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The Best Wild Caught Marine Collagen Source Revealed!

I’m turning 40 soon. And even though I feel better than when I was in my 20’s (yes, really), the subtle signs of aging have caught me by surprise…

The other day I asked my husband, “Did I always have this wrinkle on my forehead?!” And I couldn’t help but think… “Wow. I really am getting older”… even if no one else seems to notice.

I now know more than ever that sticking to healthy daily habits is worth its weight in gold when it comes to aging gracefully.

That’s why I start my mornings with lemon water…exercise…a green drink…and fit in as many superfoods into my diet as I can. This includes a few incredible health supplements.

Truvani Wild Caught Marine Collagen is the newest product in my arsenal that helps me look and feel my best. Why do I love it? Let me count the ways…

In this video I describe what makes collagen so remarkable for health and beauty and why I created a Marine Collagen that I could trust:


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Wondering how collagen can help you?

You see, as we age, our body’s collagen production slows down. Like WAY down.

Cutting-edge research suggests that getting more collagen into your system promotes youthful looking skin, healthy hair, stronger nails, and provides support to the body’s connective tissues and joints.*

And these are just SOME of the amazing benefits.

See all the benefits of marine collagen here.

But before you run out and buy a jar of collagen pills, remember this…

Not all collagen supplements are equal.

Truvani’s Marine Collagen Powder comes from the skin of wild-caught fish, fresh off the coast of France and the waters surrounding Iceland as well as the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea, and other cold, Northern waters. The skin is a valuable source of collagen that often goes to waste. So, using it is good for you AND the sustainability of our food system.

Some brands use farm-raised animals, that come contaminated with antibiotics and nasty substances.

We don’t use shellfish or jellyfish, and we don’t source our collagen from questionable “Aquafarms.” This ensures our Marine Collagen is Non-GMO, and you don’t have to worry about forbidden chemicals or antibiotics being present that may have been used by fish farmers.

Mercury-contaminated fish is a serious concern too.

That’s why we test each source – before it even gets to our facility. Then we test our formula in-house and send the final product out for 3rd-party testing. This is how we ensure our product is safe and contains no harmful contaminants. These rigorous checks are simply part of The Truvani Standard.

See why our collagen superior to others on the market + take advantage of special launch pricing here.

And don’t worry – just because Truvani Collagen comes from the skin of fish, it doesn’t mean it will taste fishy! In fact, you can barely taste it at all when you mix it in your coffee, smoothie, or food.

It’s EASY to mix, too. The powder dissolves smoothly and without clumps in hot OR cold liquids.

Plus, there’s no need to pop one of those big, nasty “horse pill” supplements: Add our powder to your morning coffee, tea, or smoothie, and you won’t forget to take it! Easy peasy.

Be one of the first to try Truvani Wild Caught Collagen Powder. Ships immediately.

I love that I am finally able to create the healthy products I always wanted to see in stores, not just for myself – but for you too. My ultimate goal is to give you the tools you need for a healthy and organic lifestyle, allowing you to look and feel your best – for life.

Take advantage of special launch week pricing on Marine Collagen right here.

I can’t thank you enough for your support!


P.S. If you know anyone who would love a beauty boost (I know you do!) please share this with them and let them know what Truvani Marine Collagen can do!

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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13 responses to “The Best Wild Caught Marine Collagen Source Revealed!

  1. First off I think you do a wonderful job of keeping, those of who wish to do the best, informed and aware of great things. I am however a bit concerned with what I know about collagen and their sources/how to take them. From what I know there are three types of collagen; two can be taken together (1 & 3) and one should be taken by it’s self ~ you have all three in your product. If one wishes to have ensure proper absorption of all three should they not be taken correctly? My second concern is type I collagen is the only type available to my knowledge; The others come from such things a beef, chicken and pigs (this is one of the reasons I have loved my homemade bone broth long before I found your site). With that said can you point me to information that otherwise contradicts what I have stated because from the label it appears that although this is called marine collagen it does not appear to be so from my present understanding of such.

    1. Hi Terri! I’m not aware of research suggesting that type 1 & 3 should be separate from type 2. For our Collagen Type 1 & 3, we use the skin of wild-caught Cod, Pollock, and other deep-sea fish from the waters surrounding Iceland (as well as the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea, and other, cold, Northern waters). For our Collagen Type 2, we use the skin of wild-caught Skate off the coast of France.

      1. Ah, found what I needed to see….I have been a label reader since my child was a kid (40+years). When I received the invite to purchase the item I simply scrolled down to the package to look at the ingredients. Once I saw the package I took a copy of it and blew it up so I could read it better. I did not see anywhere on the package that this product is hydrolyzed which makes all the difference in the world. I only found this by going back to your selling site and reading the ad until I found it. Fortunately for me I don’t feel the least bit silly for questioning as I am a firm believer their are no silly nor stupid question. Thank you for your quick reply and the unprompted list of what you use….You do what you preach that is a certainty. You are a great inspiration for so many!

  2. Hi,
    So I’m a foodbabe fan and I was excited to see this collagen product from you and that it’s labeled as Gluten Free. But, when I read the ingredients I see that it’s in the allergen information that it’s manufactured in a facility that processes other products that may contain ‘wheat’ and may contain traces of it. Sooooo, this is therefore definitely not certified Gluten Free. Those with Gluten sensitivities and ‘especially’ those with Celiac Disease will have to avoid this!! 🙁

  3. I received my order today however, I still have not received the 10 recipe bonus promised.
    How do I get these recipes?

  4. My wife loves your content, so by extension, I also love what you do. However she purchased the collagen and there is no scoop in the package and no mention of how many ounces are in a scoop. No reference in any online material either. So this made for a frustrating Sunday morning when my wife opened the package hoping to put some in her smoothie. It would help greatly if the equivalent number of ounces in a ‘scoop’ is provided on the package and online. Thanks!

    1. Oh No! I’m so sorry about that Rick! It’s possible that the scoop has settled to the bottom of the bag. The scoop size is 12 grams. I notified the Truvani team of the issue and they’ll be reaching out to you to get a scoop out to you. Thanks for the heads up and the support!

    1. Hi Demi! For our Collagen Type 1 & 3, we use the skin of wild-caught Cod, Pollock, and other deep-sea fish from the waters surrounding Iceland (as well as the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea, and other, cold, Northern waters). For our Collagen Type 2, we use the skin of wild-caught Skate, Stingray, and Raja off the coast of France.

  5. Hi,

    What’s the difference between your powder variety and the liquid ones being pushed by mlm companies. Is there really superiority in a liquid form? Thank you.

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