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My Favorite Recipes For The Super Bowl + Exciting News!

Before I share my favorite Super Bowl recipes, I’ve got some REALLY exciting news!!!


It’s official! I will be at Super Bowl 50 to cheer on my beloved Carolina Panthers! To say that I am excited is an understatement! I feel incredibly lucky to be going because a) I am going to be in the San Francisco Area for some work meetings at the same time (so the timing is absolutely perfect!) and b) my dear friends who are season ticket holders had tickets they were not going to use. The day after my friend dropped off these tickets, I woke up the next morning and pinched myself! I’ve always wanted to go to the Super Bowl since I was a little girl, and now I get to go but it’s a BILLION times better because my hometown team made it! Go Panthers Go! 

If my cell phone service allows, I plan on Periscoping from the stadium, so make sure you are following along! I personally can’t wait to see what I am going to find to eat at Levi’s Stadium for the Super Bowl. I bet because it’s in California, there will be some healthier options. If you’ve been to the stadium before for a 49ers game, do tell! What do you eat at the game?

As you know Pepsi Co (who I personally think is the worst junk food company in the world) is a HUGE advertiser at the Super Bowl and I know many of you may go to Super Bowl parties where traditional Doritos, Lays and Ruffles are being served… but you don’t have to eat those GMO snacks! There is an incredible amount of new alternatives and organic versions available. Please see this list if you plan on buying any snacks for the big game and to check out which snacks have GMOs and which ones don’t. 

Although I don’t recommend packaged snacks often – and preach the gospel on whole real foods – if you are going to a Super Bowl party you’ve gotta have some snacks, right? 

I also put together this collection of my favorite Super Bowl recipes that will satisfy a crowd for the big day! Hope you enjoy this recipe round up…

Creamy Kale & Artichoke Dip with Homemade Chips

Kale and Artichoke Dip

Sweet Potato Skins

Sweet Potato Skins

Healthy 7 Layer Dip

Healthy 7 Layer Dip

Green Chili


Almond Butter Brownies


Tandoori Chicken Wings


Homemade Chick-fil-A Sandwiches 

Homemade Individual Pizzas


Do you know someone who needs a Super Bowl recipe make over? Please share this list of recipes & ideas with them!

I’d love to know how you are celebrating the Super Bowl this year… 

Go Panthers! 




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67 responses to “My Favorite Recipes For The Super Bowl + Exciting News!

  1. I will be eating Garden of Eatin’ blue corn tortilla chips and The Better Chip Spinach and Kale chips.

  2. Re: Opinion on CHRISTOPHER RANCH garlic.

    I purchase this garlic because I believe that it is from the US and not GMO.

    Do you know anything about this product that you could share?

    Thank you for your loyalty to the cause. Your book is amazing as are your recipes and advice.


  3. I’ll be rooting for your Panthers! It is extremely rare that I eat any type of packaged snack, but an organic corn chip from time to time is a decent choice, especially with homemade guac. Also I love Sea Snax…seaweed roasted with olive oil and sea salt. Yum!!!

  4. Here is another idea. Get organic potatoes and if you have a deep fryer get organic coconut oil and keep the fryer at 350 degrees or slightly lower and fry the fries in coconut oil.

    1. Can you actually deep-fry with coconut oil? I’ve never tried it because I thought the temperature would be too hot and it would smoke.

      1. coconut oil is very good for frying, it has a high heat point before smoking, forget the technical wording, lol, but it’s great for frying.

    2. it’s not just the Oil you have to worry about with High temp cooking — Potatoes create acrylamide at high temps. Instead, just BAKE them at a lower temp. Acrylamide forms when certain starchy foods are cooked at high temperatures (above about 250° F). Cooking at high temperatures causes a chemical reaction between certain sugars and an amino acid (asparagine) in the food, which forms acrylamide. Even the American Cancer Society warns about it; says it was probably always in some foods, but it was only discovered by Swedish scientists in 2002.

  5. Made you kale artichoke dip many times and its yummy! I want to try the potato skins and the green chili this year. Thanks Vani

  6. Awesome that you get to go. food is something that has stopped me from going to different things like this now.. what do you eat..

    I was wondering where do you find organic chicken wings.. I would love some wings but I havent seen them in any stores.. I dont want to break the bank..

    1. Karen – Thanks for sharing! Now you’ve got me reading about the stadium and I just read this “Sustainability carries into the stadium’s food and beverage program; 85% of the food suppliers are located within California and 78% are within 150 miles of the stadium. There also 32 vegan menu items (one at every permanent food stand) making Levi’s Stadium the most vegan-friendly stadium in the sports industry. Don’t worry, though. There are plenty of option for meat-lovers including BBQ that is slow-smoked in-house and then smothered with a house-made sauce. ” – VERY COOL!!!

  7. Thank you so much, Vani! Everytime we get an email list this, my wife and I DIVE right in to see what you suggest. We’re so happy you’re providing such great solutions for us, and those we love!! 😉

  8. We recently discovered the organic tortilla chips from Costco and they are delicious. One thing I do not like about most organic tortilla chips, the ones I’ve tried, is that they had a hard crunch – teeth jarring, at times and makes for loud snacking for others while watching a movie together. These have a delicate crunch and do well as nachos, my favorite snack food – tons of Serrano peppers and cheese! I’m not connected to Costco, in any way, except we shop there. Great, now I’m craving nachos and it is still morning! LOL

  9. Shout out to my Broncos! BBFL! But I do hope you can get some healthy food at the stadium to drown your sorrows in.

  10. Hello,
    You are amazing. You have so much knowledge to share about healthy food. Have you considered a chain of restaurants across America called Vani Hari’s. If you have not thought of it please do so and make it happen. I would eat there everyday! Have a great time at the Super Bowl.

    1. I can tell you that I am working very hard to someday open a vegan 100% locally sourced restaurant. Though there are some now, there isn’t really a fast food/QSR type restaurant yet. I think cutting out the middle man could do the trick, especially with lower cost offerings.

  11. I love Cam Newton and I love the Broncos so it’s a win-win for me either team I’m fine with with that being said go Bears Lol

  12. Have fun Vani! This Patriots fan is rooting for your Panthers! Go Cam Go! 😀
    Your recipes all sound delicious, can’t wait to try them out! Thanks again for a great site!

  13. Love your recipes, knowledge and work on behalf of our health. Have a great time, but GO BRONCOS AND PEYTON!

  14. I know potato chips are really bad for us, but I have the best chips EVER. Please comment on Chef Andre’s made with Olive Oil Potato Chips. I love these chips and just a few are quite filling. Don’t need to eat the whole bag. Mostly only offered at Gourmet grocers.

  15. I would like to know why you (Vani) ban people from your sites for simply starting a dialogue or asking questions. I know you don’t have an educational background in nutrition or food sciences but why are you so afraid of conversation. If dialogue is a threat to you then on has to question your validity in this whole conversation. I am sure you will ban me and remove this question…. because truth is a frighting thing to some…..

    1. Mark – No I am not going to ban you for asking a question.

      There are several groups that condone violating social media platforms terms of service by allowing their members to create fake profiles and new pages to harass me and others who challenge the status quo and the food industry. My team is given the ultimate authority and discretion when they are monitoring comments on the blog or on our social media. If you are part of the hate groups that personally attacks me (or anyone else), are vulgar or insulting, repeatedly post the same comment in a harassing manner on multiple threads, use profanity, threats, or use impersonation, your comment will be deleted and/or your profile banned, it’s very simple.

      This policy is very similar to other reputable websites – even The New York Times. I can only hope that we never have to do what Popular Science had to do recently. They completely turned off all comments due to trolling.

      I think of my blog and social media pages as my home. I will let anyone in my house, act inappropriately they will be asked to leave. A healthy debate is fine, but someone can make their point without stepping over the line and becoming abusive.

      You can read more here:

      1. Vani (and Mark):

        Vani: You go girl! You have really changed the way I eat, look at the food, chemical & pharmaceutical industries and have led me to spread the word about what we put into our bodies & the possible consequences it may have in the long term for all of us. Rich or poor, educated or not, young or old… we all MAKE CHOICES that impact our lives and the lives of our families, cities, countries, and the planet as a whole. Thank you for opening countless eyes to countless lies.

        Mark: People who harass, bully, make terrorist threats, swear, misrepresent themselves, promote hate in any fashion, stalk… not only should they be banned from commenting on websites and blogs, they should be banned from the internet, period. The internet is an amazing platform that provides answers in nano-seconds, brings people together in a way never foreseen, offers solutions to challenging world problems… the list just goes on and on, I could type for days. The internet also can can be an evil and very dark place where folks foster hate, prey on others, ruin relationships, families and lives… that list can go on and on as well. Which internet do you want? Please do not accuse a person you don’t know (and never will) of a censorship that does not exist. Vani has every right to decide how her blog is run, presented and perceived as long as no harm is done to anyone involved. I suggest you do some reading on instances where the internet has been the direct cause of harm to individuals including bloggers, site owners and many more. Fact check Mark, before you condemn.

  16. You know, Vani, I respect you and your site. All of the fantastic advice and insights are truly a blessing, but…Go Broncos!

  17. I cannot believe all the negative comments on Vanis kale dip . Do you people really realize the killers in our food, especially processed foods. OK if you don’t like what you read or do not want to believe it, think about all the sick and dying people who are so young ,that I can’t remember happening years ago. If you can’t pronounce or know what the ingredients are in your food why eat it. Wake up we are being poisoned , everything is not approved by FDA. It is not easy to make a 100% change but every effort we try is giving us better health.

    Any one who will not accept or agree with chemicals in our foods that are killings that’s fine you are entitled to how you feel, but do not knock Vani or anyone else that is trying to educate us on health, God Bless those that care.

  18. Nutrition Labels should be included with all recipes. Don’t you think? We don’t buy anything without knowing basics.

  19. Its all good with foodbabe for food and other stuff but when it comes to football its all about Manning….. Go Broncos!

  20. Different types of quiches made into small personal sized horderves are great too. You can do the same with cheese cake or any other pie/cake type foodies even tamales.

    Baked jalepeno, habenero, carolina reaper(super stupid hot, my fav) poppers are another hit.

    Dumplings, pot stickers, empenadas, and won tons are supper easy to make in large in quantity. They are great fried or baked and some can even be steamed.

    I used to work for catering/restaurants as a line cook and this stuff is super easy to prep and cook in large quantity. One person can make a 1,000 in about 8 hours, but that’s at the speed at which us commercial cooks work at so for the home cook it should be about half that.

  21. My idea of a Super Bowl is a toilet bowl that automatically cleans it self with every flush! Sorry couldn’t resist… love your postings! And will be trying several recipes! Thanks!

  22. GREAT ideas for superbowl food! Thx so much. I am really looking forward to the wings and the brownies!
    I am a diehard Patriots/ Tom Brady fan, but on Sunday I will be cheering on the Panthers. I have a feeling its gonna be a blow out. All the more reason, I must have lots of good food around because people will get bored with the runaway game

  23. This is soooo awesome! Super happy for you! When you selflessly do good things for others, good things happen for you. I’m sure your home team being there makes it more amazing. I follow on Periscope and hope I can catch your broadcast.
    You have no idea how much you have changed my life (and my kitchen…lol). Have Fun!

  24. I would like to know how you can condone a sport that is shown to cause major damage to the human brain and body while railing against foods that do the same.
    American football, as it stands today, is a dangerous sport that is literally killing people through repeated injuries and harming children and driving teens to abuse drugs in order to succeed and get that scholarship.

    How can you advocate for such a thing?

    1. Just because Vani gives great advice doesn’t mean she doesn’t mingle with people who don’t eat like her. Just because football is dangerous doesn’t mean she can’t watch it. How you connect the two is really kind of out there!

      1. Ruby – I really don’t care who she mingles with and if they are believers or not, I have a problem with supporting a sport that has the potential to cause at least as much harm to people as eating nothing but Monsanto food.
        It’s OK for players to use steroids and hormones to entertain people but not for farmers to use them to increase livestock yield? How can you say the two are not similar?????

    2. Sponsored by:

      Mexico Avocados (GMO)
      Valeant Pharma

      Personally, I refused to have anything to do with this event and most sports anymore. It’s just all about promoting and celebrating horrible life choices, with the actual competition as a sideshow.

      1. Currently companies are only doing field testing of GMO avocados. They have yet to be sold in the stores. It also takes an avocado tree 9 our more years to start bearing fruit. So it will be a long time before they will be commercially available.

      1. Haha, I’ll take the picture myself! Heard Levi’s stadium has the best local food eva!

  25. Hi Vani,
    My name is Amy. I’m so excited in what you believe in making our foods healthier.
    But I am primarily writing you today to find out what the status is with Subways bread? It’s not clear to me if they did remove that chemical (that’s in yoga mats) from their bread?
    I am really curious to know.
    Thank you,

  26. Please show you’re better than this Vani. People are suffering and dying from this sort for pure entertainment.

      1. I suggested she sell the tickets and give the proceeds to an organization that researched traumatic brain injury or works to prevent young players from abusing steroids.

  27. Loved loved loved this post! Made the almond butter brownies and the sweet potato skins – both to rave reviews. Thank you for being such an inspiration!

  28. Sorry about your Panthers! 🙁 Hopefully they will play better and shake off SB jitters when they play again someday…. Thank you for these stupendously brilliant natural recipes. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO @ an ambassador for natural health/wellness and clean living. GBY and your hubby! 🙂


  29. I eat Post Great Grains cereal. Is this really bad for me? I am just starting to change my eating habits.

  30. From next monday i’m gonna lose weight. Summer is comming girls!
    Who starts with me? I found a good method on the web and want to give it a
    try, simply search in go0gle; fitMarikka advices

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