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Day 3 – Juice Fast

Sorry for party rocking!  I’m back to tell you all about Day 3!

I am going to start by saying this. If you decide to ever do a juice fast – do it just for the feeling you will have on Day 3. You will be HIGH as a kite! EUPHORIA will rush over your body. You will feel so INTOXICATED from the nutrients your body is getting. And ENERGY will radiate through your body like a bottle rocket.

BTW – Did you know the Enegizer Bunny drinks green juice? 🙂

Going through a juice fast is like watching a movie within yourself. It has all the basic elements of a greek tragedy. The 1st day is the opening scenes in which you set the stage for your routine, gather basic information about what you are doing – PREPARE your MIND for what’s ahead, STOCKING your fridge with LIVE PLANTS, readjusting your SCHEDULE, adjusting to not EATING or CHEWING just DRINKING. The 2nd day is the hardest by far – an internal conflict arises, you experience obstacles – LITE HEADEDNESS, FILM in your MOUTH, HEADACHE after HOT YOGA, you will think about all the foods you might be missing like NACHOS and BEER, and experience some struggles. This is the day where YOU WILL THINK ABOUT STOPPING . The 3rd day is the CLIMAX – You SMILE, have GLORIOUS ENERGY, and simply SPARKLE and GLOW from the green juice radiating in your body. The TRAGEDY happens when this whole feeling just goes POOF after starting your regular diet.

But your story doesnt have to end that way. Mine certainly isn’t. You can add juicing to your regular diet on a regular basis and have a HAPPY ENDING! (No pun intended)  Juice is the gift that just keeps giving. You have the choice. Juicing is not a fad diet or something you do twice a year on a fast.

Your smile, glorious energy, sparkle and glow can continue for the rest of your life. Choose your own adventure and pick the right ending so you will be rewarded with a long, healthy and vibrant life. Go crazy – Juice everything in sight!:)

On to the recap of Day 3…

8am – I woke up light, energetic and refreshed after eight good hours of sleep.  I went straight to my tea pot for some hot water with lemon and cayenne.

IMG 0194

Then I made the most delicious cup of tea.  Another new favorite from Rishi Teas – Jasmine Pearl. So fragrant….sniff sniff.

IMG 0196IMG 0214IMG 0213

The first juice of the day was straight up cranberry juice to store later for mixing with water – Cranberry juice has a lot of benefits for detoxing your lymphatic system, kidneys and urinary tract – but my favorite is that it sharpens your brain and keeps you looking young.

IMG 0200

Then made some Ravishing Red Juice after to get pumped up for yoga at a new studio I had never been to with my friend Amy.

IMG 0204

Was I crazy to be going to yoga again, after my splitting headache the day before? No! Because this was NOT hot yoga – We went to BE Yoga and Shane Pigg was our teacher. HE WAS SO FUN! Definitely the most laid back teacher I have ever had but so challenging at the same time. Amy and I felt like we had a private lesson – everybody else in town was at the Panthers Game! (I will be planning future yoga classes around football schedules from now on!)

Shane got both Amy and I to do postures we have never done before.  Amy was impressive jumping back into chaturanga from crow – and I really surprised myself when I got into scorpion for the first time. I will be practicing that everyday now until I grow a tale and a stinger.

Thank you Shane for an inspiring practice and for helping me let go of my fears! To quote William Arthur Ward – The mediocre teacher tells.  The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demostrates. The great teacher inspires!

IMG 0205

After a wonderfully playful practice – Amy and I sat outside BerryBrook Farms on their swings catching up… (they were closed unfortunately, otherwise we would have gotten some tea…)

IMG 0207

I brought some Kickin’ Kale Juice with me to Yoga which I snuck it into their fridge so I would be ready to roll after practice – I enjoyed the juice out in the sun with Amy.

The combination of a great practice, sun and green juice gave me some major energy. I decided to go to Trader Joes on the way home…Was it going to be torture? Seeing all those delicious packaged processed snacks that looks so much more interesting than ones at conventional grocery stores and free samples in the back. LOL.  Seriously y’all I love TJ’s – but half the stuff in that store is still JUNK FOOD. Ok – I won’t go any further because I already hear the bullets coming through my window.

IMG 0211

I stuck to the produce isle and bought a watermelon for two!  This was the perfect fruit to break our juice fast with in the morning.  It’s mostly water and the easiest fruit to digest! Not to mention its one of my favorite fruits!

IMG 0212

After the shopping trip later in the evening before dinner juice – we went on another stroll down Tryon Street…but not on a segway!

IMG 0216IMG 0215

Came home – still flying high on energy and made some dinner juice. It was a mixture of everything we had left in the fridge – some collards, some kale, some parsley, some cucumber, lemon and celery.

IMG 0218

Cheers!  It was our last juice before the fast ends!

IMG 0219

It was Sunday Night – so it was time to get ready for a busy work week – however, breaking the fast was going to be tricky tricky tricky.  Our plan was to eat raw foods until dinner and then have some more juice and cooked vegetables at night.  I first made 4 “Hari” shakes….with lots of lettuce, kale, collards, celery, cilantro, apple and banana.

IMG 0221IMG 0223

Then I made several bags of fresh cut vegetables. BTW – ALWAYS peel and cut your own carrots. Did you know baby carrots are dosed with chlorine during processing? YUCK. Chlorine is a carcinogen! (exposures to carcinogens = cancer over time) Besides, fresh cut carrots are 100 times better than slimly wet baby carrots.

IMG 0225IMG 0227

I also grounded up some fresh flaxseed to store in the fridge.  We’ll be adding more flaxseeds to our diet this week to help continue eliminate the toxins! I learned this trick from reading about juice fasts led by Gabriel Cousens.

IMG 0230

Late at night I started to get a bit hungry. My stomach felt pretty empty and started growling – so I reached for a big mug of cranberry water and it did just the trick!

Photo on 10 23 11 at 10 13 PM

Yes I am kissing my cranberry water. Love your food and it will love you back 🙂

Photo on 10 23 11 at 10 14 PM  3

We made it all the way through! A total of 82 hours without solid food. I want to thank my husband so much for his participation and support during the whole experience – Having him by my side made this incredible easy – we completely motivated each other the entire 3 days. We are looking forward to doing it all over again in the Spring.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the recaps and recipes of our juice fast!  I’ll be coming out with a few more tips and tricks for juicing in the future…

Until then…

Find something and just juice it!


Food Babe

P.S. If you’ve been reading – I’d love to know who you are – Come say hi on my Facebook Wall!

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31 responses to “Day 3 – Juice Fast

  1. Vani,

    That is a very impressive juicer. I have been following your blog and it has inspired me to make some changes too. The juice fast looks interesting. It is something to strive for. Looks like a lot of preparation. It is on the road to my small steps. Very good tips about food. Will stay away from baby carrots from now on. Thanks!

  2. Hi Vani,
    thank you forgiving such a detailed recap of your 3 day juice fast. I have been juicing on and off for several years and am going to be transitioning from a partially vegetarian diet to vegan with lots of juice by doing a 3 day juice fast and this was so helpful!! I love your pictures and the detail in which you explain everything. My blog started out as a way to document training with my amazing boyfriend-now-fiance but want to shift the focus to talk about the nutritional part,too. We are embarking on a year of ultra distance running events and while my motivation in juicing and eating vegan mostly stems from wanting to be healthy and disease free, I have overuse issues that have hindered my running that I truly believe a juice cleanse and a vegan diet will help. I’ll be coming back to see what other inspiration you are dishing out!

  3. I don’t have a juicer, but I have started making my own smoothies (kale/spinach or home-fermented kefir) with my blender. I’d hate to be rid of all that fiber. I can see having a jug of both juice and smoothie though. Can you recommend any juicer that’s less than $300 to get started and see how much I’d use it?

    Also, thanks for the tip about baby carrots; I had no idea but felt maybe the pre-peeled convenience was too good to be true! I’ll switch this week, because both my toddler son and I have them all the time!

    What do you do with all the peels and scraps and juiced pulp?

  4. I don’t have a juicer and dont really have plans to get one anytime soon. We are putting in a garden and getting chickens and I want to start canning my own veggies and stuff so that kinda takes financial priority at the moment. But I’m wondering if I can use a food processor or a blender to make smoothies and do a kinda fast with them? I’m concerned that I need to train my tastes first. b/c i do not like the taste of greens at all really. I’ve been eating clean for a few months now and have added greens to my diet…but only in small amounts and always kinda hidden in something else (sauted with garlic and tomatoes). What are your thoughts on all of this?

  5. You talk alot about different teas. I would love if you could do a post on that. I am not at all familiar with many of the teas you’ve mentioned or the benefit of drinking them!

  6. Hi food babe! I just started a juice cleanse, and was wondering what your thoughts were on adding protein powder to my juice.

  7. Hi Food Babe,

    I enjoy reading both your blog and 100 days of Real Food. I love that you are taking on big food and hopefully we will see changes come. I have a question about a discrepancy though. You say above: “BTW – ALWAYS peel and cut your own carrots. Did you know baby carrots are dosed with chlorine during processing? YUCK. Chlorine is a carcinogen! (exposures to carcinogens = cancer over time)” I know Lisa did a post about this the whole carrots in chlorine thing :

    So I’m wondering if you are saying that the chlorine in tap water is the dosing with chlorine or if maybe when you wrote this article you were misinformed or maybe it is Lisa that is misinformed. Anyway, I was just wondering and also thinking that in the interest of being 100% believable maybe you should revisit that topic and reword your statement above. As a mom just trying to do my best to feed my family I find it confusing when two of my go to bloggers seem to be saying different things.

    Please know that this is not meant to be critical!!! I love the research you are doing and I think you are genuine in your desire to see people eat and live better. I’m honestly curious and just seeking to feed my family healthfully:)

    Keep up the goodworks

    1. Thanks for responding to this information/misinformation. I just read the same thing on 100 Days of Food blog and thought the same thing! I hope it’s cleared up.

    2. Shannon – I just read the same thing on this website and FoodBabe herself says this isn’t true. FoodBabe please clear the air on this once and for all.

  8. My fridge is stocked and my beloved juicer is ready. Cheers to detoxification! I can hear my organs thanking me already. 🙂

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  10. Hi Food Babe,

    Can you please explain the difference between juicing with organic veggies vs. non-organic? So many sites say different things. Thank you!

    1. Hi Kristine – the difference is non-organic vegetables are sprayed with dangerous chemicals and organic ones are not. When you juice, you are consuming a large quantity of vegetables at one time so you could be getting a big dose of chemicals!

  11. How long after juicing can you eat regular food again? I’ve read that you ate smoothies and soups the day after. How long do I continue that after a juice fast? Thank you

  12. The truth of the matter is that the modern diet never allows the body to cleanse itself. We eat all the time. And the math is simple. When intake of calories is greater than calories burned the result will be stored body fat.

  13. I jsut saw the photo of your juice that you put in the fridge. I thought for some reason you are supposed to drink juice right away…? Can you prepare ahead of time? Freeze and then drink?

  14. You said above that baby carrots are dosed with chlorine during processing. Is that just baby carrots, and does that include organic baby carrots?

    Thanks, you do awesome work, and love our biz model!

  15. Hi Food Babe, I have read your story on juice fast. That is what I will do tomorrow for 3 days. Am glad that you mention about diluting the juice. So I might reduce the fruits and increase the vegetables or dilute the water.
    I was wondering too if you drink plain water during your 3 days juicing. Is the method similar to diluting the juice? I mean, if I drink water in between juicing, will that affect my fast juice? I read other blogs too and they drink water during juice fast.

  16. I was just wondering how much cayenne and lemon do you use in your hot water and do you have on here how to make the cranberry juice? Thanks

  17. I love your posts! I want to start juicing but I am afraid of buying the ingredients and making dreadful combinations then wasting what I’ve purchased. Any suggestions on how to start?

  18. Hi Vani, I am on my 3rd day of juice detoxing. I have followed your plan, making ravishing red every morning, and kicken kale, rainbow bite and cabbage patch for lunch or dinner. The cabbage patch was delicious! I’ve made it to day three, but unfortunately I’m completely lacking in energy. Any recommendations on how to snap out of my lackluster mood?

  19. We are so excited to get started with juicing. We have to make the trip to Earth Fare and get all the ingredients for our first juice. Since we are just starting out, do you suggest we do a 3-day “detox” first? Any help is greatly appreciated! We have your July Eating Guide (just joined your membership in July 2014), and have the juices/smoothies in there, but do you have specific juices you would recommend since we are just starting out? Thank you Vani!!! Joe and Sue

  20. I would like to buy a juicer. Does anyone have any good suggestions. It would be for 1 person and i would be doing vegetables and fruits


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