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The Food Babe Kitchen Cookbook Will Change Your Body & Your Life

My biggest goal in life is teach others the truth about their food and how to create healthy habits for LIFE. 

I know what it’s like to feel sick, tired, and overweight. Years ago, that was me.

Until one day I woke up in a hospital bed.

This was my wake up call. 

I started to investigate what I was eating, and what I found shocked me to my core.

The majority of my “food” was composed of man-made materials from a factory. I was not eating real food.

The food was DEAD—which is how I felt most of my life. I didn’t have energy, I had lots of health issues, was on tons of prescription drugs, and felt just like the food I was eating—dead.

I was walking around like a ZOMBIE and I knew why: I was eating overly processed food filled with chemical additives.

I realized that I could no longer give up control to processed food manufacturers. I had to figure out how to make food from living, real food ingredients…

That’s when I taught myself how to cook.

And everything changed in my life!

All the health issues I had—asthma, eczema, allergies—went away.

My excess weight fell off and I began to have more energy.

Cooking at home had saved my life!

And, I’m never going back to my old lifestyle.

I’ve learned how to make delicious, unprocessed meals efficiently—and fast.

That’s what I share with you in Food Babe Kitchen.

I wrote this cookbook for you.

And for everyone who has ever asked what I really eat on a daily basis and how I shop for food. Food Babe Kitchen outlines it all, step-by-step, with beautiful photography.

Food Babe Kitchen gathers together my favorite recipes, the things that I make for my own family every single week — and that they love — all in one place. It’s a way for you to eat healthfully, close to the earth, with the best ingredients that you choose, so when you sit down to enjoy a delicious meal you know what you are eating and you haven’t spent all day in the kitchen!

It includes a picture of every recipe and never before seen photos of my family and I cooking and enjoying delicious healthy food together. If there is anything that spells out what I’m passionate about… this is it! It brings me so much joy to be able to share a glimpse of this happiness in my life with you.

It includes over 100 mouthwatering recipes.

That are easy to make & delicious to eat. You’ll ditch processed foods for good without spending hours in the kitchen.

The first 55 pages of Food Babe Kitchen includes a comprehensive shopping guide, so you can easily find the healthiest ingredients and products to stock in your kitchen. This includes easy swaps you can start making immediately.

Plus simple ingredient swaps. The cookbook is flexible to suit vegan, grain-free, and other diets.

Here’s what people are saying about Food Babe Kitchen: 


Get started now! Order your copy below.


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I know you are going to LOVE this cookbook and all the delicious food. My family certainly does!


P.S. Share this post with your loved ones and get them on board too! Wouldn’t it be fun to get together and make these recipes?


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5 responses to “The Food Babe Kitchen Cookbook Will Change Your Body & Your Life

  1. I ordered the cook book from Amazon yesterday. How do I know I am receiving the meal plans?

    1. Hi Kaye! Please fill out the claim form here to claim your bonuses:

      We will instantly email you the Pantry List bonus. Make sure you confirm your email by accessing the Pantry List in this email.

      We will send you a separate email with your log-in details to access your meal plans.

      If you don’t see it in your inbox, please check your spam/junk folder in your email.

      I hope that helps. Thank you for your support. We really appreciate it!

  2. Goad afternoon, I downloaded the Kindle version of Vani’s new cookbook today, and I’m very pleased and excited to use the amazing recipes. My question is about the Food Plan. I am interested in signing up for the food plan, and noticed that there was a promotion for the food plan when you ordered the book. Is this promotion just applicable to the hard copy of the book, or the Kindle copy? I’m a 73 year old woman and have tried almost every diet there is, but this book and all the information that Vani offers is invaluable. I’ve been following her for years. Thank you FoodBabe!

  3. I just recently had heart surgery this past December.
    I receive your emails on a regular basis and have used your information for food purchases.
    I will be ordering your recipe book for me and my wife today.

    I have a problem in that I need to gain weight.
    I would like to do it the healthy way.
    Can you offer any direction?

    Thank You
    Mike and Susan Abbatemarco
    Tinley Park, IL.

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