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My Favorite Top Moments of 2014

Happy New Year!!! It’s officially 2015 and I can’t imagine not recapping this past year. It was full of excitement, surprising turns and lots of hard work. A big thank you goes out to my team and you, the Food Babe Army, that made all this possible! Here are my favorite top moments of 2014…

Favorite Investigations


Favorite Speaking Event

I spoke at many places and events this year, but one really stood out. The National Heirloom Expo in Santa Rosa, California was absolutely amazing! This is one of the most inspiring events I have ever been to – imagine hundreds of varieties of heirloom fruits and vegetables, the top food activists and organic farmers in the country all meeting in one place! Not only did I get to eat some of the best organic food all year, I met so many members of The Food Babe Army – you! I also got to meet Percy Schmeiser, a canola farmer from Canada that was sued by Monsanto – his words really made a lasting impact on me.

Heirloom Festival

Favorite Recipes


Favorite Food Babe Army Activism Moments

We had a lot of successes this past year and received a ton of world-wide press (see some of it here)… I am still in awe of what we accomplished and the awakening we continue to have as a nation!

NY Times Published

Favorite International News

Our work was covered in so many international countries! Here are a few that stood out:

Favorite Blog Post

I could hardly stop awing and gushing about these sweet thangs sipping on green juice enough to write about it. Your pictures continue to inspire and amaze me – I have a lot of new ones I want to share this year too. Keep sending them!


Favorite TV Moments

  • The Doctors – I talked about a popular cake mix, new FDA nutrition labels, something hidden in food that makes you eat more than you should and much more. 
  • Fox & Friends – Spreading the news about Starbucks’s double standard – not using caramel coloring level IV in Europe and not posting their ingredients online.
  • CNN (several appearances) – talking with Sanjay Gupta was surreal! I also enjoyed debating on The Lead with Jake Tapper.
  • A Healthy You & Carol Alt – I love Carol Alt. She is one brave woman, and one that motivates me to shoot for the stars every time we talk! 
  • Home & Family on The Hallmark Channel – Love this set, this show, everything about it! So much fun!
  • ABC News & Good Morning America – Watching myself eat a yoga mat on National TV was quite a moment!

TV appearances

Favorite Awards

Favorite Fundraiser

I attend many fundraisers each year, but the one I host with my dear friend Max Goldberg (From Living Maxwell and Pressed Juice Directory) has to be my absolute favorite! This tradition to raise funds for GMO-labeling began three years ago. We started with California in 2012, then Washington in 2013, and this past year for Oregon and Colorado.  Even though we didn’t win in 2014 (or 2013, or 2012), we are still moving forward! I’m incredibly honored to be a part of the transparency and right to know movement with you. The organic food sector continues to grow each year – giving access to safer food to more people! Thank you to the friends, activists and companies that attend this fundraiser every year!


Favorite Feat

Turning in the final edits for my upcoming book The Food Babe Way! This is by far, the hardest thing I have ever worked on in my life – I made sure to put thoughtful care into every single page to inspire you, help you and to guide you into not only feeling great, but how to live so you never have to diet again and inspire those around you to be healthy too. I simply can’t wait for you to read it – the new investigations and cutting edge health information in this book will change your life!

Food Babe Way Edits 

What would you like to see happen in 2015? I’d love to know! 

See you in the comments… Happy New Year!!!!







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75 responses to “My Favorite Top Moments of 2014

      1. Will the Heirloom Exposition be in Santa Rosa? When? Is there a contact person or organization? Do you have that info? How many days is the expo?

      2. The National Heirloom Exposition | The World’s Pure Food Fair‎
        The World’s Pure Food Fair. Sept. 8,9, & 10, 2015. The Sonoma County Fairgrounds. Santa Rosa CA. Sponsored in part by. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds ,.

  1. Thanks for being you!
    I would like to see a regular link on your blog to a watchdog type site that lets me know how all congress people vote on food related issues. I understand that may not be your focus but it would be a place I am sure to look. With so much in my inbox everyday it can be overwhelming to find what I want and pass it along to the troops. Peace, Ann

  2. Would like to see a joined force of all anti gmo people in a legal co-op type collective in case of legal threats and dis-information ads . Maybe this has already been done but know most of the fighters are shoe-string weekend warriors. I am very worried for the people putting their lives on the line ….stay well and safe …..happy new year. ,,,

  3. Our world is a better place because of you, Vani!!! It’s stunning to think of how many lives you’ve impacted in a positive way!!! So my thoughts on what to tackle in 2015?
    1. How about let’s try to PREVENT additional GMOs? Just flat out make GMOs a “historical” event that eventually goes away. For example, convince a fast food chain like McDonald’s – heck, ask all of them! – to turn down using GMO’d potatoes. If there’s no market for GMO’d “whatever,” maybe GMO’d produce would eventually just “go away.”
    2. Keep those petitions coming. When applicable, include a “Thank You” if the company is doing something right along with a “Please also do this.”
    3. Never lose sight of taking care of “you” – we need your incredible energy!!!

    1. I agree with you Lee. The potato industry is huge and to really impact the NON-GMO movement there’s no better place to start!

  4. I am a follower, and would love to see a link off this site to the better choices while shopping at the store! Sometimes you get in the grocery isles and way too many items and its overwhelming!

    1. There is a free app, Buycott, that allows you to scan items to see if the company supports/does not support causes … No to Monsanto, GMO labeling, no to carrageenan, etc. it’s really quick and easy to use.
      However, it does not tell you if the item has organic, or bad ingredients in it. I like it because I have trained myself to know the good ingredients opposed to harmful ingredients. I now want to know who supports Monsanto and who does not. It’s obvious with big companies but comes in handy with companies I’ve never heard of selling organic food.

    2. Rhonda (and everyone), take a look at the Food Scores app sponsored by the Environmental Working Group. Just type in the name of the product. There’s a barcode option, too, although it hasn’t worked as well for me. Maybe because I live in Canada? Anyhow, it’s a place to start. It gives a breakdown of the levels of concern re:ingredients and processing, and flags concerns or positive aspects. I hope this helps!

  5. what i would like to see: msg totally phased out. organic foods at less cost to us consumers. beef producers to produce more grass fed. more of us having gardens to help costs and reduce chemicals. gmo to be done away with. i could go on but these would be good for starters. thank you for asking and for not being scared to tell the truth about our food supply. do not have a website.

    1. Jane, Build a website for free and it’s easy at It is something we can do, besides, as you mentioned, raise an organic garden. I HAVE A VERY TINY SPACE, BUT RAISED A LOT OF VEGETABLES.

  6. Happy New Year Vani!! What an incredible year you’ve (we’ve) had!! thank you for allowing us all to be a part of it and to help you make a difference! I would like to see more exposes on food companies – mostly the organic ones. I don’t trust some brands like Target’s “Simply Organic” and I’d like to find out who is ‘green washing’ us! There are a lot of “Organic” brands like Horizon who don’t let independent inspectors on their farms… well, what are they hiding?

  7. I’m a loyal follower of yours & I agree with Ann Hibbard’s insightful suggestion. If I knew how my local representatives were voting on food issues I’d contact them immediately to give them feedback (positive or negative).

  8. Thank you a million for all your hard work!!!
    my husband asked me if I can submit a request for you to investigate The Honest Company in 2015? he’s under the impression it’s not all that “honest” and we’ve read negative comments about it.

    1. I agree with this… It’s not as honest as you think…. A better alternative : Ava Anderson or homemade detergents /lotion/etc.

    2. When a company targets the most vulnerable in our society , it is definitely important to know what the products are comprised of. As a new grandmother, I want to protect my grandchild/ren!

    3. When a company targets the most vulnerable in our society , it is definitely important to know what the products are comprised of. As a new grandmother, I want to protect my grandchild/ren! The work you do is amazing!

  9. Here’s looking forward to your advice for the 2015 Happy New Year!
    What I ask is that if you could dig in more about the grain complains.
    I get flours from King Arthur Flour in Vermont. Vermont is a state that voted to have GMO labeling. This company sells flour that is organic and natural etc. They recommend adding ascorbic acid into one’s bread making. Which I do. Adding up what I just said, I am reluctant to believe their grains are GMO. Can you find out where they are getting their grains and how safe they are?
    And if these grains are indeed unsafe, then what grains are there, that are available that are the most inexpensive? Also, what vegetables can be dried to make flour etc. suitable for bread – Pumpkins, Squashes?
    Also, Organic milk is expensive and difficult to find where I am in NH. I am also a person that prefers powdered milk as I am single and I know that milk sours before you can use it up or if you can tell and was the leading cause of acid reflux for me decades ago.
    Currently I purchase dry milk from Bob’s Red Mill because I do not trust Carnation. When I tried to purchase organic powdered milk, every place online was “sold out.” That led me to choose the best that is available even if it is not labeled Organic. Are there other sources from vegetables that could be used in place of milk?
    Also? Can you find out a guide of safe sugar substitutes that work for recipes? In other words how much honey or stevia combined with what ever else would work?
    Thank you for all your effort and information that help us in our individual struggles for good health.

    1. Hey Marilyn, I have been wrestling with some of the same challenges you have, except, since I am lactose intolerant, I use organic coconut milk and almond milk in place of pasteurized milk, which is not good for you anyway. I have found that substituting stevia at the rate of one package per 1/4 cup of organic sugar greatly reduces sugar consumption. Like in a gallon of sweet tea, I use 1/2 cup organic sugar and 2-3 packages of Stevia. I get no aftertaste when mixed that way and cut my sugar consumption in half. I have also found this works pretty well in baking. I have tried a lot of gluten free baking recipes. None of them quite measure up to the taste of yeast bread with flour, but I havn.t given up yet. I have found a great corn cake recipe. Do a topic search on my website for the recipe.

      1. To Roger,
        Thanks for the reply. As for Organic coconut milk and almond milk, they are expensive for me and I do not trust liquid any milk because it sours too fast for my use. As for corn cake I do not buy corn anything anymore because its GMO. I’ll have to research organic sugar, as granulated sugar is granulated sugar as I understand it whether its organic or not. I trust stevia and honey for now. This evening I experimented with a brownie recipe, and I substituted for 1 cup of sugar: 12 packets of stevia with DE (diatomaceous earth) to be 1/4 C then added 3/4 C of cornstarch I want to use up. The mix looked dry so I added 2T more liquid. The recipe calls for 2T liquid which can be whatever. I used a grain milk from cereal I make from pearled barley and sunflower seeds. Half way through baking time it looked dry so I drizzled about 2 tsp. of honey on top of that. It came out OK, only its on the dry side and is not sweet enough. So I’ll be serving it w more honey on it to be edible. The next time I make it I am going to add 2T of honey and cut the cornstarch to 1/3C and adjust the liquid by how it looks. This experiment is an extension of trying to make frosting without sugar, believe it or not. I am getting closer each time.

  10. Thank you for your very effective activism. Keep going! You’re making a big difference.

  11. Van, I would LOVE to know what you do about makeup. I know all those chemicals absorb through the skin…….but vanity pervails! Where do you get that red lipstick and does it last? Thanks 🙂

    1. It is very difficult to find safe makeup, but Young Living makes some wonderful lip gloss, infused with essential oils, all organic!

  12. I just want to say THANK YOU!!! My husband and I started our natural health journey about 7 years ago and have been actively involved in food politics, I even had a blog for a while, but it gets so overwhelming! Between work and school and raising our daughter, it’s hard to find time to prepare healthy food for our family let alone continue our research into healthy living. So we NEED people like you! (For example, I discovered through your blog that Kerrygold butter might be gmo! Ugh!) I can’t imagine how much time and energy it takes for you to stay on top of what’s going on with our food system. I love people who are pursuing truth. You are an inspiration! Again, thank you. I can’t wait to read your book!

    In 2015 I would like to see a comprehensive list of ALL brands to stop buying 🙂 Something that we could pass out to our friends and family in order to make it super easy to boycott companies that are trying to kill us with their gmo, toxic chemical laden crap. I know it’s easier to make a list of what we CAN eat but it would be so awesome to just call out each brand that contains poison 🙂

    I would also like top food activists to get together and really focus on spreading the word in communities where there is virtually no awareness of or access to organic food.

    1. Allegra – We’ve actually started working on something that will address this – announcing it in mid-January – stay tuned!!!! 🙂

    2. This is something I suggested to a comment above… There is a free app, Buycott, that allows you to scan items to see if the company supports/does not support causes … No to Monsanto, GMO labeling, no to carrageenan, etc. It’s really quick and easy to use.
      There are a lot of petitions they have in which I support. It will be great if Vani can get something similar to this app! Love and support all your hard work Vani!!!

  13. Hi Food Babe,

    I’m going to stop eating at all those American Companies, that want to kill us, but not the UK or the rest of the world. Thanks Obama from signing into law that Monsanto, can’t be sued for putting GMO in all Americans food.
    I haven’t eaten at any, but Mcdonalds in the past 10 years. Rarely eat fast food anymore.
    A Happy New Year to All !

  14. Vani, God bless you for all you do! I am a follower of Dr. Perlmutter “Grain Brain”
    I would like to see more info about how the healthy saturated fats can promote brain health. I use organic oils (olive and coconut) eat avocados, wild salmon and grass fed meats, etc. Because our brains are 70% fat, we need more education on this.

    Also, how do I convince my grown children to use butter instead of margarine!

    1. Show them the list of ingredients in margarine. Compare it to the very short list in butter. Grown children only change when they are ready so don’t pressure. Each bit of info you provide is like planting a healthy seed.

  15. Big fan of the Food Babe, Vani! Keep up the wonderful work of sticking your neck out. The haters have their agenda. Your agenda is pure and wonderful and I appreciate it very very much.

  16. I personally would love to see the government stop subsidizing Big Agriculture and mono-crops like wheat, corn and soy that get turned into processed foods. It creates a huge disadvantage for the small, local, organic polycrop farmers.

    Is there anything you and the Food Babe Army can do on the front?

  17. Thanks for all you are doing, Vani!!
    Also, thanks for the invitation for input on our requests for ’15!
    I would love to see infant formula and pet food at the top of your list!!
    Why is there so little organic pet food on the market? How can we know what is safe to feed our furry family?
    How can we get low income folks access to healthier (GMO-free) infant formula?

  18. You need to wake up to the most widely used untested food additive of all. Methyl bromide is used on finished foods such as flour, dried milk, cereals, rice etc. as it has EPA and FDA approvals to be used to fumigate food warehouses and food shipping vans. Methyl bromide can react with various aminoacids and vitamins to render them into non-nutritive possibly toxic chemicals. I used to live in Puerto Rico and saw grocery vans coming from docks with warning labels on them stating trucks had been fumigated and needed to be aerated before entering. I tested some rice and found the fortifying niacin , a B-vitamin was not present, but found some trigonelline, a methyl niacin, that is an avitamin, having no niacin action.
    I have tried to get EPA and USDA attention to this situation, but neither will act due to grandfathering. All the data to support the usage are from 1930s. If you want to get more action, let me know as basic chemistry is involved.
    James Singmaster, III, Ph.D. UCDavis, 75, Ret. Environ. Chemist, Davis, CA.

  19. Thank you for all that you do! You have truly revolutionized the way I look and select what I feed myself and family. I would love if you could investigate Yogurtland!! It’s not a big fish but it irks me that they tout being natural and healthy when some of their ingredients include HFCS, artificial colors, and carrageenan. Maybe a little nudge from the Food Baby Army will help them move into the right direction!

    Happy New Year!

  20. I enjoyed your Alex Jones’ show interviews! Hope he has you back on, many more times, throughout 2015.

  21. I just discovered your website a few weeks ago and am thrilled by the work you do.

    My latest concern is the statistic that about 1 in 300 children in the US are diagnosed with cancer annually. That is shocking and must have something to do with our food supply since the number increases each year.

    I love seeing your photos of children drinking green beverages. What else can we do to fix this situation?

    Here’s to a healthy 2015!

  22. Jim-

    I enjoyed your Subway/azodicarbonnabide episode but I find that almost nobody is aware of the chemical and that it is still used in almost all breads sold in the U.S. from fast food restaurants. to grocery stores to mainstream restaurants to health food stores.


  23. hi vani happy new years hope you keep up good work loved you in Alex jones show I don’t text or face book old style person but just wanted to say hope you are doing well don’t let them get you down god bless you

  24. Microwaves. Let’s get rid of them! I don’t have the specifics except they change the food structure so our bodies see the food as unfriendly.

    BLESS YOU! And your army!!!

  25. Keep up the good work! We all need people like you who are not afraid to get out front & confront these companies who knowingly sell products w/ inferior or bad ingredients. #1 wish is Labeling (truthful). We as consumers have a right to choose. One thing that people may not know is that “grass fed” labeling (especially for beef), does NOT necessarily mean “finished” on grass. Beef can be grass fed until they go to the stock yards & finished on grain. Who knows what’s in that. yikes! #2 i’d like to see nutritional content of the recipes you suggest. Other than that…go get ’em. Happy New Year!

  26. You are truly amazing and we are grateful for all your investigations and all the changes that have been made in the food industry because of you and your army. Please keep on doing what you are doing, The world needs you!

  27. Thank you for being such a brave and effective warrior on a very noble quest. I add my name to those desiring to know how our elected officials act and vote regarding support for better information to consumers and attempts to help or hurt our food supply. I am very happy to be a thorn in the side of our politicians.

  28. Bottom line is change needs to happen with our FDA that allows all these harmful ingredients in our foods. If change would come about at that level, restaurants and food manufacturers would have no choice but to follow those standards.

  29. Would love to see more ideas for kids…especially those that are picky eaters! It warms my heart too, Vani, to see all the kiddos drinking the green smoothies. I have tried with mine and they are not fans (well, one out of the three likes them). Creative/fun kids lunches, snack, etc.

  30. I hope that an audio version of your book will be available. No time to read but I love to listen to books on audible during work commutes.
    Keep up the great work!!!

  31. It is the way they are preparing or serving the food. Scraping the rice off the sides of the industrial aluminum pots. The food prep people need better and more informative training. The restaurant I am referring to is the new up and trendy, Chipole’s

  32. Remember you have a strong support to back you up. Don’t respond to the haters it’s what they want you to do.
    Stay strong, don’t ever stop.
    You are doing fantastic work.
    I’m happy you started this movement it suits you well.

  33. Oh, I wanted to mention if we want change, we need to stop buying the dangerous ingredients they want us to consume. When they learn what we don’t want, they will change. I’m in California and we seem knowledgeable about health. Food manufacturers are labeling non-GMO and organic. This is widespread here. Every store has a organic section in large print. Even restaurants are boasting grass fed meats, organic veggies with a choice of organic specific menus. You keep the trend, we will support you .

  34. Hi Vani – Thanks for all that you do! You are a role model model to society!

    I am very concerned about the beta-agonists our cattle are being fed. I guess the goal is to build muscle (fast twitch muscle) fiber so the cattle will weigh more when they are sold. There are so many horrible side effects from this practice. The cattle suffer significantly and who knows how it adversely affects people when they consume the meat. And it’s not just cattle. It’s used for fowl as well. So in addition to steroids, antibiotics, and hormones we now have to deal with beta-agonists. As JJ Virgin says “you are what you eat ate.” It’s frightening.

    Thank you again for looking out for us!!

  35. I would like to be more proficiant at juicing. I’m afraid I let the juicer intimate me. Cutting out sugar was the biggest thing for me and also getting rid of refined food of all kinds. Who knew until I met you! So grateful for you! Thanks for all your info and good advice.

  36. How can you compare the USA with the weiner country UK, all your comments are a bunch of cow squeeze.

  37. Hi. When a food company pays to keep GMO labels off food packages, where does that money go? To buy votes? Into politician’s pockets? If anyone knows the true answer to this I feel sure it is you. Thank you for being on our side.

  38. Hey FoodBabe.
    I’ll bet it offends the cr4p out of your readers to see the difference in in ingredients between countries.
    So what do you want to know about Australian stuff ?

    Our coke is:
    carbonate purified water
    cane sugar
    colour (caramel 150d)
    food acid (338)

    Nice of them to say what the flavour is(n’t).

    I don’t want to buy a whole bunch of cr4p I won’t use but I can take pictures of lables in the supermarkets if it could help.

    I assume you’ve seen this
    Maybe I got it off your site, I don’t know, but I still think it’s funny.
    Not so many years ago I would have done anything to try all of them.


  39. You are amazing! It is great to see such progress in this tough battle and I thank you for helping lead the way. I preordered your book and I cannot wait to receive it.
    Here are some possible topics that I think would be helpful for 2015:

    Shaving Creams
    More recommended restaurants throughout the country
    Companies to boycott

    1. I forgot to add an extremely important topic that I have recently struggled with – TOOTHPASTE. Almost all toothpastes I find contain carrageenan, which is an ingredient that I know you have struggled to raise awareness about in the past.

  40. Dear Vani,
    I really enjoy reading the info you put out there to educate what we are putting into our bodies. I have been more aware just recently, this year, and it is utterly amazing what is allowed to be put into our foods. My main concern is that we buy organic food trying to eat better, but we are constantly being bombarded by high levels of metals from chem trails, or geo engineering. So I ask myself is it worth paying extra when the grassfed cows are eating grass that is being polluted from overhead planes and the veggies are being rained on by polluted high metal water? I would like to hear your thoughts on this matter as well. Hope to hear from you soon. Have a healthy and prosperous new year year.
    Paula Shaw

  41. Hi Vani! I want to start off my saying that I love your blog (especially your recipes)! I’m going to start college this fall, and I was wondering if you could look into the food on college campuses and how safe it is in 2015. It would be much appreciated!

  42. To Jim. You did not address the issue when you slammed Vani. She is working for transparency in food ingredients so WE THE PEOPLE retain our right to choose what we ingest. This effort has succeeded, will succeed later as well in the FDA making populace demanded changes.
    Semantics aside, Vani has more courage than your scientific negativity. Try some positive solutions with science instead.

    1. I have addressed the issue – Science doesn’t need me to stick up for it.
      Clearly you don’t understand the difference between opinion and fact.
      Nor between allegations and reality.

      I have said nothing about your right to choose. But, you should choose with all the information.

      My point is that you are following a person, who has no special knowledge, and who is engaged in creating unneeded hysteria about our food. She is lying and I suspect she knows it! Because she does have advertisers, too! Where do you think all this fancy web stuff comes from – out of her own pocket?

      If you can’t see this, then you are tool, at best.
      Or an idiot….

      1. Jim…Science, as you call it, has been bought and paid for by corporate interests in the USA. Not ALL science no – but the science on food – ABSOLUTELY YES. We in the USA have been sold a plate of food that Europeans and a vast number of countries in the so-called ‘developed’ nations would not consider feeding to their pigs.

        And as YOU said and I will quote you directly

        “If you can’t see this, then you are tool, at best.
        Or an idiot….”

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