining Made Easy,’ by:: Herbert M Shelton. #4. ‘Water for Health, for Healing, for Life,’ by F. Batmanghelidj, MD. #5.’The Microbiome Diet,’by Raphael Kellman, MD. These books reflect a long history of knowledge and clinical results that yield health. I hope, trust this info helps. God Blessings.
      p.s. nobody makes an apple like Him!!!
      p.s.s I promote education because as people regain their health they too can share with others these truths.

      1. Just curious about what might you recommend for Eczema??? I have been battling it for the last 4 years.. I am 66 and just found out my Mother had it in her childhood… I have had a clean diet for the last 20 years and find that it becomes more bothersome when it gets windy here in MN.. What foods should I stay away from and what should I be eating more of??? I do a lot of greens AB + blood. Any suggestions???

  2. This looks tasty! I bet this would be a smoothie most kids (even picky ones) would drink up, too!

    Your post a few years ago on protein powders and how they’re processed really got me thinking. I immediately switched to a good quality hemp protein powder, but now I just use hemp seeds. Ten grams in 3 tablespoons of seeds and no weird texture or taste.

  3. Food Babe! I love your recipes- what is a good substitute for the hemp seeds? Do flax seeds/milled flax work or chia seeds? Thanks!!! Can’t wait to try this!

  4. Just curious- what’s in here that helps w skin issues? Looks yummy excited to make for me and my toddler! I make one similar and add a couple T of coconut oil and walnuts (Sometimes organic coffee for a pick me up!).

  5. I have some hemp protein on hand (pure, powdere) but no whole seeds. What would be the ratio to substitute?

  6. I just made this and it is delicious! I would actually liken it more to a milkshake than a smoothie. The photo is a little misleading if you are going to try to feed this to unadventurous eaters, since the kale or spinach does turn it green. But if you can get them to try it, they’ll be hooked and certainly ask for more! I’ll definitely be making this several times a month. Thanks Vani!

    1. The coloring definitely changes a bit between romaine, spinach and kale. – Romaine, it remains light like the picture, but as soon as you add spinach or kale, that green takes over! haha. Try putting it in a fun opaque cup for kids!

      1. I have your book and am so happy to be a part of your group and all the yummy recipes…. I love eating healthy… Looking forward to putting together the meal planning

    2. I have found that calling green smoothies Tinkerbell smoothies or Incredible Hulk smoothies (anything green) has gotten my kids so excited to drink green smoothies. My three year old son has never even seen a super hero show, but it still works on him!

  7. I made this for breakfast this morning. It was delicious and so filling. I added a little maca powder for extra energy. Thanks Vani and Happy Birthday!

  8. Vani,
    Have you done any work looking into chlorine toxicity in the tap water that we all drink? I suffer from several autoimmune disorders, and was clinically diagnosed with fibromyalgia after a week of extensive testing at the Mayo clinic 15 years ago, resulting in four failed piriformis injections followed by a failed surgery with lasting painful scar tissue and continued pain. I have never stopped searching for answers. Eliminating ALL soy freed up my chronic congestion. I am on the JJ Virgin diet and have learned I am intolerant to all nuts, palm tree type products(coconut, avacado,)and highly sensitive to eggs, cheese, sugar, and salt.
    I am fortunate to live in Hot Springs, AR, where you can bottle natural spring water without chlorine and biproducts. Day two of total natural spring water I am off the expensive Restasis for chronic dry eye, my fibromyalgia is gone, and the horrible sciatica on failed surgical leg is gone. Yesterday I mowed my entire sloped lake lot and planted two large bushes. Exciting for a guy on full disability the past four years! I am researching filtration systems and it appears I will be purchasing a high quality reverse osmosis filter for under the sink for drinking and cooking AND a whole house filter system for showering. Some whole house only block chlorine and NOT the many biproducts such as DBP, which is 60-100 times more toxic than chlorine. RO filtration gets these toxins. Do your homework and I pray this helps all with fibromyalgia!!! Bob

    1. Hey Bob I would check out this website he did a youtube video on a water filtration system that is coming out in June or July and its pretty amazing! I couldnt find the video but if you search his name Mike Adams, the Health Ranger you should be able to find it! Best of luck

  9. Happy Birthday Vani!!! Here is to many more healthy years ahead. I hope your year gives you lots of reasons to laugh.
    Peace and love

  10. I have been making this smoothie for several months now. I use 4 bananas, and coconut water instead of milk, and have not added the spinach or kale, but I will try adding one of these. Instead of cookies, or cake, this has become one of my desserts. It is yummy and satisfying.

  11. Happy Birthday, Vani! I love this recipe and I think it would be so great after a workout. I never buy store bought almond milk but find it hard making time to prepare sometimes. For emergencies, what brand of almond meal do you trust?

    1. Hello Vani,
      I am Sooo excited about the work you’re doing! It’s Awesome!!!!!
      I have a comment about the smoothies. I suffer from allergies, auto I
      Immune, fibromyalgia, MS etc. I believe that berries ( the less sweet fruits are best for these symptoms) also Granny Smith apples. I add a an avacado & some stevia & it’s great! Bananas, pineapple, grapes etc. are a very sweet fruits which some don’t realize . Too much fructose can be a problem, also eating sweet fruits & too many. It can really throw your blood sugar off balance. The greens are most important with a few fruits for flavor. Mint leaves are great also for flavor & digestion. Marilyn

  12. Hi Vani,
    I’m allergic to almonds. I get horrific migraines. Finally cut out the almond milk & they decreased dramatically!!
    This recipe looks awesome, but what can I use to replace the almond butter?
    Thank you! & Happy Birthday!!

    1. Barbie, I would suggest using cashew butter of sunflower butter as a sub for almond butter. They both taste great!

  13. Hi Vani,
    I’m so disgusted, our city council up here in Calgary had got rid of fluoride some six or more years ago. Now the dental regime has supposed stats that say our children’s teeth are suffering compared to the provincial capital, Edmonton, that still has fluoridated water. A survey of our citizenry says 64% want it back in our water! There just does not seem any way now to stop the disinformation about the toxicity of fluoride which our dentists say is perfectly safe. Go figure!

  14. Happy Birthday, Vani!
    Hope your special day is filled with all things wonderful and spent with those you love and cherish. Enjoy!

  15. Happy Birthday Vani! May the Food Babe continue to do amazing things <3
    I absolutely love bananas and almond butter in a smoothie! I think the hemp seeds will add a little crunch, but it might get stuck in my teeth! Better not flash a smile afterwards XD

  16. We prefer chard as our green and feel it’s as good or better than kale, etc. Do you agree?

  17. Happy Birthday Vani! Hope its special ♡ Thank you for all of the wonderful hard work you do.

  18. For the person considering reverse osmosis under his sink, we have been using a basement distiller for years. The water is piped up to our kitchen sink. We add back minerals by drops to the water. We use ConcenTrace Trace Mineral drops. With reverse osmosis, there is usually a large displacement ie waste of water. The distiller requires cleaning about every 3-4 months but people who visit us say our water tastes good. Meaning, I think, it has no flavor.

    1. I stopped using a distiller after I read (I think on Dr Mercola’s website) that many medicines and water pollutants distill at a temperature just below water, so you still get bad stuff in your distilled tank.

  19. I use organic carrot juice for the liquid in all varieties of shakes – fruit or veggies. Gives a great taste and extra nutrients. Sometimes I even like to add a few ounces of homemade kefir for fun.
    Experimenting is good!!!

  20. Where will I find the article on protein powders ?
    My 16 year old are into body building and are insisting on it … I’m looking for info to talk them out of it …
    What would be a credible substitute …. to convince 16 year old boys total sold on whatever media and public opinion say

  21. Happy Belated Birthday Vani. You do such a great job. Thank you!!! For almond milk i do roughly two parts almond butter to one part water and blend. All depends on how thick or thin I like it at the time. (An idea i got from a chef interviewed on the Rich Roll podcast, where Vani has been interviewed also). So simple it caught my ear. So for this recipe i just added another spoon of the butter. Would imagine it is worthy of trying with any other nut butter too. Thank you, love this recipe Vani. I needed a change up idea.

  22. I tweaked the recipe a bit, but it was quite yummy. I will try adding berries in the future. I used Rice milk, and substituted maple syrup for vanilla. Thanks for the recipe!

  23. OMG, we LOVE this smoothie! I make it with kale or spinach.

    Today, I had no frozen bananas so I added about six ice cubes and reduced the nut milk. Delicious!

  24. You may have answered this before, but I’m wondering about the hemp and chia seeds, do they need to be the ones in the shells or can they be hulled? I’ve used the ones in the shells in the past in smoothies/juices and they are hard to eat and don’t get chopped up in the Vitamix. Thanks for all the great information and inspiration. I’m excited to start eating right and getting my health and weight under control. Don’t have the funds for your “program” but will utilize the e-mails and blogs that I can access. Thanks Vani!

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