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BREAKING NEWS: Major Beer Brand Removes Caramel Coloring!

I have some AH-MAZE-ING news to share with you all today! As you may already know, my book The Food Babe Way is coming out in only 2 weeks. As a pre-order bonus in December, I sent out an advance copy of the chapter that I wrote about alcohol and all of the sickening ingredients that are permitted in beer, wine, and hard liquor – completely unlabeled. One of these ingredients is Caramel Coloring Class IV, a completely unnecessary ingredient that is linked to cancer in animal studies. I also mentioned this chemical in my 2013 investigation into beer, and in my 2014 petition to Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors asking them to publish all of their ingredients for the world to see (which has now gotten over 61K signatures). 


This all began because there was Newcastle in my fridge…

The biggest reason that I decided to investigate the beer companies a couple years ago was that my husband likes to drink beer on occasion, and Newcastle was his favorite – although we had no clue what the ingredients were. This was the only thing in my fridge that I didn’t know what was in it and I thought this should change. After contacting Newcastle for the first time in 2013, they wouldn’t tell me all the ingredients, but I had this to say about them:

“Carcinogenic Caramel Coloring

Newcastle, a UK brand, confessed to using what I would consider one of the most controversial food additives. Toasted barley is usually what gives beer its golden or deep brown color, however in this case, Newcastle beer is also colored artificially with caramel color. This caramel coloring is manufactured by heating ammonia and sulfites under high pressure, which creating carcinogenic compounds. If beer companies were required by law to list the ingredients, Newcastle would likely have to have a cancer warning label under California law because it is a carcinogen proven to cause liver tumors, lung tumors, and thyroid tumors in rats and mice”.

This initial blog post went absolutely viral, with millions of page views. This breaking information that Newcastle uses caramel coloring spread like wildfire, and was getting a lot of attention. 

All of this time, I have had ongoing communications with some beer companies, and they are updating me on any progress they are making. Soon after my beer investigation, the company that produces Newcastle (Heineken), reached out to me personally to confirm that they don’t use any genetically modified (GMO) ingredients in Heineken and Amstel Light. They also corresponded with me more recently during my beer petition to confirm that the ingredients in Heineken were listed on the bottles in some foreign countries (not in the U.S) and recognized the Food Babe Army’s work regarding Panera Bread:

“…By the way, saw the Panera headlines today in USA Today. You are driving an impressive agenda. Congrats on the many recent accomplishments (including, by the way, Dr. Oz, which I saw on TV last week or the week prior). Very exciting stuff and a testament to all of your hard work….”

The industry is listening to what we want and are making changes – whether they admit it’s because of us or not. 

This all led up to this email that I recently received from my contact over at Heineken and couldn’t wait to share it with you!

“Happy New Year. I hope you’re well.

We traded e-mails last year. I heard you’re shortly publishing a new book. Congratulations! That is a big accomplishment.

I know you’ve been interested in Newcastle Brown Ale, as your husband’s former favorite beer. I wanted to make sure you knew that we have removed caramel coloring from Newcastle completely. (We are instead using roasted malt.) This change is working its way through our international supply chain now, which takes a bit of time. (Newcastle is brewed in the UK.) The change will be completed and effective in the marketplace in three to six months.

Might it be possible to reflect these facts in future publications including any potential information you’ve included in your book?

Many thanks and wishing you a happy & healthy new year,


Go, Food Babe Army, Go!

Thanks to all of you for spreading the word and sharing this information about what’s hiding in beer, as it’s really making a difference. This is proof that we are getting attention, the industry is taking notice, and changing as a result. We have been on the front lines campaigning that these beer companies disclose all ingredients and remove harmful additives like Caramel Coloring Class IV. No one else is doing this, and this is just the beginning.

I find it interesting that a different corporate spokesperson from Heineken USA told the USA Today on 1/26/2015 that they didn’t make the change because of me specifically – but rather all of us! Every voice matters. Sharing posts works! Usually companies don’t like to give credit where credit is due. 

The Food Babe Way isn’t even out yet and it’s already making changes!

In The Food Babe Way chapter about alcohol, I catalogue several beers and what they contain. As Heineken is removing caramel coloring from Newcastle, I will be making an update in the next printing of my book to include this wonderful new information.

Although I’m thrilled with this news, I still hope that Heineken will completely come around and agree to label all of their ingredients. Ingredients should be publicly available for anyone that wants to know exactly what they’re drinking – even if it’s alcohol. 

Caramel Color is dropping in beer – but it’s still in Starbucks!

Is Starbucks listening? There is no doubt that they are. How can they ignore news like this? They committed late last year to looking into safer alternatives to Caramel Coloring Class IV but I have yet to get a timeline from them. I have contacted them over and over and over again since August and no progress has been made to my knowledge. Starbucks doesn’t use caramel coloring in their drinks in the U.K., so there’s absolutely no reason for them to use this controversial additive here in the U.S. as it is obviously not necessary. 

Millions of Starbucks customers in America are drinking lattes and Frappuccinos filled with this questionable potentially cancer-causing ingredient even today… 

I cannot wait for the day when I get to share that Starbucks has finally removed caramel coloring (and finally posts their drink ingredients online!). But, until then – please share this amazing news with any of your friends and family  – and keep demanding change! 

We are changing the world together one company at a time!



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167 responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Major Beer Brand Removes Caramel Coloring!

  1. Have you done any work on the ingredients for gluten-free beer? ? I love beer, but have to drink it gluten-free. TJ’s, Red Mill, and Baers are the only ones I know about. TJ’s has the least expensive gluten-free beer.

    1. Omg. That is awesome!!! Can you please check into all the companies making PURE vanilla extract amd ask them WHY they have corn syrup as an ingredient. I am floored by this??? To be specific, it is great value brand pure vanilla extract. Im just going to make my own with vodka and vanilla beans!

  2. Way to go, girl! United we stand as a powerful force for good. Not buying toxic, processed and faux foods will hurt the companies that make this junk. Every ingredient in every product must be required to be labeled. We have the right to know what’s in it. Can’t wait to get the book. TY for all you do to help others!

  3. Was saddened to see that the so called “healthy” soda choices like blue sky and Hansen’s still use caramel color! I always thought they were a slightly healthier cola for when my teenager craved a soda. And I just realized that Hansen’s still uses artificial sweetners!!! I will now only buy blue sky mandarin lime for my son.

    1. Maybe you want to try kombucha. It’s fizzy, refreshing, and very healthy. A great success with my teenagers.

      1. Thanks for the suggestion Annie! I love Kombucha but they think it’s disgusting. There are so many available now and my oldest son is very calorie conscious. Do you know of a good brand or flavor that Is low in sugar and doesn’t have the “slimy”stuff as my kids call it?

        Thanks so much!

  4. Thank you for all of your hard work. I am proud to be part of this movement. Signing your petition for labeling ingredients for beer seems as if it had more of an effect on our lives than voting in the November mid-term election. Your message has a lot of support. Can you help mobilize our army to fight for GMO labeling in North Carolina as we ultimately work to completely ban GMO’ s nationwide.

  5. Unless you’re in a country which requires Newcastle to list the ingredients on a label, there is still no way to know if the Newcastle you have in your hand contains caramel color IV! Oh, I forgot, Stacey said there wasn’t any.

  6. I don’t drink beer, I don’t drink Starbucks and I rarely drink soda. That being said… I am grateful that you are fighting for safer food for those of us in America.

    1. Laura, I don’t drink any of those either, but ALL of these things are in so many food products it’s ludicrous. I don’t buy anything with these things in them and I call the companies and tell them so. One step at a time here. Companies keep up with what other companies are doing and low and behold, CHANGES ARE MADE!
      I’m so proud of you Vani! I know your efforts will be greatly rewarded with the difference you’re making. 🙂

  7. Great work Vani. I’ve already ordered your book as has my girlfriend.
    Wouldn’t it be easier for all beer brewers to take a cue from German brewers and follow the German Purity Law for beer which only allows for water, barley, and hops? It was originally instituted in part to ensure that other naturally derived toxins were not in beer. And German beers taste great with their clean taste. If I’m out a bar, it’s a surer way to get a natural beer. I just hope they are not sneaking GMOs in.

  8. Kind of makes one wonder what sort of ingredients the other beer manufacturer’s are using to get that “amber” color. I guess beer would be clear without it?.

  9. i will be delighted when i can verify whether or not my drinks have gluten. right now i get sick and cross things off my list, which leads me to avoid entire classes of alcohols simply because they’re more likley to contain it. but that doesn’t solve the problem- i had a reaction to (very cheap, apparently) well rum this year. i’m willing to buy more expensive alcohol if i can be sure it won’t make me sick!

  10. This used to be my favorite beer. I stopped drinking it for this reason. I’m glad to hear they are finally starting to listen to peoples complaints. Is there any other ingredients in New Castle that we should steer clear of….besides alcohol? Lol

  11. Thank you Vani for your efforts on our behalf. I guess it is never too late to make changes, Newcastle Brown Ale is my favorite beer and I have only been drinking it for the past 55 years. Keep up the good work!

  12. Vani – Way to GO!!! I’m as proud of you as if you were my own daughter. You are one hard-working woman and I wish your book and you all the success! Thank you for what you’re doing to change the food industry. God bless you and yours.

  13. Vani please pressure Enfamil to remove caramel colouring from their infants viltamins (D visol-Poly Visol- Tri Visol)

    1. Please check NOW vitamins. I know they have kids vits, not sure of infant vits. They use only pure ingredients and absolutely nothing artificial.

    2. Call Enfamil and tell them you will not buy their product until it’s removed. Tell them the brand you are going to buy instead, such as the NOW vitamins. I did this with Nature Made Multi Complete and they are in the process of reformulating. They are also coming out with a vitamin without artificial colors. WE CAN HELP VANI ! WE ARE, WE ARE, THE FOOD BABE ARMY!

  14. I’ve been a home brewer for over 30 years, and there’s several ways to artificially darken the wort prior to fermentation w/o using Caramel, Crystal or Cara malts . . the best of which is probably adding some blackstrap molasses toward the end of the boil (between 1/2 to 1 cup per/5 gal recipe). Of course this will raise the sg proportionally, but it will definitely darken the brew while adding a mildly sweet flavor. It will also probably be the most healthy adjunct you could add to a recipe.

  15. I love this so much. I’m so glad some companies are going to be doing the right thing by removing these unnecessary and destructive substances from their products. WAY TO GO!
    I have called Pepperidge Farms about the Carmel color in their Pumpernickel Bread, and they said, “It is added to enhance the color of the product.” So I told them I would no longer purchase it until the garbage is removed! I told Healthy Request the same thing. Try not to buy processed food and the food bill will decrease unbelievably!

  16. WTG! Thank you for standing up for us all & making positive change. It’s unreal how unhealthy the food is in the United States. Down with artificial chemicals & in with the real, all natural yet healthy ingredients! Love it, thank you again & keep up the great work!!

  17. Vani asked for verification of caramel colour IV toxicity. Reading thru her own material, she provided this: Scanning about 2/3 of the way down we get to CARAMEL COLOUR IV – which I assume is the same as what Vani calls caramel color class IV – I cannot find a reference to caramel classes.

    The paper then goes on to describe methodology for rat and mouse screening for toxicity, mutagenicity, carcinogenicity, reproduction and teratogenicity. Results were:

    The feeding of caramel colour IV did not affect survival in
    either the chronic toxicity or carcinogenicity sections of this study
    and, other than dark-stained and soft faeces, there were no treatment-
    related antemortem observations. During the course of both studies
    body weights were reduced for both males and females at the 5 and
    10 g/kg b.w. dose levels. These effects on body weights were
    correlated with reduced water and food consumption at these dose
    levels and reflect the reduced palatability of the drinking fluid.

    As far as mutagenicity: The same series of 5 caramel-colour samples as used in the above studies were tested for mutagenicity in the Ames test using
    Salmonella strains TA98, TA100, TA1535, TA1537, and TA1538 and
    Saccharomyces strain D4. Assays were performed both in the presence
    and absence of hepatic microsomal S-9 fraction from Araclor-induced
    rats in the conventional plate assay and after a pre-incubation step
    in strains TA100 and TA1535. The results of the mutagenicity assays
    were negative under all the test conditions and over a concentration
    range of 1-50 mg/plate for strain TA100 and 1-20 mg/plate for the
    other strains (Jagannath & Brusick, 1978b).

    Special studies were done on teratogenicity and reproduction. To summarize: Aside from tissues stained with he food coloring, no behavioral or structural abnormalities were noted.

    Vani, I simply cannot find support for your claims using your references.

    1. Tom:

      You seem to be a “thinking man,” and I applaud your efforts, but I have to wonder why you bother. Vani is doing great work to help us ALL become more healthy by removing obvious toxins from our foods and drinks. Why take a dump on that?

      Plus, I haven’t read the link you provided yet, but there’s something else I’m wondering if you’re missing…if Vani’s wrong (which I highly doubt, but just for argument’s sake) then why are food companies starting to change their recipes? Why does Vani receive such vile hate e-mails? A thinking man (or woman) would believe that the Food Babe Army must be hitting close to home, no?

      Just look at history. Every single person we now believe was ahead of their time was ostracized by government officials, powerful societal leaders, religious leaders, or a combination thereof. I’m not comparing Vani to Gandhi, MLK Jr., or Einstein, but the sheer amount of negativity aimed at the Food Babe makes me go “hmmmmmmm.”

      Good Day to you sir and I wish you good health!


      1. Oh…I forgot to mention that I see some definite correlations between the anti-Food Babe Army rhetoric and the nonsense the tobacco companies used to deal to us trying to make us believe there was no connection between consuming tobacco products and poor health….

        Well, we ALL know how that one tuned out…


      2. I really agree with you…. You really should check out that link and read the studies on that link posted by Tom. It mentions “Lymphocytopenia”, “Tumors of the pancreas occurred”… they refuted the tumors were caused by the caramel color. It’s a good read. I know for a fact I do not want to ingest this food additive 🙂 It’s too scary with all the types 1, 2, 3, and 4. It reacted differently in mice, rats, etc. : “The cumulative mortality of males given 5% caramel color 3 was higher than that of…” I’ll let people read the rest for themselves and glean what they will. Many thanks to Tom for posting that link! 🙂

  18. YAY! This is fantastic news! I don’t drink beer (or alcohol) but I am so hopeful that this will carry into other caramel colored products.


  20. Dark bread I buy at my local grocery store has caramel coloring in it. Is it the same caramel coloring in beer? I’m so glad you are working so hard making our food safer for us. I’m looking forward to your book. Keep up the good work.

  21. We must never forget our ultimate power. It’s our wallets! Food manufacturers — who show us over and over that they are only motivated by profit — will listen when we stop buying! So tell everyone — even if it’s annoying — to stop buying from these companies like Starbucks! Write and tell them: If you can make a clean version of your product outside the US, you can certainly offer it here. Until then, you will not see a dime of my money!

  22. Vani my son in law first made me aware of Carmel color in Starbucks coffee now I see it is in Fiber 1 bars which I love. Can u go after them? Marg

    1. Marg, We all have to do our own part too. If you know people who feel the same way you do, set it up to call the companies. You know what to say. There is no excuse for them to be adding these things to our food and beverages, all the while they are NOT ADDED IN OVER SEAS! WHY??? Make them explain. We deserve the best! If the FDA and the USDA will not do their jobs, we must, do it for them.

  23. There are some good points all around. Why are these ingredients banned in other countries and not here? Kind of makes me wonder if I should consider moving to one of these other countries. At least they care about their citizens health and well being. I do not think God intended for us to put toxins in our bodies. Look at the garden of Eden and tell me there was crap in there. God wants us to live healthy lives. I’m so thankful for Vani and her hard work. She is truly a blessing

  24. I buy Virgil’s Zero Cream Soda. It’s sweetened with stevia and contains GMO free carmel coloring. Is this the same stuff(Mel IV) that you are commenting on???

    Terry Mare

  25. Excellent news!
    Newcastle was also my favorite beer until I read, with disappointment, that they were using artificial caramel color. Let’s give them a few months, and see how it goes. I don’t care how it looks, as long as it is free of harmful stuff and tastes as great as always.

    Thanks a lot!

  26. I just don’t get why Food Babe is so psycho-hysterical over caramel coloring when the real danger is alcohol itself. Look up the dangers of alcohol and cancer relationships and then the dangers of caramel coloring to cancer. It’s quite a huge difference! Get real. Just don’t drink anything produced by a major corporation and you’ll be fine. And don’t eat anything processed, either. This isn’t rocket science!

  27. Labeling of all ingredients is paramount. . . The ‘double standard ‘of selling organic in Europe and Hades Health Ingredients in America’s Food has no heart, honor or respect; except Hell’s ‘high-ball ‘ of greeed!! Is this corrupt evil business-as-usual any surprise . . . . putting American’s lives at risk? Treason’s treachery anyone?? Protect yourself and your family. . . buy bulk. .. any doubts. . . don’t buy. Take action and support businesses that are doing/serving the public’s wellbeing! If you are looking for something and cannot find a safe source, make it yourself. . . Educate yourself and spread the word. . . The closer the food you eat is to nature, the better you are going to maintain your health. Your diet/food/drink will either feed you or bake you. . It Is great to read everyone’s comments of concern and educated comments. . .this is what democracy is all about. God bless you all and God Bless America!!!
    p.s. our body’s actually have two brains: one b/n your ears and the other is your digestive system. . . . Your ‘gut’ actually has more neural activity than your brain. Treat it with respect and live long and healthy!!!

  28. YAY!!!!! That is awesome! I don’t even drink beer but I feel bad for the people who drink this and don’t even know there are other mystery ingredients in it. Thanks for being you Vani and all your hard work!!!

  29. Thank you for your efforts on caramel coloring. Until your blog I never realized what it was. I mean it sounds so innocent, caramel.Who doesn’t like caramels? Coffee is already brown, why would Starbucks need to put caramel color in it. I think I’m going 100 percent organic.

  30. “whether they admit it’s because of us or not”
    Heads you win, tails they lose? Sorry but this Food Babe Army stuff is getting childish.

  31. Great news! Thanks for all you do. I have a question, what is DATEM and what is it doing in Progresso Gluten Free New England Clam chowder? I called the company and they couldn’t even explain what it was, just that its necessary to use in GF soups to keep them from separating. I don’t have celiac, but have resolved a lot of my health issues (and lost weight) by going GF for almost 2 yrs. Sometimes you just have a yearning for clam chowder and take the easy way out by buying a can of supposedly safe GF soup. Keep up your wonderful work.

  32. Thanks Vani for all your work and everyone who is helping . Certainly don’t want caramel that is the one that causes cancer in my food. I used to drink a bunch of Dunkin donuts caramel lattes … I wonder if their caramel is ok or it has the cancerous caramel in it? Thanks again for your hard work and dedication despite there also being a ton of bad people devoid of ethics and morals out there trying to stop the good work .

  33. My son had ATD. He was 4 years old when I started reading labels on food products. ‘Caramel coloring’ has been around for a long time. I wish I had started sooner. That was almost 40 years ago. Changed his diet immediately. I noticed a change in his behavior, as did his teachers. Today, he is bright, beautiful and healthy. Just read!!

  34. I just sent this note to Boylan’s Bottling. They make soda. Here it is:
    I live in Canada and just bought your ‘creamy red birch beer’. I was so happy to see birch beer; and then I read the ingredients…caramel color and red 40. Well. this is the last time I will purchase your products. I’ve just learned that caramel color and any color #’s are a big problem. If you ever decide to eliminate the red 40 and caramel color; then I will consider buying it again. I will also be telling everyone I know not to buy any Boylan’s products because of what I now know. These two ingredients are totally unnecessary in this product. Just call it ‘birch beer’ and not ‘red’ and you eliminate the reason to have the color added! I will be telling the “Food Babe’ on her website what I’ve found in your pop. You can do better and I hope you re-vamp the unnecessary toxic ingredients–get them out. We the people will appreciate it. A.Rinfret

  35. Consumers drive the changes, even when the risk has not been established. Studies discussed in this article strategically lack details that manipulate the perception of risk in using Carmel coloring ( which is so low that it can’t be quantified into being a known risk to humans or animals). Unfortunately, the smaller the organization is, the greater need there is for it to be “heard” and followed, which in most cases gets facts wrong, because the source of information is not complete, and the organization needs to survive to be successful, as this article is very clear about promoting the attention they have received. Large corporations routinely adjust they processes to what Consumers feel they “want” at any point in time, especially when those “wants” are inconsequential to the quality or safety of a finished product, and a slight change in formulation can be promoted as, “we care about our customers so much that we are willing to make these important changes” just to keep or even expand there customer base. Consumers, in general, experience greater carcinogenic exposure from sitting inside their homes exposed to gamma rays produce by the sun, than in consuming food stuffs their entire lives from US or foreign markets. Yes there are mistakes made in food, drug, device, cosmetic manufacturing; however, companies can’t afford to make an unsafe or low quality product, because they would not be in business long if their customers dropped dead due to the products they consumed. Except for dietary supplements and homeopathic products. DS and HPUS products are the modern day snake oil, in which consumers and false health claims drive these industries. No scientific data supports the claims of DS or homeopathic products, because the manufactures can not substantiate their claims. If they could, they would be marketed as a drug, and make a lot more money from these products. Point being, the smaller the organization, the less understanding the organization has regarding the risk of a product. Larger organizations have too much to lose, and continue to stay on top of the trending and known risks, otherwise they may be blind-sided and find themselves no longer in business if they don’t.

    1. Quote from “Scientist”
      ” Consumers, in general, experience greater carcinogenic exposure from sitting inside their homes exposed to gamma rays produce by the sun, than in consuming food stuffs their entire lives from US or foreign markets.”

      “Scientist” please provide some scientific data for that one. Gave me a little laugh, have to say.

      And from Scientist:
      ” …companies can’t afford to make an unsafe or low quality product, because they would not be in business long if their customers dropped dead due to the products they consumed”

      Nobody is going to drop dead after drinking one Newcastle or Starbucks with this ingredient. It’s the long term , chronic exposure of potentially toxic ingredients. No we don’t have long term studies for all these ingredients. But IT’S ENOUGH WHEN SOME RISK IS SHOWN TO NOT USE IT. In the future, as we evolve as a society and as humans this won’t be an issue.

      The thing is, Scientist, one day industrial food corporations will care about what they are doing, what they are putting out in the world and into our bodies. All of your going on about how a smaller corp has to make more changes, consumer demand, and blah, blah, blah, is a limited view. One day we won’t have to go through all this rigamarole (that’s a word) to remove potentially harmful or toxic ingredients. One day those who produce food will care, and they wouldn’t be able to have these ingredients in food. But now we have to work hard to try to have “food” be food again or at least have get rid of some of these toxic unnecessary ingredients. There are always posts like in in response to Vani’s efforts and success. Gets old seeing the same old ideas.

  36. OMG! And I thought caramel color was the only save one (coming from barley?) as I eliminated Red 3 red 40, yellow 5 and 6, blue 1 and 3. Caramel color is in our family mouth wash as the only ones I see in the shelves are blue, green and purple.

  37. (Sorry if you get this multiple times – your website says it’s not getting it) Dear Vani (and Dr. Mercola) – I read both of you and follow as much of your recommendations as I can. I recognize the things you are saying as being so very important to our health. But being a grandma of 4 children in the same family, has made me see how difficult the food manufacturer’s, etc., have made feeding your family in a healthy way. I see both of you as saying, “You need to do this!” Everything is put out there as a “defining moment!” You are not reaching the average family that doesn’t have the resources, nor the time to do many of the things you say.
    Take cereal for example. I only buy good cereal. My son and his wife could not possibly afford it for their four children, who eat a lot! In order to buy organic milk, cereal, produce and other things is quite expensive. Sometimes Vani will make an effort to say, “You can do this on a budget”, or “How to do this inexpensively!” The truth is, you do not live as a big family, and much of what you say is just not practical for the average American family. As a result, neither of you are reaching them with great information.
    How can this be done?
    Thank you for your help! Susan Craig

  38. Vani, we are proud to be part of your army and proud of you.
    My latest problem is the vitamin industry. Vitamins are to make you healthier but I can’t find a company that sells, organic, non gmo, and no harmful additives. Food is a daily challenge but vitamins seem to be without solution??????
    Everyone may like the information on

    I could use help on finding a healthy vitamin company. Thank you, Nina

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