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Big Announcement About My Book, The Food Babe Way!

It’s been a little over a year since my book The Food Babe Way came out. At that time, my hope was that this book was going to change lives, change the world, and change the food industry, but I wasn’t sure exactly how or how fast it would happen.

The Food Babe Way was a #1 bestseller & New York Times Best Seller – selling more books than any other book the week that it was released! I have continued to be astonished by all your support, generous love and am humbled and forever grateful for every single person that has read this book and have helped to spread the word and get this message out. And… if you haven’t read my book yet, I have some very exciting news!

My publisher just published The Food Babe Way in paperback, so it is now available on Amazon for only $10.11! Pick up a copy here.


Here are some of the reasons why this book has been so popular and what it can do for you:

1.  You’ll become an ingredient-label-reading superstar and know exactly which “Sickening 15” ingredients to avoid – and why.

2.  You’ll get into the same 21 life-changing habits that I personally use to achieve great health and maintain an ideal weight.

3.  You’ll learn which mainstream restaurants are serving up controversial additives and GMOs in their most popular dishes – think places like The Cheesecake Factory and The Olive Garden – with complete ingredient lists!

4.  You’ll stop counting calories, carbs, protein and fat grams, and learn why most “diets” are flawed and don’t work for long-term weight loss.

5.  You’ll see what I really think of how the FDA is managing its oversight of our food supply, and who they are really looking out for. *Hint – it’s not you.

6.  Learn how to repair the relationship between you and your form fitting clothes. The Food Babe Way will teach you how to salvage the relationship so you don’t lose your clothes to someone else. You and your clothes were a great fit once, and can be again!

7.  You’ll find out what happened behind closed doors in some of my most controversial investigations and petitions. I’ll also tell you how to effectively start your own petition – for all you Food Babe Army activists out there!

8.  You’ll be able to “label” any product as GMO yourself, as long as you can read the ingredient list. You’ll also know which companies to boycott that are spending millions to keep you in the dark.

9.  You’ll see right through deceptive marketing claims on a label and be able to decipher which ones are all hype (and which ones are actually meaningful).

10.  You’ll receive my expert tips on how to travel organically without missing a beat, so you can always stay on track – no matter where life takes you.

11.  You’ll get a 21-day flexible Eating Plan with over 50 of my favorite organic recipes that I personally love, along with a pantry staples list and snack list. You’ll also receive my money-saving tips for how to stretch your food dollar further.

12.  You’ll learn the tricks that the industry uses to make you addicted and eat more than you should, you’ll get the tools you need to break free and live the healthiest life possible.

Since the book has come out, so many readers have shared how their life has been changed since reading The Food Babe Way

“Excellent from cover to cover. Thought I was eating correctly but I couldn’t have been more wrong. This book shows the food consumer how to make intelligent, informed, and healthy decisions regarding the way we eat. This book, if you give it an honest shake, truly will change your life by changing your diet to real, wholesome, and completely satisfying real food. Kudos to the author for a job well done”. – Adam, Amazon verified purchase

“FINALLY!!! A book that will change the food industry – and it’s about time! Vani’s thorough research and hard work are making food companies change their ways by removing harmful ingredients. The FDA needs to pay closer attention…they need to crack down on the dangerous ingredients that are allowed in our nation’s food supply, but strangely are not allowed in other countries”. – Diane, Amazon verified purchase

“Since reading this book I feel better, am finally losing weight and sleep better. I have lost almost all my cravings unless I eat something that I should not! I am grateful for this insightful and thoughtful book!!!!” – Amazon verified purchase

“Awesome book. Been following her advice slowing changing my habits. And I feel great. Very resourceful. I suffer from severe fibromyalgia and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis autoimmune disease. And its been seriously helping me”. – Amazon verified purchase

“This book should be required reading for anyone who does the food shopping for families!!!! We’ve all heard we should read product labels but Vani explains WHAT you should be looking for. It’s not the fat gram or calories that should worry you. It’s the ingredients (many of them banned in other countries) that are ultimately hurting us. Thank you Vani for your book!” – Amazon verified purchase

Not only am I continually encouraged and amazed by your emails and reviews of my book, but the changes that have happened in the food industry since that time continue to blow my mind…

  • Papa John’s Pizza – (June 23, 2015) Announced they’re removing 14 ingredients by the end of 2016, including artificial colors, caramel color, the preservative sodium benzoate, and hidden MSG ingredients like autolyzed yeast extract and hydrolyzed proteins. 
  • Most recently, Campbell’s is going to start labeling the GMOs in their products. And major brands are offering more non-GMO and organic products than ever before.

And those are just a handful of the big wins we have had together as a movement!

When I look back at all that has happened in the last year, I am astounded. Especially when you look at where I started.

For most of my life I lived in what felt like a foreign body – the food and chemicals I was eating were not serving my health, my weight, or my beauty. I suffered a myriad of health issues that kept me on several prescription drugs just to cope – now I’m on zero.

You can see my “Before” pictures below, in the trailer video for The Food Babe Way.

I truly look older in these pictures, while I was over a decade younger! My hope is that these pictures inspire you to make the health change you’ve been wanting to make for yourself.

Pick up your paperback copy for only $10.11 on Amazon, it’s also available everywhere books are sold!

If you’ve already read The Food Babe Way, please share this post with your friends and family who refuse to recognize what’s happening or need to know why we need a safer food system – we truly can change the world together.



P.S. If you will be in southern California this week, I’ll be doing two book signings at the Natural Food Expo in Anaheim! The first 100 people at each signing will receive a free copy of The Food Babe Way!

  1. Friday, March 11, 2016 at 1:00 PM, Back To The Roots (booth #3013)
  2. Saturday, March 12, 2016 at 1:00 PM, Nutiva (booth #2420)

I hope to see you! If you can’t be there, stay tuned for more book signing events in the future.

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36 responses to “Big Announcement About My Book, The Food Babe Way!

  1. Are you going to write another book ? What do you think of Organic Flax seed oil & Organic cottage cheese, part of Dr. Johanna Budwig’s cancer diet. It kills cancer cells, protects the heart and several other helpful things for the body. Other wise food that keeps the body healthy. I eat this everyday on corn thins. One part oil to 2 part protein. The doctor was the foremost expert in oils and proteins.

    1. Yes!!!! The second book is progress 🙂 I am a huge fan of flaxseed, but not the oil, I’d rather eat the fresh ground stuff. I also don’t do cottage cheese – I limit my dairy consumption to one serving or less a day.

      1. …I always mention you along with Mike Adams to people as the best references to wake up & not only smell the coffee but brew it too! In other words in our health crisis (ISIS) uh oh : ) you two cover just about all the bases as in baseball their stealing & or trying too…
        As for me I eat my food in combinations of rhythms finding vast realities that many can share in. Nothing better in life but good GOD given food, if poisonous guess we better have built our IMMUNE SYSTEM.
        …for sure Vani moves emotions to tears in our heartbreaking society. Congratulations on everything!

      1. It’s not the hair care products that make her hair beautiful, it’s the healthy oils (essential fatty acids) that make it so. Same goes for her skin. The beauty comes from what you put inside the body.

  2. I have to agree with Vani…I would take freshly ground flax seed over flax oil…you get the fiber and less chance of oil being rancid. And I look and feel younger after cutting dairy out of my life. Some people tolerate it in small amounts. Other than ghee and a little pastured butter I gave it up years ago and feel so much better!

    1. …geez I finally bought some expensive RAW butter, had a great month along with Grade B Maple Syrup( Sir yer up! hah!), Raw Goat Milk, Raw Milk & Kerfer, RAW Cheese Organic, geesh w/o this might be (Grade B) hah a good idea too!??
      Hope not though.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your book, Vani! I have diligently read it AND taken notes!!! I will make sure to share it with as many friends as I can! I truly appreciate all the hard work you do to help us eat healthier and see the truth about the food industry.

  4. Vani,

    Keep fighting the good fight! You have done more good than you probably know. You are the Food Babe!

    1. Thanks John – The Food Babe Army is so powerful. This community we have built to challenge the food industry to do better is incredible.

  5. So glad you are working on another book! So grateful for all you and the team have done to conquer the food industry AND PROVING that avoiding all the additives, preservatives, artificial coloring, etc… and eating organic brings our bodies back to a state of excellent being. We both lost 30+ pounds and are still losing. The “Food Babe Way” is a wonderful way of life for us…the only way. We hope more people will see AND LISTEN TO what we see on the news every day about how foods are changing AND why foods are bad for them–we hope they find The Food Babe. We continue to spread good health to others–WE ARE THE FOOD BABE ARMY!!! Thank you Vani and the team.

    1. Thank you Joe and Sue – I very much appreciate your support. Keep up the great work – you are inspiring everyone around you!

  6. Please know that raw dairy, cultured milk, butter, and A2 milk is a better route.
    Not all have to give up raw, 100% grass fed dairy.
    We did an MRT blood test and are fine with it.
    But we are each “original art works, with different bodies.

    I am so sad that Chipotes is not 100% organic. Had no idea their meat is not. They were the only place we have trusted and now we are out of luck..
    We are all organic and cook at home, but love to eat out when in the city.
    Boo hoo!!!!

  7. I would like to read your book but I’m sorry Yhat I can’t come ro Califormia. I would like to very much but I can’t do any traveling any where for some time because of health issues and funding issues. I like your blog and I will look for your book at the local book store. Thank you. Victoria Jipson

  8. …I might be able to slip on a Samosa on my way there this Friday leaving perhaps a lunch buffet from an Indian Restaurant. But hopefully the fall will not land me in the hospital hah : ). In love with the FoodBabe Way is some serious lifesaving info & I wish I had more time to study. A book can finally fit in my budget, I now just have to fit in with the FoodBabe Way in which my belly could lose 20lbs. I have bought now TWO Blood Pressue Monitors, one’s a wrist one. Seems at 55 I wouldn’t be surprised if I over did it sometimes but at least not always thanks to you! Lance

  9. Welcome to California Vani (Food Babe) Thank you for all your hard work. I bought two of your books one for my daughter . My wife and I have cooked several of your recipes . Love your cookies recipes!! After reading your book you have changed my life I am cooking a lot at home and saving money and eating much healthy food.

    Thank you Ken

  10. teaching college health and nutrition for over 35 years, I knew the studies were flawed and the texts outdated and almost a lot of meaningless words. I have come around to your studies and philosophy over the past 20 years however and after reading your work I always point to you as someone I told all my colleagues was the real truth if the only read your great work……
    You are blessed and inspiring for those who need to hear the WORD.

    We are blessed too.

  11. Hello, Thank you for your investigations! I am curious – do you eat any type of chip? Tortilla chips, potato chips, pita chips? I am so addicted to them and having a hard time stopping. BTW – You look fabulous! Major difference from the before and after photos you shared. Keep the the awesome and much needed work with the food industries!

  12. I love your book! Puchased it 2.5 weeks ago & lost 4 pounds the first week. I’ve been carrying it everywhere I go, sharing bits of information with whomever will listen to me. So many people think they are eating healthy just by purchasing from the health section at the grocery store. I think some of my friends & co-workers are getting upset because I’m “ruining” they’re favorite foods. Blame the giant food companies…not me or Food Babe. Thank you for sharing your story & your gift Food Babe!!

    1. I KNOW Sara… RIGHT??? My friends and loved ones are also upset with me when I inform them of the Truth I’ve learned from Vani and others similar to her (there’s NO one actually “like” her… just similar, lol!) Now I have to be careful with whom I share this powerful information with. Most just DON’T want to hear it, let alone believe it.

      1. Agreed! The only people willing to talk about it in an adult way are my mother and mother-in-law. For the past few years I have been telling myself that everything is fine and “better living through chemistry” but it’s a joke. I have a degree in chemistry and biology with a focus in agriculture so I should have known better! I feel as if I spent upwards of $90,000 on my education to be brainwashed. These chemicals are NOT healthy and they most certainly are NOT safe!

  13. Hi Vani. You are coming to Anaheim? That’s great! I live nearby and hope to meet you this weekend. THANK YOU so much for all your work educating the public about toxins in our food. I would love to buy my kids and myself your book, but not in the budget. I will continue to learn and be inspired by your website and share with loved ones I have 6 wonderful grandchildren and I want their parents to be able to provide healthy foods for them…and be educated about MUCH better options than I was as a Mom.

    1. Diana, Vani’s book can be purchased USED in hardcover for under $10 now. Also, this book has just been released in paperback for as little as $10.11. Are these prices still not in your budget? If this is truly the case, please advise!

    2. Hi Diana, Vani’s book (in hardcover) can be purchased now for under $10. And the book has just been released in paperback for as little as $10.11. Are these prices still not in your budget? Please advise!

  14. Vani, I LOVED your book! I was into clean eating and organic but had no idea of all the additives and chemicals in so many foods! You taught me to better understand labels and ingredients. I have not only thrown out alot of food in the pantry I won’t buy anything with the additives I learned about in your book! It’s insane what the food industry has done to our food supply!

  15. In response to your post on chewing gum…..First of all…Aspartame is the “original” ANT POISON !!! Try sprinkling a packet where you have ant’s…..gone….dead ! Second, from your body’s point of view, if your mouth is chewing, food should be coming down, so digestive juices start to flow. Nothing comes down. Repeatedly ! You won’t notice the damage you are doing now, but you will pay for it as you get older.

  16. Have you ever investigated what’s in the Shakeology shakes? If not, can you? They claim to be healthy, but I wonder.

  17. I just started reading your book this weekend (and I’m already halfway through!). I’m impatient so I flipped to the back with the daily eating and the first day you say to have an english muffin for breakfast… I have never been able to find english muffins that don’t have a HUGE ingredient list – do you have any recommendations? I do love them and would love to have a healthy option!

  18. I have sent many people to your site probably at least a 1000 or more i tell folks on the cb and to people in my iphone which is 1012 folks in there

  19. Vani, I loved your book! Your information has changed my life! I found your website just over two years ago and I’ve learned so much since then. And I’ve lost 32 pounds! You inspired me to learn so much more about nutrition that I signed up for classes and just received my certification in Naturopathic Nutrition. I couldn’t be happier and my family couldn’t be healthier. My deepest gratitude, thank you.

  20. I’m sorry to have to ask this question here but I don’t see a contact page. I have subscribed numerous time but I never get the confirmation email. What should I do?

  21. Hi I am from Australia and was in my local Woolworth shopping center and saw a container of Bertolli Original olive oil Spread 500 g. I thought hay olive oil is a healthy oil so I thought that I would give it ago until I read the ingredients on the side. The first ingredient was Vegetable Oils 38% and then Rapeseed, Palm, Sunflower oils. Then only 21% olive oil. No where on the front of the packaging does it say anything about vegetable oils. Seeing that there is more vegetable oil in the spreed should it not be called vegetable oil spreed. Another way companies are misleading people into thinking their product is healthy. Also in the same place they were selling Atlantic salmon, I checked the ingredients and it had vegetable oil added. Why would you add vegetable oil to salmon when it already has it’s own healthy fish oils? I have found it very hard to find anything at supermarkets that don’t contain vegetable oil, canola oil or both in the products. Even in the health food aisles most of the products still contain vegetable oil. I purchase all my food now from my local farmers market when I can. Sometimes I have to work on the weekends so miss the markets and then sadly have to buy my food from the supermarket.

    I saw your talk at the World Domination Summit Vani and you did an amazing job.

    Cheers Michael

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