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The Unethical Tactics Of The Chemical Industry To Silence The Truth

I debated whether or not I should bother to share the information in this post with you. On one hand, I choose to put my focus and energy on the willing – the people who want to hear about what’s really in their food and how they can make healthy changes to their lifestyle. On the other hand, there are some serious detractors that do not want the truth about our food to be heard. They are working as agents for the biotech and chemical industry to prevent information about the risks of using GMOs and their products to come to light. I decided to publish this post because I want you to be aware of who these detractors are – and why they can’t be trusted. 

My recent trip to Hawaii is the perfect example of how these detractors work…

A few months ago, I was invited to speak by Hawaii Center for Food Safety (Hawaii CFS) for an event called the “Ethics of Eating”. This is the Hawaii chapter of the Center For Food Safety (CFS), a nonprofit organization that promotes organic and sustainable agriculture. They fight back against the corrupt food system with petitions and have bravely taken legal action to force our government to create stronger regulations in regards to GMOs and chemicals that are harming our bodies, the environment, and farm animals.

Hawaii is a hot bed for the research and development of new chemically intensive GMOs and they are a testing ground for many experimental chemicals and crops – it is essentially “ground-zero”. Five of the largest chemical companies are suing the counties of Hawaii to keep their testing secret. Much of the work that Hawaii CFS is doing is focusing on the public health impacts of the pesticides and herbicides used on GMOs, and because of this, they are heavily targeted by the biotech companies who are profiting off of these chemicals and technologies. In 2015, over 100 Monsanto employees crashed a CFS presentation in Hawaii in an attempt to intimidate the presenters. This is how biotech operatives operate, and CFS is very aware of their tactics. The people that work with CFS are very well respected and fearless activists in an increasingly aggressive climate.

I was thrilled I was invited to Hawaii to speak, yet I had no idea the absolute chaos that would ensue when they began promoting the event.

As soon as my upcoming appearance was announced, the biotech industry quickly engaged and astroturfing began on the Hawaii CFS Facebook page. They began receiving hundreds of insulting and inflammatory comments – mainly criticizing me personally, characterizing me as “hilariously uninformed,” “a crazy food blogger,” and telling Hawaii CFS that they promote “pseudoscience” and “fearmongering” for bringing me in to speak. 

“Vani’s visit to Hawai‘i would unleash the most powerful display of the pro-GMO public relations machine that I have witnessed since taking my position with CFS.” ~ Ashley Lukens, Director of Hawai‘i Center for Food Safety

This just goes to show the great lengths that the GMO industry will go to in an attempt to discredit our work and make it difficult for anyone to ever ask me to speak again. They were defaming me in an attempt to harm my future speaking engagements – but they didn’t stop there.

24 hours before I was scheduled to take the stage, I was informed by Hawaii CFS that the pro-GMO and satire activist group “March Against Myths About Modification” (MAMyths) launched a campaign to sabotage the event.


The tickets to the event were free, but there were a limited quantity available as the venue could only accommodate a certain number of people. When word spread that I was coming to speak, MAMyths asked their followers to reserve blocks of tickets using fake names and fake emails so that it would appear to be “sold out” and that we would be speaking to an empty venue.

They reserved over 1,500 tickets using names like “Fraud Babe,” “Organic is Dumb,” “Susi Creamcheese,” and “Harriett Tubman” from traced IP addresses outside of Hawaii and overseas in the United Kingdom, Australia, China, Thailand, Germany, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

They were unsuccessful because Hawaii CFS discovered where these bogus requests were coming from and were able to easily cancel their reservations. Yet, it was clear that we struck a cord and they were trying to disrupt the event. 





Who is March Against Myths About Modification? 

MAMyths is a spin-off group and “partner” of Biology Fortified – a website which advocates strongly for GMOs and who has been working with the PR group Cornell Alliance For Science in protesting the brave work being done by U.S. Right to Know (USRTK) which exposes hidden relationships between biotech companies, scientists, and PR firms.

Biology Fortified received a grant from the American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB) – a group sponsored by biotech companies. They claim most of their operational funding comes from “individual personal donations” and that the authors are all unpaid “volunteers”. 

MAMyths describes themselves as “Radicals for science utilizing grassroots organization and direct action for social change” and are basically satirizing the March Against Monsanto movement. They attend Marches in their “I Love GMOs” t-shirts and protest talks given by anti-GMO food activists such as Vandana Shiva.

Industry front groups like the American Council for Science and Health (funded in part by Bayer and Syngenta) have promoted MAMyths and encourage people to join them. They have also been featured in the Cornell Alliance for Science newsletter – a PR arm of the biotech industry that defends companies like Monsanto ruthlessly. Why do biotech and agrichemical companies support MAMyths? Is there more than meets the eye to this relationship? 

The founders of MAMyths are Karl Haro von Mogel, Kavin Senapathy and David Sutherland

Karl Haro von Mogel works exhaustively to defend biotechnology (GMOs) and has been called a “leader” by Cami Ryan, Social Science Lead at Monsanto. Yet, it is unclear how he makes his living doing this work, as supposedly he is a “volunteer” for these organizations. He was on the faculty for the Biotechnology Literacy Project – a boot camp that trained individuals to “engage the media” and also to “appear as experts in local legislative and government hearings”, sponsored by the Monsanto-backed organization “Academics Review”.  Karl also writes articles for other pro-Monsanto websites, such as Genetic Literacy Project. 

Why would Karl show up to record our recent presentation?

Karl showed up at my recent panel discussion with USRTK at the Heirloom Festival on September 8th, 2016 in California and proceeded to film and record our presentation (on 2 devices) even after he was asked to stop recording. Did he travel all the way from his hometown in Wisconsin just to record our discussion? Who paid for him to be there and why?

This is not the first time he has tried to harass activists at this event. He did the same in 2014 and offered to reimburse the entrance fee of the event. This begs the question again, who is MAMyth funded by?

Karl VH

Kavin Senapathy: Who is she really defending?

Kavin likes to call herself a “science defender” and swings a cartoon sword, but she is not a scientist by trade. Kavin studied Business Marketing at University of Wisconsin. She works as an “Advisor” for her father’s company, Genome International Corporation, which holds several patents that are likely licensed to biotech companies. She also works as a writer for several pro-GMO blogs like Grounded Parents and Skepchick. 

She once emailed me for comment on a story she was writing and refused to answer my questions about her conflicts of interest. Just like her friend Kevin Folta, she denies industry ties… but a picture says a thousand words…


Isn’t it a bit strange to see her hanging out with Monsanto’s social media and PR friends if she has no ties to them?

Kavin is a spokeswoman for “Chow Babe” hate Facebook page.

Kavin has taken a big interest in me personally. She spends a very significant amount of time criticizing me and the work of the Food Babe Army. She acts as the spokesperson for a Facebook page that was created solely to criticize and parody me all day long, every day, sometimes being severely offensive.


Kavin co-authored an entire book against the food revolution and me

Her social media presence gained the attention of the NPR – The Salt Blog, allowing her to be interviewed and quoted in a heavily circulated hit piece against me. Since focusing on me had gotten Kavin so much attention, she proceeded to co-author an entire book about me called “Fear Babe”, which includes a forward written by none other than Kevin Folta – a scientist that was caught red-handed accepting cash from Monsanto for his “outreach”.

Kavin is a busy girl! Spending so much of her time trying to discredit me and our movement. You’ve got to ask yourself, what motivates her to do this?

More importantly: Why does Forbes allow Kavin to write articles for them without appropriate conflict of interest disclosure? 

Kavin has recently published several articles in Forbes (a website that reaches millions) in which she spews hate for organic food and farming, and bashes non-GMO food activists like me over and over again:

“3 Tactics Donald Trump Shares With Dr. Oz, The Food Babe, And Other Snake Oil Salesmen” – Forbes, 10/5/16

“The Food Babe Is A Bully And Cotton Incorporated Isn’t Going To Take It” – Forbes, 5/27/16

“Del Monte Joins Food Babe Army, Shuns Fruit-Saving Technology” – Forbes, 4/5/16

“The Toxic ‘Chemical Hypocrisy’ Of Food Babe, Joseph Mercola And Mark Hyman” – Forbes, 12/3/15

In Kavin’s libelous articles, her “sources” are PR operatives and people who are paid to protect the profits of the big food and GMO companies. For instance, she cites “experts” from:

Are these people “Independent Experts”? Absolutely not! 

In her earlier Forbes pieces, she co-wrote them with Henry Miller, a former FDA employee who founded the Office of Biotechnology, and is also associated with several front groups that ferociously defend the use of GMOs and pesticides. His resume includes accolades from Philip Morris for defending the tobacco industry. Henry has been writing pro-GMO articles for Forbes for over 10 years. Why did Henry take Kavin under his wing? Did he help her secure a position at Forbes? Does Forbes know about her relationships to Monsanto and PR firms? Do they know that she heads up a Facebook group that works with front groups? Are her conflicts of interest disclosed? Does Forbes know she’s the leader of a Facebook group encouraging people to use fake names to get fake tickets for an event to harass activists? How can Forbes allow someone to write for them who engages in unethical tactics like this?

UPDATE 8/2/17The website Forbes ended their relationship with writer Henry Miller after discovering that Monsanto ghost-wrote his article defending their herbicide Roundup. Forbes also took the article down from their website… but you’ve got to wonder how many people it misled since that article was up for over two years. Nowhere in the article did Miller disclose his relationship with Monsanto, nor the fact that they wrote for him! Monsanto admitted to the New York Times, “Our scientists have on occasion collaborated with Dr. Miller on other pieces” – so this wasn’t an isolated incident.

Contact Forbes and ask them to disclose Kavin’s ties to industry

If you think this behavior is as shady as I do, join me in contacting Forbes here and letting them know how you feel about Kavin and her undisclosed ties to the industry. We need to speak up when we see corrupt reporting to encourage media outlets to do better due diligence and to inspire real investigative journalism. I tried to get her to disclose her ties, but my email went unanswered. After my questions about her conflicts of interest went unanswered she continued to write defamatory pro-industry articles about our work without contacting me for comment. 

Who else has been behind the wheel at MAMyths?

Reportedly, a social media consultant and contributor for MAMyths is Jayson Merkley, who has a background in writing and marketing. He is a Fellow of the prestigious-sounding group The Cornell Alliance for Science, in which he completed their leadership training. 


Who is the Cornell Alliance For Science, and why do they train “leaders” to harass food activists?

The Cornell Alliance For Science sounds prestigious, right??? In reality, they are a relatively new front group leading the charge in the pro-GMO propaganda machine.

They are the “public relations arm for the agrichemical industry” insidiously hosted at one of the most renowned universities in the country. Their goal is to “depolarize the GMO debate” and their stance is squarely pro-GMO and pro-chemical.

The Alliance claims to have zero industry ties, yet their partners include several organizations funded by biotechnology companies. For instance, one partner is ISAAA, who receives funding from Monsanto and CropLife, a trade organization for biotech. See how they try to obscure affiliations like these?

They want to gag activists into silence and refuse to debate REAL independent scientists. 

Although their stated mission is to depolarize the GMO debate, when it comes down to it they refuse to debate scientists or activists who are critical of GMOs unless they are in complete control. A GMO debate was organized on the Cornell University campus, and no one from Cornell Alliance For Science or Cornell faculty would agree to debate the “benefits” of GMOs, despite numerous email requests by the student coordinator. They didn’t even need to travel! The debate was brought to their campus but they refused.

Could it be that they know their arguments are defenseless?

They recently got called out by 67 New York State farmers who sent a letter to Cornell, urging them to evict the Alliance for Science for their biased and unscientific attitude towards GMOs.

“Nothing in the materials or programs of “The Alliance for Science” is anything but entirely pro-biotechnology. They are without balance or significant critical evaluation of the range of agricultural systems and technologies that exist in food production today.” ~ Elizabeth Henderson, organic farmer from Wayne County, New York

Meanwhile… they are training “leaders” to exploit the media.

The Cornell Alliance for Science provides leadership training to students, farmers, and scientists, many of whom have a background in marketing, business, or journalism, to use their communication skills to promote the use of GMOs along with chemical-intrusive agriculture and to slam activists that are fighting for more sustainable practices. They also provide journalism fellowships with cash awards to “promote in-depth contextualized reporting”. They put on a front that they are “activists” trying to help farmers, when they are actually just conducting PR work for the biotech industry. It’s disgusting and appalling.

There are several scientists, bloggers, farmers and social media personalities that appear to be legitimate, but have strong ties (and sometimes covert financial relations) with the biotech industry and their PR firms. Usually their relationship to each other runs deep and they take specific steps to hide their affiliations with the industry. Their goal is to fool the masses into believing industry propaganda.

The industry has done consumer research which shows that most people tend to trust farmers and publicly-funded scientists for information about GMOs, especially if they are a mom. Armed with this information, the industry hides their tracks and tries to fool the masses with front groups largely comprised of university scientists, moms, and farmers. 

Is this who you trust for information about GMOs? 



{Above slides presented by the front group Center for Food Integrity at IFT16}

The makings of a GMO industry front group and how they hide their affiliations to the industry: 

1.  A biotech or agrochemical company donates money to a foundation or charity that will give the appearance of being independent, but will act as a funnel for their money going forward. 

2.  This foundation will go on to provide funding for a new “scientific” organization to be established to “communicate science” to the public. Other times, a PR firm is hired to create this organization. They may even create multiple child organizations down the line to further hide their connections to biotech. These are all front groups. See examples here

3.  This new front group will create a respectable looking website and social media accounts, stating that their mission is to spread the truth about science and food. 

4.  The front group will train farmers, bloggers, and scientists (if they are a mom, this is a bonus!) on how to work with them to help spread their messages about the “safety” of GMOs, food additives, factory farming practices, or pesticides. Sometimes they are paid or given other accommodations to do this work for the organization. 

5.  The organization will call those that they work with and train “experts”. They will recommend them to journalists who are writing for major media publications and their ties to the industry are not readily disclosed. They will be touted as independent. 

6.  These trained farmers and scientists go out and write for their own blogs and sometimes branch out, writing for bigger publications such as Forbes. Likewise, they create Facebook groups and pages that will be used to poke fun at activists (such as myself) and try to disrupt the work we are doing. There are countless food-related satire and astroturf pages like this online right now.

This process has been duplicated dozens of times and will continue as long as they are not exposed!

As you can see, these people are just agents for biotech. Whether or not they are paid directly by them, they are doing their bidding. 

I think it is absolutely mandatory for journalists to investigate and further probe these connections. Judging by the way these groups and individuals mock me publicly and troll our work, it is clear they are working together and have an agenda. 

The bottomline? We want a safer and healthier food system, and some people want to keep the food system just like it is today – broken, corrupt and full of unregulated food additives and chemicals that only improve the bottom line of food and biotech companies and not our health. We clearly have different missions. 

I hope that this information gives you more courage to use your voice online to elicit change. If you do find yourself the victim of their trolling behavior, here’s what to do. They want us to stop and be silenced. We truly are creating a safer food system, and they are freaking out!!! That is why they are spewing so much vitriol towards us – they simply have no other options left.

Please share this post! The more people aware of these disgusting tactics, the better we are equipped to determine fact from fiction when it comes to finding ultimate health – which is our goal after all.



P.S. By the way – The Ethics of Eating event in Hawaii was so amazing! We had a packed house, and standing room only! We streamed it live on Facebook, and it was a huge success. Thank you Hawaii-Center For Food Safety for the incredible hospitality and of course, for hiring additional security to keep the event on track! 

Hawaii CFS Event

Ethics of Eating at The University of Hawaii, 09/15/2016

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235 responses to “The Unethical Tactics Of The Chemical Industry To Silence The Truth

  1. So very proud of you and your work Vani! What you are doing is so very important. I have learned so much about food and nutrition and understanding what is in the food that is being sold in our supermarkets. I read an article in a local metro paper the other day on the subway and they made disparaging remarks about you and your work, I had to laugh as one of the pro GMO advocates stated that we need GMO’s as there isn’t enough food to feed everyone – what an idiot! Keep marching Vani, your army is with you and we keep growing!

    1. Thanks Vani for all you do in this war we are all in. I believe we are fighting evil forces who are hell bent on wiping out our food sources.
      Thanks for taking the time to write this great expose on the stooges of the Adversary.
      By the way, I detest both Clinton and Trump but in deciding on who is the lesser of two evils we have to vote for Trump as it is well documented that Clinton is in bed with Monsanto et al.

    2. Vani and Army, thank you all for exposing the truth about our foods! And our CHILDREN thank you especially! Peace and Love ?

  2. Thank you for continuing to educate us! Now I know there is at least one bad seed(pun intended) here in Wisconsin! Don’t worry I’ve got your back. ?

  3. Vani, so thankful for all your hard work. The public would have no way of knowing the dangerous chemicals and poison in our food. Your book and continued messages are helping those of us that care about our health.

    I pray you will be strong and not hurt by the enemy. THANKS for sharing with us what you are facing so we can be praying for you each day.

  4. Thank you so much for all you do. Love you!
    This is not a duplicate copy. I am writing this because I wasn’t allowed to send my first response as it said duplicate copy detected.??????What??

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    Dr. Stephanie Seneff discusses one of the most important health issues of our time – glyphosate toxicity. It’s in most non-organic foods and is ruining your health, causing autism, gut dysbiosis, problems detoxing and even cancer.

    This podcast will have your abandon non-organic foods forever! But even if you eat organic, the glyphosate is still in the water and sprayed on most parks to kill weeds. Learn what you can do to protect your health and how glyphosate may be contributing to your fatigue and health issues.

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  6. Thank you, Vani. We need more people like you. I read and listen a LOT and spread the word. Some don’t believe that this could happen here in America. I hope they open their eyes and ears.

    And people wonder why they are sick and die from preventable diseases? I don’t wonder anymore. Just take a good look at the people around you. Do they REALLY look healthy.

    A few years ago, when I was 58, I was in line at the drugstore pharmacy (the other lines were too long.) The woman behind me asked what medications I was taking. I sadi “Oh, I’m not on ANY medications and plan to stay that way. She was SO SURPRISED! She was four years younger than I and I think on four medications! Sad, isn’t it.
    Keep up your wonderful work.

  7. Kavin Senapathy doesn’t “spew hatred” toward you and your tribe, she simply presents the facts and calls you out on your Trump-like tactics.
    Fact is Vani, time and again you demonstrate an ignorance of science and a determination to paint anyone who disagrees with you as an agent of a mythical boogeyman. That’s just plain childish. If you truly believe the agenda you’re pushing, show some class and debate those who disagree with you in an appropriate forum.

    1. Here’s another psycho biotech group agent. Your bashing on Vani is what’s ignorant kiddo. I don’t see what’s childish about helping humanity. John Simmons, good luck to you and your family.

    2. You sound like one of those leftist, atheist, social justice warriors that Ive been seeing around on the internet. Do you realize what your post looks like in the middle of all these people who are aware and awake of what they are trying to feed us? You folks are from a different planet. You should just go to a web sight and spew to people who are like minded

    3. Re John Simmons comments:
      John, it seems to me that you are part of the group that is FEARFUL of TRUTH.
      Really sir, organic farming has fed humanity for 6000 years now before the Monsanto, Bayer, Dupont chemical giants came along to poison our planet and its peoples.
      Please get the toxic crap you and others are promulgating on the people of planet earth out of our farms and feed stuffs and foods. You Satanic stooges have already seriously polluted our rivers and lakes and oceansnalong with the landscapes Enough is enough. If you had the truth in this matter, you would NOT need to be resorting to the dirty disgraceful tactics you all are resorting to.
      Go get a real job, brother and serve humanity as Vani and others are doing!
      When all is said and done, John< we are either building things up as God has so designed, or we are tearing things down and destroying as you and your mindset are doing.
      Sorry bud, God is way smarter than you clowns who tinker with the beautiful organic way HE gave us to take care of HIS planet.

    4. John,
      You probably believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy because someone shamed you into believing in them by saying “You don’t respect the scientific” Science says they exist. News flash John: just because someone claims science says it is so does not necessarily make it true. Only the feeble minded fall for that line. The science, the science says blah blah blah It is a line purely spouted to manipulate minds. Are you feeble minded? The smart question everything. Even science, which can be manipulated.

      1. I don’t like to believe in any of those things. That’s some frightening sh*t! A man-sized bunny, a tiny woman with wings, a creepy old bearded guy all trying to get in your house at night! And the fact they leave gifts in exchange for GOD-KNOWS-WHAT, makes it all the creepier…

  8. This is all so disturbing it makes me sick. Thank you for making this public. I believe they will stop at nothing! But they certainly are afraid of you or else why would they go to this extent? Praying a hedge of protection over you and your precious baby.

    1. Read the post above by John Simmons. Nobody is afraid of the Food Babe. If what she says is actually true why is it that we are living longer and longer? What she wants, and probably you too, is to take us back to the early 1900’s in food and medicine when there was only organic food, no GMO, no Monsanto, all the other “big” evils that you people think of, etc. The life expectancy of Americans then was around 48 years. Today it is around 80. How is it that our food is killing us now? Nobody here seems to be able to answer that question. Can you?

      1. Why would anyone engage in your ignorance? You’re an obvious pro gmo psychopath.

      2. Farmer Ted, Yes we are living longer, but not all of us are living healthier. Over the past few decades why have we seen an enormous rise in serious food allergies, why the trend of early-onset puberty in our children, why the disturbing increase in the number of children on the autistic spectrum? I know these questions are hardly close to being answered with certainty, but I think we would be naive to not consider that GMOs and pesticides aren’t possibly part of the cause. What other factors, besides such a huge change in our food supply, could have caused such outcomes in recent generations?

      3. Re Tree Hugger — While some of the effects you are referring to are indeed environmental in nature, generally it comes down to health care and the development of science. An enormous rise in allergies may be a combination of many factors which cannot be solely blamed on GMOs or any other stuff tings specific to the non-organic food sector. The rise of early onset puberty can be attributed at least in part to the prevalence of hormones in the water supply and the environment. This is something which should be addressed at another level and not specifically diet. The increase in autism spectrum disorder can be attributed to changes in diagnostic protocols and changes in medical definitions as well as advances in medicine, technology, and science. It CANNOT be linked to vaccines or GMOs. I would conclude that trying to blame these things on GMOs and pesticides is naive and not the other way around. The evidence is simply not there, unless you have information which I am unaware of and you wish to share it.

    2. Yes they are afraid of Vani. Look at the great lengths they took to try and harrass her. It’s crazy when you just look at all this and simplify it. Food babe and her work has no side effects and has impacted many lives with the truth. In the other hand, gmo biotech and monstanto companies have insane amount of side effects and have only hurt and/or killed people. These pro gmo agents, makes me wonder, they’re sacrificing their life for Monsanto and biotech money? They’re sacrificing their life for a company that hurts people? I don’t get it! These idiots major in marketing and know nothing about health, yet they claim a bunch of nonsense?! These people need to wake up and save themselves. Once more statistics come our 20 years later on the amount of deaths by GMOs and chemicals, what then? They’ll probably say whooops? And accept more money. God help them. Thank you Vani. We love you. May you forever stay protected by the light.

      1. The number 1 reason we are living longer relates to hygiene. We wash our hands and our offal or poop and pee or urine isnt poured into the streets. People and children who also work w animals and grow their own foods obtain immunuty not people raised
        in concrete lined cities.

  9. Ghandi said [about the English in the Indian fight for independence]”First they ignored us. Then they ridiculed us. Then they fought us. And then we won.” Go, FoodBabe!

  10. Vani,
    I am grateful for you being on the front lines for the rest of us who won’t give in to the poison food revolution, but cannot seem to be as active or impactful. I fight by buying mostly organics, growing some of my food, educating family, friends and occasional restaurant workers about pesticides, GMO’s and dirty farming. I try to in no way support the endeavors of these chemical companies ever!

    These hecklers are probably just plants courtesy of some of the chemical companies mentioned. We shall ignore them.

    Keep marching Babe!! So many of us are behind you. Tell us more often how we can help, where we can sign and how we can support you! Much love and appreciation,
    Grace from Maine

  11. Thank you! I’m totally behind you and the work you do. We appreciate you very much!

    Marcelle Casey
    San Francisco

  12. Hi Vani,

    God bless you and continue to give you strength as you do this important work of uncovering dish0nest and unethical practices and information in the area of food integrity!

  13. Keep fighting girl!! Love your articles.

    There is a swelling support for the food revolution happening.

  14. Hi Vani,
    I’ve been following your blog for about a year and love, love, you and what you are doing. I suspected all along that processed foods and genetically modified food were bad for the health of our bodies. You have helped me make some very positive lifestyle changes, as I’m sure many others can also attest. Keep up the good work and don’t let the bastards get you down. You know, I liken your detractors to an abuser – the abuser thinks he is superior and self righteous in what he/she does or says, and thinks he is appropriately shaming his victim, when in reality all who witness this action look upon the abuser with disgust and ridicule. His plan totally backfires.

    1. The number 1 reason we are living longer relates to hygiene. We wash our hands and our offal or poop and pee or urine isnt poured into the streets. People and children who also work w animals and grow their own foods obtain immunuty not people raised
      in concrete lined cities.

  15. Thank you for standing up for us! Please know you are greatly appreciated and you have changed my life through food.

  16. It is so heartening to see young adults such as yourself take on such amazing grass roots leadership to fight the corporate greed and downright evil that, I am ashamed to say, my generation has perpetrated. Not all of us are bad, though, as I am active for food safety and earth preservation and do what I can to spread the word.

    You, however, are a beam of light – thank you!

  17. There is power in the truth & no evil can ever overcome it. The more they use these unethical, classless tactics against you or anyone who speaks out about the truth of gmos-the louder the truth of how bad gmos will be. There are people in other countries who have never heard of Food Babe or heck even have the internet refusing gmo seeds because it is innate in being human to see that gmos are not natural & good for man kind. You can’t fight what is true. You will never win because truth always wins. Vani, we will always back you & this mission!

  18. Thanks for all of your hard work to keep us informed and get companies to make their food healthier. May God protect you, your family and everyone else who is telling the truth. We need to hear what you find out. GMO’s are the worst!!

  19. My father, after retirement, became a Christmas tree farmer and used glyphosate (Roundup) regularly . He died at age 69 with the most lethal, rapid spreading brain tumor (gleoblastoma) there is. He had never been sick before in his life. Monsanto is a company spawned directly from Hell.

  20. You are amazing and thank you from my heart and soul for telling the truth and exposing the corrupt liars. Truth always wins; lies always lose, best of all liars profitts decline. The faster the better for human health. allan

  21. Vani, thank you from my heart and soul for your bravery and honesty. America needs more leaders like you who are fearless and compassionate! Keep doing your work, you have a strong following! We support you every day!!!
    With love~ Jana

  22. Great work vani! I think the documentary idea is genius! My second cousin is a healthy momma & along with her husband makes documentaries, josh & Rebecca tickell might be worth looking into if you don’t have one in the works yet! 🙂 much love!

  23. This brought tears to my eyes.
    We must remember that Karma will get these haters.
    We love you more than ever Vani.
    Thank you for sharing this sad, sad reaction to the good work you are doing for humanity.
    Kerry Lattimore

  24. Keep fighting girl!!! It’s obvious they are threatened… it all comes down to the bottom line…
    Personally, and as a dietitian, I lost weight from eating healthy “non organic” GMO food to eating healthy Organic NON GMO foods. My hormones and labs greatly improved too! I also might add… my husbands testosterone went through the roof,,, which might explain why these activists are so angry. LOL

    Thanks for being on the front line! I wish I had all of your knowledge — but i can speak from personal experience!


  25. Sara who posted above:
    I’m so sorry about your dad. Keep speaking out against Roundup.

    Food Babe – Thank you!
    I have made healthier choices because of you. Your bravery in the face of such corruption is inspiring.
    When I went Paleo AIP for 3 months, my fibromyalgia went away. Gone!! And they told me it was incurable. Also my arthritis went away. We are what we eat.
    Kindest regards,


  26. Dear Vani
    They wouldn’t be doing what they are if they weren’t petrified of you. You are a brave ‘food warrior’. Thank you for keeping me informed. You’ll be remembered many years from now as one who was instrumental in saving lives and planet earth.
    In support and respect…Karene

  27. Thank you very much for all your work… are a light in the dark…for me the activists them you are a very important example x to have many hope
    Thank you so much
    Diana <3

  28. Dear Vani,

    You are simply awesome. Thank you for everything that you do. I can only surmise that these detractors are coming from a place of ignorance or greed (they must pay them a lot to compromise their morals).

    My love around you,


  29. I’m not an organized religious person, but I do believe there is some type of mystique and that there is some sort of deeper connection underlying reality. I don’t believe everything happens for a reason, but I do think there is some type of, loose, karma… I can’t really put it into words. I can’t understand people like this who wake up every morning, groom themselves, and dress sharply, and go to work creating nothing but misery and suffering for their fellow human beings and the planet. Brilliant scientists who devote themselves to this bizarre degradation, which could ultimately end up ending life on earth. I think these people are big children, driven and controlled by primal urges for power and greed, and a bit of sociopathy. I think they think they can escape the consequences of their miserable lives, but I believe somehow, even if just cosmically, it will come back to haunt them. What do you guys think of this late-night diatribe?

  30. I am sooooo proud of you Vani!!! They are such bullies. You are a such a inspiration and have helped more people than you know to live a healthier life. Thank you for your continued hard work and enthusiasm. We love you!!

  31. I submitted Chow Babe to FB for review and complained that it is harassing someone I know…. Can keep doing so until they do it!

    Love your being and am grateful for you in our world… what an example and force of nature you are! Biggest hugs and thousands of kisses raining down on you (not sloppy ones!) 😉

  32. If I was Monsanto, I would put massive resources into spreading propaganda that increased my profits. I would hire an army of social media bloggers and commenters on YouTube videos and try to sway public opinion by mocking GMO detractors and manipulating public opinion. I would make it seem that there are thousands who agree with GMO products being healthy, when it is only a few misinformed (by brainwashing) who are posting and/ or because they are paid. That is the influence money can buy. It is so obvious and easy. Oh wait…Monsanto is already doing that!

  33. Hi Vani!

    Its courageous to voice an opinion in this crazy world where big corporations are only looking at the bottom line and ignoring the harm they are causing to the human race. I am sure they are not eating what they make.
    Dogs bark and we don’t bark back. We just ignore and carry on. If they have issues with what you do they can bark.. you go girl!!
    You inspire a lot of us. Keeping doing this work for the people who believe in your work and ignore the ones that don’t understand the big picture. Karma always catches up.

  34. I am always amazed at how thorough your debunking of these entities and their lies is. I don’t know how anyone can ignore the pictures and information you have exposed here. You are doing an awesome job against all odds. Keep fighting the Good Fight, Vani!

  35. Praying for your safety and so grateful for all of the work you do! I find these people very frightening and disturbing 🙁 I applaud your bravery and courage to stand up! I know when I post any of this on my FB, the backlash is huge 🙁 Such crazy people and they’re cult like in their behavior! All about money and corrupt business.
    Hope you are well and thank you, thank you, thank you!

  36. Dear Vani, thank you so much for sharing this and for all that you are doing. You are a great inspiration for me. Please stay strong. World needs more people like you..

  37. It is one thing to not agree with others, but it is another to spew all that hatred.
    Thank you for all your hard work Vani!

  38. Keep up the amazing advocacy work. We need more people spreading the word about how vital sustainable nutrition truly is- and how corrupt and political the food industry operates in this country. Great job, girl!

  39. Thank you for exposing these shills. The biotech companies’ minions. Madison’s progressive left should confront Karl and Kavin about their industry ties and conflicts of interest.

  40. We should expect the same types of dirty tricks done by these people as the bio industry does all the time because they have to do it. Their GMO industry has to use dirty tricks because that is all they can do to protect their hazardous materials which everybody knows, deep inside, they harm us. The people who make millions and receive a paycheck from the industry are trying to protect their jobs, and their jobs only ,they are not caring about protecting people like Vani and the natural community is. The reason why Vani has become so very popular is because she has eaten the bad foods and has experienced the rebirth and truth and people can see the real truth. The GMO industry knows very well they cannot compete with nature and real science so they have to adulterate it to survive,
    I would like to ask these bio people what foods they themselves really eat behind closed doors, of course they will never tell us the truth. We must be ready for every type of attack and not be surprised at their desperation attempts.
    It’s funny because it seems they can never be outsmarted by people who are feeding their brains with proper nutrition. People like Vani are a threat because people who can think properly will see the real truth and think independently.
    You are an inspiration to us and I applaud you Vani…

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